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What the do you think paternity Google will add a niche Web site? I read just a case study, which appeared to show that paternity has actually improved Google indexing site, and they had an impact on the charts. Any ideas? what happened last month. After Ahrefs, my niche site has 301 backlinks by 81 referring domains. The result is great, but I have a fear that are assigned to my site or punished in the future or not because of too many links in the first month.The seller is a recognized member of BHW argues that nothing is to circulate and then it resemble my site in the next few months. I hope that my good site create you links. My decision?Of course, I won t sell the site for only $2,000. It has a lot of potential to be a business Figure 4 or 5 and then sold the site in much higher sums can, if I want to. This is my plan: Create specialized Web sites? If so, your site's performance ’. ? Well did you a proposal for a Web site niche nationally? I have ready to listen to advice or recommendations to improve my niche site as profit m m still new and there is a lot to learn. You have something to share, I know by adding a comment to leave. It would be incredible!You want to create a niche site, but do not know how or n t starts again, I hope that this case study will encourage you and gives you watch more closely the process of creating a. You'll never know if you do not speak ’, even if it was at the beginning it is 100 times bigger than anything to see. Act now and can't! I lost time in this game and I have to say that this post helps me to learn things that I didn't know before. It is true that one of my niche site to # 1 on Google a few days after the creation of my place of surprise, but it was pure luck, concentrated despite everything I have only on food with high quality of traffic content, SEO, Web site and everything else, I got just to be in a sort of Gluck.ich would be maintained, there are a lot of things the my victory in good works. Is Hello Tung it this website and in the long term? Or serve only as a hit and run. I intend to create a niche and earn at the same time, think another one to build. Fantastic article, my friend. Only one thing to say to this article: ” best instructions for niche never site ”, I will also continue to share in this post for my niche site to create. Thank you very much. They are also on the way to build my niche site, your article is very helpful for beginners like me. Next time I'll use part of their strategies on my site. Hello could you explain Tung, a possibility that independent monitoring creates ID s? I am currently an account with Amazon links on my blog and made a good amount of sales through the affiliate. This month following the first month has reached the 6.50%. Would I create a niche site and use the same account at Amazon, there are maybe 7% with sales panels. The problem is that I have ' t know what to do, when it comes, MySQL, if he wanted to sell the blog at the end. Me m not only an expert in SQL Tung is great, I won t your name still wrongly think that it make good money with CPA is of type? me some websites that perform niche AdSense display but not t want to put my eggs in 1 basket. In addition, you can t believe Amazon for monetization, because my country have a 1,500 word of outsourcing article is too expensive or appropriate up to $30?However, he did very well with the public project. And good luck for your future home of Performance.Die! It's very funny. Recently, I saw your ad on this page by Carlo and I think it's fast money ’. So, I have a similar niche site. I came to this post and your link structure. As it did, I built thought site all the time, as such and have noticed Fastttt then?Me m relatively new for the creation of Internet sites and usually spend too much time with the content and what not, that with time all is said and done, I have I'm not in the mood for the new link. Which is probably stupid. Thanks for this post and I trust, that not all the websites all achievements during the night. Carlo, money, win a website quickly and turn it … can be a little depressing for the rest of us. Had to be easy to write a comment, because it was too much of a coincidence. I'm sorry, I made a post of Oldddd. You can check your site in the signature. I expect any treatment by 1, but when something so good/bad stings let me know! Thanks much for this information in the deep Tung. Just at the moment where I thought I knew all about specialized sites, learn more about you! This makes it something strange, who continues to call me only a rookie. You seem very advanced for a newbie!Its success is relatively quick and easy (and Spencer ’) it certainly has a lot of motivation for me. I bought two areas more and I have absolute confidence that my being more successful two locations to anything, so I tried yet. Not only my site has 3 # ranking in the key primary (on the better adjustable handlebars), I also noticed that it # 34 is arranged for a second term of the sentence, much research additional (9900 per month), which was a good sign, I decided the right niche with less competition (the much more competitive niche after the publication of this