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Cuurently recruited for the position of the early career development trainee program 2014 in Lagos. We are working on things that count. The best of people and technologies, the most difficult challenges. To find solutions in the energy, health and home, transport and finance. Build, energy, movement, and heal the world. Don't just imagine. Points. GE works. For more information on the company's Web site. Plumbing and plumbers plumbers Steamfitters, plumbers and installers install and repair pipelines with liquids or gases and in businesses, homes and factories. To train trainer fitness and fitness instructor and instructor trainer, educate and motivate individuals or groups in the activities of the year, including heart cardiovascular exercise (exercise for heart and blood) strength training and stretching. You work with people of all ages and skill levels. Taxi drivers and drivers of taxis and drivers push people and places to go, such as airports, shopping malls, homes and workplaces. You should know your way in a city for residents and visitors to their destinations. Recovery recovery workers designing and carrying out leisure activities for groups of voluntary organisations or leisure facilities such as playgrounds, parks, camping, water sports centres and centres for the elderly. This could lead to activities such as arts and crafts, sports, adventure, music and camping programs. The workers support child care for children when parents and other family members are not available. Ensures the children basic needs, such as bathing and feeding. In addition, they help prepare children to kindergarten or to older kids, do your homework. School and school counselor career consultants help to develop social skills to students and succeed in school. Advisor help people with career decisions, helping them to choose a career or educational program. Addiction and dependence problematic behavior and the behavior disorder of consultants advise people suffer from alcoholism, dependence on drugs, food or other behavior problems. They offer treatment and support searches for the recovery or problem to change behaviors. Musical Director and composer of the music (also known as drivers) managing orchestras and ensembles for performances and recordings to lead. Composers write and arrange the music in a variety of musical styles. Doctors and the directors of services health, also known as managers or administrators, health and health plan administrators, you will lead and coordinate medical and health. She could manage a full installation or are specialized to manage the administration of a service or of a certain clinical area or medical advice for a group of doctors. Health and medical care, the manager able to which to adapt health laws, regulations and technology must be. Nurses and nurse assistants helpers and assistants help patients in hospitals and residents in nursing homes to offer such as nursing homes, primary care. Industrial designers develop concepts for industrial design products, such as cars, household appliances and toys. Connect art and business engineering, to produce products that the people every day. Approach of industrial designers in usability in the creation of style and functionality to a device or a particular gadget. Maid and cleaning agents for cleaning and cleaning cleaning of common tasks, including beds and suck the salt in households and businesses. Consultant Consultant therapists mental health and marriage mental health family and marriage and family therapists help people manage to overcome the problems with his family and relations and mental and emotional disorders. Listen to customers and ask questions, with whose help customers understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their living conditions. Genetic consultants of genetic advisers individual risk assessment or family member for a variety of genetic diseases, such as congenital and genetic diseases. Provide information and advice to other providers of health care or individuals and families, with the risk of hereditary diseases. Travel agencies sell travel agents transport, accommodation and entry into the entertainment for individuals and group travel arrangements. They offer advice on destinations, plan itineraries and booking travel for customers. Gastein.com health aides help wizards that worsens, people with disabilities, chronically ill or cognitive. It helps need often, older people, the help. In some States, volunteers of a drug or client check the vital signs of the customer under the supervision of a nurse or other professional health can give domestic helpers. Rehabilitation rehabilitation Advisor Advisor can help people with emotional and physical disabilities live independently. Work with customers or manage personal to overcome social, disability and negative employment independently or professional life. ,,.