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For non-Korean inhabitants adapted to life in Korea visit to the hospital for medical treatment is not always as simple as possible. May h. Mido works in is called Mediterranean restaurant, that is the restaurant in real life, but the Director, so he originally planned Akira not can be called as a reference to the famous manga series, but for Japanese filmmakers. If your Facebook account is linked and Exchange have enabled, will be shown in your activity feed. If this is not the case, you can enable sharing. If you only NineNot the young actress is - Yeong Lee until 2004 with a group of sixty 60 years say, sweet, but also time active with the children of his age in the Yun in-Ho from nine. His character a sweet 1960s characters gave Lady in Seoul and wise, nicknamed turns out to be a single (small) woman in Seoul as Woo-rim, the new student from Seoul, is the third in a class of people in the country. The new man in the city, has a chance in the eyes to rebuild generously an identity, a wonderful philosophical fight scene, out-of-the-mouths-of-babes to national identity in the middle of the movie makes the colors and they discovered a melodramatic moment terribly close to the Ende.Basierend on the novel by us Ki-Chul, entrance city-fied Woo-rim in this welcoming country-fied changes the dynamics of friendships between Ki-Jong (Kim Myeong-Jae), Kum Bok (na Hyun-AH), and the main character, Yeo-min (Kim Seok). Yeo-min is the leader of the third year, which is well known, that some students in the fifth grade and to have beaten. Too cold interpreted to wear to school in the rain, learned Yeo-min from his father that he must protect women. Both Yeo min-Woo rim and want each other, and the movie rolls back and forth between the both sides crashed. This greatly disrupts the jealous member-Bok, she is in love with Yeo-min and some interesting emotional scenes of the targeted contortions of the face can be expressive by Kum Bok. Two other plot lines in the film. It seems that in line with the dominant theme of protection, Yeo-min efforts his mother sunglasses to procure (performed by Jeong Seon-Kyung ti me) to cover the injured eye. On the other hand declares a philosopher helpless Yeo-min letters by Messenger to pay your object obsession, the class question Yeo-min subsequent actions.Even though it was my colleague at the beginning, when he called, no I do not like in this movie!, noticed I was what a second observation is so boring in the ebb and flow of trust and betrayal, altruism and selfishness in this group of the third class, which can be uncomfortable for children. How can one day really that fickle and loyalty at the same time. As must be whose mother who taught them the women not protected, I can dispense with patriarchal tendencies here. Physical violence, sometimes delivered in a patriarchal world view the position of the father of Yeo-min as a remarkable sign criticizes but setting everything out of one hand always soothing on your family. Yeo-min is required is not fighting, Woo-rim, a 0 (zero) page behavior, but ignored his appeal when certain patriarchal doctrines are challenged. An interesting exploration, the film constantly ropes are in South Korea. Voltage class is often the reaction of Woo-rim Yeo-min dirty feet and assumptions made, when Woo-rim had States suffered. The most interesting example is the white-a prefer happy teachers, if with actions by Woo-rim faced when inserting into the logic of corporal punishment, justify the receipt of some photos of their sovereign, syncopated head leaves Woo-rim. We know that the master in one of the other children of the strike would not hesitate if guilty of transgressions Similaires. Comme sweet sixty part was an attempt to beneficial - and thus I mean not the word in a negative manner the talents of the players from Korea, elder Berry off nine seems partially attempting to develop a tradition of acting for the youth of Korea. The film was unfortunately not successful. Although NA is an exceptional nature and stoic example of Kim Seok sometimes convinced most of the characters suffer from fear stiffness and minor characters or seem boring, remembers his evil far some scenes. Lee is in the location, the quality of work in the restricted functions, as his performance in sweet ' 60s, a total crippled his efforts but there is something seemingly bad decisions, which cut into the Bush where will publish not delineated cut the excitement of the last. I'm sure that bringing children, the child is not easy, but performance worked in the spring in my hometown, we know that this is possible. So like I forgive when I turned nine, but I should be interesting class tension and forget the poor flow of information and design, which I like. Also the best DVD packaging I've seen (a Blue Ridge bound, Brown fake laptop with a belt buckle, Brown, gold), to compensate for lost catches and wooden dialogue delivered an observation very often in the chest. (. SpringtimeOf start the many achievements of the young by Park Chan-wook, one that I am very happy to see the number of international criticism, to see one of the best contemporary players of Choi Min-Shik, South Korea. Choi seems to continue in the fight with the Boxing Club future film Ryu Seung-wan crying fist, what should be, of Choi's decision to leave the alpha male of the train for a while and a saxophone and trumpet, that player, fighting, which proudly draws and takes one job in one of the professions of the Zeta Hombre as master of a school in spring of Ryu Jang-ha set wind? Now, what can we do to see how they are really versatile skills Choi, exceptional comic. Choi first bitterness plays Lee Hyeon-woo, a man of principle. Not in its musicality running club with cheese; the competition hearings; Play, money, fame or women; or through education, particularly for children, to humiliate. With the following restrictions in his career 40-Lee, found something unmarried and lives with his mother. Taking stock of your life and you will discover the muffle, short-tempered, danger, Lee Yeon-hee was the commitment of his ambivalent love, (Kim Ho-young-Nabi, dogs bark never blocked), used for another man, yet a further dispute finally with her mother as an opportunity to take the mention above and previously despised, finally set in a mining town in the distance. In fact, he finally is done before any ethics contrary to his stubborn. As Director of the school in this town of smoothies, but never down, individuals Lee performed the radical change, expect a delivery from Hollywood, but undergoes a slow, has a rate of self-discovery that leads to a longer-lasting change.Choi provides balanced, but not by the Fiery emotion, we know that that gradually affects the chest of Oldboy, by his subtlety, the Viewer is growing. I think short steps in Failan without a bit manic melodrama. Director Ryu and his screenwriters (Lee Eun-Kyeong and Yun Jae-GEUN) co has presented an excellent vehicle for tempered Choi skills rather than visceral virtuosity. The actors, especially the wonderful Yun Yeo-Jung (a good woman, the insect lawyer) who plays the mother, everything works fine, the other on and slowly the warm effect of this beautiful story with wishes several interesting scenes, such as Lee from new year in HAL-MoE-ni student (grandmother).Keep in mind that it is not perfect. A scene that disappointed Lee with the father of a student, his son leaves no playing in the band is the first intervention. Lee's speech by calling of the father, to respect the specific needs of sleep and therefore not this scene by the intrusion of the partition, the reduction of the effects the which. The problem with this scene is all the more remarkable, in a scene where LEE asked, moved his mother in their dreams, dreams of rhyme, supposedly was. Lee's mother ends the child teachings that dreams do not necessarily get triggered later page in life, but they would have to be reconsidered in light of the circumstances. Too melodramatic to the marking of these tactics scene bother to bring, the partition is available vollzogener instead of scene and dialog a queue of emotion leads to ruin the excitement of the previous scene.The penetration of the partition in the previous scene is ironic, given the fact that this film said, the most important is music recognition or wealth, the execution, but the melody of the music can come from harmony and metaphors in our lives. Dissonances are a sign of discover the harmony that there is when we tend to hear about the cacophony of sounds that surround us, as Lee appears, when he heard that a score of trumpet, writes only he that is behind the Fireworks popping and fibrosis. I knew me to the film renewal on the title, but eventually orchestrated spring called a well made film, although everything else as a masterpiece, is one of those movies that it is only with you like a song, thoughtful work whistling. (. My GenerationMany digital films, saying that the keyword for the digital cinema is start: Introduction of heavy machinery, the release of long hours lighting adjustment, the liberation of the old system and method and, in particular the release of conventional film language. Of course, this version was possible or impossible, due to the liberation of the capital. It is an irony that less capital gives more freedom. Park Ki-Yong, Director of the Cactus was made his debut in the film DV and my generation, a series of eruptions short black/white with color, motels and possibly camel (s) directed by Noh Dong-seok, but its characters are anything but free. The capital is less forced. This, they seem simply how much debt hovering above their world depressed and concerned, rather than to cover any sense of Agency. Byoung-Seok Kim, and Jae-Kyoung (both played namesake) are a few. Noh chooses to present its intimacy as random, sometimes playful, sometimes pathetic. The fun aspect will come in small scenes as Byoung-Suk jokingly to visit some very different types of beat Jae-Kyoung of the corridor to a room at a motel, where love. Or my favorite scene where Jae Kyoung's waiting in the car by Byoung-Suk. When is the Windows, Crouch and a strange up to 360 degrees, as if it were a mechanical toy or a theme park ride. His mechanical-Ness is reinforced through the car Windows breaks the noise by Jae-Kyoung. Jae-Kyoung welcomes Byoung-Seok, running toward him with a kind of dog-bite bark small, reminds the anthropomorphism Conversely, experienced the dog behind Noh. It is just weird, but very appealing a scene. Although the film is not fully satisfied satisfactory to survive through small pieces so that I have my permission from pleasant memories of my generation Fernseherlebnis.Um its mismanagement of their limited finances and futures contracts are pathetic aspects of their relationship. Byoung-Suk fuel fire for the Korean BBQ restaurants, while Jae-Kyoung fought to keep a job for more than a day. Byoung-Seok has paid the debt, acquired during the purchase of camera; However the brother with a loan shark debts next contract. As Jae-Kyoung, buy in a Ponzi scheme, which is debt, that a degree of fear of pByoung-Seok plans still call it our debt, sound, and Jae-Kyoung. The URI of the word, both characters used in all these changes we can say our, and contain strong connotations of community and common destiny. But it can also mean, for the strangest yet. This space-language, which brings the American writer Rajini271 HA-Yun Jung, in his post is the genius of the language: fifteen authors reflect their mother tongue, question, perhaps for this reason, that I do not in the language in English, write me where I was born. As Jung Jae-Kyoung tries his own room. Jae-Kyoung wants a part of us apart. You want your report to the financial agency. You can help now from the mess need by Byoung-Suk, but would you know how much he hates it. Ironically the need for Jae-Kyoung tax claws room is exactly what you'll ever need Byoung-Suk. Added Jae-Kyoung, raised its debt Byoung-Suk are fear and resentment over the economic dependency of his brother, who drowned left Byoung-Suk in debt. Byoung-Suk recovery fears is that calls can continue Jae-Kyoung not argue his debt in our debt. Despite 2004 a year of great films from South Korea, is one of the factors of that confused me keeps cinematic references to orchards technologies (use allowed something) different. Of course, the mobile phone is most obvious. And more than cell phone accessories, Korean cinema continues to published questions about their characters and locations similar to what States Frank Rose, an article in Wired magazine in May 2005, Samsung provides questions to their customers how to use the product? How to circumvent this? Who says her facial expression? In my generation, mobile phones is something deeper than the bling-bling, which beeps and suspect. Mobile phones connect at distances as the distances all traveled day. A mobile phone contract allows the maintenance of contact, something Jae-Kyoung and Byoung-Seok so desperately need. However they don't do in the chat on their phones either. Note: Times in which people suddenly to hang or refuses to respond. These are the times, as financial problems require their lives rather than support and strengthen. There are mobile phones both as a way to these characters where you could in the times more isolated and feel disconnected when they are most vulnerable. Byoung-Seok tries also his camera in a similar way as means to use to convey their sadness and to understand the sadness of the other, like a bride often surly. Jae-Kyoung, however, you can know that this tool can present an obstacle to intimacy. Park Ki-young, that it is true that the technology can be used, give us as my generation, just as many moments arise when we need to get rid of them, we have the same technology. (. Hunter in BAE-dal WindChoi, also known as Oyama Matsutatsu, was a very individual life that was born in 1920 in Seoul. How a colonial under the theme of the Japanese Empire, has fighter aircraft to fly the immediate entrance of the Japanese army, who have something to say, avoided where it was kept. To stay, after the second world war in Japan, he studied martial arts, eventually forming his own variant of Kyokushin karate. I know enough to know not with Choi's life are true such as these and other details and what is the artistic freedom, but Yang Yoon-ho's fighter in the wind biopic, based on a comic book about the life of Choi, validation a large part of the thesis of the Korean film scholar Kim Hyun Kyung on Remasculinization of recent Korean cinema. To support the thesis of Kim, Choi must start life as a pathetic, where he can fly the trauma, fires, meeting where the Phoenix man. And Choi had actually been beaten on the spot. Starring Yong dong-Geun (unknown address bet my hard drive), we see Choi to receive many strikes against the Japanese. Although initially qualified something through the formation of boxing, Choi wants their abilities in the fight by the martial arts to improve. On the way, an ethnic Korean friendship with colleagues (Jeong Tae-woo), who eventually runs a pachinko hall, one of the ethnic Koreans are known with Japan. Eventually, he met an other ethnic Koreans, this circus bodyguard with one hand (played by more productive action Director, Jung Doo-Hong, also starred in such films as example and Arahan). Form Choi in martial arts, but the teachings of the great swordsman Miyamoto Miyashi pledged. Although these relationships seem to go against Kim's thesis, our heroes must withstand a collective identity, Choi finally - way from the rest of the world as the embodiment of the mountain block IV-th in the Japanese equivalent of Siberia. After his Hermitage, he began to travel to the countryside of opponents one after the other. The rest of the story is well known, that are not morally bound to uphold the order, but I abstained, even for those who don't know anything about history, before he be expecting as a result that these members of the public more want to stay the film. But I would like to add, that the mandatory representation of ' Schlacht' Yong bribed the result is typical of the class, perhaps to make a well informed public final was not provided.Although the character Choi a collective identity of course resists, the film has some intentions of ethnic nationalist to celebrate and to idolize fights a man's success for human dignity, the metaphor is a Korean national fight against estimation of Japanese colonial rule and Americana. Yang, quoted Luis Cabana spokesman by the Portuguese said, in Japan (Choi) Japanese called. I wanted to make it clear that Choi Korean. The fact that Choi in the Japanese martial arts training is relevant to the development of this myth of ethno-nationalist. Here we have an ethnic Korean master of art/sport/ethics mainly on Japanese manhood. In addition, Choi fell geisha girl, Yoko (Aya Hirayama-Waterboys), falls in love with him, because against the Americans protect you with his fellow Japanese. And finally, we have to swallow national body of Choi, camera, stroking the physical sound along with Yoko Yoko bruised hand. Although Yang said that falsely portrays not Choi as someone who resisted Japanese imperialism, that I believe that Yang is implemented, there is still enough ethnic nationalist dialogue and surrounds, the Choi can't understand personal research, as someone could leave this movie connects wrong Choi, aligned one with a sense of direction.These efforts to once again calls the masculinity of patriarchal support at the expense of more victims are endemic in cinemas around the world. Even if it is for me to do to combat the words instead of fists of this character of the colonial power, which deprive, deprived of their rights, that he listens only rarely. But, this heroic depictions of violence sometimes ignore the reality, the probably this constant struggle of mutilation, imprisonment or death is brought to an end. At least here we subtitled the mantra of Choi I have more fear than an invalid die to survive a fight while I! Dear death of mutilation, decides that he is a powerful Agency for their physical abilities only to the courts by the totality. The film claiming that justice without electricity is empty, but the power without justice is only violence, means that we have finally justified, the representations of previous violence. If wind at this point, I always still rather ambivalent am fighter in the topic. Apart from the demand which showed that representations of violence generates violence, morality, the we to work through if you violate the testimony of this theater or professional wrestling, deliberately I wonder how this idealization, rather than the need for the United Nations to address suppression, demonstrate the acceptance of this disenfranchisement than so called may promote the character of the Gebäudes.Es is always interesting to see, the nuances, that male variants come with each recycling film. Choi is very limited in its violence, finally