The Revelation Effect

Is The Revelation Effect Real

Year 2014-2019, I wouldn't be surprised if it is red. (10) in Europe, Russia and the Muslim world. Attention to a negative influence on present there. It is not the kind of democracy, in the West to see. It is an Association of ten federal States of Commonwealth of independent States, originally, but I think that it is now more. It is an animal with horns in Revelation 10, an evil creature is red. Apocalypse explains that it is a group of ten States. With the Red (scarlet, dark red, actually) of the Federation of Russia and the Commonwealth of independent States must surely. With Putin in Russia currently in power could develop, always a kind of total control of dictator and stomping on freedom of the press of Russia into a dictatorship style Hitler with Putin. In addition, a woman riding the beast of revelation 17, think it is. the beginning of a possible recession in December 24, 2014. As a general rule the prophecies, which are described on this website interchangeably, if perhaps people understand and listen and take action, as appropriate, such as the construction of an asteroid defense. This may be a test for humanity: If people understand that then described the calamity that occurs in Revelation, as possible, to prevent these disasters and the future. On this site, I have tried to show how new methods of age, religion, astrology, Bible prophecy, the King James Bible can use and combine mythology, today all over the world to explain and predict the future. I'm trying to find a middle between Christianity and new age, because I think that this is the truth. Half way, as in Buddhism, where he stood an intermediate point between end. And as in Hinduism, astrology, the star of guidance. And the idea of a unifying religion said here as Bahá ' I is the unification of humanity; Bahá ' i is one of the more enlightened of world religions; in Iran, began its headquarters in Haifa, Israel. And as in the Kabbalah, Judaism, sought spiritual direction and New Age the meanings hidden in the symbolism of the Bible and numerical models. The truth is that in the middle of the road between religions and is the way of linking as I tried to follow here. John 0832: you know the truth and the truth shall make you free, in March 1996 in the United Kingdom as Comet Hyakutake of the last Theconstellation infect the brains of people, (My zodiac constellation) announced Virgo, Virgo. I believe that the Virgin María represented ISIS, the Egyptian goddess, with cow horns, will make US a cow connection. And the Virgin can also in Europe, for Europe, that spans represent a bull, we reproduce a cow. And Europe at a bull said: as the woman of revelation 17 embraces the beast of Babylon the Antichrist (which could be the Russia), I think that Europe's wife. Another disease, tuberculosis (TB) is an epidemic in the world, which is becoming increasingly worse, when drug-resistant tuberculosis. TB also is common in cattle. It was identified the bacterium Mycobacterium as the cause of tuberculosis in 1882 by Robert Koch, then have the number 82 and the Galaxy M82 connecting to revelation 18:2 (King James version): 18:2 and he cried with a mighty voice, namely: Babylon the great has fallen, fell, and was the home of the demons and the spirit of Immondeet a cage of every unclean and pull. Odiosoque beachten we can relate to Theunclean in the previous step are transmitted by lack of hygiene and sanitation, TB. and Babylon in Iraq. And Galaxy M82 located in the constellation of Ursa Major Ursa Major, that revelation 13 we can see that the Antichrist has a Leonine pharynx bears feet. And the bear is the symbol. King James Bible Code matrices, could be that a minor enter asteroid 2015-2019 Ocean, into 7 parts in the atmosphere that makes it so 7 impacts and huge tsunamis and flood coastal cities. This could be the seven thunders in Revelation 10:3:3: 10 and he cried out with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: if he had wept, their voices speaking seven 4 Thunder and the voice of the seven thunders, which was to write: and I heard a voice from heaven say: I, connected at the top of those things which the seven step Tonnerreset to write.Please note that it is possible that this asteroid in seven pieces break because he discovered in a timely manner and nuclear weapons, into pieces of a rocket of the interception of communications of split is started by the United States or Russia.Si in mind that a meteorite fell in Russia with a size of the atomic bomb explosion in February 2013.(13) the earthquakes and tsunamis. He constantly earthquakes and volcanoes in the 2014-2019. attention of large earthquakes in the year 2014, might find the calendar on this page: California giant earthquake, eruption of the volcano in Iceland in the year 2014. There is also a volcano in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa, which could collapse in a few years, producing a huge tsunami that could hit the coasts of Africa, Portugal, Spain and the u.S. Coast and in the Caribbean. You'll find below. Forecast for 2014, 2015 and 2020: 1998 (1) = 666 x 3 and 1999 has misrepresented and 666 666 is the number of the Antichrist in Revelation 13 (the so-called beast), I think that these numbers in his appearance in the year 2000 (as the Russian President Putin see), and is a strong Satanic influence (with Putin) 2014-global 2019Das refers to the rise of the Antichrist Putin. Revelation is