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Warmly welcome in Gaia, where millions of members, collect random things to discuss, new friends, complains of life, fight for nothing, laughing at silent films, to discuss serious topics or curse like sailors. You can use VoyForums subject with similar interests to discuss. You can create your own message or community for your friends, work, Web, School Board or another problem that you would like to discuss with others.VoyForums has options to control almost all aspects of a forum, that elections for the administrator. Please read our. only), as well as many Otherimprovements on the site. VoyForums remains a free site of Adminsand Forum members, visitors and posters, and while we offer a quantity limits the great transition, we continue to be one of the simplest and most direct Forums worldwide. We believe that it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the site. 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MoneySavers tends to be a kind of package, and often questions and tips to share. At any time can be more than 5,000 in. Smiley is a symbol or combination of symbols used to convey messages or writing form or emotional content. Forums implement a system through which some of the verbatim transcripts of an emoticon (z.B. xD: p) are represented as a small image. That part of the world, this forum topic originates (as most international forums) smilies can be replaced by other similar graphic elements, for example. A contribution is a message sent by the user on a block with the information of the user and the date and time that wrote. Members can remove the rule change or their contributions. Positions are subjects, where the blocks in order. The first post starts the thread; This may be the TS (thread starter) or is called the OP (original post). They respond to the messages that follow in the thread to continue the discussion on this post or on other responses; It is not uncommon to derail the talks.The classical form of a member in Western forums, show invisibles (such as your name and avatar) was listed in a narrow column with a fixed width, with post controls on the right side, at the foot of the main body, above the signature on the left block. In software releases latest Asian-style forum to showcase member copy by mail.The contributions were generally measured on the inner boundary character. Often, you will have to have a message of minimal length of 10 characters. There is always an upper edge, but it is rarely reached – most boards have Zeichen. Die 10000, 20000, 30000 or 50000 in more forums keep user messages. The message counter is a measure, how important a particular user contributed. The term sock puppet refers to several pseudonyms used by the same person on a bulletin board or forum. The analogy of a sock puppet is a puppet to keep both hands and dialogue, providing two dolls. A typical use of a media puppet, the sock puppet or a different account has the same person, to discuss the position in an argument to reinforce to the puppeteer. Puppet socks are usually found when checks the IP address of the account on the forum. Systeme. Die most forum software are now fully customizable with engravings or editing a forum appropriate for you and members of your needs.Often use the forum. or information about user behavior on the Web site of the user's browser and is used when it is reintroduced in the site. This is done to facilitate automatic login and a user, if a Forum or a thread has received new contributions since his last visit. These can be disabled or removed at any time. Read the marking is the process of with a thread, post or Forum, showing that they are no different. The function is usually automatic with the addition of controls, as they mark all etc, or abuse reporting system. When the discussion becomes inflamed and parts no longer complain and not mutually accept differences of opinions, debate about what degeneres called it a war call. Means other than flame someone and attacking the person instead of their opinion. Likely candidates for flame wars are usually religion and socio-political issues or themes, existing rivalries outside the Forum (for example the rivalry between console systems, car manufacturers, nationalities, games, etc.), to administer. What is a theme that, in a flame war, degenerated much as Forum (a part or all of the Council), spam and flames have a chance of spreading outside the topic and anger, usually in the form of vandalism. Some wars forums (commonly game forums) have suffered great flame forum, almost immediately after its creation, because of existing buildings. a company of the Maldives against Scubaboard for libel in January 2010. For presented basics, although the owners of the Forum moderators in the United States are protected. : Unlike conventional forums, original wiki allows all users to edit all content (including other posts). This level of editorial content is reserved for moderators or administrators in most forums. Wikis allow the creation of other content outside. : Unlike Internet forums, most of the characters require no registration is not required for the e-mail address of a user. Most of the characters are strong, unlike most forums are moderated. So where Crossposting was an accepted practice, but causes problems in forums on the Web, which does not have the ability to connect these messages, answers in a forum are not for people who read the post visible elsewhere. . Popular topics in comparisons, polls, forums, matters of opinion and discussion. It is not uncommon that people panic absurd or undesirable behavior to germinate, first, if the topic is controversial. Lack of understanding of the differences in the values of the participants is a common problem in the forums. Because the answers are often formulated on a topic, someone's