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HeinOnline is a permanent extension, complete collection, based on images from magazines. This online database offers a variety of functions for search and navigation, making it a very useful tool for legal research. The Council of State Governments (CSG) is a non-profit, non-partisan support for support staff of State policy research offers quality. His main research interests are the operations of State Government and matters of legislative and federal policy at the national and State level. This is the most know in particular paragraphs entitled middle part of political space, which contains reports on many issues (E.g., education, elections, public safety) and number of the Datacenter, which combines unemployment with the survey, a tracker, and where you can compare a database like States in certain categories. Corpus of the first francophone literature of the Indian Ocean, written and oral, from the beginnings to the independence. Created by the French Ministry of public education, higher education and research, Perseus is a portal for 60 full text of French journals in the social sciences and humanities. Starting with band 1 records, and some of them are of the 19th century. Click unbound medicine care products skin, the institutions provide information at the point of service and allows communication with mobile users. uCentral online can the Internet downloaded on a personal digital assistant (PDA) or wirelessly via smartphones, BlackBerry, iPhone or other wireless devices to be used. The Roper Center maintains an archive of data from the survey of public opinion. It allows users, a search database of questions in the survey (iPoll) or download (RoperExpress) files directly. User must enter email access to the data. Probe quick stats by topic, click on the link to the topics at a glance. Fifty titles include Earth sciences including environmental geology, mineralogy, paleontology, seismology wide, etc., of a series of geological societies all over the world. It contains to open links to access to journals and publications of the request of the Government of the State of the United States in the geosciences. The Scout report visited the last time, that the library of digital maps of the University of California, many extensions were these cartographic cornucopia. The cards are two contemporary historians who follow you and so are zoning maps, maps, historical maps of land use on the side of the State. Visitors can browse digital or non-digital all maps of California Mapas California here. There are currently more than 475 maps of California, and visitors can browse offers by number, title, keyword, title, etc., non-Californie-version of the facts, there are more than 10,000 cards and almost all geographical topics under the Sun. The site is complemented by a list of all of the digital topographic map and a link to a search engine specialized in more cards. English Dictionary Oxford Online contains the full text of the second edition of the 20 volumes, 1989 and published his three-volume series additions, 1993 (volumes 1 and 2), and published in the year 1997 (volume 3). QuarterlyThe updated the Oxford English Dictionary is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It is a unique guide to the history, meaning, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past. Through the use of words about 2.5 million offers from a wide range of international English language sources, classical literature and film scenarios and specialized newspapers Kochbücher.Die OED covers words from all over the world speaks English, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for the Caribbean. In addition, it offers the best etymological analysis and list the variable spellings and shows in the international phonetic alphabet with pronunciation. This corpus allows access, as completely as possible, to all francophones, the written and oral literature of the Indian Ocean, from its origins (XVIII century), independence (1960, or death of the author).The literary production of the countries of the Indian Ocean has been remarkable since the 18th century on the island of Réunion and Mauricio and the 20th century has been particularly rich for the literature of Madagascar. In the 18th and 19th centuries, a number of these Mills was published in the local press by the editors of that and their distribution was limited. Some issues are well known, that some copies of some libraries, archives of family or private collections in the country of origin. Collection of journals for all publications, the anthropological, including books, multimedia, audiovisual documents, exhibitions, attractions, conferences and online resources. Their aim is to improve the level of access by anthropologists on the anthropological literature, that makes them conscious to support what will be released, and they to their relevance to their interests.Magazines are published separately once the publication process is finished. The database contains signed comments, citations, given that published in American Antiquity / and links to a number of online publications and websites. Abbreviations references to manuscripts currently has more than 70,000 records with a total 80 098. It is based on a large number of manuscripts of all disciplines, a variety of libraries in Europe and the United States, listing between the 8th century covered the period up to and including the 15th century convened. It is a tool to decipher and transcribe the medieval manuscripts in Latin. People can the Personal Edition. This page provides information on history, economics and politics Ofcountries and areas. Each profile includes a summary, map, facts and current leader. A multimedia presentation that provides information about the number of users, press, radio, television and press agencies.The links on the side of the profile connect the last Andkey links BBC News, articles, video conferences and Internet sites related to audio from the BBC clip. Includetimelines of additional features, links to the latest videos of news, articles, Web sites and video-audio file AndBBC. It also contains information about more than 20 organizations of the Keyinternational. It is a virtual library of Spanish magazines, organized by the University of la Rioja in Spain. First and foremost, a bibliographic and abstract, index includes over 5,000 journals and 2.1 million documents. There are a growing number of full-text articles available as content is constantly being updated. Topics covered include science, social sciences and Humanities and art. It is suitable especially for Spain, history and Islamic studies, topics, database popular not from another. Research of the English language is available. 