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If you have different partners, the possibility of limiting the number of people having sex with. Less you have, the more likely to have sexual relations with a person who is infected with HIV or an another one TSI. Women and girls represent 1.1 million in 2010 (from 13 years old and more), about a quarter of people living with HIV in the United States. Most of these (75%) infections were to have sex with men and the rest of injection drug use. Black/African American and Hispanic/Latina women are involved at all stages of HIV disease than white women more. Despite a decrease in encouraging new infections to HIV among black women (21% between 2008 and 2010), 1 in 32 black women with HIV are infected in their lives (if the current trend continues). be 106 Latin women and 1526 vacuum will be infected with HIV.Many women who have been diagnosed with HIV do not receive the care that they need. Only half of women who have been diagnosed with HIV in 2009 remain in care in 2010, according to a study of 19 regions of the United States, and fewer than half were (4 of 10) had the viral suppression. Viral suppression means that virus in a person blood remain quite low, so that it is in good health, aid. Viral suppression also leads to a reduced chance of spreading the virus to others. * a small number of HIV-positive women live is born with it because their mothers have been infected. * refers to, this feature were black. Choose not to have sex or decides to have sex with a partner and accept to be fair with each other sexually active. It is always important that you and your partner against screening and HIV test results to share, before making the decision to have sex. ,,.