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I am currently an individual study for men and women in the field of medical staff and I would like to invite you to the Participhate. The study is 3 days and be held on Tuesday, September 2 until Thursday, September 4. This is an array of display online, where can view and respond to the questions that you read and respond to their participating colleagues answer. It is not a chat in real time, so two times a day, for a total of 1 hour per day can be connected at its discretion.For your time and participate fully, give you a Visa Prepaid $75. -IPOLL database provides access to nearly half a million of questions and answers to the United States by more than 150 organizations from 1930 to the present study. Complete and up-to-date source of the nation's public opinion in the United States. IPoll database on-line full-text retrieval system is divided into the deployment of tools for nearly half a million views at this level asked surveys of national public opinion, 1935. Investigations in the catalogue of Roper were originally presented by academic, commercial and media harvest survey organizations like Pew, Gallup Organization, Harris Interactive Research Associates and much more. Take surveys and earn points to redeem for cash or coupons! Get 500 points free to register and complete your profile! 1000 credits = 6.19 credit from Skype, Skype, 15.47 points 5000 and 2500 points of payment in cash, PayPal, Amazon coffee & Farmville 30.94 points thanks to PayPal, Amazon good 2000 = 12.38 = good bar and Facebook, Sonic, world and giorgia credits. You can redeem your points for gift vouchers online shop or donate your earnings to charity. You can win extra free points when you download the application from Ipoll Apple or Android Smartphone, and research. (above is your profile) Collection of redemption of points for investigations and money! You can earn 1.00 usually every 5 minutes of your time. 100 points = 1.00. The minimum payment is 5000 points = 50.00 payment is automatically by cheque. Do not hesitate to minimum redemption amount 50.00, speed surveys often adds some books and the value are sent regularly! I have several of these payments. Tip top! Run a new strict Panel! If your answers to the survey questions dealing with the agreement in your profile of response or if you do not agree with you or fill in surveys too fast can refuse to pay! ,,.