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How to read music: we must learn to read the notation of traditional music of the classical guitar music without Tablaturi. You will learn faster if you have a good teacher. This is not to say that not even touching guitar can teach. Here are 5 things you should learn each guitarist, no matter what style that you want to play. Once you master these basics, you can play guitar next to the bonfire. How to improvise: good guitarists improvise his solos. Maintain the solidarity, not an unknown but knowledge improvised guitar solos. Jazz guitar is one of the most difficult guitar styles and is generally not a beginner with the first style early. However, if Jazz is your thing, don't leave stay play to learn how to play jazz guitar.Here is the material you need. Guitar Amplifier: need a guitar with distortion amplifier. The majority of guitar amplifiers have a sprain, but otherwise, you could buy a distortion in the shape of a guitar pedal. Guitar: Music Rock usually involves a type of guitar (see below for the skills needed to play the guitar). Rock guitar: the guitar chords of your favorite songs from rock (on the Internet) and try to reproduce. Rock songs are good for beginners. Requires a lot of things to learn to play the guitar, but it important is fun is doing it! Attention: after the results of the Internet could be bad habits that are difficult to make. Learn the guitar, the opportunity to play simply, quickly and reliably. Guitar chords are a type of notes, much easier to read than traditional notation. Learn to play guitar Tablaturi is very simple and if you know, it has opened a lot of information to read. The Internet is full of guitar Tablaturi for online learning. You want to learn to play Blues guitar, you don't need any special equipment. Blues is played on electric and acoustic guitars. If you have electric, there are certain brands and types of guitar and amplifier, the a his blues, to produce better than others.In the basic skills you need to know:. The guitar with the same section of team of guitar that I want to play the guitarra-rock listed. What are the skills needed to play the guitar. : It is important that you learn how to tune your guitar. For most beginners, it is not easy, because the ears are not formed. Fortunately, you can purchase a tuner for guitar (electronic device to tune his guitar) very cheap these days. You need a very early because you can play a guitar, it is the key! Guitar scales: need all kinds of guitar scales to learn to play solos of guitar. Optimum is a pentatonic minor from the beginning, because the solos of this scale use more rock and pop. Most people learn to play the guitar in a classical guitar with nylon strings, probably because the guitars are the least expensive. They are easy to play, if it is much easier to play an electric guitar. Technical selections: you know, as with an option to select the set of guitarra-rock. A powerful sound with a peak as the hands play strum agreements on energy and lead. Guitar folk: try guitar chords for your favorite songs of the people on the Internet. Some popular songs are good runners. : Finger-picking is an indispensable condition for the acoustic guitar. At the beginning it can be a little difficult, but the majority of players to get the hand soon. Scores: Try a classic notes a few pieces easily. The easiest way is to buy a book. Here is a simple and familiar classical guitars (I have tabs, something that usually does not occur in classical music included). : You must learn to read charts and diagrams of guitar chords. Chord diagrams are a way to observe as Tablaturi and guitar chords for the guitar, reading, it is very easy to learn. How to play the guitar? This is a question that make me easier questions. You see, there are several ways that you can go to learn the guitar. Here are some questions that these questions should be:. ,,.