the last chapter of the Bible, and contains a series of prophecies of desastres-guerras, earthquakes, diseases. geographical coordinates for an explanation. According to the degree of 151, saw revelation 15: 1 and the big and wonderful, seven angels with the seven last plagues if described (died in the sea, solar flares, which was rivers of blood, war, etc.) may be plagues of Revelation 16 the 2014 create a different character in the sky? The provocation in 2017-2020? This site is my vision, my visions and prophecies of the Ich Zukunft. they say that the geographical coordinates of the point of the discovery of Comet ison places of discovery of Comet Hale-Bopp, with a displacement of 151 degrees, 15: 1, which speaks of 7 Angels 7 plagues, with refer only to the revelation that a comet could. This site has a lot of conspiracy theory, theories of conspiracy in the plot. on November 28, 2013. Christmas Comet ISON C/2012 S1 (I'm ISON - his son) approved by the Sun. Exclude them from two Russian astronomers discovered, as anti-Christ of Russian President Putin. Look for Putin in 2014, could play a role in the man of peace in Syria and other countries. 2, paragraph 43 refers to the prophecy of Nostradamus: at the moment, where you will see the star with beard, three cooks are enemies, earthquakes and disasters that fall from the sky, the Po and Tiber rivers, a visible snake on the shore.This prophecy of Nostradamus may provide that when a comet (bearded star) there are perhaps seen earthquakes and asteroid, Earth. And there was a great earthquake in the year 2014. The serpent would be Putin, is an explanation of Putin's side. other comet of century prophecy of Nostradamus 2, number 62: Mabus dies soon, there is a terrible massacre of people and Tiere.Es are thirst, hunger, famine, when the Comet was visto.2016-2019 years saw the events at the end of the time with the rise and defeat of the Antichrist, from my. Number 113 and 115 was built. Relate these elements in Revelation 11:3 and 5:11, the two witnesses, the two prophets, who appears during the events of the final time: 11:3 give power to my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand 1.26 days, coated sacks. 4 these are the two olive trees and the two lampstands of foot, and when bad someone will do before the God of the Earth. 50 fire mouth and cSpreu their enemies: and if any man hurts them, killed 6 should have closed the sky rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over often when waters to turn them to blood, and the Earth with all plagues Streikso. Perhaps, these two elements named ununpentium (115) and Ununtrium (113), that it was created by the collision of an isotope of Russian and American scientists the two witnesses of revelation can with americium, represent and can mean that soon she will appear on the world stage. Make that two mysterious prophets who look like in 2015-2017. You'll find below. or commit to the Earth in the coming years, as described in Revelation 8. Therefore an asteroid defense is required, that NASA could build if they are funded to do so. . You have Putin the Antichrist 666 makes around the Sun? Revelation 13.13 (King James version) of the Antichrist: and does it wonders, while he was in the fire of the heaven on Earth in the eyes of the people. Solar flares? Putin was re-elected as President of Russia in March 04, 2012, and two days later, on 6 March, the Sun sent a solar eruption on Earth. You'll find below. Strain H3N2 Fujian, which is an ordeal that began as an outbreak in 2003 or you could more H5N1 flu outbreak caused a large influenza avian in aves-pollos, ducks, etc., but can be transmitted to humans. H3N2 Fujian began in Fujian province in China (with red dragon China, Revelation 12) and avian flu in Korea began in December 2003, but previously there was an outbreak of Hong Kong in 1997, a member of the dragon. The concern is that bird flu is very deadly to humans, and if propagation changes from one person to another and, therefore, cause a deadly pandemic around the world in 2014-2019. And the swine flu began to see World brochure by Mexico in April 2009. Saturn in Sagittarius is an explanation of why the economic chaos in the third tab affect mounting economic chaos. on April 25, 2014. Prime Minister of Ukraine, said that he thinks, wants that Putin was world start 3. I think that it is fair, but I think that Putin's world no 3 with a rocket in the West until 2019 attack begins as you are 66 years older than 6 months (was $666). At Armageddon, World War 3, there's a great nuclear war of Revelation 16, I started by Putin a 2019. The Antichrist is beaten by Christ returned, as described in Revelation 19. Christ returns (may return in 2019-2020), with their armies (aliens and UFO) may be an invasion of Earth by aliens, UFOs, read Revelation 19, and the buzzer sounds. And a stranger to himself, I think that the Antichrist Putin is a reptile snake alien, but returned Christ, an alien who is appearing as a defeated man. It is that a battle between snake and evil the good human and extraterrestrial aliens Jésus Christ. And the new Jerusalem of Revelation 21 could be a great exotic city, coming after the alien invasion of the Earth. Revelation 21 and 22 are reorganization will describe for you on Earth by aliens. Then Christ would involve foreigners. And see also prophesied alien invasion of the prophecies of Nostradamus of the Earth and the DNA of human immortality, changed genetics. ,,.