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Before admitting the statements of hearing testimony must obtain permits from AJ. The request must be written. A copy is the Agency. The application must include the names, positions or designations and locations of witnesses, and must be your name, as a witness, shows you want to declare. Number each record in your list. Add a brief description of the witnesses to say what you expect. AJ approve only witnesses, whose testimony is relevant and material matters determined by other witnesses and non-recurring. Focusing on the evidence witnesses to personally know the facts of your case (as opposed to witnesses, whose statements simply repeats what you were saying about your case or their own grievances at work or discrimination complaints). AJ may dismiss your evidence any part, whether to send the list of witnesses after the expiry date specified and not are able to explain their slow satisfactory.If witnesses are approved by the Government of current employees AJ in United States, the Agency has arranged for witnesses to appear at the hearing and is responsible for all associated costs. AJ does not oblige a witness at the hearing, does not currently exist within the federal Government (for example, a former employee of the federal Government has attached or removed) usa. You are responsible for the first witnesses of federal employees do not voluntarily appear and testify. Voluntary representation of these witnesses charges are your responsibility. The Agency must sign you or your agent as soon as possible, when for some reason approved, order witnesses the Agency, then make one available to testify at the hearing that it should fail. In the end, AJ audience registration will make a decision in your case. AJ may be verbal or that he or she can submit its decision in writing at a later date. AJ chooses an oral decision, AJ can give the decision immediately after the end of the hearing or AJ can schedule a conference call with the parties and the judge-rapporteur. Consultation Conference is a conference before AJ's agent and the parties or their representatives hear (usually by phone) between. In the first consultation Conference to discuss in order to prepare the following questions: (1) the identification and refinement of issues (2), specifications (agreement between the parties on a so-called aspects), (3) cancellation decided to movements, (4) the evaluation of the potential of their settlement case, (5) approval or rejection of the potential witnesses, (6) intends to listen to the case by the applicant and the destruction of the simplest case (7) any other question.At some point during the first hearing that can run AJ conferences prior to the hearing or a or both parties request conferences before the hearing to discuss any matter relating to the case.Normally, the representative of the Agency is responsible for the placement of everything before tapping telephone conferences. Their representatives and responsible for the fact that the representative of the Agency provides the current phone numbers. Except AJ otherwise, if you have a representative, their representatives have visited, you must not advance listening conferences to attend. Until the trial must select, identification with the sequential numbering of the additional documents that want to offer in evidence (for example, question No. 1 of the claimant). Provide the AJ and the representatives of the Agency and keep a copy for yourself to their proposed programmes. Also a brief description, if you will offer more than 10 exhibitions, prepare each document index. Documents to research from agency files be automatically included in the testing room. Do not stress once again the audience to offer. . The regulations are acceleration of the procedure as article 56 federal civil procedure rules. Summary judgment is determined, AJ, taking into account the applicant's legal and standards that apply in this case, there is no done important serious problem. Summary judgment is not shortcut the unwanted procedure. On the contrary, it is an integral part of the process of EEO and hearing the parties to ensure a fair, fast and cheap decision of the complaint. The summary judgment procedure can be started by AJ or one or two.Unlike a hearing on an AJ summary judgment does not decide who is telling the truth (findings of credibility of brand) or in spite of the evidence. AJ is enough to determine if the property group (normally the complainant) can discuss the facts and the law that controls. Accelerated procedure is proof of the real estate party and draw reasonable conclusions for real estate.A fact to be true, if the test of the AJ for the benefit of the party to find real estate properties. A fact is important if it has the potential to affect the outcome of the case. If a case of contradictory testimony weighs only solved, summary judgment is not appropriate. In addition, can see AJ referred correctly until after that registration has been sufficiently developed.The Agency successfully to defend the proposal for a decision without a hearing (fast method), you or your representative for the AJ of any important must identify himself to refuse. It should be mentioned that the AJ in controversial provision in the records of the Agency with a report of the investigation, additional documents during the discovery or depositions of witnesses. Only witness statements under oath before a notary to swear affidavits are not acceptable proof of summary judgment. Please note that identify the disputed facts is more important that quoting or discuss the law or the facts are not in dispute. To comply with summary request from the Agency for trial is not the automatic granting of the Agency due to the bankruptcy. But if you do not respond, your chances will be to refute the Agency significantly reduced movement. The majority allows the Agency and explain to audience targeting opening to test the AJ. Do not forget that the opening is not used. In general, education is first, followed by the representatives of the Agency, you or your representatives. The parts of one or two of them can give opening speeches. AJS receive information in good speech generally in evidence, documents or