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It is a powerful iPad data recovery, you can not only recover deleted data directly from iOS devices, but also function as a tool for iPhone/iPod/iPad without iTunes can save backup data. Powerful tool for up to 12 data types of iPad to the computer store. Not only data can retrieve backup iPad iTunes and transfer it to the computer, but also directly can iPad scan and full scan files on local PC safe. would like your data such as music, films, TV, ringtones, photos, PDF and ePub eBooks on computer applications to ensure, you need a professional tool for iPad backup. Step 2-scan for a certain FilesOnce iPad, iPad already attached to recognized by the program, quick scan will automatically by the program. Step 4 back up iPad apps, click on ComputerAfter in “ ” begin transferring the Transfer button, now all files selected, the folder on your computer, can use the process of transfer bar to view. Don ’ is t your iPad until the transfer is complete. I ’ I'm looking for Windows software all the way down, until an iPad.My forced me to upgrade to a newer version of iTunes 16 times in a month, and it saves me that iTunes appears to only those files that were transferred from the same Apple that I need, secure ID photos, videos, contacts and SMS messages. Maybe the songs, applications, too. is there a better replacement for iTunes, which can be used for all secure data on your iPad? would want to know how to iPad without iTunes, backup ’ not very strong.? In General, there was no full iTunes substitute like iCloud could replace iTunes as a backup tool. But if you want to save information such as photos, videos, messages, notes, contacts, notes, notes, history, calendar, reminders, and Safari bookmarks. Transfer step 3 a transfer configuration dialog box display settings, choose a location on your computer save and transfer to the “ ” list, select the team. When you have completed all the adjustments, click transfer now ” “ to start the backup iPad to computer. Starmap is the ideal application for the observation of the universe with realistic maps and detailed factual information. IPhone compass technology-based geo-location, Starmap Pro shows the exact location and shows the real sky and zoom in objects in the sky as you like. Starmap has many more features for your viewing area, including the information to optimize and images of celestial objects, sky looked information specifically for your area and much more. This application is suitable for casual or professional astronomer stargazer. Starmap Pro is available in iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. ,,.