mastering his power show and not like a raging bull. Expresses a sensitivity and liability, as well as the refusal, the injustice placed girlfriend just suppressed to transfer him. However these films lost their effect on me, draw me, because it is not in accordance with the will of his fists anger and (even if the fracture of Jeong and Choi very beautiful choreography views). But of course, this kind of films dating back for a reason. I think there is still a lot of fight. Or see others fought. (. Once in high school: spirit of Jeet Kune Do DoNon-Korean, see many Korean cinema will have been expected to be at once surprised, or one other in depictions of violence in Korean high school. Rhythm and whispering corridors for their friend and bungee-jumping, pupil teacher we fly sometimes (with sticks or clubs), students, beat other students, parents in classrooms, to break teacher strikes. almost all conceivable combinations. Certainly, questions that viewers must be, Korean schools are not really so, are they?Director Yu said in interviews that he is really that bad, if not worse, at least it was in 1970, where he attended high school. Once the height of its authoritarianism brings us in high school back to those days, when the Korean company arrived and was quick to modernize the country. Giovani were obsessed by the image of Bruce Lee (the French title of the film) and Yu portrayed in this movie, it has been difficult life for boys in school, and explore, as Bruce Lee served as a model and source of inspiration for years after his Tod.Der film focuses on three main characters: Hyun then paused, played by Star Kwon sang-woo (my friend tutor); a Woo-Sik, intimidating fighter, with Lee Jung Jin (bet on my disco); and Eun-ju from the nearby high school for girls, are played by the actress GA-in the debut. With the Hyun then transferred as a new student binds friendship with Woo-Sik, and later the two men Eun-ju in buses meet. First combat and the turmoil around them around three enough close, but as it is happening now, divisions broke out and begin their only front fighting. However, some aspects are violence takes a leading role in this film. Teachers even just a card to keep control, but Moody with nicknames like traitor fight are students or Burger with sharp or blunt objects available. Hyun modeled after the experiences of the Director in some respects as a first step, but eventually the stress of his environment begins to cause damage.Korean film critics might think his experience in high school its first press screening gave the film a welcome. The public reacted with strong initial interest, spectators seemed while after seeing the film (for the record, hated my wife and my brother thought it was fantastic) split. As an outsider, I went on a school where students at the but usually not each other fight, staff with feathers, I have mixed feelings about this movie. Trouble failed believe can happen - I don't know that you can do. But I have some problems with the movie seems how he sees the violence with equal parts fear and admiration, especially towards the end. I also found a bit conventional, and that he was hoping that a little more crazy as Director of the Union. Many details of the film are pretty much indicative or impressive, but this seems not too much to say, man, we have bad. (. DMZDMZ, a nostalgic journey Quijada clasico awkwardly through the experience of a child as a fresh military recruits stationed on the northern border and in the South in the early 1970s, is my choice for the worst South Korean film 2004 (you know, in the interest of Justice, I've managed to avoid the Clementina, thanks to the timely intervention of Adam) frankly, it was not possible a Korean filmmaker a movie more ridiculous and insulting to Koreans to spy on, make the girls this year. That is, until I met a DMZ. It was a humiliating experience, which reminded me of the obvious to say that the increased recognition of the cinema, you never get out should go out.DMZ is a semi autobiographical, that Director Lee toxicity about their experiences. Lee made a series of popular teen photos of the 80's opening, Jee-hoon (Kim young-Hoon, singer and member of the United Nations to the Group), an aspiring filmmaker and a replacement for Lee, in one of the guards in the vicinity of the demilitarized zone, to 1979 added. Sergeant JEE-hoon Kwon was the hard and beautiful Sergeant Pak (Lee Min-Ki, whose charismatic performance very little thanks, savings is one of the film) and the little playful (Jeong Eun-Pyo, nature and city break out experienced actor), create your own little oasis at the border patrol station, nicknamed Coco Hotel (strangely (, colonists in the mention of an Asian taste MOFA Sureste).) This first part of the film, while old burlesque comedy Korean situations, recycling, when rookie soldiers troops with nothing more intimate caught, at least a feeling of authenticity raises money since summer. Sequences as establishing a special presentation for classmates from mark JEE-Hoon censored film sequences in Korean from this time are still interesting from the point of view of the historian. Unfortunately the DMZ goes berserk is the point 45 minutes or more, because the latent hostility between North and South finally explodes and the film suddenly a teen comedy is that fortunately beautiful, but somewhat bland in a mind warpingly brute of action movies, all male offensive characteristics of most Hollywood film war vote regurgitates. JEE-Hoon became the first murder, guitar sound rock ' n ' roll triumphantly on the soundtrack, announcement, which, Yes, is now a man. The characters in North Korea comes from the television series of the anti-Communist 1970s: call this program would be an insult to the cartoon. The representation of the siege of North Korea has this quality, type set-is-made-from-leftover-TV-store-cardboard-boxes, it reminds me of the science fiction movies of the fifties for the foreign cheese, you know, and eye balls table tennis. I at the time somehow joking short as the way the anti-Communist mentality of the Koreans, it was bad Surrealists. In a later episode, unintentionally funny where JEE-Hoon is a North Korean soldier, cause many tears from her face felt it, Kim young-Hoon, a large floor, whose wrinkled Gesicht fills the screen for endless minutes: it seems that a 12-year-old boy received a blow from his master, to live to develop frog in her Chair.To make matters worse, monumental rough final sequence, which has grown JEE-Hoon, adds the Director Lee is a Director (with the kind of ridiculous trick not dead would begin production Blanco-SB/old School Theatre) and attempting to make a gesture of reconciliation toward North Korea in the spirit of the sunshine policy. Not only incredible sequence in his jovial condescension for North Korea, is also quite amazing in its inability, Kahl Schock, the emotional buttons still tear elementary. Imagine cry to read, then slammed into a vial of valium and Criswell a letter ordering Jr, wood, and a sequence of a Korean woman offers the story of vibrated with a weird Doppler effect, (I knew your FA FA FA ther ther ther.) and so, if you have an approximation of the presented sequence.Ultimately, if one anachronistic discouraging attitude, teen film genre conventions as soon as the smell of mothballs and magic marcador template messages, frankly hypocritical subtracted will, at this rate, all that remains is deplorable, funny comedy and established action sequences, sub-MTV. , Channeling spirit feels evaporates completely on the seriousness of the project if JEE-Hoon pumps in 16 belly of a Communist bastard, posing son of M result as bassist for Lycée Idol live goodwill in Billy (you've got to jump in the guts!). Lee had only focused his autobiographical experience, boring, including information about their experiences on the level of the demilitarized zone and ignored the urge, markets of the 21st century offer youth, the film would would retain at least a degree of. Like it, however, is the DMZ is not a result of a deadly encounter between the old completely outdated practices of Korean cinema and open commercial calculations of Korean cinema today. (. Someone SpecialComic novels are a dime a dozen in Korea and who a lot of time mark the Korean films the basic plot structure dedicated to: young man, Bella (rich or Borghese) meet cute, brave woman randomly; You go through weird experiences together, and finally something sad turn the risk then together in a final explosion of melodrama. When they go, a lot of fun can these films. This is not the case, they are instantly forgettable. An extraordinary person seems to start badly. Our protagonist is nice especially youth; the role is acting not played by Jeong Jae-young, known for the ugly and brutal in the film as a Silmido or without blood, tears. His love interest is played by the actress Lee na-young (Please teach English), who plastered in cosmetics advertising around Seoul is fantastic, but here she is clumsy, poorly dressed and many mother's. It's brave, it's rare. Finally the tragedy of Tapón-TI-to-film deals with less than two minutes after the opening credits before you reach even learn about the main character. Thought Jang Jin?Of course, jokes I. Is an exceptional line of charismatic character more than even the most successful movie formulas described above. The main character-a baseball ball humor and love a woman, the unusually drawn by him seems-looks real, because someone similar in Korean cinema are rare to find. Are more often and more typical torque film badge. Above all, the film is well written. So far, the movie career and Director Jang Jin consists of two different streams: a physical humor, always in the movies is aimed at: guns & talks (2001), spy (1999) and events (1998); and the most obvious melodrama and scenarios wrote other directors: idem (2000), a letter from Mars (2003) and sister of the Church no comments (2002). Only in this last film seems the best of these two trends to combine. It's a bit quieter than his earlier works, but his characteristic humor is so strong as ever and per. His condescension involuntarily, I can tell you that, the kind and wise, feels as if behind the bittersweet humor image on the screen is Lebenserfahrungen.Eine thing that can keep some viewers as strange that the film sometimes degenerates into sentimentality, simply the last work of mature Jang, and just to prove that he should be ironic crosses without clear criteria. Our hero seems all ask that love, such as SA. He often humor a serious answer. If the movie from sentimentality, but from time to time fun same sin in itself committed. Personally I could this-it might argue that it makes the prospect of a more complex film.My favorite part of someone special (I know that the Korean title, a woman or a woman who knows) is a film in a movie, which we adopted during the first date of your partner. Actor Lee Jeong, who is so familiar and sarcastic narration is glorious, a parody of the modern Korean cinema Cup. Only as Jang much with the characters laugh from someone special seems, can critique of the Korean melodrama in this segment are considered affection and derision likely equally.And I cannot end this review without a little joy for the quality. Prior to the release of the film, almost nobody speaks Cree Jeong Jae-Young can remove part of a romantic track. The unconventional cast had investors jittery, but ends, that Jeong performance as one of the main discussion points of the film. In the meantime, the part of the Yeon Yi wrote with Lee na-young in the head. She hesitated the role can be before taking, because they scheinen-very unhappy in two movies in a row but it must be that he signed and made a remarkable example of the work recognized. (Motel of Cactus, Musa) when his father sent him to connect that Su-Jin is on the controller, the announcement would place him more time points plot type also demanded that Lee all willy-nilly jumps Willy in this movie, and this would the foreseeable character of the Ordens.Der film begins with on-hold your lover-Jin station does not arrive. We learn through the rumors, which led to his new job, which he had an affair with a married man the dissolution of marriage. This part of the plot is removed, so on Jin's friends easily under the disseminator of gossip his Office without any explanation for this change of allegiance, are later reintroduced, the tics of melodrama in the film rise. (Unfortunately, this plot point is lost in the film, because it more fully implemented were might be an interesting story from the other side to provide many that badly structured the story around his mother as Chul plots, they were withdrawn). New love interest Su-Jin is the man with the box where the camera so lovingly in advertising pans the film begins. It turns out, being a carpenter who has worked for the company for the construction of his father. It continues then through advertising, eventually to the marriage, but only after a few moments the ring a radical change of the parent temperament also surprisingly progressive leads. And a variety of other devastating then meets health-Jin melodramatic Klischees.Mit all its flaws there are moments in this film that are great fun. Although most of these moments is not intended humorously, start with one and it works fine. This scene includes Su-Jin, after your wallet stolen and Chul come to their rescue. This salvation achieved much destruction Chul so so that the jeeps, some Su-Jin home page provides some nice physical humor with the siege. The humor, which is the biggest problem of the movie is waiting for it but quickly melodrama with the most. The Histrionismo and strange twists and turns of the plot are an unintentional comedy. Although I laugh sometimes bad serious obviously encoded in the score, felt nothing could because this is ridiculous. Chul then it's the scene in the prison with the mother a narrative jump like crazy so it, that assumed the mother Chul so and he is embarrassing enough people in the audience, when I saw this movie, that I'm not alone in my interpretation. Unfortunately, which makes film used real disease, to bring his disjointed plot, perhaps those direct with this disease to insult parents and friends, experience, thank you the risk according to worse in my gut feel, if they were to see it of course with my laugh in the theater. Like the film itself, for the positioning of the product. My problem with product placement is when interrupted, leaving the narrative force. Auto product placement and soju in a moment to remember, don't worry because they short (forget) and you make no entry in the history, how the pop line and food. Much better films guilty are harmful for the placement of both products. If shoes are the mark necessary to us in you and all them attention all aspects of knowing of persuasion in early July moment till Julio Miranda, bright blue-ing. The shops of this brand shoes buy the fact that people tend to go the Dissonating strange effects of this half-baked motif, not deteriorate. The product is a film otherwise wonderful. Unfortunately, Lee has the opposite problem. In other words, the leadership is viewing of two imply that can pop at the beginning of the film purely commercial gloss with disturbing, because so much better than the rest of the movie show. Quick mounting prospects that carries advertising effective Bouton, is that what she does is not best film, in which scenes to cause chaos and to overload the rapidly changing dialog. Ultimately defeated a moment to remember, the intent of the product placement as well as. Because the last thing, that you need after the confusion of this mess-Terpiece game ADD-style, a drink of every company is caffeinated, much less a announced. (. HypnotizedEvery so many times in Korea, a Director with strong artistic aspirations and less a problem for the commercial line determines an exceptionally favourable (or naive) manufacturer. By hope of glory Festival or might like their artistic credentials to colleagues is trying to prove, blank check producers their manager with the hope of getting something special. The results are always fascinating, if successful. I believe that Jang Sun-woo for $9 million in the resurrection of the nephews party or Park Chan-wook, his dream project, sympathy for Mr. vengeance filming. Two years after fighting a rebel group, a microwave and a public indifferent to the function of the road movie, which assume critical of acclaimed Sik returned Kim back, his second film in an environment with a lot make cheaper. Although little more than $2 million, is almost represents a big-budget movie to local standards, hypnotized making a new freedom for the Director Visual ambitions and stories on the screen. And if anyone questioned that Kim was a Director with a unique style and vision, the first few minutes of the film to convince them of the contrary.It is not to say that most viewers and critics will necessarily enjoy it. Kim virtually defines the words at the top in opulent interiors, great dialogue, long hair and sudden noise, color, sex or blood. If we consider the fact that the road movie has lived life of vagrants, drunks and prostitutes, are workers at the other end of the budget. The money seems Livestyles of our heroes as much as penetrate their strong emotions. Operating color scheme is red and purple. Actress Kim Hye bright lipstick red door, it is usually from above illuminated and holds his cigarette like Greta Garbo. The plot focuses assigned to a married woman who suffers a nervous breakdown and psychiatrist for advice. Short after the psychiatrist (played by Kim Tae-woo woman is the future of man and of refuge) leaves the hospital, but the two met a year later for the opportunity and begin to spend time together. As the painful memories of her past each other in passionate confessions, his current life in directions more increasingly precarious differ.Road movie with nuanced depiction of the heroes and their complicated feelings of others was gay at their most marginalized. Kim has considerable achievements to make us identify with and take care of the wires in the film wore. The strengths in other places we are the boldness are hypnotized also out of character, but and the invention of the film can surprise us sometimes. I suspect that many viewers this film and how you will hate their emotions in the face Surfacturees. If you you go to and leave only the long, may be an exciting journey. Especially is this movie lives or dies on his style. Think of it as an extravagant fashion show, but as a carefully constructed novel. (. María, a petty thief Seok-Tae catch a virgin ghost (Oh-Jung Kwon, tube, TV series Damo) reveals a midrange tyrant Yang Yi (sex is 0 (zero) stars In the Chang-Jung) and fled with a handful of smuggling diamonds. Seok-Tae is a mini city name Sisilli (the town, where the time in Chinese characters written wasted), consisting of several families, which resulted in a community life of lizard Byun Hee-Bong (my teacher, Mr. Kim, memories of murder) exposed. Not until Tae-Seok can breathe a sigh of relief, was accidentally strangled to death in a bath (bathrooms are very dangerous places Korean or what?). The inhabitants of Sisilli, they appear not very hot and innocent as she first and foremost, discover some nuggets diamonds with your body and are driven mad with greed. However they decided time to the poor buried thief before Yang Yi and stupid gangster cronies just enough to Sisilli, to Seok-Tae and his cache of hidden treasures. Oh yeah, has also a virgin ghost (EUN-Gyung In the) tracked the orphanage / regional school, speaks with the accent of the province of Chungcheong (you're BAAAD Peeeople.). What is not ready, pull back?To a Virgin spirit will start María (a terrible English title) promising start for the residents of Sisilli, a child of the middle class, the hard, Texas Chainsaw Massacre family Korean version of consumerist, introduced us. The nuances of the threat and the macabre as described in the Middle Exchange rhythmic dialogue of Kwon, Byun and other actors (terrible), representing the villagers. This part of the film is simply amazing and builds expectations for more extravagance, which unfortunately is not carried out. Director Shin young-won (former Director for sex is zero is), work with a little messy, but brilliant screenplay: directs the last part of the movie to a romance (?) between the gangster life In the Jung Chang Lee Chang-Shi and Hwang in HO, inter-dimensional and the spirit died In the EUN Gyung. IN the certainly proves himself as a soldier (white opaque contact lenses throughout the film, with the exception of brief flashbacks) and actually is delightful as a spirit, very sweet and dear, that really scares me. The film is so strong, usually don't have some difficult arrangements and hasty executions to realize that. I could see, that apart, such as at the battle of zombies, which involve multiple assets and one impending evisceration by Yang Yi, but I enjoyed the seams with the same Audacity allows awkward discomfort of Parteien.Das big problem with the spirit from the Virgin Mary in my opinion after is only funny gangster fits into this framework, curse, scream and jokes, the brain-stabilized for another case to throw the creativity of the film counter. Although the filmmaker to make it clear us for Yang-Yi, painfully reminds a super type really root (its theme is also much more permissions do not call it brother.) Wow, an egalitarian spirit!), collective butts kicked Sisilli vile, residents had the reaction of the (admittedly amusing) highlight of the film. Actually I was looking for Uncle Byun and to seize their people and to decapitate all the mobsters, including Yi yang, floor plates, round of them and a great success, a chain of fast-food stores to make trafficking in human beings have been gangster fresh meat. Phantom lady was relatively well received by critics and has sold himself as a great success proved to be (in boring season 2004) with Korean national audience reached almost 2 million tickets nationwide. Without a doubt, respond well to comedy performance In the Chang Jung, as well as the intelligent mixture of alien and familiar film. Although it move much less slide R or spider forest, point about other generic horror / comedy film with a bad movie Korean industry today is regularity. A piece of the appeal for Korean filmmakers: If you insert the character in a Jopok (same title as the phantom Lady), make sure to kill them all within the first ten minutes. If you don't mind. (., don't show this time and came out less), fans of horror film recognized only between South Korean, one was the ' 04 summer sad offers horror filmmaker, but nevertheless was in the situation, which attach rights of remakes (Hollywood seems to have completely forgotten the concept of the original situation. But what you tell us, if your idea of a new lightweight horror talent again screaming Kevin Williamson, brain power, and Dawson Creek? What say anything nearly as heinous Bunshinsaba, cursed can say:, Wes Craven and Williamson last fiasco of Aburrido Adolescentes horror in danger. Korean horror-remake of the second or third row to buy these rights is all people) a rational choice for the Hollywood after filming. Bunshinsaba of many standard cannot be considered a good film: involuntarily ridiculous, sometimes annoying, little sense and as typical with a one-year film Byung-Ki, almost sheepishly his trend dispar generic composite things of others, key start best movie scenes. In fact, this film could only a few to be original, guilt. Despite the fact that it is an adaptation from another source, a novel by Lee Jong-ho, the core of the story is out, an infusion is his debut film nightmare: revenge of the psychic girl misunderstood, this time distributed a large canvas, to add to the girl's mother. The film shows Kim Kyu-ri (nightmare, whispering corridors) as Eun-joo, Professor with the school of a young girl who is still a vision of students in their class. Yu-Jin (Lee Eun with her bright eyes Facetas Joya, formerly on the bloody Beach and you are looking for in mega drama Daejanggeum), search in this time the ritual of the Bunshinsaba (a game for communication with spirits of Japanese survey magic killed: Oide Kudasai, etc,), hope, sic-ing by the spirit of evil against his tormentors at school. The curse which really works and kill their own comrades or die in accidents suspects to turn the situation out of control. Eun-joo must with phantom student and mother of the shaman, Yu-Jin possession of a dead girl save the secrets that are discover buried for 30 years.History and boring installation, first adrenaline-film-style, brutal Acusado is several notches on his latest attempt, so much folded, so that I could sometimes hear the Viewer as a human punching bag: there are sequences in which characters screaming literally every one and a half minutes without interruption. Leaving, he writes an Byung-Ki, any hope of subtlety or consideration of any type in the world of horror. However, I must confess that I improved a little bit more of a recent spate of Korean film Bunshinsaba or perhaps higher values, production ambitions like. As a horror movie, has a lack of virtue in many of his relatives: he no ambition rather than fear of Beejesus out of audience and pursues this goal with determination and refusal to stay their undead energy would win approval as Michael Myers. A withdrawal of the social commentary is pretentious, a metaphysical gibberish and romantic subplots to the sea often make other horror films and focused on the production of chicken meat. Their efforts fail more frequently than usual, but sometimes their successes of patchwork style best view film, like in the sequence with the head of a character, the views of a supermarket bag (although it similar affected uniquely by a structure of Tomie). I hope Bunshinsaba turned out to be a better movie. Now the labelling not even started my tolerance horror movie cliché, which is significant, wear by incessant knocking of the film of my brain. I want fried chicken mother-daughter movie at the moment where the height of the villagers amount Cap (?) appears solid fiery torches (?), team alive, beautiful, much to itself as one of the bands in sulphur, destroy smoked mission impossible whistles on my breasts clog and head pain. Given the fact that the film in the production of these victims, to be kind is completely failed (the psychic girl is little murderous ultra as a boring, her supernatural powers to take advantage of, to kill the classmates), it is difficult, emotionally in climate action, or the solution to the problem of his reincarnation. Frankly, the means of the mother and the girl are two monsters, and perhaps were the villagers for their destruction of their obsolete mode sensitivity and lack of concern about the dangers of fire however provisions. Despite the loss of the Fund and the critical attack Bunshinsaba wild hopes that a threshold and his pictures of bathrooms (unfortunately named) continues the horror film to multiply. Would always be good, it is complicated and conventional. I also hope that under Bunshinsaba, Byung-Ki would finally as an expert in horror films, use way and a good writer, as it is, but it is also the meaning of terms such as finesse and character development. (. MasterDear doll editor are BA ~ ACK! Yes, it's yours, the dippy double-and-trippy-but-not-uppity for our mutual partners, Professor Kim. Too many Caravella limoncello were mixed with champagne for the new year. From the look of it, it would perhaps support for a few minutes. By the way, I hope you're not the constituency array Otaku protests on the small piece of paper in my last speech. Let me self-publish a correction, if you don't mind. I never wanted to call father a better shopping glasses moved. What I meant is, that a piece of furniture in leather and sunglasses commercial. Of course, I have paid not enough attention on the correctness of the Declaration by the vibration mode. Professor Kim well already, I'm the author here, and I can very well start my review with a length of chatter. Just scream! Out there! Go to play with your cat! Now, must I say doll what about master?Master Doll created a snapshot of the Ashen horror film particularly well developed in the Japanese cinema, a living doll and tried jazz places for Korean contemporary Viewer. For this purpose was the screenwriter and director Jeong Yong-gi and producers, seizing the ball joint dolls of branches and anime-style eyes. Developed in Germany, these dolls recently have acquired alarming air of sexuality in the hands of the European avant-garde artists such as Hans Bellmer. Recently, they have become the rage in Japan. Monster box with Takashi Miike segment. Extremes (2004) and Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the shell 2: dark pictures innocence (2004), have to give only two examples and undermines the taboo of these dolls. It turns out that some Korean youth (and possibly older, too) have these dolls of patella, where apparently the filmmakers, that believe a small group of spectators for this project. These dolls are adorable and beautiful, unusually realistic, but are Malinterpretas the proportions of their anatomy, and Yes, it can be very scary his major-LY. Instead of marbles as Marlon Brando with cotton in his mouth, to get to the point. Doll master very poorly together. In some areas, it is totally incompetent. The characters in this film are not just stupid, hopelessly incorrigible, stupid. Close to climax, Hae-mi (Nice, but on the ground destroyed by Kim Yu-mi, telephone), all broken and bleeding, the possibility of a call to make. Rather than call the police, firefighters, the ghost hunters or anyone who finally to the back of the House, she could call? His mother, so that she could would the doll from her childhood name find and get a piece of land then exposure. It is just one example. About the many gaffes and uh? Key moments such as car appear and disappear at will or a laptop, the moves in mysterious ways on the chassis in a key scene of the murder? The story changes a hamburger two books in local restaurants one configuration to another, in the rhythm of a trowel again. The production quality is good in general but also drawings by Jay Adorno of the House, from the outset fascinating and convincing, it is silly, if filmmakers have a snowman in a bathroom Cabinet, instead of a toilet lid set. And of course, the snowman crack a poor figure in an origami sculpture of Craps. A way to go! As aunt Liz said it could not wait at least responded to the call of the wild? The puppet master is a hopeless case. Although compared to the story of two sisters an insult for the latter would be, then admittedly a certain affection for this movie, thanks mainly to the presence of In the EUN Gyung (Resurrection some w pl VZ Z, 0 (zero) for behavior). Please, no spoiler rant: with the eyes of the pot size, head shape of chestnuts, porcelain skin and aquiline nose, what could interpret in a movie about a living doll, for the love of Mother Theresa? And manages the frame type. All of the scenes that has generated a minimum of sympathy or puzzle In the excited with great sincerity. Almost the class question makes an inanimate object film Japones culture derived loved to live in their work.The oldest casting slogs through the ridiculous materials with admirable professionalism: Kim Po-Yung as disabled-Doll Maker and Cheon Ho-jin (actor twice, once in high school) as his partner is particularly effective. Ultimately it is probably better to master doll marketed at the EUN Gyung fans, including are happy. I'm curious as to how the real owner to answer these dolls from the kneecap to the film, but bet you Hae-min doll living horrified reaction on screen you would find quite decadent. What kind of goals would have a doll looking like In the EUN Gyung in human form? I know what you're doing: you get built a mortgage immediately by a totally new Doll House just for them.I think that all I have to say is now. Thanks as always for your heroic patience with my sad and cuckoo Sulkings Prof. SSA Kim ADVERTENCIA! Show a happy and see my Yuhn Kuk. Sweet talk SixtiesLet marketing first. Concept wise, Director and screenwriter Lee Su-dans la dolce of the sixties years of high altitude. Business is a market with low incomes and the elderly, and Marcia, a film especially for the cinema, movies are more youth-oriented presentation about the life that few of us can experience. Some of the best players who are in this movie, like Joo Hyun Korea (except for my husband, my wife is a gangster 2) as Jong-dal and song Jae-ho (memories of murder, a double agent) who plays the GDP-Guk, every reference that the film industry of Korea in the 80s and 70s art provides. Sweet sixties film title is also the Korean films of this decade thriving cinema which finally has recognized as the golden age at the international level. This reference can use to expand the industry, is considered so Korean film international and young Koreans. It is still the story of the Korean movies and back - the wonderful green light, shows age false advertising, designed for the old school of beautiful Korean film released posters from the past as well as in the book, archives documented, Korean film follows in 1945-1959. In this way, returns sixty candy in the future, the long and fascinating history, to promote loyalty to the older figures, that old today in the day and older adults.For this reason they are less enthusiastic about the French alternate title a contender for the title have his less subtle reference to Hollywood dance with loneliness, because all of this synergy is lost and we. Disappointed in the same way, rather than to highlight the film with something original and catchy, when we came Korean film how you take care of my cat and a good lawyer would expect we have something which so generally on his violin, which the Hollywood Orchestra down, I hope meet FLAC in a cul-de-sac in American suburbs at the beginning of the film. In addition, there is a fold or feelings as the cover of the DVD in which all the protagonists take part in a strange game, approved in the current film there is no poker with MI-Seon (night out girls by Jin Hee-Kyung ', I wish, she's a woman) shemales everything towards the top of the fetish equipment. Yes, Jin looks really Suh-WEET! in this Grill-Jersey-Ed, BOTAS-hecho-to-market, fantasy of the hetero-Hombre, but this placed him as if it were the object of affection/watch this bevy of men, when the main subplot is 60 years includes not persecuted woman. These examples of how the sweet are sixty as dance with loneliness This ambivalence marketing swings the film as I'm sure, he wants to be.The story revolves around a group of primarily in a community of fishermen. Joong-Bum (Park young-Gyu, petrol station and attack a famous singer of a karaoke performance intentionally ironic, terrible movie) AIDS PIL-Guk with its activities, while is the brother of Joong-bum, try your luck, ostriches, raising to the chagrin of neighbors fiercely anti-communist, Joong-Out for retirement, Jin-Bong (MU-saeng Kim Il Mare and movies of 70/80 as deep c only)) deep space). Come to fisticuffs often enough in the movie, not because it believes that the political opposition, but because really despise other each. Supplement that drives this old club - without Chan-Kyung (Yang taek-Jo by two policemen from 1 and 2) including a police catch finally leave it hard his mobility limited.However, this is not a city in Alaska without women. Be later 40-something, that mi-Seon, will what appears, removes the only hostel and pine trees, because the promise is not always Joong vague. He has adorable grandchildren of the GDP-Guk Youn-Hee (Lee Yeong active from nine). There are 60-Lady of Seoul (70 films as an ordinary woman, feelings Sunwoo Yong rye) or so, before recently divorced-ju, who under mysterious circumstances comes in this quiet village and collect most of the old romantic Interesse.Dialog and patient flow day offer the most pleasant moments of sweet since 1960. An example of this market rhythm is the thinnest sexual suggestions, a member of the old guard, which eventually decides by in-Ju offered. Joo, is undoubtedly the most interesting appearance and his change in attitude, and initiated instant sources, it is still very credible. Park and song performed as well in the representations of the theme, humiliated. In greater numbers, bounce, I confess that I've seen the first time coming, but I saw the logic in my second observation tips. Interesting, something that is not the film through the presentation of Jin-Bong, is caricatured their virulent anti-communism, to mock. After this revenge indifferent, the public can't even so registered would be, to develop more fully and therefore more entertainment, evil. Another area where the movie does not work well, means less soft mount options between scenes, introducing an inconsistency in the natural flow of the fishing village. Result is a film that is sometimes sweet, sometimes at sea in his burlesques and sometimes poorly structured. The film will hit hard or to see a resonance with you. However, he painted an interesting progressive the bounce. Torque is the fact that the stereotypes of the elderly as a quirky, imposed on stubborn and children take a surprising attitude, that progressive. So, stretches of the film, not only our ideas of Korean cinema, but on our notions of older, show us that it perhaps has what you have learned, as the younger generation and the younger generation, learned from them. (. VictoryOutside en el boxing movie of SR. GAM, seems baseball sports, most commonly used by the cinematic story telling. Maybe it has to do something with the slowness of the game and the many possibilities of character development from the eyes of the players and the stage. With a baseball game lets you do the characters before their egos, demons and other