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I have it in WinRAR file. every time I try to follow them, it shows file entry so choose the file I can join, because who pls tell me how help can you download pc games here, when I click the link a new page will open …. page2whats, the. For a change, why are you not all information, questions b4 2 … Administration has provided the best, the latest games and movies! So enjoy it and Giv times!Gr8 site! recommend to my friends! Hi Admin u provide us with great games, the film did good job done-n, I suggest that EA Sports cricket 13 u much better then Ashes cricket 13 Please download EA Sports cricket 13 as all the cricket fans-this course Admin game download this game will play as soon as it is possible to thankx. great admin of the site is better than Web sites, but I would like to ask if download gta5, I don't know why, because since I'm waiting release date (s) and then during the game from your website, please download help me. 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