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Did you know that you can download free books to read iBooks? Or the orientation of the iPad lock? Or an application through the Spotlight to quickly find search. There are a number of tips and tricks with your iPad to do, but sometimes it is not so easy to guess. This lesson focuses on a series of tips that can help iPad optimally. Technical support taught the last lesson one step more common number used in troubleshooting of analysts around the world: to restart the device. This lesson was briefly covered in the lesson of the Councils, but so important, is mentioned here, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn how to reset your iPad. If you have an iPad that is fixed, have problems with the download of Web pages or an iPad just acts slowly, the new iPad is the key to the solution to your problem. Well, you can now download applications. We have for a good cause. This collection of radio applications on a collection of fantastic to create fall recipes while streaming of high quality movies for an application that allows you to their station. There are apps for almost everyone on this list, and best of all, these applications are completely free. So even if you don't like the recommendations, will not cost you a penny. . This guide will teach you not only how an image at the bottom of your iPad, but also how to put iPad customize your iPad with access code and some of the settings of your block. The first lesson is that the iPad one today, supplied in the box and what that circle button on the ground and the Foundation for the user interface of the iPad. Learn how to find your Web browser so that the Web can navigate as the iPad, how to buy music and movies on the iTunes store and save to start the application to make music can begin to upload applications. We have tips, like the different ways to use the iPad? The iPad has many applications that most of us think of our use as a portable television, such as a photo album or even a GPS for the car, maybe not always. In this lesson, their creativity in different ways to wake up is to use the iPad as well around the House and on the road. and I would like to learn more? Or have an iPad and better use? These lessons are designed for beginners and covers the basics of this move or delete an application can made iPad round button at the bottom of this. There is also a lesson with tips that will help you learn better, iPad and maybe even be able a good tip or two. This lesson originated from the first lesson, lessons, like the iPad to navigate and also to organize and organize your applications on the screen. Did you know that you create a folder and fill it with apps? Or you can use an application that you no longer use? In addition, learn how to keep the best applications of the app through upper letters, feedback from clients, search and search for recommended specifications. We have in the app store are down, but we have not conducted by steps to download their first application. If you get a little overwhelmed by the app store and more than a million applications, is simply too overwhelmed. This lesson will guide you to download the iBooks application, which is the reader and eBook Store. It's an interesting application, and when you've finished the tutorial, you can download applications for a game. You have the bases covered, which has downloaded a bunch of applications, it is now time to make your own iPad. There are a number of options, you can select your iPad in addition to simply adjust the color, the. ,,.