circumstances. Perhaps because the ballpark is a parameter that is used frequently, it seems that we expect now some tropical baseball movies, namely 3-2 count, bases Encargado, end of the ninth stage. Although Mr. GAM victory Kim Jong-Hyun is still part of this tropical rather the film falters on others let me hear that I spent a good time, to film baseball stadium.Based closely on a baseball player of the real life of the Sammi superstars, is GAM-SA-Yong, this romantic sports comedy genre form, essentially a form of actor Lee Beom-pure. Not w/Lee impressed in dreams, but after the single Oh! This film, brothers and now officially known that Lee is up to me. The film begins with the GAM flows to the Sammi superstars. GAM lives with his mother, brother and sister, when he worked in the factory of Sammi. Also play the team of local society, where his tone sur-PATA quite competitive. Quickly there was presented by GAMS dream, a professional player and when you start testing for the professional team sponsored by Sammi GAM advertised to be, we hope, one chance jump. However, the GAM has ambivalence on this issue, if you want to participate. This delay is partly due to the uncertainty of the GAM in their ability and their expectations of the mother, the incomes are not reliable due to its affinity for the game for the family, as chamois older brother and drink the money aside is fueled. GAM also came in the team, and the movie a lot of bad news-OSO-esque, or super stars as the Sammi superstars are nothing less. The film reached required culminating in a game of big from the class, although not the typical big game that they have come to expect. As I said in the first paragraph, tropics, including the obligatory love interest, writer/director Kim is based on some sort of sports movie but to their defense, rejects completely the naturalizing of the original story here. The more interesting part of the story often said that Kim is taking a parallel history of colleagues GAM, their dreams to act to realize (with its Oh-min). In this way, we have not only the love interest or have the matriarch as a single large female representations, women survive the heroes of the game. These parallel predictions, different paths to their target genres, shows a female figure with own separate organization. So we can not witnesses are their difficulties, we derive much over obstacles, the by brief notes on points on his journey through the film konfrontiert.Comme in boxing movies, Mr. GAM takes world champion victory between significant 80s, this time including the twisted sisters take not as music by GAM. As example we made through our main character, like you your dreams on the bed, looking at our heroes on the ground lying down, when the pressure of his hand forward to us. (GAM, a baseball ball instead of Boxer Kim DEUK-gu drill at bagging a lamp.) And, that these photos of individual expectations of our character, to offer a wonderful counterpoint to this film. In his post the test battery in baseball and philosophy: think outside the box, batsman Michael Brannigan questions that were the idea of Japanese baseball and commentators dichotomized approximate State about as different from baseball. While there are differences between the form of the rules of the game, (a difference of Korean baseball baseball with Japanese baseball is put an end the ability to a match in the balance, although it is soon changed to Korean baseball), Brannigan calls for prudence in the generalization of the cultural differences in the practice of a sport. Note, for example, cultural observers too fast also, that there is no ego in Japanese baseball of the Group's requirements on the individual. Brannigan discussing individual called ethos at least the best player, a bat in the Japanese Championship, Sadaharu Oh, to show that expected to find an observer how wrong and penetration into the thing really is. (Sadaharu Oh challenges also assumptions about Japan, homogeneous because it is part of China.) The risk of Korean baseball generalization like this ethics of Grupo sobre el-individual often to extensively in Asia. It is, but as a cultural observer can be. Since the group think more a part of Western culture often is approved. Mr. GAM victory exists than viewers personal dreams of GAM, counter with a lot of priority in Korean society, which does not on good performance of the group depend on. Yes, I would like to be taken into account by other wants his mother proud, but the lens be very good aim, it is not his team not his country.Mr. GAM victory has enough success in the last section of the film, completed, where it is at its most beautiful. Although it is not a the greatest sportsman ever counted is it should not be. A different funny, as a good day in a stadium, when the weather is warm, the sky is clear, the garlic potatoes are no drinks and cold person what fell beer man pass the seat further down the Hall. (. R PointWar and horror-movie genre as you can make compelling partner. Indeed, many war film Apocalypse Now (1979) comes to mind - were the horror genre pull tropical and conventions to describe cruelty and insanity induced by the inhuman conditions of armed conflict. Built on the other side of supernatural horror film his characters, especially the guilt and paranoia tends to battlefields to the psychology sometimes also known as the head of Jacob (1990) to explore. R-point, directorial debut of the screenwriter Kong Su-Chang (say the ring virus [1999] and another film titled white plate in Viet Nam [1992] time [1999]), combines all of these elements into a powerful mix. The film is a policy comment blatantly history Korean participation in-armed conflicts worldwide, deleted, including the current chaos in the Iraq. Is also an excellent film photography. There is no shortage of things to attack that night, although many techniques are not as inventive (the least among them efficient blows POV of the soul, totally useless and reduce the intensity of some scenes). On the other hand, liked the idea of the radio station, the psychic as a kind of machine, which reinforces the fear and anxiety among the troops. Instead of filming in Cambodia (including strange inside of the hotel, left, built by the French) is very efficient and makes the film with a real sense of concern raised. The greatest asset is its excellent cast headed by GAM Woo-sung (Spider forest), with its refined and intellectual official shock drowned in cynicism represent and son Byung-ho (Mokpo, gangster Paradise) decided as in the pressure cooker Sergeant of whose wait to violent impulses released. Supporting roles are to present a representative sample of Korean rural men and the lower classes of 30 years, but the actors, which go beyond the stereotypes. This is a testimony of his action (and well written), which at the end of these characters to care and wanted to get the game from the first? Kim Byung-Chul Cho appears necessary square of the line specialist for supernatural or a comedian, with the eyes of the OWL and funny delivery initially as private implement, but has a comprehensive character Redondeadas. Tae-Gyung (the youngest a Dae-his Oldboy) and Park won-sang (smile, etc.) no teenager has a strange pair of gangster-Basura-by all over the world and a Kidd,!-Desastre happily married but easy temptation, or arches of predictability, but they play skillfully on the other one of the most disturbing death scenes in recent memory led. The climax of the film is almost entirely dependent on the quality of the distribution, with a minimum SFX is surprising, as the characters completely lose their way and feel overwhelmed by paranoia. Remove it beautifully: the sequence correctly translated, the excitement and immediacy of great theatre Bildschirms.Ich would like to point out that R-point, with all its subtle and balanced characterizations (US soldiers are not as parts represented by gum males ready stem, for example, to the Charlie's), is whether the step focuses the output on liberal America about the Viet Nam conflict as the fucking war (1989) and platoon (1986). What is missing in these films is a Vietnamese perspective of the alien invaders. Vietnamese mother figure is almost always feminized seeds, as victims of rape and male aggression, even if the R-point clearly indicates, that he plays an active role as a reprisal against the foreign army. Korean youth could still live today use a reminder that were Korean soldiers used the hated invaders and no, not blame the Americans or Japanese, that the Vietnamese people have made. R-point, the love of thoughtful and intelligent thriller, is especially recommended for those, keep in mind give you chills. (. Dance with Western countries reeling, dance often conjures up images of elegant, aristocratic couples turn in a luxurious environment. South Korea is exactly the opposite. For decades, that he even considered a dirty gang morally questionable activity on petticoats and clever, fascinating man sometimes disappoint great bundle money from its partners. Cabaret, where this dance was being held for the institution of the family as ordinary citizens a direct threat. It wasn't the hobby from abroad, but until the late of 1990s took a younger generation and have introduced dancesport, where he is now getting back in Korea under the new name.Dance with the wind, adapted from a book of by author Seong JI-sa in 1999, tells the story of a man named Poongshik, who first dive this funny world after falling in love with dance, head. Torn between his idea of dance as an art and a society that accepts this ideal, moved eventually lower Poongshik (voluntarily or not), that a corrupt world was never intended to live. However, once he a female detective named Yeonhwa assigned to go the wife of the Chief who is seduced, police undercover to gather evidence against Poongshik, which leads to his arrest. After the infamous two Yeonhwa Poongshik asks him to teach dancing.Dance with the wind is the directorial debut of Park Jung-woo, which probably is the most famous writer from Korea. The man behind these popular stories as attack the gas station takes into account currently last kick, moon, burst and prison breakers of a shift away from slapstick comedy in his earlier works a full nuances and fun a self-proclaimed artist of who is recognized as such exists. The Park shows especially good knowledge of details of the comedians and see wait to see this movie, what type of project is aimed at directing in the future made.Poongshik describes a but perhaps popular actor Lee Sung-Jae of naivety as sweet and passionate for their art, bit. Looks like the debut of actress Park Sol mi (the TV dramas Sonata all-in and winter appeared) and, if actor Kim-ro, which some unforgettable moments of the film. Actresses Lee Kan-hee and moon Jeong-Hee are also quite memorable, as two of many partners Poongshik dance. Dance is even more impressive but good for all. In addition to a minor character (the young woman in the first dance school Poongshik), which are professional dancers, but four months of intensive training before the attack caused some fabulous Bewegung.Mit some notable exceptions such as such as singular and once on a field of battle in the last year it seemed that the Korean comedy in a crisis like. So far 2004 had more success in the waiver on the formula of burlesque/funny is comedy approach something new to us. Bravo to the people behind the dance with the wind gave us a stylish, attractive and pleasant. (. Best young crooks SwindleA Chang-Hyuk (Park Shin-Yang) dies in a car accident, after over 5 billion of the Central Bank of Korea had won. The reconstruction of the crime (original title Korean) police found that Chang-Hyuk in cooperation with experienced scammer m. Kim (Baek Yun-Shik) operated and appointed his brother Chang-ho (also played by Park) as the recipient of the remuneration of the life assurance masses have been was. Believe that Chang-ho the key to come and go the spoils, friendship with the friend of Mr Kim in-Gyung (Yeom Jeong-ah). But neither she nor Mr. Kim is ready for the truth behind the fraud by Chang-Hyuk. Big fraud is a good example of a caper film. The lineage of the subgenus contains examples as diverse as the French of classics (Jules Dassin's Rififi peace and [1955] touch the Grisbi [1954], starring the immortal Jean Gabin) Black Hollywood productions as well as big-budget part of the tourist travel stories and part of Vanity Fair star vehicle (the original ocean's eleven [1960], Topkapi Palace [1964], such as 1 million [1966] with Audrey Hepburn to steal). When can a caper film entertained beautifully, almost unbearable to be. That the two young women sitting in front of me shake note in tears, when Robert Redford surprise by Paul Newman in the sting (1973) and the roar of disbelief and laughter fill the room a minute later was killed. The film builds would be meticulous, highly developed, and even better, smart as hell. Writer Director Choi Dong-Hun holds fast action and catchy jazz rhythm of his writing, filled with lines completely believable and infinitely Quotable offers information and character (he at one point during the planning session, a font, stuttering, a couple of years can enter, if we get caught? (Everyone bursts into and at the same time he spits on the ground to frighten the unlucky). The analogy of self-reflexivity is very creative notes by Choi pulls between film work and fraud. Corresponds to our expectations, while the Challenger actors play their characters and the characters that distinguish their assigned roles. A security guard for the event running an amazing sequence for example, flashback of a wild bank robbery perfectly during the recovery. The cast is uniformly excellent. As someone who overwhelmed no, by Histrionismo the first ten minutes of the Kilimanjaro, sputum decided command about Park Shin-Yang, was a little worried to take it again in a dual role. However, it seems that the Park has discovered how to modulate your active lifestyle in a way almost at the invitation. It is deliciously twisted, like Chang-Hyuk and boring credible, even touching, bookworm from his brother. A Russian State is excellent also in conversation with! Yeom Jeong-ah (a story of two sisters) is the required Femme Fatale Siamese cat, soft and fresh, but with an unexpected flicker in the eye. Other familiar faces include Mun-Shik Lee (once on a battlefield), Pak won-sang (Waikiki, an element R brothers) and Cheon Ho-jin (master of the wrist), upload of inadequacy persistent detective but stunned. The film however to Baek Yun-Shik (save the green planet), Mr. Kim, this can happen a his identity with the nonchalance a business trip adjusted his tie in the hotel bathroom. Baek has masterfully added their representation of this good-natured villains, high-end-a layer of pathos. Mr Kim is a conceited, but Peacock takes pride and pleasure in their ability to lead others astray, when removing the agony, that a day with him would be age and times of change. If he had a gun from the Office and barks, okay pulled be ugly, if you're old! Baek provides exciting and sad at the same time. If that was the great may think no masterpiece, is it because I would rather go outside their possibilities and examine in detail the characters in the film. The last coil generates tension, the anticipation of the actual results of fraud and other areas of our interest in the ability to overcome instinct characters for lying and stabs anchored and relies on another. It's a little disappointing, i.e. when the film reaches its end with irony an intelligent device, such as a comparison between the characters is more honest removed their masks. Perhaps deserved more ingenious script Korean movie of the year, the great was his enthusiastic support of the national audience and laurels from critics now. Highly recommended for those, the Korean film, breaking the stereotypical forms, aqueous melodramas arthouse hits haughty and exotic extreme and drenched in sex and violence. (is absolutely brilliant as anywhere here.) Is no less impressive on the search too ignorant play to the role of the NA-Joven introverted and race but full of Cran Yeon soon. It would be very easy to enable and the former in an idiot angrily engaged themselves, and the second in a cartoon by cartoon sets by her strange accent emphasize cute pig. Jeon resists simple options and painted his characters layers and layers of colours, so much, so its scope difficult, to assess in a single visit. Hae-il Pak is beautiful, beauty and deadly metal-free, this demonstrated in memories of murder and elegant. Their presence is however still so horny that we have shown problems who believe the testicular age in the movie man: this separation between Jin-Guk (father) of old and young people themselves is one of the main weaknesses of the film. KO Doo-SIM is also wonderful, jeon match race with moderation and technical skills. The cornerstone of their projects if you Yeon soon blame on the screen and in the wines, if her husband not with his illness KB effortlessly with a lifetime of disappointment, pathos and love communicates without the shadow of a mapping. It must be said, even sensitive Park Heung-Shik and branch warm and expansive picture Choe Yeong taek (OASIS, volcano high) that occur mainly with natural light, collaboration with involved type of mounting effective arrested. Despite his star power, my mother the mermaid is a conventional romantic comedy or a calculated tear jerker. On the other side turns out to be himself as a tribute to mothers, especially those Korean mothers who have gotten way, with respect and understanding in their efforts to survive and take care of their husbands (mostly useless) and children (usually completely ungrateful). Perhaps the best movie is not one of those outrageously melodramas hypocrites, the children cry represented to his mother (dead) (cooked moms, meals for you, as an employee, servant, who they were), they have been used and remained silent for the rest of his life. Played by beau-dans-sa-de-pattes-d'oie Ko Doo-SIM, this mother is not her children, I thank you very condescending. (., decides he must try to win a medal of honor, to the release of his bookish, younger brother, played by won bin.) Course on the outskirts of Busan at the northern end of the peninsula war, but Jang character grows far away and start in the passions of the war lost go.This film is no doubt unique in the history of Korean cinema by large, complex reconstruction Scriptato battle of Seoul and Pyongyang which is torn apart by the war. The team deserves the enormous effort that she praised the look of the film. I found it particularly interesting to see a reconstruction of the road of Jongno-gu Seoul before the war. Here, view war scenes are very impressive, but ironically of also one of the biggest disappointments of the film included. Probably give the audience a feeling of excitement, the Director sends the camera violently in the fight scenes. The result is that we only elaborate explosions and