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Well, you can now download applications. There, he sat down for a good cause. This collection of applications ranging from high-quality films for an application, you create your own station with a collection of fantastic recipes radio streaming. There are apps for almost everyone on this list, and best of all, these applications are completely free of charge. So even if you don't like these recommendations, it does not cost you a dime. The basics covered, it has been downloaded a number of applications, now is the time to make your own iPad. There are a number of options, you can customize your iPad above, simply choose your color. We treated the points got, but about the different ways that use the iPad? The iPad has many uses, good than most of us ever imagined, as I use it as a portable TV, an album with photos or even as a GPS for the car. In this lesson their creativity to stimulate, to can use the iPad in different ways, that you, as well as around the House and on the road. The last lesson is the number of a step for troubleshooting by technical support professionals, universally used: to reboot the unit. This lesson was briefly covered in the lesson, but is so important, that is mentioned, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn how you reset iPad here. If you have an iPad doesn't matter, fixed, the problem is, in Web pages or an iPad only slowly, the key to the solution to your problem could be the iPad restart. and for more information about this topic? Or you have an iPad and want to make better use? These lessons are designed for beginners and it focuses on the basics of what makes this circular button at the bottom of the iPad, how you can move or delete an application. There is also a lesson with tips that will help you, that most of your iPad and maybe even teach a friend a tip or two. The first lesson concerns the iPad today, including one of the provided in the box and what this circular button is down and the basics of the user interface for the iPad. You can also learn how your Web browser to find, so you can surf the Internet as you music on the iPad to play, like music and movies in the iTunes store to buy and how to start, then you can start the application file, download apps. . In this book learn not only how to put a custom image in the personalization of your iPad settings and the bottom of your iPad, iPad with access code but also how you locked. In this lesson, the first lesson is based on learning how to navigate, the iPad, and also how to arrange and organize your applications on the screen. Did you know that you create a folder and fill it with apps? Or you can use an application that you no longer use? You will also learn to find the best apps in the app store with better graphics, assessment of the client and the recommended applications. Did you know that you can download free books to read iBooks? Or the orientation of the iPad lock? Or an application through the Spotlight search to find quickly. There are a number of tips and tricks with your iPad to do that, but sometimes it is not so easy to understand. This lesson focuses on a series of tips that the iPad best able to help. ,,.