1980 cover exists. This site contains a directory with more than 6000 bilingual and multilingual online Freelyavailable and glossaries can be Wörterbücher.Suche multiple languages, topic or title or a keyword.Search result returns the number of entries and links Onlinedictionaries. The site offers a list of resources of the language in the world of the translator and interpreter associations, a directory of translation course Andinterpreting Andlinks download freeware for currency conversion, analysis of texts and Languageidentification websites. Products and programs to the programming language can be c Web site. Fire Sanborn insurance maps are most frequently consulted in public and scientific libraries. Sanborn maps are valuable tools for urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, historians, planners, environmentalists and all those who want to know more American cities and suburbs about the history, growth and the development of. They are large-scale projects, contains data that can be used to evaluate the potential of urban structures. Include information such as the outline of each building, the size, shape and material of the construction height and the function of structures, location of Windows and doors. The cards also name of roads, road and pavement spread, the limits of possession, use and pay House and block. Seven or eight different editions represent specific areas. Libraries of purchased currently USC only access to Sanborn maps for California. Article in the full-text of the Chinese magazine titles 1244 (English) in the areas of education, social sciences, economics and politics, law, history, literature, and philosophy, from 1994 to present. Articles dating back to 1915, the titles of the periodicals of 27 ProQuest insight summary statistics contain a detailed description of the statistics in a publication and the primary bibliographic information such as title, date, classification, number of the report of the Agency (if applicable) and periodicity. Where possible, the number the Superintendent of documents, maps, library of Congress catalog number classification monthly Government Printing Office (GPO) number, GPO inventory number and the item number of the depositary also included. The summary may contain two links, one on the website of the Agency World Wide Web you can viewed and download the full text of the publication. the full text in the statistical universe, where the publication is searchable, downloaded and is accessible by section or a table. The MLA Web site contains information about more than 6,000 magazines and books in the series, which falls within the framework of the MLA international bibliography. Entries are editorial addresses, phone numbers, fax, E-mail addresses, frequency of publication, numbers of the descriptions of the Edition, subscription price and directions, information, links to the content policies, between couples and presentation of online advertising. The directory offers also statistics on the number of articles and books published each year, as well as several reviews are presented. This is an electronic version of the full text of the print volume 68, two January 1643 on the Propylaea December published other volumes in the year 1940. It includes all materials, original texts, critical apparatus and indices. Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina reference numbers are included. 1 contains 462 times approximately 233 playwright, with information, detailed and provided on related productions, theaters, production companies and more. The database contains also some posters, photographs and other ephemera about the games. And nearly 600 games are published here for the first time, including a number of great authors. CQ pro online includes archives of CQ Weekly magazine provides information, analysis and Bill by Congress, profiles of members, covering the Commission, government documents and the notes followed until 1983 go back,. Search for topic, page words of number, Committee, exact phrases from the subtitle, postponed or to provide full text search, number and Boolean data. Just restore the detail plan of the votes from the August 1983. The online edition of the CQ Almanac combines more than sixty years requirements on the coverage of the Congress, that the authorities an easy-to-use resources. The pairs of the contents of the volumes the pressure with a series of electronic functions and features, the content of the site fast and easy to navigate. He tried to create a unified interface, which facilitates the search and navigation of the content. With the Online Edition, the user simply by 60 years can navigate coverage of the Congress; Access to tables, charts, and diagrams that help explain the problems; Search for topics, ten years or a table in a given year of the content; Tracker you can to a certain criteria of the topic and how it has changed over the years Useful searches or documents for the future to save; and quotes in four styles to generate CiteNow CQ Press automatically. Feature. PAHO (PAHO) is an international public health agency working to improve the health and living standards of the States of America. The site includes free full-text articles in a number of public health issues and provides statistics and relevant data. Multiple databases a multidisciplinary index and PhD students is ProQuest. Then to dozens of topics, thousands of generals and academics indexed titles: research and provides the full text of a large number of blogs from various databases of contemporary research. It is a great place to start your search for a card, especially, if you are sure not of the place, where the search is to start. This database abstracts and indexes of the international literature in Linguistics and related disciplines in the science of language. The database covers all aspects of the study of language, including Phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Indexed documents containing articles, book reviews, books, chapters of books, dissertations, and working papers. ,,.