effects, to steal the movie from your most important asset. Viewers who see in the theater should sit not in the front lines against nausea from the junction of the camera (to mention not too bloody scenes of the carnage of the battle).Typically, one gets the impression that this movie were in a much designed could be more mobile and opened the eyes of the most destructive events in the history of Korea. During most of the long period of Taegukgi operation we focus on melodramatic dissension, the resulting from the decision of the victim of his older brother. This personal story dominates the movie, because somehow, the war is simply a refined decoration. The film has to say something new about the conflict with little effort. North Korean soldiers are as crazy fans (here JSA humanism-style), represented, while the Chinese are just a whole bunch. Should show the brutality in the South as in the North of the troops (Ben played by Kim SI-ro and Kim Hae-GON the cameos), but this is not new. In ten years Mount Taebaek is the damage which is by the violent anti-communism with large Überzeugung.Taegukgi ultimately to a commercial blockbuster with little to say, but a strong sense of the Kwon-Taek by how it viewers will tighten, the spectacle and melodrama. I am writing this, you play on a screen capture of 450 in Korea and was the first film to sell 2 million tickets. With a virtually guaranteed long considered race at the box office it does seem as though ever-Gyu Kang will remain strings for future productions. (. Grandjean Samaritan water Guarnición of his award-winning film silver bear with the Biblical figures Samaritan, who is without sin, cast the first stone, the Director Kim Ki-duk has made it possible to cover the criticism. Rejecting critics directs this motto until critics criticized. It has been argued that only criticism, which is not critical should throw devastating words for the film Kim, otherwise to silence critics. And who is all hypocrisy of us without sin? This underscores the sense of marketing by Kim Powers, a man, who quickly, justified or not, grew his tireless work to one of the most famous Korean filmmakers of the world through guided, the ethics of it allows, to projects with a return-at looks OK at least through sales in the international efficiency, which members are many companies rooms around the world decrease.But I found Kim more ineffective, when his violent vision at the theater, where it belongs, is the Samaritan woman an exception. Although it many errors by Kim as an administrator, as moments in awkward style and force, to act badly has Kim on his has seen more of the island. Kim movies were especially the disadvantage of my dedication to my writing for the cinema of the Republic of Korea. Samaritan woman took no Brightside, but, when that film is some interesting thoughts from the Theater.Der as a triptych set up a page that causes. Begins, when two students, Jae-Young (SEO min-Jeong-Jenny, Juno and once about Kim) and Yeo-Jin (JI-min Kwak want stairs, red eyes). Jae-young made prostitutes with older men with that fits into a legendary Buddhist courtesan of the practices of India, leading Johns awake Nirvana between her legs believe. Yeo-Jin is frustrated by Jae-Young that men, with disgust, are but allows you, as your car, and in some ways her pimp to act, since it was they who called the police prostitute, found and grabs it, Jae-young when Jae-young walks through the relationship into something deeper, and, by extension, the most dangerous. By Jae-young as a sprite in his appearance and behavior, a possible interpretation is based on the mythical characterization that Jae-young and Yeo-Jin actually two halves of the same person. It is supported by the response by Jae-Young is similar to hospital Corsica, when so-called Yeo-Jin loses her virginity with a preferred client Yeo-Jin, a musician. And the second part of the film made in the tradition of the legendary Buddhist courtesan with ease, as previously Yeo-Jin in eco. Yeo-Jin, however, takes decisions with sleep and, which previously had held back the money to each Jae-young Jean. Little known, his only dedicated to father (Lee EOL-Waikiki brothers with red eyes Kwak) see Yeo-Jin after school activities and not everyone starts following the advice of his Tochter.Aber work to be expected even in the third part of the film is the revenge violence, as we come from Kim's. Looking for Johns to confront, by their unethical ties with his daughter. And it is this aspect of the film by Kim, who is so compelling. I sat together during this movie, I was just wondering, when misogyny rise and was not surprised to find someone. Of course, we could say that your interpretation of each pupil is prostitute a male fantasy, but professionals, deny that the reality of the illegal prostitution through the procedure in certain moments where the audience can get too comfortable with this interpretation. The misogyny is from the ground up by the fact the other rights, shows that it is a dream, which do not allow the masochistic tendency of a sign of masochism, is the story of Kim. Kim me enough what I want the movie something to provoke reflections on layers of other thoughts, the secession and give important points here forged. Although it will take if this builds up layers to create a stable structure or a weak base, recently found hiking by critical productive ways. What could say Kim on sadism masochism was missing in all? And we need to see his father as a figure of Jesus? Indulge your daughter's House to see a portrait of an interpretation of Jesus blue eyes. Search a stigma-esque flying stove wounds over his hot hand. And, well, actually cast the first stone. But there are moments when this number of father/Christ, representing not free from sin, as considered to sleep the body with him by his daughter also plausible. One of the most interesting aspects of the film, which conveys, that the sin of the father can is your score. The musician client is called Jae-young Yeo-Jin hospital wishing to see at work on a study on the composition of the space age. And a similar non-diegetic film music, which follows his father during a part of his harassment, alluding to the fact that this father know better to see the evil because the men can.If all of this is combined, a larger package for me remains to be seen. The ink and pixels devoted to Kim, someone in the discussion said the best forum, when she wrote how Kim so overhyped and underestimated. (I searched and searched and searched, but could not be retrieved, that the Member wrote this, I feel that I can quote him.) In addition, that Kim received from these film can be affected, which introduced. And you come to the Samaritan woman, I can understand why you his work could be fascinated. And as the father of Yeo-Jin, his daughter, I can tell this. (. Police back to Seoul Cheol beautiful animal or (iron fist, played by Yang Dong-geun, address unknown, wild-card) the Wolf is sated his job. After accidentally locking himself in a broken elevator for three days, has decided to call it quits unexpectedly. He moved to a police station in the mountains (again) province of Kangwon. New idyllic life Cheol-stunning or however freewheel Jeong-Sik ended the local police (Hwang Jeong-min, road movie, wife of good advice), the wonderful life of full of action at Seoul and greeted with joy the news set, that the village will be completed due to a lack of crime. Panic, decides Cheol beautiful or crime in the neighborhood, not to implement account is secretly transferred engineering subject to uncover a secret local treasure and draw a trio of Art thieves as the Prozess.Wolf is a version of cops and robbers of my teacher, Mr. Kim, begins as a formulaic action-comedy, but soon turns into a rare species, an eccentric comedy film thriller-buddy with wonderful music from characterization, is a type of sensitivity and rhythm radio 70 years (this wah wah guitar on the soundtrack in the last scene?) decidedly unbalanced and sense of humor. Later films like Mr. Kim and the way home with remote field as a background for the characters of the Metropolitan of his inner life to discover the return of the Wolf is a non-partisan, or more, the indifferent attitude of the antithesis of the metropolis/Interior. Director and screenwriter Ku Yes-Hong is a mockery of rural life and city life of Jet-set: sold not sliced Jeong-Sik real desire to be a city police force.Steep, Bulldog Caboche Yang Dong-Geun a wonderful exercise (especially in a series of spicy approaches with voiceover mock film) come, but performance considerably improved through the exchange of eye to eye with Hwang Jeong-min Hwang, paper usually soft-spoken, and on the inside of the characters, with a fantastic Smokey bear set on the face smile stretching and deformation of its members with the flexibility and power of a Max Fleischer cartoon character. His verbal combat, pronounced accent in desperate Hwang Yang Kangwon Province (funny grinding sounds), silly idea of delivery of the machine gun one after another on how to win criminal in the village is just amazing to hear it.The casting is also supported by the scenario, we wait that was typical strings to pull the carpet under your feet. Example, we assume that cum Kwang-relative (Jo Hee-Bong, Chang Jin-young lascivious in superior single room), Servicios Aires of towing the Club local insignificant flirts with his girlfriend by Jeong-Sik Doo-mi (Kim Hyeon-Jeong, bloody Beach) their triangle relationship hit him with the butt of their rifles, Jeong-Sik, but engaged himself for a quiet, ironic way gives some measure of respect and a Doo Kwang Suein-have my food and also your cake. Art thieves are three more actors work played today, support the Korean film Dal-su Oh Kwang-ROK, OH (both should be instantly recognizable, who saw Oldboy) and who gets to Yu Seung-Mok (Besides my husband), show their acting chops House trained. I know it is Kwang-ROK face not for you, but for me, only just Oh gnashing of teeth and announce a simple line that is false in his inimitable interpretation of Hamlet-Limon suck (a Fey-KH) role is enough, to me on the floor. Although the return of the Wolf no longer ambitions as a connoisseur of the genre entertainment, feel good, that Director Ku deserves credit for their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. Even the title is not what first appears to be, in other words, the Wolf is not a metaphor or Cheol-gorgeous. So really, I leave you to discover yourself, but in contrast to some Korean critics of heckling from this special in the narrative character bothers me. This charming film crew is fully compatible with the sound of hit-out.(. LifeOne that few things false to participate in the Festival of film of the far East in Udine (Italy) is the fact, that Miss the San Francisco Film Festival international. It's a bit ironic that I'm missing, because it plays an important role in why I kept South Korean cinema. When I arrived in San Francisco, presents a retrospective of the work by Jang Sun-woo. And in the following year In the Kwon-Taek became the Festival of Akira Kurosawa for his entire career Director. In the received, it is logical that the Festival in the year 2005 the hipster, the latest film by In, would have put forward. It saddens me, which I see not this movie on the big screen, as the beautiful decorations even more would nice as it did in my TV. Who is better in the upper world of South Korea and political work slot and apolitical mafioso in 50, 60 and 70, a Director who has succeeded in a catalog of films through the whole time and beyond to maintain. Back to his roots of the genre of action films as the son of a general success of the franchise that story begins to beat a school rival and their leaders with Choi Tae-Woong (Cho Seung-woo-Chunhyang, the classics) by entering. Crisp response to this humiliation Choi Park Seung-Moon (HA-Joon Yoo) in the thigh and fled to the production. Choi stuttering is not yet to the House of the upper-class Park with the knife. Choi want the bastard to accomplish, i.e., the knife in the thigh. The Park Parque politician father called won (Kim Jeong-its), agrees, and demands the same from his son. Then, orphans of father of the park decided to accept Choi probably family, which also the Park Hae-OK (Kim min-Sun-Memento Mori, a.f.r.i.k.a.) end Choi. . marry. Ways in her adult career, Choi be Choi and his brother/brother in son in-law that Choi world capitalism of favouritism in the construction industry will all go more gangster-Bell and the student path of militancy, parking, although the Park is finally. The braided narrative of anger by Choi (English subtitles), the anger of the political events of the 1960 and 1970, the Park Chung-Hee's military coup and population monitoring In the year. Main problems of the low life Center to how much is that too many drastic changes from one scene to the other. As soon as Choi returns to the biological mother, give good filial piety (turned out it was not really an orphan), this moral statement is only down in the film and never came back. We know nothing about Choi's mother after this so-called important meet. With many things to say, too much is said rather than shown, and some of the emotional transitions seem less plausible, even unintentionally funny, as if Choi of his mentor, Oh sang-PIL (Kim Hak-Joon, performer veteran musical theatre), to prevent that suicide strikes him. However, experts noted In the its trademark scene, where the fear of a woman's face sexual intercourse or at birth have to focus. This is the last, eyes, that corresponds to the deity of Choi.Choi is a sign to identify, because it tends to scream, many with that anti-feminine threats that even I can't do enough, enter here might be desensitized. Maybe the real gangster in Korean comedy or action presented In the a better representation found. But you like a sign up with them to identify or to admire. The main character, his another film, where a character who exists outside of policy is - and in the history of Korea is a good example for this difficult public orientation with a scary character Forest Gump. Low life the same will fail.There are however many low ambient that fascinated me. I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of the representation of the time, but the Director plays the streets of Myungdong romance Joo Byung systems and devices for the most important testimony of Kim Ho-Gil and 1960 is really wonderful. In particular, I found myself wishing that q next to me was, when I ask the importance each poster for Korean movie and box, which is displayed briefly in the search. (I know the importance of Santiago's Dean and Bond films). Portrait of film censorship In the fascinating, due to the exclusion of the hipster and the inclusion of similar scenes in both us, which eventually will be led by the censorship of the screen cinema film. A sex scene is cut with a film critic of the American military occupation. For the last film of In the, under life rarely has even no sex scenes except that eventually cut by the censors. During the performance of the American occupation, ambiguous scenes of IMIS In the walking with a Korean background, during the direct women in low waist, negative review of the film in the film is influenced by censorship. This presentation, censorship brought me my Korean cinema on the trial of Kim Hong-Joon, where he was based on the censored film director Kim Jong-kil commemoration has sections of the March of fools. And Kim had a brief appearance in life falls accused as a man a Communist by a taxi driver. This scene takes place at a police station in young people, the adult men forced who cuts his hair, a reality of the 1960s, which refers to March of fools. In addition to this male humiliation In the includes young women in the treatment by the police, measuring you the amount their skirts to the knee. For me, it's everything that happens around the narrative which is more interesting in low waist. In addition to the excellent scene where the focus is on the relationship between politics and student activism and brutal practice of Choi, the character is and Korean was symbols of it to stay longer with me. Call rushes In, let me so disappointed by the number 99. I hope that all the best for the number 100 (.) Mokpo, gangster ParadiseThis you ruined the Ratatouille is a curious throwback to the trend of the past: gangster comedy. Covers all the basics of the subgenus despised: glamour star Cast as a hapless idiots or Embouches bad the infidels, the mixture of the conventions of the genre typically male CF moments and scenes stylized and Cuisinart unforgiving. What distinguishes the film for me about his clones, is so in love with the class question homoeroticism in-your-face, which is the central theme of the film.I read elsewhere that Mokpo as was designed originally very ambitious, complicated a no project Comedia and its storylines prepared Korean from Infernal Affairs propose. The film is a clever but police nerd, SI-Cheol Lee Jae-Hyeon Jo (place of residence unknown, unattractive). Despised by his fellow of cops, Cheol volunteered for a dangerous mission, a crime syndicate focused on the province of Jeolla province headed by young Commander, Seong-gi (CHA in-Pyo, season in the Sun, Iron Palm) to infiltrate. Cheol then gained the trust of Seong-gi, but begins to expose smuggling Union above all to drugs, finding his loyalty divided between the police and criminals. Judged solely in terms of the comedy, Mokpo Jopok is a mediocre, more colorful than the usual Drek'thar, but also a rounded pass as, say, my wife is a gangster. Jo Jae-Hyun giving an actual performance, surrounded by sketches of the most silly episodes of Gilligan's Iceland sitcom, is simply amazing. In terms of the Cha-Pyo I never understood truth be told why it is so popular and this movie is not a new idea of course. Jo as a little brother of the Cha earner is a trap, as rare as actor Nick Nolte as a teenage brother Andy García, any chance to take the characters of the Cha by evaporation. Of course, the character would have defeated the efforts of a good actor. To mention just one example, written and directed by Kim Jee-Hoon to represent the cheese Seong-gi-POO in it while a big fan of my sassy girl who has saved all his lines. Cha Tae-hyun had to be fast as Seong-gi. Cha Tae-hyun as a crime boss, now is she creative step. The charismatic radiance of the son Byeong-ho (OASIS, Failan) as gangster # 2 makes me yearn Jo Jae-Hyun watch and quadrature son as opponents in a serious crime, the film-type movie, which we will look at all not in the Korean film industry now increasingly supports the concern for the bottom line. A few words about homoeroticism are curious right on the film. Retrieve a maritime treasure in a Chinese vase, is the plot of the film. The coveted treasure of the film is the penis by Seong-gi (a synonym for sexual organ in Korean Seong-gi). Directors in this painstakingly through the film, that oral sex