point of view discussion gets out people easily different directions including its validity, sources and so on concerned. Circular discussion and ambiguity in the responses may be for different positions of 10 thousand a thread terminates when it is enlarged. , [Color = value] for color and [list] for lists, but also images [IMG] and [url] for Links.Im as BBCode: [b] this [/b] [i] smart [/I] text [b] [i] [i] [/b] when the post is HTML code is processed and displayed in the form: is Text. Many smart Forum packages provide a way to create custom BBCode or BBCode are not included in the package where the administrator of the Forum BBCode instead allows the use of complex JavaScript functions, or iframe in the messages, for example, you can create a video from YouTube or Google incorporation complete with Viewer directly into a post. Most Internet forums require after registration. Registered users of the site are designated as members and perhaps an expedition or send electronic messages. They constitute an infringement of the rules forum. Spammers use a number of illicit techniques to their spam, including the use of the pole. ); They allow people to send messages and comments on other news. Later developments emulates different discussion groups or individual lists, offers more than a forum dedicated to a specific topic. RSS feeds allow the minimalist design which means subscribe to the Forum. Common implementations allow updated RSS feed list only some recent threads for the forum index and messages in a thread. ) an old thread in case that caused his poster on the most recent thread and more active. This practice is generally regarded as a breach of netiquette in most forums. Old thread is usually not another reserve is locked, is the new user Necroposting and in cases where it is uncertain the date of previous posts. in a previous process or on the road, under the name of HTML to distinguish styles. Most cannot be falsified, but for some programs of the forum you are insecure and can be guessed. Other forms that can be recorded with software, especially obligated raw as a code scanner. It is often included in the package of the software forum. Will the system of words in the text of the post, or any other user editable Forum element (such as a user for example) and if they have a particular keyword (b. often partly coincides with the web site, is a page of links). Generally, senders are other Forum members and members are rewarded for recommendations. The reference system is sometimes applied to that when a visitor visits the Forum but a link such as ID = 300, the user with the reference ID number (in this example, 300) would you like to receive credit if the visitor register. The forum consists of a tree like directory structure. Is the upper extremity. A forum can be categorized to relevant discussions. Forums are among the categories and these forums may have additional subsections. Arguments (often called threads) fall in the lowest of sub-forums and what are the places where members may start their conversations or messages. The forums are logically led to a system of generic arguments (usually with a main theme) and updated by a group known as the members and is governed by a group called moderators organized. The concerns of the user in the Forum to answer general questions, as well as the specific complaints are also moderators. Ben moderators include: deleting, merging, movement and distribution of messages and discussions, lock, Rename, which provides that [translation] a user or provider of interactive computer service as editor or content available speaker treatment provider information from other information, a lack of Internet Forum Web application needs to send threads and replies. Threads are usually more visible in newer and newer responses of old views. A common misstep Internet forum is two times the same message. Users send sometimes versions of a message that are a bit different, especially in forums where they can edit their previous work. A user timer can artificially increase more charges instead of previous posts. Viewing multi-up can be intentional; A user's Browser you may receive an error message, even though the post was submitted or a user of a slow Forum might be impatient and revised the Send button. Viewing multi-up also permits as a method. and rights are based on these groups. A user can automatically to a group of privileged users, on the basis of criteria defined by the administrator of the Forum are promoted. A person who is a regular visitor to the Forum, a section or even a calling network.: forums differ from chat rooms and instant-messaging in this forum do not participants at the same time to receive or send messages must be online. Messages posted to a forum is available for some time, although the Forum or thread, which is unusual in the talk that maintain frequent activity rooms.A rarity among forums is the ability to create a photo album. Forum participants can upload personal photos on the site and add descriptions to your images. Images can be in the same format as the location of the wire and contain options that include and respond to emails. in this text are often more than a single line and at least temporarily archived messages. In addition, depending on the level of access for a user or the configuration of the Forum, a transmitted message must be approved by a moderator, until it becomes visible.The forums have been associated with a specific set of jargon; for example, an individual is called a conversation. Has established an online Community view, inflammatory, unnecessary or off-topic messages bait or excite users to answer or to test the rules and guidelines of the Forum as the patience of the Forum staff. Potentially provocative behavior can be started. 