Other information: the year of birth of mother?-? Birth of the biological father, 1944?-? -1938 biological father was already married and had five children, two of them were twins. Graduate biological father was a technician's tractor, the mother worked on the farm of his parents and became a Presbyterian. I was home on 26.06.1968 reproduction and the regulation appeared on 29.12.1969, in Cerro Gordo County. counsel was Walter Shroeder, Mason CityIA I talk to my dad sign an opportunity cost only he approach anything go there 2 years ago my mother died. Input: 7-31-2003Date published: 7-31-2003The last updated: 7-31-2003If update by email. Other information: Diane has a mole in the left-hand CTRL (?) about the size of a pea or maybe more. It was very early, so I'm not sure if you have health problems. Our mother died when I was 6, so I don't know anything more. I want to find and restore. ECHO and I have much time to find for a particular purpose, I come to dead ends. Date: 3-18-posted 2010Date: 3-18-2010Last update: 06.03.2010. other information: he was persuaded to give my daughter at birth and they regretted every day since then. My heart has a hole that must be filled in. But only if I can find it. Input: 6-11-published: 11-2003Date 6 2003The last updated: 11.06.2003. other information: my twin sister has understand it I broke after Michigan. Our biological father was the Attorney who had adoption papers. As far as I know it is that she brought religiously acceptance to a place. Our mother was our biological father Luthern Baptiste. I saved a petition of adoption records, they have not had a response. The story behind what separates us is unbelievable and sad and very much what I want to know. It was never going to forget. Our unique blood brother, I guess that used to go to Michigan and controlled somehow by you. He died in 1986. Our biological father died in 1974, our biological mother in 2007. I moved to Michigan twice try to find it. Please contact me before the other members of the family. I know that our mother has sent hood with it. I know that it was in Detroit. I tried to find families who may be friends of the family of the adoptive parents, who have implemented my twin brother. I failed. It was like our brother to use. I do not think that it was adopted by the family without reason. We have tried. And members of the family can only a double. Its long history. I tried for 3 years. Demand expected to find dishes, but could not find him. I wanted to do it together. I hope that adoption records that tell me something. The application of today. It was an open tip signed acceptance. So, if you you and want answers to before you contact me. It can for our parents explain some cards, but not how it could be a double. There are so many things you need to know. Then someone in the Detroit area, who knows, adopted as a woman, Hazel or green eyes, brown hair. Tell him that she is looking for her partner.Input: 4-11-published: 11-2010Date 4 2010Last updated: 11.05.2010. other information: deformed in a simple yellow blanket, lacey with a yellow ribbon around the edge is adopted. The letter has become new parents, abandoned reading provided the child for adoption. I think that the hypothesis of Dubuque, but the paperwork in Cedar Rapids (Iowa) has been processed. (Update) He was 21 years old, and so was the biological father. I am 5 ' 7 m large, very fair with blue eyes. He was blond as a child. biological father was also approximately 5 ' 10 tall and fair.Input: 4-12-2013Date published: updated 30-4 - 2013Last: 30.04.2013. other information: the only thing that my mother, as the name is so young. I think that it is between 60 and 70 years old, I have no information on my biological father was tall and thin, he received date: 2-24-2010Date published: 2-24-2010Last updated the: 25.02.2010. other information: I was told that there was a private adoption. It happened in Des Moines, Iowa (not sure if this is true) mother was young, and her parents to give the child for adoption. I knew that some of my brethren of the adoptive parents. These brothers and my father is dead. I also said that the adoption by a church can expect. I was told that my brother in Des Moines has grown. (Not sure what). There's not much about the small details go. (Update) My mother was 19 years old. She was 5 ' 3 m tall, with blue eyes and blond hair. Birth father is 5 ' 10 m tall, aged 23 years. She has Brown eyes and brown hair. I am 5 ' 4, I have eyes and honey brown hair color. My name is single mothers Mathews, I forgot that my mother was married previously for a short time, his birth name Borghi. Date: date of dispatch 2012-03-12: updated 12-7-2012Last: 12.08.2012. other information: we are looking for our brother 11 - is born? -1960, Iowa, Iowa City, we believe that the child was a boy, but a woman could not. We have no record of birth, but we are trying to get help for the people. We have some clues. If you are looking for here, please contact us. Input: 4-10-2009Date published: 4-13-2009last updated: 4-15 - 2009Contact information: 15.04.2009. More information: biological mother was single and 38 years.old or something, Secretary and had an affair with the boss, who had lifted the title with the company. Biological father was married. My mother loved horses after an aunt remained at the