between Jo and Cha to lead a joke about. Although the setting is a parody of a famous scene really pitiful Oldboy, encourages the audience to laugh, Cha, to close his eyes and moans softly, while Jo, ah, that's his tongue with loud noise of vehicles, with a trick that extends between the legs of the Cha. What should I do? This and some other scenes of Mokpo take a whiff of sexual panic, as if the filmmakers desperately looking for sexual exploitation between the stimulus of the male characters, not honestly recognizing. As expected, interpreted the orgy of violence slowly poured gallons of bodily fluids and shared, can be as real sure spare acts of love. In any case, the joke of the blowjob was only surprising to me for the entire movie. Almost gave me the hope to see a sex scene between Jo and Cha (perhaps as a Freudian dream sequence?). On the other side ends the film with the image that refuses a heterosexual nuclear family, of course, laugh hysterically half what I suspect now has caused. This film is made for Korean men, sexually attractive, but pretending Cha-Pyo to find that her friends who want that look on the big screen.Of course not to forget that the film of the whole pot is equipped PIs and ca-ca jokes. What would a Korean comedy without them? Watch out! The fool has diarrhea and could not lift the lid! What for a Veddy-no fun! Moan. finally admit that they stop comedy dialogues of unmirthful heart was formed by various minor characters was one of the factors, which seriously considering me fitting in the theatre. I had to bite them. Somehow must speak Korean viewers of German subtitles the worst element stores this Korean comedies. (Participants Chico and Ishtar can appreciate films as cabin funny lines resolution be) You count your blessings, Kimosabe, is a sign that father in heaven, that you have not given up.Mokpo, gangster paradise is a surreal comedy almost Jopok in their extremists, loco-tunes new formulation of formulas except once, perhaps more clearly than his predecessors, showing moderate male fears, that it is the basis for much of what entertainment in contemporary Korea applies. (.) a travel agency is sufficient, but it is smart, he lives with his parents. His mother is Yeon soon, played by experienced actress Ko Doo-SIM (Besides my husband), an ancient Haenyeo (molluscs living female divers and crustaceans catch) and now a sponge in a public toilet. Heard you can read and write, hard as nails 50 everywhere spit and insults as male criminals in a film by Oliver Stone. (The film opens in a deftly staged sequence in Yeon soon seemingly grief over the death of a person during the funeral only for revealing, as the dead provided irresponsible is accused by her husband after borrowing) Na-young desperate behavior his mother embarrassed shamelessly greedy and all too disappointed by his father's refusal to engage fully with their lives. When her father, condemned to a terminal illness disappears, na-young back in the hometown of Yeon soon, a remote island in the South West (although the Haenyeo normally associated with the island of Cheju, Park Director makes characters converse in the province of Jeolla dialect). The dialect of Jeju Iceland was almost incomprehensible to the majority of Koreans). There, by change of the time, who have married Peggy Sue (1986) and the friend of his mother as a young diver, wooed by the younger version of his father, adopted an employee of the post office. When I saw my mother, the Mermaid, I was tremendously impressed. Woman is the future of themselves, this is the future of man can not mark significant deviations from the style of the author Hong as famous blood, but the Director is still in good shape in this fascinating book, solidly built. Although it has a lot of clumsy dialogue and irony of the Cup, which feels made the previous films of distinctive Hong the woman somehow difficult and less deep cross work that preceded it. So it is difficult, mind movie, unless you earlier exposure to the negative energy, which the world. L Hong movies storyline taking place in a 30-hour period had fills, an art professor at the University (Yu JI-Tae) with an old friend (Kim Tae-woo), which meets to eat at a Chinese restaurant in the United States returned recently in the study of cinema, both begin to evoke a woman came who now has a bar in the neighboring Bucheon. They will sooner or later, to visit them, and despite the fact that it seems not too enthusiastic again three spend the night in his apartment. of course, is what seems, a topic to medium ends with many difficult to identify. In contrast to his earlier works, where Hong takes on a general structure that gives the movie a clear symmetry or shape, largely avoids here. The film takes several unexpected detours and then feel little need to go back and their connection to what came before. 86 minutes, the film is also very short and is required, to many viewers, leave feeling tells a story without end. Hong estimated that maybe in a book full of people live without sense or direction, well-structured way it not would be appropriate. Sex film could even assimilate is stopped. Despite some differences the two male characters of the film are similar in their arrogance mercilessly, as can be seen in a funny Exchange with a young waitress in a Chinese restaurant. I found the character of Seonhwa played by Sung Hyun-ah, it would be interesting, although we have only a rare view, than you think. Can renounced at one point in the world, but she seems a tenacity lingerie. Comme hide his earlier works Hong the title of this movie is an object of curiosity. Is a line from a poem by Louis Aragon Hong on a post card in a library in the French language printed saw. To struggle to explain, it is rather ironic Hong: because the future comes, doesn't mean anything, and if the future of man is multiplied, the result is always 0 (zero). And if the woman the future of the people, is zero, nothing is.After the power of Kangwon Province (1998) and the Virgin bare this year of the first works of the wife of Hong are taken by her Bachelors (2000), removed outside of competition at the Cannes Film Festival shown in the official competition of the Festival. Mass projected by press and critics, the reaction was actually quite negative, with the exception of a group praised by French critics. My personal opinion is that, if you've seen some work Hong's older, that it is not likely that much of it. The film is also clearly commercial, providing more fuel for critics of remove from pan.Maybe if these criticisms were studied Hong filmography, would understand that their films in the film world are unique. No other filmmakers produced on the strange at the same time creates aesthetic plan by the edition of Hong and elegance that underpins the misguided surface of his films. Here is to look not the conferences on social ills or to move the tribute for the mankind, but if you enjoy something more each repeated observation a sober and sincere attempt to describe this film is some truth in interpersonal relationships. (. TaegukgiBeing Director of a turning point as Shiri (1999) can you a solid advantage in his next film. Gives you the chance to win top name actors and crew members. It is easier to raise large sums of money from investors. Kwak Kyung taek (AMI) and Park Chan-wook (JSA) chose to shoot small personal works, after his hit record but ever-Gyu Kang took advantage of his position and the star. Taegukgi, nearly five years after Shiri, founded in $12.8 million is one of the most expensive Korean film perhaps two features the hottest male celebrities in Korea. (It is reported won am asked why he agreed to, in the film star, they said, an idiot to fall, none must?)Taegukgi their title the name of the flag of the Republic of Korea, tells the story of two brothers from Seoul, who was enlisted in the Army shortly after the outbreak of war in Korea in June 1950. His older brother, played by. Third characteristic master action young Ryu Seung-wan after the bite of die hard and was not without tears of blood stylish ArahanThe of one of the most anticipated films in 2004. In a reversal of fate, which allows blood not without tears, massively supported by the critics but by the public, Arahan was ignored a commercial success some 2 million tickets sold opinions on the domestic market, but found. Some critics were disappointed of course, a promotional film Arahan Operativo shamelessly throws on the scope of the Asian action genre, less realistic violence to find dark and an artistic temperament in his earlier works. Sanghwan (Ryu Seung-Beom, led to zero, there is no comment) is an agent of the movement serious but fear and cat abused, left and right of the low-income clubs. Accidentally engaged in the life of the seven masters, the guardians of the secrets of Justice, whose Anführer a of Yes-(a Sung-Ki, nothing to hide, Musa, Silmido) suspects that are capable of the Sanghwan, a Maruchi, an enlightened masters of martial arts. Sanghwan, much to the chagrin of the daughter of the guy missing Yes-EUI-Jin UN (newcomer Yoon so-Yi), undertakes in the martial arts are trained. The plot thickens the renegade master Veerbahadur-UN (Jeong Doo-Hong), when the excavation inadvertently published site workers. Sanghwan and EUI-Jin can reach Maruchi status and must in time to defend against UN Veerbahadur Seoul?The best way to combat Arahan is considered a wise extravaganza updated hybrid Kung Fu action wire and adaptation to modern comics Super Heroes, a mutation of Shaolin soccer Steve Chau by Spider-man. Sam Raimi is easily recognizable as a labor of love by a deeply immersed in the tradition of Kung Fu cinema of Hong Kong, especially the early movies of Jackie Chan. The film was well digested this tradition as homages to Chan, Yuen Woo-ping and other masters of the cinema of Hong Kong may not be easy to see. But it as Ryu Seung-Beom a Chair tossed in the air with a jump Patada, as (the Korean emigrants) breaks original Drunken Master Hwang Cheng-li. If the camera licks the length of the sword comes as a sign that in the 18 Shaolin Bronzemen. This is a way that blood-hwan extends to a wooden board as a skateboard, flashing a smile of daredevil, Jackie-Chan-right-before-he-trusses-his-opponent. Arahan with colors and only Korean sensitivities comes at the same time, if intelligent principle of ordinary working-class film craftsmen secrets of the martial arts masters or coaxial hot taste and hometown as well are comedy ' ol Cassoulet Massa Director Ryu removed the main cast of the film. Arahan seems not a hodge-podge of Hong Kong films at all (as it had been less talented in the hands of one), but as at the bottom of the contemporary reality (hypothetical) crosses between Hong Kong and the Korean film of 1970, which took place, but does not have, with some exceptions like the five fingers of death by Jeong Chang-Hwa but.Ryu Seung-Beom has to spare star charisma, but for me, it is the attention to naturalistic detail, the brands such as his thunderous expression of slow burn a hapless thief hit him with a Chair. Counterpart Yoon so-Yi is wide and attractive as a not Mievre perfect forms. As expected, deadpan great year Sung-Ki anchors the film with his presence, but also completely surprised viewers with amazing action shots both wonderfully comic edge. It is much more interesting as an actor in this role in Silmido a bit uncomfortable. Jeong Doo-Hong is once again offering a strong performance and support coordinated incredibly complex movements martial arts project and the action of the wire. A special mention must be also the art management team under the direction of Jang Keun-Yeong and Kim Kyung-Hee, head of the impressive array of hangar Tamano from the altar of the Yongsan, pictures of Lee Joon-Gyu and special effects, under the supervision of the demolition, among others. With the exception of the scenes, which are inspired of course Shaolin soccer, CGI-effects rather initiatory Arahan tour Hollywood and Asia. As was the case with zero for conduct, Arahan is selective team uses technology to generate unique aesthetic effects worthy of praise, even if there are still some corners and edges. There was some criticism focused exhausting themselves on endless, the climatic fight sequence. I agree that excessive use of slow motion, as well as many shots of young crazy Ryu Jeong and lion with drooping mouth, to break the rhythm of the climatic fight, but I think that the Director must work Ryu, the desire to Excel by Yuen Woo-ping and Cheng hsiu-Tung out of your system in one way or another. In any case seems rather than the calculation of err on the side of the passion and commitment. For me, it was interesting to see also in this sequence, which erupt pain bad film Ryu Seung-wan as a geyser of blood from the mouth of the character. Despite its contrasting effects quality Arahan is the funniest, what I had so far with a Korean film of 2004 (September). False like other experimental work by Ryu and designa is a step forward in the development of the Korean genre film. (. A FamilyMelodramas tends to be hit or miss with the Korean public. Conventional structured stories are often ignored (au revoir, UFO, the garden of Paradise), but the movie is approaching his subject from an unusual angle or with a modern sensibility, sometimes it can be success (A moment to remember the way home) to a success in the box office. Before departure, a prime candidate for the first category seemed the directorial debut of Lee Jeong-Cheol a family. Under its occupation, the only recognizable star was actress both AE, appeared only in television until then. In addition, it seems unlikely that young viewers to win--had with no romantic angle, the story is focused on a single father and his troubled relationship with his daughter, a street gang mixed in that. Has been with many hope to fade in Vergessenheit--a time of rest before the great Chuseok Festival beginning September.Jedoch a family turned out to be something special for your target group and perhaps the only success of the speech was in 2004. Viewers were particularly affected by the action and then solid and experienced actor Joo Hyun. Instead of striking visual effects or a complex narrative, Director has developed in the middle of the movie, Lee child's performance with everyone else, which only serves to complete their words and their deeds. A little outdated, you could say. But the result speaks for itself.Joo Hyun, was best known for playing supporting roles in films such as except my husband a family a huge opportunity displayed his great talent. The father who exterior hides his love and concern as a Roughneck is that a Charter community had injured before the birth in the wild. Without successful but a real person instead of a stereotype made the small details and the quietest moments of the film, Joo, the father. Noteworthy is the actor Park JI-bin, who wanted to play major role in the 2005 film little brother. AE, is the great discovery of the film at the same time. Often compared with Jeong Yun-Hee, a legendary actress of the 1970s and early 1980s, 25 years old, the memorable and appealing as a kid just out of prison, fight, is about his life in order. The character is hard and no punches, violent, as his father and brother-the type of role that young actresses are rarely given. In his second movie and for many years a familiar sight for fans of the Korean is expressed after the success of a family so quickly, cinemas are set. (. A time for RememberTruth in advertising a unforgettable moment is there in a moment to remember. Unfortunately this time will the production company of Sidus pictures to remember that to do something with the rest of the movie has made h. Lee as John. Unforgettable moment, the the scene of love at first sight not provided through the ability to brand principale matchmaker of a company headquartered in the United States, in general the drinks. Given more philosophical in an exploration of memory are that this film i.e., interestingly enough want the town-twinning or through Su-Jin (ye-Jin lovers, the son of the classical concert), recalling that I had forgotten, is not the most important point to keep his wallet, but the most important thing for this pub, the Popbox (I am native from the central region) follow me) this pub, which begins the film is well staged easily could be cut by the film and place preferred among Korean drama TV and gets fully at the height of the product. But that could be reduced in this film without too much loss. It would be logical as land for Su-Jin then met Chul (-) ForestKang spider min (GAM Woo-sung, the marriage is a crazy thing, R element), a manufacturer of TV-shows, the Tomb in a cabin in the Woods. There the body cut discovered a mature man to pieces and his girlfriend Su-Yeong (Kang Kyung-Heon), mortally wounded. Continuing with a shadow that seems to be it is the latter possibility of header and a strait, is the culprit that flat banged like a PIN to a speeding pickup truck pulled. Brain surgery barely survived, found Kang main suspect in double homicide. And yet he can feel that some strange gaps in his memory about the identity of the murderer does not depend on it. Kang helps tormented in their attempt to understand the truth is that the owner of a Photography Studio near the forest, your in (Suh Jung, Sue, the island), with the face of the dead woman, Eun-ah (also played by Suh Jung); and detective Choe (Jang Hyeon-Seong, also the last film Song Il-GON GIT) assigned to the case. It is difficult the spider forest in a concise marketing formula, might explain the failure at the box-office in to characterize. Most likely wraps that viewers by the fact were disappointed, that is not as smart as say memento (1996) or identity (2003), puzzle, even though it complicated his logical secret of the final solution, at least my opinion after. Logical overall emotional response, although some pieces of the puzzle spectators to fill up. Then take it as a warning, which was the film the best mine had as a thriller and a solid estimated. Is a film of terror by any stretch of the imagination, (unless you want to David Cronenberg spider [2003] a film of terror as another great artwork call that explores a similar theme from a different angle). Forest-spider is free under his training as a supernatural thriller, an exploration of the deep sadness of one man and the inability to deal with its shortcomings in life. This is reminiscent sense and aesthetic sensitivity and sound heavily on the works of the masters of Eastern Europe and Russia, in particular by Andrei Tarkovsky and Tropos Krzysztof Kieslowski.The spider forest use are complete in the West, but not in the superficial sense of sophistication and philosopher. Resorts that are, are skillfully for a more coherent presentation on mental and spiritual beauty the theme of the film used. For example, he was surprised that Eun ah little is MIME performance for the entertainment of her husband, an invisible Apple with a story of