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This is a video that offers a guided tour that visit the app store and download/buy apps for the iPad. ICloud is a good way of data between their iDevices, for example, the same contacts on iPad and iPhone in sync. Learn more about iCloud can do it, in this video tutorial. You have already once frustrated coup with the screen of the iPad, trying to surf the Web, read a book or watch a movie? In fact, you can avoid that your iPad as rotation enough locks easily. This video guide will help to quickly lock the orientation that configures your iPad. Are you ready to learn how to navigate the app store? It can be very frightening, if you download the first iPad apps, but as soon as you move the shot through the app store can be quite hard to find new and fun applications for iPad. Headphones Bluetooth, you can listen to music or to connect to a movie without annoying, headphone cables with your iPad from streaming to listen to. But if you've never used a Bluetooth device, it can be a little confusing for all configured properly. This tutorial will help you connect. ICloud Apple service is a good way, keep your iPad constantly without connecting to synchronize the PC with iTunes. This tutorial takes you through the steps to get iCloud updated on your website and configure what data should be performed to iCloud. Do you feel uncomfortable in the tap of the screen of the iPad keyboard? Do not worry! You can use a keyboard as a wireless keyboard for iPad via Bluetooth connects the Apple. This video shows you how to go through the process of synchronization in a wireless keyboard for iPad. FaceTime is a good way to contact friends and family. Application of Apple video conferencing is easy to use, and this video will help you started link FaceTime for your ID Apple and calls to your contacts. Did you know that you can use the iPad as a picture? There are a number of applications that you can use to create your masterpiece with your fingers or a large stylus. You know that you can help, the latter as well as adjust the brightness down on the screen of the iPad iPad battery? This is just a tip, that this video tutorial how to improve iPad battery. The iPad can be a great e-reader with iBooks. This video shows how to configure Favorites, change the font and the same purchase of new books. Did you know that can configure your email address in your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account the iPad to display? In addition, they can access generic email and Microsoft Exchange accounts. This video shows you how to configure your email address. How collect and use have iPad will slow down the page after page of the application icons. And can be up to the moment where you can spend so much time looking at an app store, that you play with different applications. Fortunately, it is possible to organize applications into categories, you have filled half a dozen apps pages. This video shows you how applications in the category of iPad for organizing files. Research Spotlight search on iPad for contacts, apps, music, movies and allows quick access Web registration. Do you need help with your iPad? Sometimes it is easier to see what I'm going to explain why we have this tutorial video for iPad. If more information about how to download apps from the app store of Apple or a guide of how to organize applications into categories, made with us properly. The first challenge, including the most developed people combines his new iPad to your wireless network. This video tutorial will guide you through the steps of the discovery of the wireless network and the Wi - Fi connection password to enter. ,,.