hospital until the adoption. (update) my adoption story, as I heard him: my mother was unmarried women, who worked in an office, an old (mid and late 30s) and had an affair with his boss. There was a man, married with children, is one of the horses, loved it.Entry: 21 November 2007 release date: 2007Last 12-3-update updated: 25.02.2011, 12.03.2007 & 18.12.2013. other information: my mother was 15 years old when I said that my father had, that she was pregnant. It was the second oldest of six children. She lived in an African-American neighborhood, which was better than most. I enjoyed cooking, baseball and tennis. He liked to see his uncle's baseball play. Biological mother will play types w/district of football. The nanny's children, people like his aunt &. He was a Baptist Church Pentcostal and a member of the firm of young & Chor.Sie is very sociable and gets well with most people. 15 5 1 tall and weighs 115 kg, who had curly hair and dark eyes. They wear without glasses. The mother has a complexion dark & African am. Characteristics. His father was Nyrs 38. old, in good health without the need for surgery. He is 5 ' 8 high and 195 pounds has worked on a military base. Mothers birth mother disappeared?-? -1962 a disease. Parent has a sister of 9 years and a brother disappeared. My biological father was African-American was Evangelical Church and participated actively in the mark of the Church in time as in the school, with teachers and 15-year-old students, who took fin. middle class lived in basketball, football and baseball worked. He was raised: 5 ' 5 & media had black eyes, complexion and black hair is dark enough. He had a 13-year-old brother lives in the same city of birth of the mother with her parents and a 17-year-old sister. Date: 12-28-extended of publication: 29 2008Last update: 04.02.2009. other information: only 3 weeks when I adopted. I think my mother was divorced at the time - I think that she was a girl, that he was older than me.I think he saw a construction worker who would be my Birthfather,- and was adopted. I am more interested, my health history is nothing. I just got diagnosed a few things that are not very common, and I wonder if anyone in my family has this birth. I have a daughter, and I would like to hear from you. Also, I am curious to know, my daughter and her half-sister. and I wonder if they are curious all these years. Input: 6-25-2002Date published: 6-25-2002Last updated: 25.06.2002. other information: my parents took me to the hospital when I was 4 days ago. The adoption is by a private lawyer, now it preserved DeceasedDate: 6-10 2003Date wrote: 6-10 2003The update: 06.10.2003. More info: biological father (20) and (21) biological mother married and had two daughters and then divorced. The biological father returned very Italian and the maiden name of the mother, which is a very common name. It was an entity, but it is now retired. Biological mother in the CF?-? -1997 wanted but without contact already told to anyone. Means the mother does not live in Iowa, I'm not sure about others? Mother and biological father is the birth of jr as Franco father in the same University, birth mother.Input: 7-29-extended posted: 8 / 2 / 24.11.2008 2008Last update:. Other information: minimum information and bought everything I know. (Update) I am 5 ' 9 and the biggest compilation. I have honey colored eyes and brown hair. I don't have any other information on my biological parents. (Update) Mother is born in the House, she was 5 feet 6 inches, 150 kg, black eyes and black hair. There's no age mentioned. Mother's birth father was 5 ' 11 in height, black eyes and black hair. The mother was 5 ' 7 in height, Brown eyes and brown hair. Not the biological father is available Informationen.Datum: 23-10-published: 10-2012tentative date 24-2012Last update: 04.04.2013 & 17.12.2012. other information: his mother was 18 years old, 5 feet 6 inches, with blue eyes and blond hair, clear skin. It had a main - and 2-year-old sister. Biological father was a 20 years old, he died in Viet Nam 8? -1965 in the United States Marine Corps. He was 6 ' 1 in height and red hair, green eyes, freckles. Has one brother and two sisters. (update) I'm 5 ' 10 in height, I have blue eyes and blond hair with a hint of red. I was born on 01:26, that the hospital is not known.Input: 1-2-2013Date published: Update 1-3-2013Last: 01.05.2013. other information: I mean find all information about the biological parents on heritage and history. You are cordially invited to come into contact with me, but I do not invade your privacy. My biological father, who told me was a deserter from the school, a mechanic by profession. Both parents were she married not AFAIK in his early twenties, when I was conceived. (Update) Some of the details I have are my biological father's eyes was brown hair brown, and my mother had blue black eyes hair.