article may : P).I went ahead and a package with backlink bought. (’ is a good idea). But Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveincome starts a new niche site duel, perhaps this month. If we can participate in the competition. HI Tung, very impressed by I start my affiliate marketing niche. You can by my keyword with only Planner key words from Google AdWords and Google search without the long tail? How many words in your content to use?I hope you can answer my questions immediately.Thank you very much. Tung Bravo! I m eager to continue his journey. I have d ’, what good for fucking ri has just begun.I m very new for special sites and I intend of a shot this so be patient if I its a bit stupid here.This is my question … found a kw, locate the following text monthly: 6,600 full and correct of 1,300. I have competition and it seems as if it doesn't you have problems in the manufacture of the first page of Google, when a plan is.There are a variety of these products which are sold on Amazon, but the problem is that they all have in the region of $10-$ 20 traded. This could be a good and bad, which is a good thing, that it produces very good market because the people won t have a problem, deposit the sum of $20 on something, even when not used, but the NuevoNecesito wait to do a ton of sales actually make money. Get the amount in the game? How to wait on a ton of these elements and other elements, as well as to attempt an expensive product such as adjustable handlebar to promote sell? You think it's worth to create a site for a product that is in the end at a discount? Especially when compared with the product, which sells for 200 $et $300. Thank you very much!. Hello, congratulations to Tung. You also teach the rigors of the construction of the sites Especializados.comence my first Web site in its entirety the first week of March, means that he has Tage.Ich 45 another thing. Choose 2 key primary words (I wanted a backup marks and was ready to build the links to two, because writing is my passion to establish links will not be difficult to guess). ((1) Monatlich sucht genaue 4400, $5 + CPC2) exact search per month, $6000 6 + 5 ° rated CPCI (45 ° rectangular) and page 4 ° (article 31). This means that I chose exceeds competitive keywords, of course. (Only for beginners? I guess).Higher CPC also indicate increased competition, I guess. I am not disappointed. I am ready, hard to hold in this site on the first page for two of these key words.I have already 15 bodies and 10 more in the next amazing Wochen.Umso that my bounce rate is only 18.40% and AVG, time of 3 minutes and 45 seconds. I think that people with my associated content. If I have the UVs of only 5 to 10 search engines every day.But this is what I learned from my experience so far: 1) when booting, choose a search below. About 2000-3000 accurate local search. There will be competition. 2 below) you needs, need, must learn SEO Contest by Spencer and SmartPassiveIncome Pat (duel niche site), choose the keywords with the review of the competition. 3 below) you never underestimate the power of quality content. For me interesting content is something fulfilling none write its audience with elegance, I think. Graphics, is very important to support your information. (4) establishment of links is the easy part. Then, you focus on important research, quality of content and the competition before even thinking about backlinks analysis. (5) never underestimate yourself and what you do. It is better to do something progressive. Is to learn the most important. Learn Learning, not by.I hope this helps the beginners like me.Thanks for everything, what happens in this Blog.Luciano, his Indian friend. This is excellent news!As soon as I am ready to start my new niche site. I also use LTP Platinum. would have seen that now there are many similar pages in the SERPS, false, given that you have posted this message?I am recently a fitness niche big page and I think I was after this key for some internal pages. Good luck! Congratulations to Tung. Taste to see you successfully with specific sites. Participate in the duel of the niche, which is managed by the Pat Web site? I'd love to see how it turns out, I m, who are looking for something from my side also. Tung, I do not know, I found your site, but I have to say that your articles are great! A niche can enjoy this Web site. Very detailed and informative. List of comments has taken an eternity to read also. Thanks for the good read!Dwight. Ah, understand I'm sorry, after reading our posts, I, once again, that the site not the first niche site, not cuff link. This is! BTW, ideally both hope before the start of our SEO campaign? Hi, I have tries hand in the site of micro-niche and time in his Artikel.Ich learned a lot in the niche micro of your article Website.Thank you for sharing. As you promised the last update is my whole process of the construction of my second niche from the ground up to be revealed site publish, so that you can learn something valuable and advice for your business use case study today.Some of the tasks that I made are basically the same for what you can read some of my previous posts.Not replicate written notice, if required to check these