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Pending POO Saturday (before all, or every third day with no sulfate shampoo wash was me) Saturday night, washed with diluted Dr. Bronners (8:1) and rinsed with ACV. Wet, I have a little coconut oil. Sunday morning, I was looking for, very dry, so I did in argan oil, my hair oily. (now I know, that I low porosity hair, a wire is located on top of the water for more than 12 hours!). Sunday evening, washed, rinsed with an egg, then with the ACV. Monday, I have brushed carefully into sections with my BBB (grease the scalp, dry skin at the ends). Today (Tuesday) looks greasy, but the ends are dry again. Tonight I'm going to brush and clean the night Sun (I have an appointment on Thursday, and I do not see how a ball of grease). I wanted to make honey, Aloe shampoo. My plan is to have the majority of shampoos (subject to some) at both ends and the length of the hair and leave in the hair for a few minutes while I'm in the steam from the shower. Then I will take the reserved amount and add a little Dr. b. diluted and stain in my scalp to get rid of the fat. So I have a few questions, some of the effects of moisture Aloe/honey B in my scalp shampoo adds Dr. clearly be? AI, where I have alternatives to Dr. B (for most of use) for the Grassomagari to remove with a drop of water to add DIY shampoo instead for Castor oil? Applesauce? Lemon juice is fat? I do not know if my hair gilding enjoyed, then I will do it regularly. Bad, my ingredients often washing change? (Honey / Aloe wash, then applesauce) Thank you very much! Hi all!I found just this community, and I think that each of you can help with your experiences. I've not been OOP for 35 days. Every 2 days, I use the baking soda paste on my hair and whether (my body wash, shave my legs, etc.), and then rinse with Apple Cider vinegar. I have very oily hair, that if I wash it every day shampoo or my hair, that a big bag will grease should. My hair is still thick. by day 35 noticed some results, but I waited ' t really. If I get my hair is still oily and I returned the manoeuvre always tail pony/Cap. I would be grateful of the notes you have. I washed today and then my hair looks good on the front ' s feels look oily and fatty dorsal. Thanks). POO was not found for 11 days, not long ago, during the examination, only my hair would wash it normally after a week, but I think I have something that melts the fat. My hair started two days earlier to fat, I tried to ignore it, but with the school in the morning, I decided I had to do something! My hair is short, the water is hard, and the last time I did the baking soda wash my hair, it is mental. Today, I shower in the morning and lots of water rubbed my hair only. It was uncomfortable to hear, as the fat in my hands. When it rained he felt so heavy and thick and sticky, but I rubbed dry with a towel. And BAM. No more fat. I do not think it is a good idea with long hair, I heard a lot of talk about too much notice, if you rub on the blocks. But if you have short hair, and be, in all cases, my hair is not damaged. The entries are in time to come. Not happy shit! I see ' ' POO-not ' more than two years: I used mostly clay as housekeeper (cheaper and cheaper and faster) and sometimes a mixture of wheat and rye bread. It is short. History and issues. ), please. ; o; I do not know what is. I do not know what to test. I want to be as it was only my hair back. Also, if anyone can suggest how to add this tag I have. Hi all! So I fell in love with his No. POO of random factors that seem to come together at the right time: shampoo only, a poor student and a penchant for history. So, what I've found, is that my hair seems so it has even no use as already no shampoo and conditioner. I have hair stiff stick, which are good, but with so many things and are shorter and longer at the top of the pages. I have is that I have the body and ease my pony, where its so-called my product the ointment are also much less used and dry weak hair. Here is a list of some of the things I found: good! * my hair is actually light (the opposite of what I feared) * I need to use no paint, because my hair has much better when set. * After 4 days, I found my characters bad fat washing hair lost. * If my hair feels thick and waxy (a little less now) * now my scalp is Pica (there is no obvious sign of films less steps a few inches of very small white spots in the mirror and see) I had washed my hair approx. brand. 