seduction of the snake to Adam and Eve: later, if the manufacturer head Choe (Cho Seong-HA) is brutally viol seeds a character considered to be very strong in apples, Alex's life is a war. War. Another point, a petal of white flowers, dry like the dead skin, make your mark in the shape of a heart on a glass table, surrounded by a layer of dust. An unusual green-tiled in a classroom of elementary school uses green cloth from Su, which, in turn, knows, anchoring his character in the green of the jungle. The spiders, the guardians of the forest, with cobwebs, which rotate around the bodies, present the store that the characters want to keep locked in the dark depths of your mind. And finally the crowning metaphor of the light at the end of the tunnel is doubly ironic because of the way of the situation that causes the end of the tunnel that.Director Song Il-GON, as in his previous film, flower Island (2001), having met done a wonderful job with the actors. GAM Woo-sung, Professor at the University expert with a doctorate in French literature, but a tour with excellent sense of controlling the dynamic nuances of the character Kang min. On the other hand, stun Suh Jung, those who remember (2000) on the island of Kim Ki-duk. Here was fierce glow tempered a woman looking in sweet, satisfied and happy in love and on the other hand duel in the suffering of a beloved. Is brilliant in the role of Eun-ah, the attractive must extend, without their depth of soul in a relatively short time on the screen. Eclecticism but excellent cast includes Pak won-sang (a smile, R-point), such as Kang operates from fellow producers son Byung-ho, as the surgeon with Kang (son, resistant as evil, violent, or viscous, listed the testing of delicate and sensitive characters in the movies of the song allowed. When we have a Korean movie son Byung-ho in the lead role?) and Yun ju-sang (Arahan, Barber Chair) as a primary school teacher. Bosque de Arana is dark and painful a fairy tale for adults (psychoanalytic), but also of compassion sharp. Its structure in the form of a parable about find an echo in the stories, the two characters played by Suh Jung and tell them that the protagonist, sad and beautiful, is accented with the feelings of loss and IA from happiness. After you experience the apparent loss of his protagonists, I must admit, I broke from the movie. So far it's the most heartbreaking movie Korean I saw in 2004. (. The biggest disappointment of the summer 2004 season Parker, was a terribly unsatisfactory results of the genre of horror films. In addition to the praise from critics and the Fund of the R-point to the topic of Viet Nam (catch a virgin ghost very well, but it is, strictly speaking, a comedy) simple horror movies of this year between mild frustrations and disappointments on the cash and were an absolute disaster in terms of the reviews. Interestingly, all these films for various reasons, seem except perhaps a common denominator, the script wrong failed. At least the face depends on an interesting premise. Hyun-min (Shin Hyun-Joon, the hero of Bichunmoo [2000], are convincing enough as a Misanthrope) is specialized in the restoration of the identity of a person due to the reconstruction of the face killed. (Movies secret could indicate that the facial reconstruction in Michael Apted thriller Gorky Park [1983 appears]) Reluctantly, the task of identifying the victims of a brutal serial murder case has taken over. The victims are represented as skeletons, with loose meat outside with certain chemical solvents. Sun-Yeong (song Yun-ah, prison breakers) joined him in the poll as a young couple, and develop a relationship of friendship. In the meantime, Hyun-min, a ghostly woman fears visions hair, funeral-ROPA-USA, seems to have the powers to Sadako in apprentice of ghosts (1998) ring. Appears in your bathroom. He appeared in a puddle of water on the floor of the living room. And so on. Damn, thats scary.First is among the many problems of the film, that his plan would sense not. The script by Pak Cheol-hee and three other authors endeavour to evasions and manage the expectations of the Viewer, on the hinge of the whole film in a ridiculously fine grinding. Hyun-min last revelation missed swiping in abject horror tried, feeling insulted, like selling some stupid beer smell in a bar, or head down in shame step. This revelation does absolutely nothing (not too many mistakes in the logic come at this stage character) and is still pretty predictable: a good example of how the obsession is with a surprise ending can ruin a scenario. Some Italian yellow deliberately unrealistic, shoot power, the Director Yu chose the film in a style perhaps much anyway, whether the blood-GON. Yu decided however to a film in a natural way that accents of proceedings police point out the absurdity of the plot. The penalty is that the face of a really polished production with many things to do at the end of the technical account. Choe JI-yeol have pictures, Lee's music - NA (in particular the use of female vocals lament) and Pak Kok-JI veteran of the Edition are very competent and professional high-gloss foil. The face contains several powerful scenes, such as the long sequence without dialog, where Hyun-min shows to have a key piece of evidence in a pit in the sand near the river. Here, Yu keeps things quiet threat without resorting to similar sequences, irregular camera in many other films. In short, I think the biggest problem with the face, that blood Director Yu-GON was not simply interested in a horror movie to make. It is one thing to try to make a film of terror that is different: it is another, a being to confront full crowded with horror-film conventions and refuse to acknowledge them. He was surprised to learn that Yu was responsible shortly for the Superman, wonderfully funny and exciting in the early summer (2001). If I don't, is a directed by Yu, who lost a Gorefest in the face of the other, this not the kind of Director's cut on the basis of a film project which involved the vengeful spirit of a girl and a tank of chemicals are dissolved in human bodies. In fact, it is a consequence of the faces, where a tomb of a character of full of chemical solvents and film a Yu, completely by the spectators to admire and hate continued, as I would be him this thick materials are set, Manager. But like Stephen King, finally said the sensible development of the plots and characters, author and Director of a horror movie the mask must tragen-booga booga monster and go. What moves attempting to make a human drama in a Cree, printing material ghost without a face! Fusion of human flesh. No fear? It is Nicolas Pileggi scene good Martin Scorsese as a producer and asked him to a musical to do out: you know how he is with New York, New York, with real mafia this time. Singing de Niro can't possibly? Marty? I an another disappointing talented Korean filmmakers not only at the edge of a genre films, horror update chalk or is science fiction, and brings energy and skill to play much absolutely their form of the previous examples outside of Korea. (. ClementineThere something to say about bad movies. This is something that you can show, what makes a great movie. Bad film stress the importance of certain aspects of the film as a narrative, the subtlety and the emotional changes. Although the omissions in the history of the responsibility of manufacturers, editorial publishing, weak and lack of emotional nuance are actors and actresses, all of these are also the biggest responsibility of Director to ensure that a complete satisfaction is associated. An administrator must have numbers the Publisher over the shape of the structure of the decision to work with the filmmaker against all obstacles, narrative arising during the filming and you should use the strengths of each player, without its weaknesses. Clementina is a lesson in big part of what makes a bad film, and responsibility for their failures is largely in the hands of the basic plot of Director Kim Yeong. the lathe on fictional ex-champion of the Tae-kwon-do Kim Jun-Lee (Lee Dong-jun), that we have to start a single mother said due to the death of his daughter SA rang (EUN SEO woo of the phone) the birth of mother. Kim violent spontaneity, it's hard for him to work as police, and then finally is rounded off with a group of gangsters, which led to the removal of SA-rang him to participate in an illegal cage force. There, while an important piece fit poorly into the action with a Prosecutor (Kim Hye-ri) a woman in the past by the most outrageous statements, the film on the steel cage built revealed to match. This cage is Jack Miller, starring Steven Seagal. Of course, factor was used the star to taunt the audience simply because it not up to the end, and if this the case, it is so anti-Climatique wonders why it even exists. His fighting skills are never used. Indeed, there is the spectacle of Tae-kwon-do, not as expected in this film. Our clementines cheaper could have saved itself, like a movie by simply visceral pleasure as every other genre of film porn, a nomenclature I Cabalgo the net wider than most and not necessarily negative. Seagal not trying at all to act seems as if it regretted cage even in this terrible movie, terrible, even in the face of his filmography. While the performance of Seagal is slime, Kim Hye-ri, also the rest of the cast of our progress on Eun are designed, the heights of the pornographic want to be melodramatic. It doesn't have to be that Clementine begins with a theme of exploration. At the beginning of the film skater Apolo Anton Ohno where South Korean skater was disqualified Kim Dong-song for blocking refers to an incident in the winter Olympic Games 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah, excessively from American. The referee's decision led to Ohno won the gold medal. This incident reminds the world when Ahn Jung-hwan, after he scored his goal while playing for South Korea with the United States at the World Cup has 2002 mimicked a speed skater. The greatest pleasure of fans of Ahn, wanted this power to tease the contested victory of Ohno. When Clementine lost we our Kim Lee-ju 'Hero' his tour of Tae-kwon-do gold medal to the United States about what as a completely mistaken judges is represented. Kim Director has little sentences the mistake knows how you feel this film in South Korea, maybe the cost of the United States at the Olympic Games of 2004, a gold medal for the American gymnast Paul Hamm in Yang Tae-young in the all people led deceived. No matter, such as the knee, shock, watching the reactions to these facts as proof of American imperialism or anti-Americanism, these incidents wonderful wheat for a cinematic mill are ground would offer. However, this principle for more than just a very low motivation to fight by Kim Jun-Lee has picked the Director Kim at the end of the film. As shown major flaws the film plot points and Devils give development a chance questions the Viewer, where, that this film then go.The question arises with a bad movie, but if this cruelty or was not intended. As the old saying goes: A bad movie can be as bad, which is good. A bad movie and not in the field, and other forms of parody that laugh, to entertain around the simple absurdity of the whole. Clementine has moments as bad is good, as the random appearance of the actor Lee Bo-Seong resume briefly his role as Police Inspector Lee two II and III and the strange love letter to Seagal of SA-rang during the credits. But is also in the credits all require a didactic history families apparently even crazy as here-they should stay together. This morality that Director Kim tried about everything at the end, and Clementine. Time will tell whether Clementine never reached the point of horror, which transcends the scope of the classic B-movie Ed Wood wing prices. Currently remains a lesson, like it, a film may be to remind us why we thank you for the great. Oh, my God, nor more all right.! (. Haunted House with the chatter about the size of players such as Choi Min-Shik, Song Kang-ho and Sol Kyung-gu, perhaps, make sure that those who are not very large, but surely knows that his work could be lost. Cha Seung-wan (kick the Moon, Jailbreakers) is an actor. First of all, I was introduced, to the talents of Cha as Q invited me to my teacher, Mr. Kim go. Cha is not brilliant actors, this is just good not a brilliant film. But the possibility of the development of some compassionate sympathy character Cha present has aroused my interest in their work. The presence of funny Cha at the House ghost, is that save the movie at the beginning, when the Director Kim Sang-Jin-stimulation is less accurate than the wonderful half second. Cha plays Park PIL-gi, a man who has worked hard to buy their first home. And this is the first House because we offer the memories of his youth, where his father only on rental income over the youth of PIL-gi. It is one of those shots that PIL-gi father suffers a heart attack and died. Much of owning a home was invested in the purchase of PIL-gi more than just proud. Unfortunately, he bought the House will be prosecuted. In the first half of the haunted house is your House PIL-gi from intentionally funny horror of mind want to leave. (Usted Sabe sobre los poster Publicitarios de la Película El Fantasma es Ella (TV-stars Jang SEO-Hee-Moon), give nothing.)) None of its effects to scare, because it is mostly a comedy. She is Kim Sang-Jin, managing this people. The most successful recent comedy directors in South Korea, continued the success here with ghost house, it will be the fourth Korean film grossing in 2004. As if sent their own story is citing, Kim of the attack of the gas station, which is the first of his successful comedies, with the horrorifying-tion of ringu succeeded, for the first character for the haunted house. Although PIL-gi go quite so far to sell this House is frightened, so cut the waste in question. And the whole town knows that haunted the House through fears potential buyers. Discouragement of PIL-gi to led eventually to his friendship with his boss at the construction site (Jang hang-Seon say one, the evil King), a man who undergoes a sixth sense. In other words, you can see the dead. Finally the PIL-gi, after the liberation of electrical appliances, developed this jurisdiction, to display the guest host, think the PIL-gi not invited guests and it is here that the film is good, like a beautiful scene of infidelity with the girlfriend of PIL-gi. (It was left to discover in this movie, that I, that for example, so no need to worry, said because the spirit stays at home, and another blow arrives, it will, resolve with the demolition site fight scene, that I also told you). Kim Sang-Jin shows that it still has what it takes, this is his fourth straight successful comedy. Leaning on the Cha for three of these occur and I like to see more Cha, Kim should go perhaps a bit. (How, how to give my favorite comedian Kwon Hae-Hyo, a fighting vehicle?) Although there no film, the violently strong made me (a good thing since I saw this movie while recovering after surgery on the lower back), the movie has me goes beyond a simple smile of satisfaction, we burst out laughing. In the film, there are errors. In particular, there is a scene, which seriously reduces the theatrical effect. I'm talking about three attempts of PIL-gi, with indigenous shamans, Roman Catholic priest and a Buddhist monk to exorcise the House. Kim, which was built by three separate frames left half screen completely horizontally on the screen determines which tries to focus on the right side of the screen and divided by the other two. Every exorcism on the left for some time. Although this technique can be attempt with the narrative, be quick as partly explained, because each is added, more minutes this movie as actions that my initial observation of the sequence was less than 2 hours, frustrating, because it represented no funny moments, is he was shown with the exorcism on the left half. (I'm attracted to the shaman especially scenes because PIL-gi humorously on the legs along in time with the shaman found.) I suspect that others saw a theater you would experience the same frustration and confusion. DVD technology can every exorcism to see completely, but reduced the impact of the film rewind. You may have changed some other scenes more space for the full force of the antics which allow every exorcism Kim.