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Social media is growing. Continue to develop after the show there are about two decades, which was the first social media, social media and offer to consumers in new ways in the world to commit to significant characters, events and brand important for them. Now, years later, social media are that an integral part of our daily life is booming. Social networks are now truly a global Phanomen.dieser report shows how ideas:. Spend a lot of time to write and publish social media content creation? never would feel like Don ’ t must focus sufficient time to reflect on the two?The solution is simple: reuse of the content of your blog with the new way this article I'll share in the social Medien.In ’ as the reuse of content for the blog of social media platforms. With Pinterest in your social media strategy? I want to give one more chance of attention on some pins?They can now do so only with pins, sponsored Pinterest ’ response to Werbung.In this article I will explain what ’ promoted pins there are and share tips, how, when and why to use them. Reuse of content can help, ” “ be everywhere because it can be distributed in different forms on different pages of social media. In addition, you can reach the people who consume the content in its original form. You want to more effectively manage social networks? you have the right tools?To simplify your concept, you need to ’ resources, working with your company.In this article I'll share ’ the best tools to manage and optimize your social media marketing. They themselves, issues such as the use of their peer social networks? Get our sixth annual survey on social networks (43 pages, 70 + graphics), marketing and more than 3000 to know what type of social network marketing plan investments, (follow: not what you think is), how much time spend on social networks and much more! The free report and Miss not a great article one additional reviewer from social media. Nearly five years ago began the social media examiner ® help entrepreneurs learn how optimal use, social networks, blogs and podcasts to communicate with customers, traffic, raise awareness and sales. Looking for proven ways to improve your social media marketing?Do not know what you should read, resources, to increase their social commitment.See ’ a list of our best put in place these past 10 years articles, each centered on another social network.Discover proven techniques of ’ for their commercialization on the fast track to success. Check your Web site settings ’ regularly?, which is hard to know how the better data?To find out which of your marketing efforts are successful, you need the numbers to search. You know what to say and to understand what should be part of the strategy, to increase the range.Here are five ways your metrics for social media marketing can be improved. Discover which plans to invest in social network marketing. Proposal: this is not what you think. 80 + pages, 50 cards! The free report and Miss not a great article one additional reviewer from social media. . So you can keep up to date with social media, here's the news that caught our attention. ,,.