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If your Facebook account is connected and activated the output, this will be indicated in your activity feed. This is not the case, you can allow to share. In the summer of 1914 Ode from thirteen years of Berlin of Preston (Paula beer) for a selection of German and Russian aristocrats in a farm in Estonia and his family. The Preston family is a solid character in itself, a Palacio neo-classic floating on stilts over the sea. Ode comes with the mother ' bara and a gift from your surgeon requires father: a strudel, fetuses of two heads in its cruel laboratory curiosity. Ebbo of Preston (Edgar Selge) sees her daughter, when she calmly and skillfully learn to sew the body of a cat. What has not recognized - and fortunately ODA that is its only interest in the science community. His devotion to experiment is a terrible obsession for power and destruction, very curious, what is the life of ODA. Its fast and quiet intelligence complete their humanity and their lucid understanding of good and evil. Country: UKLanguage: dark Romagnolo 1960 British film but powerful, that it ranks as one of the main United Kingdom of the importation of the Decade. Director Tony Richardson (Tom Jones) tells the story of a rebellious social maladjusted and petty thief played by Tom Courtenay (as), running on the track to a team of reformatory for children. It turns out that it should compensate his spirit and desire to win with their anger and frustration of life that leads. Without easy answers, Courtenay sometimes painful character study ' s is not only for an uncertain future performance a poignant portrait of a young man and has been travel that you are looking for, but you can not forget the past. A film class Expressionism worker, came to England in the 1960's, Richardson film ' it is the only such as a highlight, but has to penetrate a man fight by ' determine who es-Robert Lane. ,,.