places before read it later, if you're new to this blog. Hello, I'm back ’. Questions, telling you, that you have purchased a package with blackhat link building in the world. I wanted to throw a glance and ri offers several packages. The package that you used? Don't wonder what that ' t know if too many links for new sites is very damaging. TNX! Brown, leave me a few questions, I'm sure that Peter and the others are happy to get a response. !A: I do not know that readers want to learn more about your network of blogs. This is the number of sites you have, in the niche of the blog-partners or not. ? I eagerly await reading  b. deferred on your next post using the sitemap plugin, but it did not link to the home page or in the footer, said. I'm I missed something?C. linking to a wiki page, why? Does make the difference?Question: how the statements is write, give your friend the outsourcing? Can the details on this topic, maybe in another article or here zuDank friend! Hi signed Tung, text only and I found your blog by Spencer, congratulations for your site, and it motivates me to build a site with niche keyword low competition. Hello Tung, is a niche blog another source of inspiration for the MeI started 2 weeks ago and it had made a post in my blog about it. One of my readers has made a comment, what I said here.It is very good and thanks for sharing. Hello Tung, the result is very good. But there is one thing that don t understand ’. Because if you are (or many other people thereon to the outside) a niche site, do repeat and rinse with other niche? I.e. If you earn $200 per month, why are don t you can duplicate this method and 30 of them and you can win $6000 per month? I am a newbie, so I ’'m trying to understand this concept. But the effort in any case. Hi, really interesting case you have. Niche keywords in Google searches and noticed that there is also an e-commerce site – lists the top 10 Amazon overcome can an e-commerce site by building a high PR backlinks to? I thank very you much for your reply. Some of the things you say are very strange to me. I have the opportunity and time to write content, what bothers me is the notion that a niche theme, translate can affiliate sale. I hope to find an answer soon. Tung Bravo!I m really inspires ’, only my first niche of the site to the top. I have to admit, that Amazon does not have t excite me enough, not not so much like other affiliate programs or even AdSense for this. I'll try AdSense from the beginning. How move 22,000 locally per month, looking for a keyword primary, I have a good feeling, the AdSense will do just fine. Me m for the best resource for my niche and sales as e-book in PDF format directly from the website of the writing. What do you think?All the best for the future and you let know how ’ my first niche site! Let us know!-Rouen. Tung, the first Hello. Big fan of your blog and what they are doing here.I have a question Re: how long should I wait for a new niche for the website indexed and position in the SERPs of departure. Me, I take because I realized for the study of the previous case, we have 4 days issue to reach 14. I now have my original content has posted 7 days ago and have been strengthening the links but I slowly see almost all movement in the standings. All messages are indexed (Web site: XXXXX), but not eligible for their respective KWs have any idea what could cause this? I have to just be patient and build more? I do not know what to do! I thank very you much for your advice! Hi Tung for niche keyword relates to articles 5 to 10 above, can my item number for each keyword, how key, the share of primary and secondary? ThanksKevin. Tung, how long should I wait, after creating my niche site before buying package backlinking propose you? That you embark on their service for 1 month before expected. Is it a good idea to follow? are that it is possible that my site penalized with backlinks, which created?He has had a bad experience with Service backlinking, but ready to try, if you say that it works. =). Hello friend, congratulations on your success. I have a question and I have to choose what subject envisaged, have. As they already use the problem of the market niche is supposed to buy the theme of your site? Hi Tung, echoing a look at your site and your articles. Looks very good! In your opinion, what is the advantage and the disadvantage of the own site for affiliate marketing? And as the Amazon Affiliate niche? Please give me your information.Thank you very much. This article has opened my eyes. I wasn't very affiliate program a believer in the Amazon, but turned out there is almost no competition in this kind of niche. . I m is planning to take the plunge, as soon as I want to spread cloud trip through with my other sites on different accounts to minimize the risk of pirate specialty accommodation. Because the primary key in the same format as Spencer is niche site decided publicly to decipher your knife from field of sites, I went forward and purchased. The information that you and Spencer were released are priceless. Thanks for the help others to learn a decent life as honest and ethical. can I make a suggestion? You write outsourcing mentioned and said that the favorite