other evidence, which will be presented during the hearing with the explanation of their relevance to the questions of opening has decided. In written documents, they decided the case only on the basis of results in a summary trial, AJ, (whose show who grew up to be determined) contains, according to the applicable law. Preview selected tracks of the applicant through a similar process in which are authorized to provide portions of the testimony in the trial documents and live. In general, you can browse parts of the opening of trade representations and actor and cross-examine witnesses and objections and appeals of decisions with AJ. A procedure has been tested only when a plaintiff witnesses testify under oath or confirmation and textual record of the procedure. In general, practiced above (some) AJ communication is prohibited. I want to talk about a matter with AJ in her thing, first contact with the representation of the Agency, in order to determine if the Agency could respond you or participate. If you do not, AJ probably appoint distributors for the Agency to organize a teleconference. You must specify that the representative of the Agency be prepared as possible. Make sure knows the reality, discrimination is intended to support. Remember that AJ has discrimination in employment applications only decided to. Complaints complaints strictly labour conflicts of compensation of union management, resources, etc., must be pursued correctly in another for a. In addition, make sure that you feel necessary, are a family of cases of discrimination with elements at first glance. There are several lines of evidence for the different types of discrimination. Please refer to the Commission's employment (-) equal opportunity. The Agency has used available coating. In addition, the Agency employs to present the testimony of former employees must currently [other departments of] allocation from the federal Government. J administrative der, whose name appears below has been President of this complaint. Administrative orders of the Court to follow or sanctions can lead to compliance with the regulations of the Commission. See 29 c.f.r. § § 1614.109 (f) (3). If there is a conflict between the parties, the parties must prove, the dissolution of the conflict because the attention of the administrative judge. Correspondence and corresponding part MotionsEach must submit copy of another party, sent the administrative judge. The plant, a certificate of the service who can show the opponent that a copy has been released. A copy of the conclusions of the accused may cause without taking into account these messages to change. We remember the parties maintain their present this office informed of your current email address. Only to clarify a question of procedure and alternative methods of dispute resolution, it is not for the parties to engage former part (unilateral) communication with the judge. Extensions of dates and registration will be not granted rounds, missing a quick quote in writing and a good result. Recurrent to get representation or loss of the representative of the Agency of this topic are not assigned to the reasons for the postponement.Application or motion of the applicant, indicating that he or she has made an effort in good faith to resolve the case with the Group's real estate assets and, where appropriate, indicate whether the other party has an objection to the application or motion. All applications must be granted an order proposal that has accompanied the relief sought the movement. II. the names of the parties have the right, write General. The complainant is not necessary, however, to be represented. The EEOC has representatives on both sides. Even if the applicant has appointed a representative for advice and research the agency EEO complainant, he or she must renew this designation for the purposes of this equal employment opportunity Commission complaint process. The parties must notify this office number, name, address and telephone number of their representatives. This modifies or a representative not currently represented complainants receive representation in the future, once the party of administrative tribunals and other Partei.III. DismissalsThe partial parties should comment thirty 30 days after receiving this command to identify the C.F.R. 1614.107 (a) Declaration claims has denied the Agency 29 research section and the relevance of each new version. As soon as it has passed the opportunity to locate and make observations, j. Administrative less 29 C.F.R. section 1614.107 (b) is going to be difficult for all orders to dismiss the appropriateness of the decision of the Agency. If the claimant not against the dismissal of a complaint within 30 days to write, comment investigates how the dismissal of exemption IV controlled administrative judge. SettlementWithin 30 days after receipt of this order, groups of contact with each other to define correction problems, represented, to discuss the provisions (for example, agreements between the parties, that certain facts for the purposes of the customer apply to this complaint) and with the developed rules. The Parties shall discuss the proposed regulations. The Agency must designate a person with authority of settlement in the discussions of the establishment through administrative judge v. convened. The Contracting Parties are the present DiscoveryThe on his discovery before the hearing pursuant to the provisions of article 29 C.F.R. 1614.109 (d). The Parties shall cooperate with each other in honor of the Discover request. Parties should initiate and carry out the necessary discovery with minimal intervention by the administrative judge. Except as below, together with copies of applications for admission, deposit notes and transcripts of interviews, requests for production of documents and responses to these non-administrative courts. It is similar to a procedure before a judge in the Court. AJ as President of the official who acts as judge and jury. Procedures, are often in an informal way. Parts are generally allowed, opening and closing they offer evidence of statements, testimonies and documents, explore and interrogate witnesses and objections and concern decisions despite the objections of the AJ. ,,.