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The October issue of money magazine 2014 presents its best annual ranking of credit cards. Here is a shortened list of their top for different categories picks. I have written about most of them, and added in these cases on this post, I #x & 02026; I love FanBox, because I make my creative side of the Canal and a lot of money. Thank you to everyone. I intend the money that I won on FanBox first, my closest friends and family to help. According to them, have other plans for the future in the long term helps profits and many other people problems. During his life, their capabilities and their limitations we use our body according to top, to test. Nights spent, too much drinking or eating too much are followed by days of clean, care health of our bodies with roller massage and hours in his bed. What to do, that represents who you are and what it is with your body. The challenge of an 18-year-old mark is a tattoo of a flower on my right side and even if it weakens and distorted with age looked lovingly as a reminder drawn on my skin. Two bite a little or the recent sign of twenty is three inches from my navel slightly rebellious. Is a reminder of how he do limits what would, for a bit of money in a stagnating economy and test pushed the limits of what my body. Last summer decided to sell my eggs. Ultra self managed after an experience in the monitoring, therapy sessions, daily hormone injections, sounds and egg retrieval surgery I have a cheque and released my balls for a family, I have always fulfilled and hoped that my balls would the person helped products free of charge. Like many of my colleagues, I have a degree in humanities. How many of my colleagues, I've only broken (several times), salute to my parents by phone he left another interview, ask to pay money for the rent and food. So what do you think your giving account dreams? How do pay I rent and like eating you? For me, the answer was to sell their eggs for $8000. While studying my school newspaper ran constantly with the title show to donate their eggs. $8,000 $ 15, 000-all ethnicities welcome and commanders. Can introduce to the point where I can't do me. Thoughts about my egg donations would be always an option, the I continue. Three years forward and suddenly began to show a little more serious. A friend who had a few months earlier informed me with a display, she said. The announcement of this redirection to a short questionnaire. Name, age, you have a diploma of college studies, have you ever tried have had for a sexually transmitted disease, how many couples, like your grandfather dies? And so on and so forth.Clear attempts by the questionnaire answer the questions as accurately as possible, but often fill the gaps with conjecture. Just print a copy of my passport and sent the details of my life to 14-document in a clinic somewhere in Midtown Manhattan. At 10 or 11 days later I received a call from a woman as I know it matters. In the weeks before surgery, my head began to fill with reasons for me not: the surgery, which could die and a child, which seems odd! But ultimately, $8,000 exceeds all my fears. I could not help thinking, when I'm old, seem less attractive the idea of my kids. It sometimes is that when you reach a certain age, we're for women, lose control of our body to others, as well as about what I hope and dream that we had for us. I wanted to not only me, but I felt selfish. Maybe sell a debt to relieve could my eggs?For the first time, I visited the hospital, I sat in the lobby listening to music or reading a book, not to notice that the looks of other people there started. After a few minutes, I received three notches on my shoulder. Jasmin? A small woman with large glasses who treated quickly the waiting room and whispered in my ear, I hate it when my donors are welcome here. All look like chicks. Observation of eyes Ecarquillees processed white corridor Strait and hopes of women behind me, I felt like a hen. The day began like any other routine medical office visit. We sat us and papers checked, blood is drawn and then gave me an ultrasound to make sure that looked OK. Then I found a therapist to ensure that I was not mad, the doctor warned me, that she could be overwhelmed with emotions during the process, and not be afraid to call him. That happened four days later when my hands started had to tremble, to glue the first needle in my belly as I. All my fears about what he was doing was manifest in a very small needle, but had gone too far back. Do not drink, no sex and no exercise until the end of the process as the nurse told me. She showed me I have to administer injections of hormones, and I go. I came belly and another ultrasound in the hospital every day to control my. Days and weeks passed, I had very few visible symptoms in addition to boredom, because the process had replaced almost my social life. I turned my faith in the search for drugs that it led me were the stories of women who had tried unsuccessfully on the sites Forum and infertility where group read, to be pregnant for years. I liked the idea of a family, the reproductive questioned and was willing to do to a child to do. Their fight, me I felt like nothing more than to future children would do my eggs. Come every day when I returned to the clinic, the three or four more bags eggs filling had the follicles in my uterus. Every day something new happens in my body. Two days before it was scheduled for my research had more than 20 follicles in my uterus, and every morning the nurse welcomed the cool metal rod up and down in search of smaller pockets of the follicle. Follicle as it appeared, unpleasant, I went back and cover more, I began to feel. I don't know much about what will happen to my body and know even though their best nurses and doctors, did not always answer my questions, what questions. The big day has finally come, and fortunately, it's relatively quick and painless. It was totally foreign, and all this took 30 minutes. The next day, I took antibiotics were prescribed, and that is, if the things started to take a turn for the worse. The next four days are a little fuzzy, but I know it was to much vomiting and a large number of clinic visits. He was very dehydrated and had to manage an infusion of IV fluid in my body. My body refused everything I was trying to convince him. It was clearly on me angry and screams the closure until further notice. About three days the pain was unbearable. Apparently, ovary syndrome of excess stimulation had developed and have a procedure to make all excess fluid out of my abdominal cavity. After the entry and all over my body, I felt out like an idiot in my vagina and literally sucked liquid, I felt drained the better immediately. I stayed another five or six hours in the clinic. When I opened my eyes for the first time in days, I felt like a zombie. I was going to survive!My body and I much have learned about them in these two months and I have a new appreciation of situation, what, won not only for me, but for the others. Egg donation is about what my body could survive and would do it again, but I regret nothing. I need money, and I found a legal way to deal with my financial situation without another visit to my parents. Who was emotional, but it was physically painful.? And long after the money's gone, you can still see my navel where the Moreton faded and I think the small body have not helped to create. ,,.