3 weeks with two eggs and a spoonful of Olivenoldass my brilliant super oily hair and cut very well on, but really, what would be my old shampoo and conditioner for hair; Her hair was a little dark and wanted to lie flat and straight as possible. I thought that this washing in an attempt, AC, because honestly I you found over at waxy feeling in the shower, dry hair really well and not all waxy. I do not know if this is the most popular, or if you should try the hot flashes? I have hard water, I think, it's what you feel for wax, but I do not know about you. I would be itching to disappear or be less intense than to get the volume and tone for blonde hair. Tips for a beginner? Thank you very much!. Hi all, I need help :) (Let me firstly with the details: gender: MaleHair: thick, Brown, not so much (but do not cut;)), little curvature.Hair products: some bio + bio gel HairsprayWater: hard, but I installed a water filter and use always boil water to make the RecipeShampoo: BS + ACV, sometimes use a yellow egg with oil or honey. Always rinse and then rinse with cold water.Recipe: BSmix TTO Op = a teaspoon of BS - 5 drops + 9 oz (250 ml) of water boiling ACVmix = 1 tablespoon ACV + 250 ml of boiled water. Sometimes, add 2 drops of peppermint eo or TTO.Climate: cold, wet, there are plenty of sunshine (Netherlands): mainly vegetarian;) (Although that sometimes eat fish). I eat very healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables). I try to the consumption of dairy products and wheat, as well as reduced.No POO since: February 2013혼다 OK now the problem: I had at the beginning of this period of transition. But a guy with hair products, which do not disturb me. After the transition period, everything was going well for a good 6-7 months. After the summer, I saw problems with the method. Had changed my diet or not the recipe. The only one which (I think) that season has been changed. Have you noticed flakes, here and there in my (so-called)? Moustache-pop up.? My scalp (especially the back, where I have thick hair) put more itchy and scaly. And sometimes the shoulders with 'Snow' is covered, as is my pillow. My hairdresser said it is clear the SD (the crust used words but it would in Google and the same truth is SD?). Believe that my shampoo is not properly cleaned, allow due you, in my skin (any ideas?) to build, I think that the best oils called Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD). I have a little bit in my hair, so I tried with a mixture of oil/TTO every day. I hope some of you can see non-POO-ING professional, what am I am I doing wrong and how I am doing I read SD, which would allow sea salt? Hey, at, I suggest add BS plus/minus? ACV, more or less? Could be a thing of the regime? Perhaps it is only the change of season? But even then, I need to know how I can amend the recipe.I called House, sometimes used a shampoo, Selsun, SD, did kill. But I kept with this being, not POO. It is assumed that for my regiment not POO be harmful, if you want to use over time (for example 3 or 4 times per year). ?Any other suggestion is greatly appreciated. It is very frustrating to see that I take in things account much and always again not what I was expecting. If you require further information, please let me know :) I thank very you much for your help! on the way I wasn't sure if I thought that f should give it a try but for POO, my keratin * CK, it's winter and I have no one at this moment to impress, what I have to lose?So far it is going well. Infusion of keratin are easy with the license by Coppola, betrayed the air conditioning which is not quite natural and contains an ingredient of silicone, but I can also have my last two bottles and is in particular about my keratin treatment stay. I think at the moment where I ran on my keratin grows completely, my scalp and hair are for anything crap. And if I make Greasefest did, from running. Now, I promise!My recipes (see below) are basically a sink in what I've read people like me to work, that I had in my closet. My hair is dark brown, in virtue of his shoulders, but dense and wavyish are vulnerable to the winter dry skin, but very healthy (and not dry split ends or breakage or otherwise) so far with this treatment, my hair feels a little more often, but my waves more defined, there is no more flaking of the scalp and looks well-worn. I expect not. My hair brushed 3 times last week. 1 x with my recipes for shampoo and conditioner and 2 X with my recipe of air conditioning, just to clarify. Hoping to bring the total to 2 times a week cleaning.After washing I combing two pumps infusion keratin in the hair wet for 5 minutes. I let dry overnight (even though I have this chemical more quickly noticed much) and the next morning, I had a spray I mean with rose water and a few drops of argan oil and brush the hair with a boar brush spray. If it and a half cock looks like a day, I brush on a corn starch with a few drops of lavender and Sage essential oils, the I in a Shaker great place. clarifying shampoo recipe: 1 tablespoon of Rhassoul clay1 BS1 witch hazel1 TL TL TL silver colloidal 1 tablespoon coffee rosewater1 water5 Cup Sage EOConditioner recipe: 1 TBS TBS colloidal silver3 rosewater1/2 teaspoon coffee water5 Cup argan oil3 cabin descends each EO: Lavender, lemon, lemon, basil, ThymeI Romero, tree, I think that I will be in a few months of more or less if my keratin so you know how it is. Cross my fingers on the fat part came refrain :) all together of ideas? ,,.