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After the expiration date of the registry will inform the registration to the owner to tell them if it removes any assignment of a number does. If the owner wants to keep the number N,, prior to the cancellation, record the address, the registration of the aircraft and the number N, accompanying on behalf of the owner, by booking $10.00 no toll to exit, will be. If the number N without the canceled, will not be available for the new allocation or reservation for the next five years. It was held, the seller of the sale in the registry log must, by the certificate of registration with the exact opposite. The purchaser must present proof of ownership and the registration fee of $5, an application for registration as soon as possible. When the application is passed first on the extension when registering after the expiration date, the renewal process is no longer valid. Owner of an aircraft shall apply with the filing of the application for registration of the aircraft, form 8050-1 AC, $5 registration fee and proof of ownership (if it is not already in the log file) for the registration of an aircraft in 14 C.F.R. § 4731 (a) is not registered. Applications, to get in the log file for the date, that they came late when it deals with the chronology and the new certificate can be issued to the former certificate at the end. During this time, the aircraft would be without permission to work. With these changes the registry and other users of the network will be able to distinguish, the aircraft is not validly registered and register as aircraft will be limited in the countries in transition. If the registration has expired and was issued a certificate of renewal, get and was on the plane to fly the aircraft without permission. In the security application code online expansion and a $ 5 renewal fee allows numbers, if a change in the relation of owner, address and citizenship. If a change of report, form can fill out online, printed, signed and submitted in the amount of $5. Two months before the expiration date of a received file a second opinion, the owner of the aircraft does not have a certificate of renewal was issued. Six months after the notification of transfer of ownership, if the application is not on the record, sets the record number N assigned to cancel. Timely sending does not affect the new expiration date of the renewal. The date of expiry of the certificate of renewal must be three years from the date of expiry of the previous certificate, if the application is submitted in a timely manner. According to the registration page of menu by plane, to confirm the call or the renewal of the certificate of deposit. The entry into force of the registration of an aircraft is the date where the register notes that the reports of the requirements of article 47. six months after that the holder of the certificate property Esso evidence pursuant to § 47.67 and distributor could not meet the conditions for registration now, this registry puts the number N of the cancellation. The safety code for renewal online application is also included in this message. These candidates then must the request without delay. Online applicants are recommended to allow at least two weeks after delivery, if you so request. If the enrollment request is received prior to the expiration date, even if there is an error, the record with you to registration work complete renewal. Early notification of a change of ownership of the aircraft, destroy or change the email address for the branch of the registry of the aircraft (registration) has long been claimed by the policy. Small aircraft records are not being updated without these reports fast and reliable of the owner. The registry has revoked records resulting from changes in undeclared; However, this process is slow and expensive. In many cases, the registration would be cancelled, but the notices were undeliverable. Thus, the owner would be aware that they must make measurements on their plans, because not registered and remain to save the unreliable data.The registration of all aircraft registered before October 1, 2010, found derivatives under rule between October 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013, updated register of civil aircraft of the United States with the data since the last contact with the aircraft owners. Every three years, as well as other new tools allows the adjustment of the appliance registration information current maintain the renewal of the registration. This information is essential for security, compliance and all levels of Strafverfolgung.Sharp improvements that we learn more about the State will essentially give aviation, General Aviation, said the head of the FAA Randy Babbitt. We respond to calls from the police and other government authorities of the registration information more correct and up to date, we wish you owners who applied shortly before the date of the file, check the status of your application for renewal of registration by using the. Presented the twelve months following proof of the purchaser of the property land and required a subsequent applicant or applicants responding do not the requirements for the registry, then the record plan have the N number of cancellation assigned to. about six months before the expiry of the registration of a registration is known a message with instructions for the ownerthe registration email address. Notice determines the expiration date and the date of the application file should be to allow the arrival of the new certificate before the expiry of the old certificate. ,,.