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He took a few boxes of independence 5.56 locally and taken to the ranch. It feeds well long-term, groups are closely linked to the 100yds and has enough value at today's prices. I'm not sure of what now makes a case, but when compared to federal or PMC, it is comparable and cheaper at least 10 cents per round. I'm going to change my game was not with them; But as a cross-training trip, a little game or something to this effect: Beary! Thanks to the United States said that the comments and your thoughts on this product. Their experience will help other shooters, they determine whether a shot of ammunition to a value that allows us to know if we continue to do the trick. If you do not mind, please add an e-mail address so that we can contact with any questions or if we can do something to make your shooting experience was what it takes! We shot for my the 6920 100. No problem at all. Ammunition shoot with good groups. After reading many comments on interference and the realization of the dirt. Seen this problem. Ammunition in bulk also are where it will be henceforth all buying ammunition. Incredible customer service and great products. Thanks again a lot of ammunition. Filmed by hundreds of rounds, all the ammunition in any group-good price, good-just a jam / think that the Tower has been stolen. A: the BT (boat tail) function at the bottom of the ball is a standard with the m193 round's independence. While the manufacturer does not contain this information, the balls have a tail of boat for greater accuracy at longer distances. Shows the rounds and works as a traditional FMJ round will be a shotgun. These munitions has been very fast, very well packed and all ammunition in excellent condition. Really, I can't say how a company are now without ammunition, because everyone knows that the price of ammunition is higher than it should be, but untied ammunition contributes to the decline in prices. For the sale of ammunition in bulk, you can see on our website is in stock and ready to ship. If you order today, ammunition in bulk in the disappointing opportunity comes first not stock-e - mail or delays here!. I pulled on him all the ammunition without any problems. Ammunition great for a better price when I bought in September. All large ammunition and a great price. 5.56/223 is tuff to find these days due to the current conditions (ahem!).What is good enough to make me an Israeli. The price was high, but the ammunition are high now, but a week later who had bought my luck gunner something cheaper!Shipping was very fast. He ordered Monday, in my hands on Wednesday. The best quality of Israel should be purchased more than 1,000 rounds and each of them are terrible spec. Cartridge OAL. Therefore, you don't want to load some of the magazines. After 300 rounds, they were everywhere. When I went to recharge, it is each individual case. 028 too long. This is ridiculous spec. I have to cut in all cases, it is a very long time. I've never had to cut cases until after of who shot several times. I have several blocks and has. My life or my monitor I do not like these munitions. Now, you can not buy these munitions. This is a high quality ammunition. It looks clean leaving burn only small amounts of CSF. I think that accuracy and consistency is groups of 100 m 2 of my M4 and something with my mini 14 thanks to gunner lucky find for these time good quality ammunition difficult. The AR-15 assault rifle ammunition are available on independence!Independence, owned and operated by ATK, block a contract with IMI (Israel military industries), to produce other South to close the gap with the current shortage. IMI is the ease of the military production of the Government of Israel responsible for Israeli Army ammunition manufacturing. IMI will be test of ammunition in the Kennel that puts an average daily riot.Each tour is packed in brass, prepared Boxer, non-corrosive and non-rechargeable.XM193 balls Hairstreak a pan for design precision more performance in long-distance and ballistics. This plan has a copper core jacket, lead and it is not magnetic. These water-proof paint in water towers feature applied to the mouth to seal the primers and the case. These things take good of my Bushmaster. Groups are acceptable, even if it isn't a game ammunition by any stretch of the imagination. I really bought because I took some economic ammo desired establish my look. and brass to collect. I wanted more consistency as a precision Benchrest and invoice match. There is no problem of energy, which have been the fault of ammunition. (Thursday 23 May 2013 13.29.18 + 0000): someone to 5.56 ammunition and do not want to pay a dollar more for each round, which is a very good thing. Now, very good for the current conditions of the market in all modes. (Monday 29 July 2013 10.48.02 + 0000): practically for weapons and ammunition voluntarily are not come off the coast, but is not bad, shooting a little dirty but is not bad either. I give it 4.5 stars. Good price, given the time. I am more than satisfied with these munitions and the service is excellent. Have a friend in the area for the first time and burned more than 200 round problems. Bought my first box of 500 RDS in Afghanistan, and as soon as I arrived, I saw a sale more to buy 500 RDS. Gunner is a real winner in my lucky book. Turned to another site so that ammunition purchased elsewhere at a much higher price. I have not shot 150 blows through my ar jams and buy in the near future more drawn to balls of each large bowl. I am glad that I found lucky gunner. I have my ammo here when they have none.Not yet rejected yet, but I am convinced that the assurance of other customers. ICH even more.LG could have stolen the price than the others, but it gave me a decent deal, considering the time in which we live. Now, I say to the people of the actions. You never know what tomorrow will be. The ammunition is a great buy, given today's prices. I see that it has increased in price, since I bought my last 500 bullets last month. It is very accurate in my mod of armament Knights 1 FTF or FTE. It has several vestiges, who left after a day on the ground, and then expensive ammunition that you expected. I have thousands of round these delivered ammunition series without any problem. I do not say that I bought all this * best * ever.but price was more reasonable for the most part, is of high quality, well shoot, very accurate and the delivery was super fast. You can not be bad. ,,.