(Update) I have hair and colorful, sometimes blue grey eyes. Input: 5-16-2011Date published: 21.05.2011 updated: 27.05.2011. other information: my mother was Ila Mae Tyler is dead and has been for several years. My biological father, I know very little about something that is not in possession of the white or worked in a gas station in 1960 and it is said that she is married and has children. I also said that she had red hair. I have a picture of it and ILA Mae collection, but I have no idea what is his name, and how is this mystery would be 49 next Tuesday 28 July, which he said he knows I exist completely. I want that interfere with your life, but I have some health problems also should I have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Input: 7-24-2009Date published: 7-28 - 2009last updated: 28.07.2009. other information: search for the biological sister. Not much detail is known. There is a media history of cancer, that could also rise, my father spent. Other brothers of light, for the parents too. (Update) The mother was 5 ' 4 high, 19 years old at the time of the birth. She has blue eyes and brown hair. The biological father is 6 ' 2 high, 20 years at the time of the birth. He has Brown eyes and dark brown hair. I am 5 ' 7, have brown eyes and brown hair, my brother is 6 ' 5, had the blue/green eyes and blond hair. 2 brothers on the adopted Kind.Eingang: 16-10-published: 10-2012tentative date 18-2012Last update: 19.10.2012. other information: I am interested in my half nacimiento Hermana to believe our mother, when she was 16 years old. It is a private adoption. Later, my father married our birth and the birth mother, and my brother has a little sister's birth. Date of receipt: 4-7-2012tentative date posted: 4-last update: 9 2012Last 04.09.2012. other information: I am a recently retired bomb Marina-tech team, which my family includes my employees/origin story would. Last year, it became important for me, for spiritual reasons. My assumption is not 23261, Tama County Courthouse (Iowa). Services for the children of Hillcrest was the adoption agency and keep the following information in a letter on their part to my adoptive mother: mothers at the age of 20, 5 ' 5 tall, 70 kg, Brown eyes, brown hair, dark German Foundation and under the direction of said student, nationality also requested that it be given to a family of farmers, who was describing what susssehr independently and securely even be. My information from biological parents of 38, 5 ' 10 years of high, 180 kg, blue eyes, brown hair, skin of the Lieutenant and nationality were unknown claire (perhaps a few Indians), in respect of postgraduate training. The social worker, Miss Sandra k. Smith (worked outside Hillcrest Cedar Rapids) wrote in the same letter 07.01.1968: libero decided by my so mature mother compared to the child, the mother was single and not married. I took was on my biological parents of 21.07.1967 in the United Methodist Church of St. Paul in Cedar Rapids. Also by E-mail. Other information: the file name is displayed in my Decree of adoption is Marjorie Dunn. I'm not sure whether your name is single or married. Married at the time of acceptance, but not my biological father. I have no idea who it is, Mississippi. Dunn has other children; approximately how many centuries are unknown. For the hospital, there was a school linked to the hospital, which is where I was born in nursing. Not at the hospital. Neither remain in the nursery. I stayed with nuns from teaching. They were mostly of the Sisters (nuns). Lawyer adoption is now deceased and society, the records of the company now, nothing should help me. All information in the minimum would be very comfortable date: 28-9 extended posted: 9-29 - 2008Last update: 29.09.2008. other information: age of birth of parents (update) are unknown. Father of birth has blue eyes and black hair, unknown biological mother. I am 5 feet 6 inches, my eyes are blue and brown hair. (Update) I found my brothers, since their birth a few years ago, parents are dead, but I would like to know, the circumstances of the Annahme.Eingang: 9-2011Date published: 9-23-2011 update: 23.09.2011. other information: agy date 8 was little cooperative on the sisters assumed I would like to know how to make a direct and after w/spam protected. You must remove the first set received ItDate: posted on 21-11 - 2007Date: update 12-5-2007Last: 12.05.2007. other information: I was adopted by Florence Crittenton in Sioux City, Iowa. my daughter and my father were born in the past 30 that my mother had a daughter, who was 19 years old. My mother was alone and my father is a married man with a family. My mother was a waitress in a restaurant and my biological father in the Werbung.Datum: 10-31-2006Date issued: 1-11-2006last update: 11.01.2006. other information: want to chicken pieces on the left cheek. Contact Falcemico. You update the original of the present form 2009 still no answer, (). Taken bi racial assumes it is black and white with a pale brown skin, hair curly thick; I feel like chicken of the tracks on the left cheek. Said changed BC 01:30, the weight of the birth of Dr. David W. Decker, M.D., (update) 6 pounds 12 ounces, length 19 5 1/2, 01:30 time 24 years at the birth of the mother was born. She was 5 ' 8 m tall, weighs 135 kg, blue eyes, brown hair, complexion, had seen close / astigmatism, Protestnt religion. Biological father is 6 ' 2 1/2 height, weighs 210 pounds, has Brown eyes and black hair, dyed medium, religion received Protestnt. Date: 27-2-2009Date of publication: 28 / 2 / 2009last updated: 06.05.2013 & 28/02/2009-25/09/2013. Looking for birth mother, medical history. More information: it was a private adoption. The lawyer who handled the adoption went with my parents in the Church. the doctor, I went with