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In addition to Yohimbe, Tongkat Ali, I've tried hundreds of pharmaceutical substances, all trying to restore the herbs and sexual function. Most of these substances, with the exception of Epimedium (horny goat weed) is totally useless. Horny goat weed is a good addition to Tongkat Ali for those who somehow get alone not the full effectiveness of Tongkat Ali. I read in many places that are not are worth nothing more sexual enhancing herbs. About 98 percent of what posted is in the Internet on sexual enhancement is ordinary spam. These articles are written so that you perform a purchase of a product, the whole propaganda and zero substance. I hate spam. My entire life I'm a journalist, I have written for newspapers, magazines, radio, I've written several books (non-sexual). This was before the Internet. My profession has completely changed the Internet. Much has the market for nonfiction books such as in most matters, eroded, now find enough information on the Internet. And information over the Internet are usually free of charge. . I understand that the logic of the merchants of health that knowingly sold complements, Yohimbe or Yohimbe Yohimbe with mixtures of active ingredient (the alkaloid yohimbine) almost no one. First, the bark, is that of the Yohimbe yohimbine alkaloid lacks much cheaper for farmers in West Africa. Secondly with an ineffective product produce even dangerous side effects, be no danger for responsible if something goes wrong. Yohimbe bark extract real (that do not contain the alkaloid yohimbine) is purchased in large quantities by the pharmaceutical industry, produces the tablets of yohimbine (especially the Plantecam in Cameroon). Yohimbe bark extract the nickname, which is much cheaper, but yohimbine does not contain almost no alkaloid, is sold to manufacturers of nutritional supplements. Pausinystalia Yohimbe, Yohimbe bark types real (yohimbine is used for the extraction of the alkaloid) to catch up. This plant is still rare in West Africa, including in Cameroon, the main supplier was in 1990. In Nigeria, which has been the main source of which was Yohimbe and yohimbine, Pausinystalia Yohimbe century a heavy, to find your plants. The reason is obvious. Alkaloid yohimbine is derived from the bark of the tree. Once the tree has been removed, it will die. You need more than 10 years reaches a size, which makes it interesting to rip the bark of the tree. And the bark of the Yohimbe is a crop in societies that are notoriously strapped for cash. That still figures in West Africa are from trees similar species, such as Pausinystalia Macroceras. These other types of Yohimbe contains alkaloids, but also for small amounts of the alkaloid yohimbine. However, the bark of these trees from other Pausinystalia may be sold yet. Not for the pharmaceutical industry, retains the correct extraction of Afrique de l ' Ouest (Plantecam) services and notary immediately was, but the herbal supplements industry, what quality standards must be respected. As a result get you in most herbal supplement products written on the label of the Yohimbe Yohimbe bark has a lower (but healthy) extract (contains the alkaloid yohimbine shortly and was much cheaper than would be the case with real Pausinystalia Yohimbe bark extract to buy). The mechanisms through which consumers can obviously ineffective buy a product, are not only in West Africa, Yohimbe. If you for a powerful addition to Yohimbe, is what I recommend:. ,,.