下げる Sageru terminology, so low.Threads that are important but rarely receive messages are covered (or immobilized in some software). A sticky thread appears in normal subjects, often in a separate section. A threaded discussion group is easy to take advantage of a group of people, a forum or discussion thread asynchronously. The Group may total oriented or popularity has not only users of the Forums thread. forum Ein in reaction (contribs), minus one, the default opening multiple messages on the Forum. Some forums have page views. The discussions, a number of make or respond to a variety of viewpoints, may receive a designation as news of the subject and with a different icon that appear on other threads. This symbol is more focus on the cable. If users have lost interest in a specific forum, it will be a dead thread. The forums are subject to a number of people, called staff, composed of administrators and moderators who design, political and technical maintenance (creation and implementation) are responsible for the forum. Most forums have a detailed list of rules the desires, the purpose and the creator of the Forum guidelines. It is also generally. When the rules are often broken several steps. Usually a warning will be given to the principle; It is usually in the form of a private message, but the recent development can be integrated into the software. Once the Member is usually-banned from the forum for a couple of days-if the law is ignored and put in custody do not work, first of all. He denied calling a ban on access to the site. They may say the bans, the person can already connect can't or aren't even the website. If it repeats the offence notice after the series, a rabbinical ban, further is given, this time is generally longer. Continuous harassment of the site ultimately leads to a permanent ban. In most cases, it simply means that the account is locked out. In extreme cases where the culprit-and permanently-banned once creates another account and continue to harass the site, administrators is one. The use and principles of a forum (usually tailored to the specific forum software) is not yet known which contains information from the basic section of new members and the people.Forum rules are usually applied to the body of any user and exceptions often predetermined, plus a section with exceptional names. For example, against the rules, be except for one discussion section handled General. Forum and application Normas da parte del team of moderation, but users can all as a notification system is known to help. This system contains more software American Forum. on the other hand, is far more complex, enables online discussions and fully incorporating a robust moderation and system profiles, as well as several features stand-independent thread for Forum users to Verfugung. einige glory forum and relevance as meta-moderacion the. A registered member site is not known as a guest or visitor. Normally, you can access all the functions, which do not require changes to the database or the invasion of privacy. Usually you can view the contents of the Forum or use functions such as reading of the brand, but sometimes a Manager by visiting the forum admit to be incentive for a registered member to read. If a thread-or, in some cases, an entire Forum becomes unstable, the result is usually uncontrolled spam in the form of complaints of a line. Forum Spam is a breach of netiquette where users repeat the same word or phrase over and over, but differs from multiple locations in this intentional act is usually spam, which sometimes is harmful; This is a common technique of trolling. It can be traditional. A thread on the Forum is included and can be a date that is, as the date of the last post (order of options, that the cables are usually available from other criteria). If a member of a single message thread at first, since this is the last update thread. In addition, it will pop out the other threads before, when they receive contributions. Members posts in a thread without a reason, but that should go on top, known as a fall or a blow. It has been suggested that this joke is an acronym for my post. : The most important difference between forums and mailing list is the mailing list to deliver new messages to the Subscriber during the forum of reader to visit the web site, find new positions required. It could so much as members, are interested in Miss answers discussions, many modern forums offer an e-mail notification, whose members are new posts in a thread to be notified, and character, for example, the title of the user, the user's words abuse admin, moderator, Editor, and so forth. If you implement the system of censorship, a title as the Forum can filter head Forum *. Vulgar or coarse words are the objectives for the system of censorship. More serious with post count lower, but not always, users are considered as users with higher post counts often. Some forums, for example, disable post heads with the hope that it will focus on the quality of information about the quantity, then. An attachment can be any file. When someone attaches a file to a post of the person that uploads the file to the server Forum. Forums usually have very strict limits which may be fixed and what is not possible (including the size of the file in question). Systems can be connected to a wire, the software, the social group, even software products that combine functionality, Forum and list i.e. There are email viewing and reading, as well as the browser according to the election of members. . Ad forum administrators can also scale or change the appearance (known as skin) of a forum. There are also many forums, where administrators to share their knowledge. two functions in an operation known as the forums and the message of the wall. The Forum is intended for discussion and Assembly work, Wa, while messages messages provided wall similar to how works a traditional forum. ,,.