my parents in the Church. The only information I have is that my mother was young, had told him a son (son), said that she was pregnant with me, his parents, that I couldn't keep. My Decree of adoption is very general and not a lot of information. (Update) My color is red-brown, and the eye is Hazel. I am 5 ' 4 tall and average weight. My parents are deceased. Something specific in regard the adoption never said members of the family. I know that Frank knows lawyer handles the legal aspects of adoption. my understanding of the adoption: Parents attended the first Falls.the of Cedar Baptist delivery doctor Church frequented with my Eltern.Meine adoptive parents were able, with the help of the doctor and the lawyer, he was a private Verabschiedung.Eingang: 3-31-2011Date writing: 07.04.2011 updated: 04.07.2011. other information: (update) I want to help my husband find of half-brothers and sister by birth, his birth we are uncertain, how they are. He and his brother resume birth filled?-? -1967 the same couple when the boys were 3 and 2. Adoptive mother dies, and much of the information has disappeared with it. Anniversary Lane 05.08.1964 and Lynn 8 to begin? -1965. The two boys had Strawberry blond hair and blue-grey eyes. They were removed from the custody of his parents and lived in shelters for a while, until they were adopted. We have no information about the biological parents, that McDaniel, McDonald, McDannel (sp) would be their names. The boys were connected only currently completely by the blood, more than brothers and sisters were older. Input: 9-20-2010Date posted: 9-21-2010Last update: 26.09.2010. other information: I discovered that my biological parents were students at the State University of Iowa in Ames. She informed me that my biological parents of German origin were. (Update) I do not know the students were old I was born are not parents. Secondly, I think that you aged 18 to 22. I do not know the color of the hair or eyes. I am 5 ' 8, I have brown hair and blue eyes. In addition, they told me, that I have in 10.05 (do not know if it the morning or the afternoon?) born.Input: 7-28-2013Date published: 8-3-2013Last update: 08.08.2013. More info: my daughter was born in Mason City Hospital already there and I do not remember, the name of the hospital was a single mother and knew nothing about the adoption. I have important medical information that you need, that you has also a brother and two sisters means, who want to see them and meet them, children who want to meet their family members. Input: 19-published: 11-extended 20 2008Last update: 21.11.2008. other information: his mother was 19 years old, born as I was. He had followed a year of college and cela worked as an operator key of the coup. biological father was a wrestler a birth mother. (Update) 5' high, 95-98 kilos, aged 21 years and she had enough any blond hair and green eyes. very fair complex. the small bones, small and attractive. before pregnancy. Biological father was high 5 ' 8 150 pounds, had blue eyes and blond hair blonde, complex. I am 5 ' 1, have blond hair and blue-green eyes. (even if it became dark with age). Input: 6-3-2013Date published: 6-25 - 2013Last update: 30.03.2014 & 13.11.2013 & 30.07.2013 & 08.03.2013 and 25.06.2013. other information: my mother worked as a Secretary at Rockwell Collins. He had an affair with a man married to labour and the adoption by a lawyer, who, the strap of my doctors Dr. Aschoff said the Hospital made a mistake and my wrist left the child Flannigan had spoken. I have the list of employees of Rockwell Collins?-? -1963 there were 2 fountain is not the correct spelling, but worked in the port safe and one was a first Secretary of JD. From Texas. Date of receipt: 09.04.2004 publication date: 9-4-2004Last date: 09.04.2004. other information: they are the adoptive sister of Terry and tried to find some information from it. Catholic services of the participating organization and our mother has said that her mother was 100% Irish. On the other hand, believe both if I have probably suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, although this was never officially done. Input: 23-published: 11-23 2004Last 2004Date date: 23.11.2004. other information: adoption had finialized 05.01.1968. You gave me with my adoptive parents on the 28.04.1967. now I have two beautiful girls who want to learn more about their family history. Any help is greatly appreciated! Input: 6-11-published: 11-extended 6 2008Last update: 11.06.2008. other information: parents suspected that young people; The mother was of Italian origin, Chariton, IA and you; Letters of resignation signed three days in a row; Adoptive mother says that birth may have biological father has had a baby with his mother's cousin; # 114 69-017904 of the 27.05.1969 amended birth certificate; Physician Dr. L.W. Porter attended the start date: 01.08.2003 release date: 1-8 2003The last updated: 01.08.2003. other information: I am looking for my brother, given up for adoption, when my mother was a single 19-year-old daughter. He was born in Iowa but Dakota approved in the South, at 8 months. His adoptive father was a farmer and his mother a homemaker. It also has a sister who was adopted. any information would be appreciated. Kelly Jurgens date: 8-7-2006Date posted: 8-11-2006last updated the: 22.08.2006,,.