author. As a writer to be satisfied, please note so materials can not offer writers, but I think that if you can benefit significantly after his work then continue to give significant bonuses. If the police has been acquired at low cost, consider less than 5 cents per word, then a bonus is equal to the initial payment if you can, the value of the sheet or Web site greatly. Also, the authors try to earn their living in this harsh world. If you offer something valuable which is ” – “ then these rewards that contributed to get there. Does it is disrespectful to say. gave a lot for the community. Is that from my perspective as a writer of content, customers who think of me as his favorite author, which and that joke writing-wise and then these efforts to reward non-life without. Do not be rewarded with bonus runs me like it could be the site of the constructor instead of the writer. Here is the look of my site (I used Photoshop to create the header): for more information on how to set up a niche site. I found your site through the announcement of Carlo. Congratulations on the sale and have a new reader. I m, hope, success with my niche and bring Christmas $1 kV Hi nad, I wonder, what will happen to my first niche site index and row of 1xx-# 30, sudden large 70 # and # 117? Do … backlinks, that have something to do with the new updates to Google?Jeremh. Hi Tung, Mann.Ich good as the kind you do all this. I try to get in the business of individual sites. But all that strange to find a niche important word.I am currently learn to close. I hope to learn quickly.I hope that both the niche will receive you in a duel. Now no, but in the coming months. I want to learn from the experience of the competition with an expert who would say? Tungcongrats for its realization.I am glad that I read this post view … penetrating read some articles of the last Fiebreamarilla of your site, but it is great, honest.I read your blog, Pat ’, and Jon Spencer … great income reports / detailed traffic niche program well, I have a few quick q ’, could perhaps explain more … 1 root domain only links rebuilt? 2 detail can make your backlink packlike what kind of links and how much? 3 # 1 in 10 days of climbing … Google hastens to find these links of Newback index? 4. what site sold to Carlo Beforedo you have a list of links, where we see Riprendertela? better than the theme of Genesis 5 niche site? It is enough for the first advise, thanks in advance for your support! Yes, you can not join, I. You are good to build on special Web sites, and I still have a long way to go …. Hello, Tung, very nice your site. I realized that a Wizard on your Web page. I was looking for in a few weeks after my niche for like-minded sites. But I find a good one. Can you tell me what plugin allowing to implement this wizard?Keep up the good work. I found this site Bestsurvivalknife better by Spencer. Pretty good Tung, happy ‘ your stat indicates so far that the creation of a successful niche site is not yet lasts you the tools you need. I m still only means now, but lately not much attention.I followed the advice that you gave me last night.Thanks for sharing. Tung Hi, I have a niche site around a topic related, occurred a few days and already 6 1600 locally necessary research classification months and only 2 articles. Keyword research the most important factor is difficult. Good job! of total $170,17, quanto elements investments and spend how much link building service?It would be nice to see a breakdown. This is an excellent guide, how do not to spend much in the construction of the market niche. Most often asked question is: would the model of niche site should you choose? Website of the authority or the mini?Frankly, this isn't is a good question. The best thing is: which model for the niche should begin? It is a big mistake here: the Authority's Web site is not a site that contains a lot of content. In fact, only he could be authority site after a certain period of time. A new Web site created 1-2 months was no authority in the eyes of Google, even if you have 100 pages to see the content.Furthermore, the addition of 100 items on a site in the first place is not a good strategy in my honest opinion why you give your money if your site does not work well ’.So my best recommendation: everywhere where to start model mini site (5 – 10 posts) to test the water and the model of authority site to expand, if the page does not work well.Make its minimum investment in some places for testing purposes only maintain and invest in the winner. Is a good strategy for any type of business. Add a bunch of items for my niche sites at the beginning. The site is very good, continue to add 1 section, for 2 days this month to the authority to develop and get traffic-more long tail keywords.I prefer the static presentation, but you can post post-it on the site as well. Don t see the difference. I'm on the home page, but also a comparison with 1500 words table added to 5 adjustable handlebar top. Other elements are 500 long Wort.Ich the creation of the article in my Filipino writer, worked more than 2 years with me. He has done a good job at an affordable price. Here are a few places that you can visit to find a good content creation. ,,.