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Welcome to the oil rig. We have extensive experience helping people in the oil industry. We have no recruitment agency and not you can guarantee employment, but if you follow our advice and detailed recommendations, maximize their job prospects. We recommend that you need to know for an oil job. There are many people who are interested in positions onshore and offshore, and is compatible with many other types of oil. Click on send such information to us. This confirms that you understand that we want t & # 39 people in jobs and we are not a recruiting firm. See more details about our pay. . In his career - and you have to do things. We help you to avoid common errors that delay or affect employment opportunities. Fill out the form to the right or visit our page start and get info on how exactly to look for a job in the oil industry, where the average wage is easily among the highest. Our expert advice to work according to your specific needs. Hello Sir, Rebecca, m a mechanical engineer currently working in the CGSB India maintenance service for 2 years, currently seeking a better opportunity in offshore. Please help makes a good job abroad. cellular. + 91-9972852146. I am an individual self motivated with good ability to work and Arbeitsethik Ich have several different tasks in the energy sector.He worked several commercial works. I have certifications in OSHA 10, rigs, cranes, alert, boom lifts, ect.I'd like to see the occupation. Shoe or available. Travel. Working as a sailor in Mississippi AEP River operations and I am looking for a career more lucrative, as it seems that the pilot or captain in the distant future. I tried my Z-card and other licenses to apply for vocational education and training is needed, but they told me that for certain offshore very low-paying jobs that the certification is required. Hello 41 years building from sites was Schule. Tischler with over 15 years of contract law and a supervisor and responsible management. looking for a fresh start, ready to do something, use long hours and will be away from home.Ready, everything is my world offshore company probability nothing works and wants to start to go down.It was now 4 weeks drilling in Canada, crude that I experienced a little that it submits a request, which would be my career opportunities in open sea.Thanks to Scott. Hello Sir, I am a student of graduation. I have great interest in the oil and gas-Offshore-Rig anywhere in the world and it is my dream of having a job in the area offshore's employment. I expected a service long term in this field, as well as the ethics of hard work, but Don ’ know how to enter this field. So please guide me how to prepare in this profession because, in any position of the oil platform in entry level. Please guide me to a better career in oil drilling. Dear Sir, my profession is supplier of materials to the platform (off-shore and Onshoare) with 25 years of experience. I can Coordinator looking for office work linkbase materials platform. The high demand for people with engineering degrees. What the company did respond and what was the response? My boyfriend is interested in activities offshore on an oil platform near Houston in Texas and has never had a job. He is a worker. Now, a craftsman of HES. If you have you ever ’ before having to start at the level of entry for wide worked. Once you have six months to gain experience under the belt, you choose which address want to go. Jessee, thanks for your comment. How long you searched for work offshore, what he did to solve the problem and what are the results? See you later. Father, thank you for your comment, are not direct rental company. Fix free download job Guide for more information on the game out. I also love the work offshore, because more experience and now knowlwege.for work on Earth in the oil sector. I love the work abroad as a leader. Its so nice and fun after work, take-offs and the entire team of Phangan. I am so looking forward to working. ’ Trying to work abroad.ICH ’ m as a woman young, a worker is a very hard work in pressure factory filled with men. He would work the opportunity off the coast. Always use dirt and much work of Stunden. ICH T.W.I.C. I-map. Please send me an email with the details. Since I was 16-22 ’ View finished building. Before working in the store. I know that hard work and difficult conditions. during the years of my effect 6yra way collection WH / dry the product with Pepsi. It is no longer happy, looking for a new change of the paste. New company. I need something that pays near what I did and the oil and gas industry. Ready to start from the bottom up as before. Does anyone know something- or in the Bank's Heartland rentals? Very eager to learn. My Ather Shamsuddin with 2 years of experience in the offshore oil field. I am interested in your empresa-senor reply thank you Mr President. Mr President, I am Papinder Singh, currently in the India Navy, as senior technical specialists working in aviation. (Tengo mucho interés en petróleo exploración1) have prepared a draft resume, guide me where send threats2) Mr President, I am interested in purchasing premium service, but I'm retired 2014will in joining 30 August Knowregards Lord, will be good! No previous experience is not the main obstacle to those who want to work off the coast.But not you doe impossible things. What kind of answers you Rothstein looking for work? Published many works of mechanics, as many companies have heard your CV and what was the response? Dear Sir good day. Mohammed Habeebulla, I have your Masseag updated my CV: row 6 fully working ships g, 12 years of professional experience, so I have an interest in your company for each occasion friendly Dame welder-offshore response Hi ID. SirEmail ’ looking for a better job, working as a sailor at the Hollywood Casino, clean jar loops vernice. Hello everyone ’ Terrence m and have experience on board ships, Stacker Neddle pressure paint gun wash hands cleaning bridge help Charter ship Cook also has his teammates, which is something that I have for 6 months as fairies does not disappoint. I had a job of testing for a year and a half and I have never seen a ResponseI without family and spend more than $20,000 in the course of employment on the coast, I need help PleaseRegardsJesse Hyndman. I don't have any experience on the platform, but the oil drilling ’ View a semi-trailer truck mechanic for many years and that for years, looking for something new and better-paid welded through the support of unemployed girlfriend and my mother, who is disabled and has won the State helps t ’ with their Disabilitase need more information call Nick 573-535-4593. Hi, well, I have experience, work offshore I took only work and learning is a grain import export factory always wanted a refiner of labour costa outside around people and encounters with strangers, so really Skate this work could be a work perfect for me. The United Kingdom is hot enough, for use offshore. Asked with whom and what was the response? See you later. I have no experience with offshore work, but I have a good attitude of hard work. I am a secondary superior after the qualification is unconscious. I'm ’ I'm looking for any beginner computer insurance in rigs. Please guide me to make a career in the oil drilling platform. Alfonso 3184520161 Davis (phone) and I have 6 years of experience. I broke a worker for 2 years. He worked for two years on service platforms. Ramesh released for the drilling of 2 years and now I am ’ m to take off. Thank you, Daniel. I am a British male looking for a career without full reset for the offshore industry, with the exception of a willingness to work hard. Hours of work are used and long family until 6weeks. Is it helpful for me to think, a career on the coast? Thanks a lot. ,,.