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Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion Citation

References in alphabetical order. All listed in the quote from the texts, references and any text quote information sources section should be listed. Databases formats: reference samples. Special Edition of the magazine of the APA of personality and social psychology, vol. 71, no. 6, December 1996 includes articles on recognition of itself; social and personal; improve the memory of identity in age; other significant representations in social relations; Self-esteem; theory of auto-divergencia; positive illusion in romantic relationships; Effects of majority and minority. also stereotypes; Intergroup bias. Norms and intergroup discrimination Intergroup; Special participation of living later in life; Excitement, risk of tasks and self-control; and the concept itself in the transmission work. Although it is not a central element of its mission, the journal of personality and psychology social-value replication and promotes the memories in search of valuable information that already published in the personality and social psychology to replicate. Paper contain important criteria for the publication of the replication. Posted by original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology and puts the emphasis on empirical relationships, however, specialized to verify the theoretical and methodological role. The magazine is divided into three sections published independently. Attitudes and social cognition focuses on these areas of social behavior in perception plays an important role, including the interface of knowledge with the opening, affect behavior and motivation. Topics covered include formation, modification and use of attitudes and these assignments, personal memory, self-regulation and the origins and consequences of emotions and moods, because this knowledge interact. Interesting is also the influence of the different surfaces on social phenomena such as persuasion, communication, prejudices, social development and cultural trends and cognition. Interpersonal relations and group processes focuses on the structural and psychological characteristics of interaction in groups and diadi. In this section, documents about the nature and dynamics of social interactions and relationships, including communication, emotion, interpersonal attraction, the development of the relationship and the Group and organizational processes, social influence, making group decisions and police tasks, relations and aggression, intergroups are pro-social behaviors and other types of social behavior. Research on all aspects of the personality psychology publishes the process, personality and individual differences. It includes individual differences in the studies of basic behavioral processes, emotions, motivation, health, administration and other phenomena that reflect the personality. Articles in the fields of the structure of the personality and development of personality, personality assessment are also suitable for this section of the magazine, as well as studies on the interaction between culture and personality and manifestations of personality in everyday behavior. ,,.