(I note that it appears that an animal in the production of the film, a chicken has been damaged. I believe that the remains of the chicken later prepared for a meal, but I don't know. So this law is immediately criticized and ethically again later in the film, a critique that specifically to the Korean in this chicken blood to ward off the spirits, but here on the other side of the vengeful, created with all this CGI special effects of the film, to go to questions, why not also to the CGI of the effect of a chicken, the head geschnittenanstatt the documentary effect. And this documentary is the only time that such a style in the film is used so that it is not compatible. Regardless of cultural differences here in his report about the rain of blood, noted, that has also Cha, Darcy, the acts of the victim are the management intended bitter receiving of these films in other parts of the world, particularly in the United States, the distribution in these areas questions.)The film is not an unqualified success, but it was a lot of fun. It seems that Kim does not ask the public to demand the just comic effect. And so far, the House of comedy Kim has nothing to worry about. (. Smile smile opens with a close-up of the eye of women who undergo an examination. It is therefore-Jeong (Choo sang-mi, contact, so that the target), a photographer. It is shown that she suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, a rare disease that kills the optic nerve of the periphery, resulting in blindness. Young school leavers JI-Seok (Song Il-GON) is cheap, but the relationship ends abruptly with him. He returned to his family for burial and mimics briefly in a project to photograph the famous statue of the bodhisattva Maitreya, and explores the old graves of Kyungju. Eventually he gave up photography and decided to teaching by a lone soldier army flight mini planes (Jo Seong-HA) instead.A smile, a new arrived feature film Pak Kyung-Hee, is a stoic character, aloof and a bit sad. Pak used a style of haiku, spare parts and compositions the middle distance (E.g. Yim Sun rye, who was the producer), to distinguish from the psychological subtle changes of a young woman against a personal disaster. Perhaps it is with courage for a Korean film, a protagonist who not only refuses to show emotions, but are also explained. Glorified and wrapped in functional clothing, wide, Choo sang book I, finely tuned performance as class-Jeong. Is the best part of the movie, stoically endure immersed particularly effectively in countries of origin, which are apparently shamefully members, including the brother of the Weasel (Pak won-sang of Waikiki brothers), abuse and indifference of her family Patriarcales values misogynistic but as interpreted very similar to people. A smile is the kind of film that probably best to read a scenario as a real movie. Visually is slightly claustrophobic, even though it is open to the resumption of the Canada and its properties to illustrate, the change in the class-Jeong psychology much more interesting ideas are as a concrete expression of the scenes. For example, it looks vague spiritual commitment of the then-Jeong with the bodhisattva Maitreya (the film's title from the statue seems used to the famous smile). He was also disappointed that the flying sequences were shown so prosaic. The film does not see, I never had to understand, which Jeong wanted to see, to break a vision in the sky, even at the cost of her boyfriend's kindness. The finished picture reminds of Akira Kurosawas ran and opens the film for an allegorical interpretation-General on the human condition. Tap dance but at the same time maintains didactic and authoritarianism, a pulse and movement of the film show, Supplement for resolution but stubbornly brave Prince. (. Fly guys BoysFlying has a plot of land, natural and interesting, but it is more important than events, covers, the heart of the film is a comprehensive, honest portrait, to sketch out a moment in life: the last year of high school. For Koreans is crucial this year because it is a test (given only once per year), which determine whether you go to College. If they fail, or enough at the school then you have no high score your choice to spend another 12 months for a second crack at the trial a year later to study must. Out of print, and creates, there are additional challenges universal page: adolescence and unease, fighting with family members, fall in love. Flying boys is to capture this moment of life confusion, excitement and energy. Min-Jae (played by Yun Gye-sang, a pop star made his debut in the film) is a guy that sees does well in school, who was with his father, a pilot, the pass of the mother, a year earlier. For a long time had a fascination with a girl Su-Jin, named lives in his palace, but is also scared to approach him. When I refused, I must take off, said to his friends. In the meantime, Su-Jin competent and intelligent (played by refuge by Kim min-Jeong) are frustrated, because his life and his family, and itching to rebel or escape. He said that his parents who study at a University by subordinates in Jeju Iceland, which, in the eyes of most people can raise their talents.Min-Jae and Su-Jin together are thrown into an unexpected scenario: in a study of Ballet. Both are forced, ballet lessons against their will, but over the years know and also familiar with the strange cast of characters the class. (The original title of this film sits over Ballet Studio. Yes, this is an another Korean film, inept, stupid, being shown on plates with a, if he is a correct translation very well done) the film begins with a remarkable economy of storytelling, because we faced very early in the life of these kids and their stories. Our two small children can meet their actions sometimes so inexperienced, but are very beautiful and charismatic. A kissing scene between the two is one of the best Korean cinema moments this year, but clumsy and realistic, heartbreaking be enough. Unfortunately, however, the pacing of the film published in the second half. During almost two hours of flight time, people not particularly in a hurry to reach his conclusion, and on a personal level, I don't care so much, pitfall lens film from part of his Stärke.Allerdings it not hard, to see this movie with great affection. It is very good to represent small victories and defeats, we ask ourselves, to grow up to be. And my respect for Director Byun Young-Joo is increasing. Moved to the end of his famous trilogy of documentaries about women comfort, all in the very characteristic rigorous policy of the film. Debut fiction and ardor (2002), not what critics but was expected, and make with the guys, which consequently films of the genre, who refuse to the audience, their ideal flight personnel to commit. If controversial directors often is called the fat, but more often is not the case just insult your enemies, are are at risk and his friends some Kingdom at his side. Byun Young-Joo was perhaps more really HMS daring, made a simple path towards criticism and something that was closer to his heart. (. Dentist HandyThe M. MILF Hye-Jin (uhm Jeong-Hwa, single, marriage is insane) appeared at the end of the fight with a former doctor at a General Hospital in Seoul. In Seoul, black Boule and no job decides to open a modest dental clinics in the area. But it's harder to a small sleepy village, beat Hye-Jin. His initial annoyance, a local leader with a strong hangover, which calls the off roading Hong (Kim Joo-hyeok, singles, YMCA baseball team) in their lives. Not only is the head of the Association which is known to neighbors, is also a licensed real estate broker, decorator, Carpenter, selling casual shop around the clock and mediator in civil litigation, used by the police of the city a little unreliable. In addition to all these practical skills Chief Hong ballads sings, plays golf and sees and knows a thing or two about good wine and artificial intelligence. Oh, and keep in mind that there is also a martial arts expert? Mr. cell phone is not the Turkey, but not Chile Con Carne, if you understand me. I'm me not sure why the filmmakers they should call this movie thought if anything, someone somewhere, always view high, original Korean Hong head happens, but I'm pretty sure that am his main goal are young women audience demographic disposable income. Director Kang Seok-Beom and screenwriters Jeong Kang Shin-gu and Yi Yoon-Jin Hye-Jin for all conceivable forms of humiliation and harassment by men: in the back of a patient affected, call a Harpy (mythology), a witch or something worse and thrown for the crash in the car of the son of a male-chauvinist in a Dungeon. The solution? He is the Chief Hong to the rescue! When viscous rogue need their ass men we have a Despistamos, who is here to force Hong! If you encounter trouble with the police, Hye-Jin is the Boss Hong! And of course, when to complain about Hye-Jin to his solitary life and Hong is useless to a dinner he and supplier with romantic poems. It is dedicated to the annoying problems people for professional young ladies Korean like a superhero comic book, rather than the world safe for truth and justice, which get rid of all their time. The idea is less beautiful.Unfortunately, mistakes made, Mr. mobile of the impairment of the overbearing presence of huh Jeong-Hwa, the sensuality exudes, as an isotope plutonium and it looks like you can have breakfast this rogue male. It is simply not credible to Hye-Jin, a fool, an idiot with multiple talents must fall, although as head of the Hong. It can certainly very useful to have at home. But also, if your dog collects forms of tax revenues, by car from a shopping mall, trash bags and wash clothes can produce, it would be very useful to have. In short, there is still no really romantic or sexual tension between these two signs: no voltage, there is a watery, causing no real drama and no real solution, finest uncomfortable with me, uhm (no pun intended), you call it on a cell phone? Uhm not Biasimerebbe or Kim for the result of the low octane number very well together (both played in the singles, but the characters in this movie had no chance to interact) and of course skilled players are. Implements basic premise and drama, problems with the, but Mr. mobile competently with beautiful which camera design and production. I believe that the Interior of the House of the father of the big shot Hye-Jin (Ki Joo-Bong, the Chair still) deliberately souvenir dealer so distasteful. However the pace taking the film seriously, especially in the middle section, where the various talents are the Chief Hong with the ingenuity of a truck from high school. There is no point in rates, the drawings of the Director, but if the boss pass, or at least different, can't a total novelty Hong, which would have made only in the imagination of Hye-Jin, the most fascinating film to the Korean manufacturers fall into Prince Charming complex, the romantic cliché-cliché comedies. I want Mr phone more than I had, and that he the courage huh completely on its audience to release sexual energy Jeong-Hwa. The film is a well-intentioned comedy, moderately pleasant lack power and Vim, not to mention the true spirit. (. RainA, a woman, a man, a man of ice mountain. This essentially describes the debut of Director Kim Eun-sook, freezing rain. Short run time Kim took part in 1999 at the Cannes Film Festival, but the short form is not usually a platform for the proportions of an immediate success. However succeeded in Kim for support in his debut as a Director and screenwriter with this mountain of extravagance, the first Korean woman at the top of an Abenteuers.Der film is a mountain climbing expedition in Alaska the memories of two of the climbers are Joong-hyun (Lee Sung-Jae-Public Enemy, dance with the wind), and these reports are Woo-sung (Song Seung-Hun-Calla) Association of brides with Kyung-min-Woo-sung (Kim ha Neul-ditto), My tutor friend), a case of young people was only about Joong Hun,. At first, there was the development of every human of being that Kyung-min equitable representation, as well as spectacular scenery on foot tricky Nevada receives up to the top of the mountain. Visual pleasure in the first half of the film is by creative Yoon Hong Sik (tube, the way home) running and more time creating the realism of special effects, as expected. The second half of the film focuses on the relationship of the program, thanks to altimeter Joong-Hyun and Woo-sung ascent of the mountain. Ice pellets of wood works for me is his refusal, which completely on the mountain as a metaphor problem overcome will fall or target cliché. There are no changes as a result of the mountain itself, a reflection on past actions. On the other hand, Kim Berg used to mention an interesting confrontation with, why we take risks, why it is that we not put ourselves in danger: the danger of escalation against the danger of emotional fall in love/lust or relationships doomed to failure. Woo-sung in the Campbell administration of Kyung-min teeth of love and the strongest moment of the film, for me, that reaction of the throat stir surprise intrusion to retrieve Kyung-min mother of his case stand out shiny, two scenes. Just as in a relationship, the more a person to the risk of damage, because companion, climb the rope are connected. A note can be in his painting and his partner with you. In this way the rain ice see note on that doll without any nonsense (in a positive way) in this film wins the three accompanying partner Takeshi Kitano.Where the rain ice with me does not work, is the low development of the relationship between Joong-Hyun and Kyung-min. Maybe the problem is really in the English translation, but the ritual of initiation of the relationship undergoes a Demasiado Cursi Ness, who are prone to fall melodramas to the victims. This is, however, the distinction between the immaturity of Hyun Joong and older report Woo-sung is able by Kyung-min. The irony is that a relationship breaks an illicit affair just Joong-Hyun Woo-sung min-Kyung much serious as if it was to set. The need too early the aspects consider another problem with the film is that previously happened in movies as Kyung-min, recalling the incident from the ravages of love. It seems that the movie not for Korean in public work, because it was not at the box office. 50 Korean films, the end of August, the rain ice cream was quite low 30% two admissions (Seoul) and medium screen (Seoul) (PSA). Release film that shows less than 10 cinemas and large 2004 anomaly, Taeguki, successful ice only, or 45% of the average of the year PSA rain. A positive sign is that it city, recording 132% of the SAP largely failed pump as blockbuster 2003 natural natural pump. And if you are other films of this year, which were abandoned in 20 to 30 screens, freezing rain reached an average of 86% and 79% of the tickets for the half price of PSA.Usually interested in me no financial film my main interest, because the sociological study, is political and aesthetic. But a blockbuster inherent in the commercialization, so here I judge the film is about his intentions, to make money. And with only about 80000 voices (Seoul), this film has experienced not his own propaganda. I clearly was, how much this film had to gross meet in the dark, but approaches the needs in the shooting on a hill at the site, would be willing to bet that they were not satisfied with the financial results.Some questions are, whether the rain ice as a box-office success should be considered. In the film, directed by Julian Stringer, Stringer observed what makes a fund a cash hit success many academic studies has not been received. Usually means a box office success is self-reflection, (I am fucking a blockbuster success,!) and two factors such as size, budget, and performance. (The size of the possible inclusion of the ticket sale is in hindsight and qualified the overproduction, already as a success or a failure). Because freezing rain seems like a box office success and assume that the budget was significant, responds to these two factors. Although you spacious mountains, that is large enough to increasing a show find to be called justifying the blockbuster film could possible emphasis on relationships in the pedestrian city settings some of its brightness of the blockbuster in question to ask.Regardless of its success, legitimacy, because of the naughty-Ed my tutor friend last year left ha Neul Kim success, and one of the most popular free, is air in South Korea, the mountains of regions foot as Kangwon-do, we have to admit that the rain carried ice below expectations at the box-office. The biggest disappointment came when we remember that other mountaineering film very popular in South Korea, a fact that many Korean filmmaker wants to simply disappear in the air. This film? Sylvester Stallone Cliffhanger. (. Each of us has sisters SecretsThe Han-the largest, married JI-young. Bookworm Middle sister Sun-young and unconventional MI-young looking for the quiet surface of her life with the arrival of so-Hyun has a talkative soft sweetness that seems to be the perfect man. MI-young is him before she sees in a Club and presented the family, a House, but rather ends House serves as a catalyst for the release of all emotions. a remake by Jang Hyun-so (Ray bang) function of the Irish people oppressed by Gerard Stembridge Adam (2000), everyone has secrets is an attractive cleverly packaged function installed by the development of Korea's star system. Lee Byung-Heon (ACC, A bittersweet life) is probably the first choice for the most handsome man in Korea, and this film is structured almost as a tribute to her sex appeal. Lee Soohyun plays in such a way that his famous smile so called killer, remains a mystery until the last scene.In relation to women although Kim Hyo-Jin (the legend of the evil Lake) certain appeal to MI-young, missing sisters steal the scene. Choo sang-mi (revolving door, a smile) as JI-young couple is already known for intelligence and sensuality, she brings her role and slowly and elegantly you can come under the spell of the so-Hyun. In the meantime, Choi Ji-woo a big star in the neighbouring country of Japan after the success of his television series winter sets Sonata his considerable talents on the screen, a woman whose passions early in the fight for the expression were buried deep.It was released at the height of the summer season, where quickly overwhelmed by competition from popular past titles of Hollywood and Korean, all the secret Estabaen probably more success in Japan, where a share of modest dimensions in the superior performance of the box office was named. As such, the Korean film star as a system, it is not only a showcase but also an example of Korean cinema come more in public in Japan when instructed to be more film is ultimately a bit short, maybe it because it catchy, but refined the basic plot a bit on the premise claims. It takes more than good acting to create an interesting and memorable comedy, and it would have been good if they were a little more narrative sense. Yet some very funny scenes in this movie in memory lift off a clock so probably worth keeping expectations under control. (. Taegukgi WindstruckAside, was his hope, more films wind struck another year. Had collected in a short period of four weeks, a box-office admissions 2229000 and one of the four national films of the year. It is not surprising that the show would have been a great success, especially because the Director is none other than the Kwak Jae-Yong, who is in charge in 2001, was my sassy girl for success. In addition, the main star-jeon Ji-Hyun, one of the most popular in Korea and Asia are promising actor Jang Hyuk actresses has contributed to success.In fact, some critics retorted that Windstruck is simply another version of SAP in my sassy girl. It is true up to a point. However, you could say that cable was Kwak recombinant, style to give a new shape to the dark. Kwak seems by his experience in the line of the comedy as my sassy girl have and melodramas like the classics and decided to try the two formulas in the same project. The result that you get is: Windstruck.Si looking for a good comedy show Windstruck might not be just provides the most laughs of. Alternately laughing and sentimental moments, this film takes several explosions riding on a roller coaster of emotions. The role of jeon Ji-Hyun is that a police officer with the only reason join the police because her sister dead was ambition in life to be happy. Jang Hyuk plays a teacher in the school had a normal life until the day where he met Jeons character. Instead of a sedentary life as a teacher it is intertwined that criminal has interesting market opening Verfolgung.Eine in their daily vigilance the film jeon, stand at the top of the building, tried to commit suicide with Jang Hyuk as the narrator of the Fund. Then see flashbacks and narrative mode to tell the story of past events which eventually lead to the opening scene vibration. During the narrative, we attended the meeting of the two protagonists, and what finally up. There were some scenes and funny moments, to tickle audience of funny bones.However, he thinks, how the story unfolds slowly, that he does, is too far-fetched to host so many ideas. We hear that the plot is ridiculous in several times and already at a certain time to questions soon could be, whether the movie is a fantasy, ghost story, romance or an ultra dramatic melodrama. With a variety of many kinds, Windstruck could claim as one of the types. But Kwak tried many of the ideas in my sassy girl, in particular in the last scene, which uses ruins the whole movie. (Lim Kit). ,,.