The Revelation Effect

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Lost secrets of the vigilant, not the people. Inter dimensional beings from another world, Santa called Zion. You've crossed a barrier forbidden, converted or transformed into human form and mixed freely with people. You can manage in human affairs. They created a hybrid race with people. They taught the art of temple sites of massive stone and the secret of people in los Angeles or between dimensional beings to transform. They were punished, dangerous and subversive and labeled as fallen. God sent a disaster, destruction, and their descendants. The doors of the Temple have been deactivated or destroyed. His teachings were declared prohibited of heresy. Observers are, the sacred race of extraterrestrial beings. We have alerted, stay away from them. Most have. However, we are going to cross the barrier. In this revolutionary research, learn the observers, the angel of the Lord, or the sacred history of the observer, the product is one of the major literary and intellectual revolutions the world has ever seen. He started in the 3rd century BC, when a wave of apocalyptic Essene swept through the writings of the Mediterranean world and came to be used in the time of Jesus. This period was a new hero, Enoch, which translates human, it was transformed into a being of light and joined the observer in the sky. The secret Mystics of the ascension which gave the observers that Enoch was tried for centuries. Acquaintances and Jesus. In this sense, these secrets are complete study if not disclosed. This highly illustrated William study suggests that the Seraphim are the observer (winged serpent Angel, type III, being the Kardashev scale of cultures and has extended, non-physical of rainbow light). They correspond to the seven snakes Hassan Naga Rainbow, the wisdom of the Buddhist tradition and seven fish Abgal hidden are the Mesopotamia of evidence historical and literary observers to have the secret of human transformation in search of Angel. They came to Earth on a mission to teach people to this process. His teachings are the basis for the Christian notions of perfection, the resurrection and ascension. This study has changed the traditional perception of the viewer and leads us to the way real discover their secrets. the souls may return to its origin (the throne of God)? A person can become an angel or an angel equal? We are fallen angels alien/all? a man can upload the divine nature? If anyone can learn to do it yourself? If so, what skills are needed? does allow a direct connection with God? So, who initiated this meeting? Is it God? or even a person, you can even in God? would there is a land of cosmic pipe link of Zion? do people reached perfection?These and other questions about the guard. The anointing of the Dove was Mary Magdalene alchemist who learned his trade in Egypt and Jean Baptiste le? What happens if we close its oil of unction, to clarify all this, as well as playing us will protect in the coming days. William Henry is a re-evaluation, serious and radical of the secrets of Mary Magdalene anointing oil and its use in combination with the Ark of the Covenant and Jesus monatomic gold to prepare for his trip to the underworld. Evidence of modern and ancient science Sumerian, Egyptian and alchemical before this art Christian he pursues the mysteries of this oil and the incredible opportunity of cosmic origin. In addition, it explores the possibility that is now going to be anointed a similar cosmic energies from the center of the Galaxy (the dove). The bird has a white stone of purity, you need to get a scientific and mystical understanding of our body and the Galaxy. Presentation of Williams is an exercise, eyes open and see a meditation, understand and live new Baden powerful energies of our planet, to help the anointing of paloma. 2 hours 45 minutes 2 DVD $29.95, handling and $5 post. ,,.