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The first scene of the film shows the years and the events that led up to the year 2012 (2009.2010.2011). The map title says not only the title of the film, but also proposes and the year 2012. It was almost inevitable that someone would make a movie based on all these stories about 2012. When it is not that surprising someone either the disaster Roland Emmerich-Maven. His last bet adheres closely to the formula of his previous film independence day and day after tomorrow set up - in other words, you see an American family in General imperfect but lovable (produced by John Cusack and Amanda Peet), so that a variety of characters, support, To try to survive at the end of the world.This is the basic plot. The real protagonists of the film are really spectacular special effects. Emmerich really pulls all the obstacles and create a destruction sparkles really impressive. To ensure that the protagonists have countless dangers to avoid, we can see to get a lot of artificial and natural wonders of nature. Swallowed with Los Angeles Las Vegas through the desert and the Himalayas, the huge waves are dipped fall into the sea. make you unlikely? Surely. Ridiculous? You can bet on it. But nothing but questions because one is 2012 just the film for film wanted large large popcorn offers big laughs, big emotions and old-fashioned fun. No installation or additional hardware required.You need not be a computer expert to download and movies on our site. Open Friday, 04 may 2012 to approximately 11 800 screens to 4.349 theatres and earned $80.8 million, marking the opening of the second and the second day raw, part 2 of the original may 2, 2012 the behind the Deathly of Hallows -. A risk is not only $220 million-budget movie, but also one of the most promising Polo of the franchise shops in Hollywood, said in July 2009 of Penn Kreuz to say treatment: my task is between different films-shuttle and make sure that finally we mimic the comic structure, where all these films bound. It is just a tip that follows, is here, where everything that happens in this movie made reproduction with this film. How much Animatics, movie, I shift to make, draw tables to see that all work on the same visual ideas. But the production of the first priority. Whedon, said I am not a big fan of extremely occur talked about movies, I like in the space tele lens-related, so little 3D games for my aesthetics in all cases. And technology has gone a long way in the last two years. Whedon also said surely there are movies that are not 3D, but the Avengers not hateful is 3D. There is no, Oh, we are 20 minutes to pass through this tunnel to spend because it is in 3D! And no display on the screen All the time. But it is an action movie. Things tend to run in any case on the screen. The month, the next, Executive Producer Jon Favreau movie, directed it but said that it would have to say his word and something certainly. Favreau also concerned, saying that it will be difficult, because I so in the creation of the world of iron man and iron man is a Very much technical hero, and then with the Avengers A few supernatural aspects present by Thor. [Mix] two of those who work Very good in comic strips, but concerns to ensure that everything is working and it blows the reality that we have created. of the original on 2 November 2012. retrieved may 2, 2012. What do you need, someone at the back of the theatre go Thanos, Oh! 'People start going,'. ? Mean Oh, would that which is what? and they start to learn and begin to deeper dig that Whedon has received Penn design fig, who said the study didn't say anything and request this project never happened. "Whedon wrote a treatment of five pages of the plan for the film and the theme from the Avengers created: Assembly required, improvise on the vision of the Avengers comic book. Marvel soon began To write and work to sign Whedon, said only include the Avengers against Loki, a battle between the heroes in the middle of a battle against the villains at the end and it comes the film will be released in may 2012. in May 2008, Marvel announced the Avengers were published in July 2011. In March 2009, Johansson signed was pushed back the film for a 2012 release. Whedon was launched in April 2010 on board and wrote the screenplay. However, in September 2012, release all that was planned to be delayed on the same day as the Blu - ray, until 2 April 2013, due to a pending on the case, which is used to collect the package. The original, may 7, 2012. The Avengers, with a cost of $220 million, is already in the black, no ceiling in sight, the next day, Marvel announced that the release date of the film as of May 4, 2012, nearly a year later back. of the original on 2 November 2012 used 03 may 2012. But when we started to pursue the things done by the writers and directors of the film all shapes and started to follow them and realized that we have worked, we can later in the future. How did the cosmic cube; What began as a small seed, grow and grow and grow until the Avengers, who want original may 2, 2012. Retrieved April 30, 2012. On screen relative, two hours of Avengers and a half minute, Whedon creates In fact a sketch of a universe, and he told us that his characters are emotionally damaged but clearly to explore not damages, provides background for the battle scenes in Cleveland. Sergeant Michael t. Landis explains that the real soldiers of more realistic scenes used and contributed to portray the military in a positive light, says corrections on the ground in tactics is simply for us and took our recommendation in a scene in fact uniforms, the Director and all the enemy in reverse only the gunners in the trucks exciting take. Coward added that Joss knew for many years. We were looking for the right thing and he came and I met him. We To want a Director To find, is too great to do something, because we believe that this Joss, [ed]. It reported a score of 92% with an average rating of 8/10 of 301 reviews. Consent of the site reads, with a script that the heroes their humanity never forget and there is no decoration, the Avengers of the life of the super powers the hype - and sets the bar for Marvel movies. of the original on 20 April 2012. retrieved 19 April 2012. overwhelming, the story of the salvation of the world is one that is seen several times, and the characters already for over half a century in 500 comic themes. But Whedon and his companions succeeded in mixing the ingredients together and each personality so that the result of the Cup, however familiar, but irresistibly delicious original, 03 may 2012 used 03 may 2012. I'm still angry, it means in a moment, and then the Avengers is worth rages, his failures are important and depressing. Light, funny bits can not exceed restless cynicism, bloating milling, a lack of this kind of film is less special, characteristic method of design of Los Angeles created the credits of the film to empty. Steve Van Vuuren, Creative Director of the draft which said method: this piece one main and two minutes in the final sequence CG founded. For each explosion have designed modelling, texturing and had lit all environments and many objects in the foreground. We received resurfaced assets of Marvel, in that exhibition included, then heavily revised and he, to create a sequence of battle macros post. We have also a custom for the Avengers title primary source materials as well as set the scene 30 credits. of the original on 5 June 2012. retrieved 5 June 2012. Finally, I thought I must be with the human voice to work,. Only, he began to play combinations and 10-15 hollering the variants to To give. And she listened to Joss and came back and said, 'I like it', I went back and I looked up what has been the ingredients. It turned out, Mark Ruffalo, A few Lou Ferrigno and be A little bit of me and two people. ,,.