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Family, etc., sometimes more, is described as a roller coaster emotional responsibility. I have strategies often useful in regular exercises, activities, secure programming time allow me, if things in perspective and hobbies that relax. (2) the worst fears: the diagnosis of MSA constantly shortly before my departure from. This led looking for treatment of 60 mg of Cymbalta. It seemed safe and appropriate medications for fear, because we believed that he began to dominate my life. I discovered that the patient who wanted to isolate myself from family and friends. simple tranquilizers are very helpful and took the advantage that when necessary, rather than a regular Spa. Some of these medicines may be but addictive. Cymbalta was an option for all my neurologist has jumped. (try, your doctors get the symptoms of anxiety advice, when it comes,). What is fear? most definitions describe as a psychological and physiological state characterized by cognitive, somatic components, behavioral and emotional anxiety. with regard to the understanding that my name is an unpleasant feeling of fear and anxiety. then pause, fear and anxiety. in general, but now fear is always linked to behaviours of avoidance or evasion, while fear is the result of threats which are taken in time, uncontrollable or unavoidable. In the simplest terms and conditions, including anxiety is a normal reaction, that the best advice is always stressed. in the conversation with the doctor, tries, more that they are already that, with our current diagnosis of MSA can not shy-Drager syndrome, Parkinsonism, suffer from symptoms often relieves urinary problems-shaped, blood pressure control and a few other internal ProcessesSymptomsMultiple body atrophy is a progressive disease. The symptoms vary depending on the part and how much of the brain in the first place is affected. The causes of the disease, as three groups of Symptomen.Parkinsonismus — of Parkinson's disease-like symptoms — soon to occur. These symptoms as a result of degeneration of the basal ganglia. The muscles become stiff (rigid) and movements are difficult to start, slow and low. If you go to, people can mix and swing their arms. People feel unbalanced and unstable, so they are more likely to fall. Attitude can be folded. Ends can shake shots, usually when they are able. But people with atrophy may less vibration while the rest of people with Crohn's disease have Parkinson's disease. Articulation of the words is difficult and the voice can be acute and Achtel.Verlust of coordination may occur too early. It derives from the degeneration of the cerebellum. People might be able to control the movement of the arms and legs. So, it has trouble when the GB and measures wide and irregular. If you get to an article, they can get out. During a session, you can feel unstable. People development and problems of the eyes the following objects. Tasks that require rapid alternating movements as a door or screw in a bulb, onion has become difficult.Disruption of the internal processes of the body controlled by the nervous system, even early may occur. Blood pressure can be reduced considerably, when a person rises, causing dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting, — a condition called orthostatic hypotension. If a person is established, you can increase blood pressure. People must often or urgent urination or can move involuntarily urine (urinary incontinence). It would be difficult to empty the bladder (urinary retention). Constipation is common. The vision is poor. Men have difficulties to initiate an erection (erectile dysfunction) and.Other symptoms of autonomic dysfunction can occur sooner or later. Occur less sweat, tears and saliva. Thus, people can not tolerate heat and has the mouth and dry eyes. People have difficulty swallowing and breathing. Breathing can be strong and fierce. During sleep may stop breathing repeatedly or inadequate (sleep apnea). People can lose control of stool (fecal incontinence).A lot of people is dependent on limited to a wheelchair or otherwise difficult period of 5 years after the onset are disabled. 9 or 10 years later from onset of symptoms the disease leads to death.Diagnosis: diagnosis is based on symptoms. But the symptoms can be similar to other diseases, it is difficult to diagnose this disorder.The only way to diagnose must examine brain tissue after death of atrophy. But some clues to facilitate Diagnostics. For example, Yes. I want to tell you that this is a symptom of that for many of us several system Atrophie.Es of course, that we would have this symptom. Please note some of the fluff. for me, it is the definition of depression at the edge of the joy of living with sadness and an inability to enjoy things. We have our own models, we can verify, and some are simply not. each person is different in the sense that some of us turn on wines and notice that our sleep is disrupted. Some of us get, quiet sleep, but wake up in the morning and do the rest of the time. for some of us that the feelings of worthlessness depression can be attached and how to obtain a constant to die heavy, are problems of health and other morbid thoughts.There is often no symptoms of depression, accompanied by physical symptoms such as frequent tiredness, an inability to breathe very rarely deeply accompanying depression wrong and hurts vaguely. entire villages in the metabolism bloody severe depression is reduced and it was cold, slow the thought, etc., whatever the reason for depression or reassure the advice of this kind can be very useful. As far as I know that they support the orientation and psychosocial theories are better known in fact several analysis psycho, but there are many other schools. Tips are generally useful, if the causes of depression are mainly in response to the events of life and where the individual is close of perhaps the significant progress in dealing with them to make the events of life and not my point of view is later in life, to help the benefits of assistance in protection of shametheir depression can do. There are strange things. Shame of my advice never to speak with an expert. before starting Cymbalta treatment to isolate myself something I liked. (Family, friends, work, etc.), it tries to be strong and good as ever before, tend to be shorter than those without it. While in the sleep, REM, the majority of paralyzed muscles and the activity of the neurons in the brain are very intense activities during the vigil. REM sleep is also called sleep paradox. In this phase of sleep that most can dreams have very vivid. Some people do experience any paralysis, will continue this strike your muscles, even during REM sleep. Their dreams may be violent or dramatic, it is a so-called REM behavior disorder (.) MSA, damage to the nervous system, which can cause the following symptoms: changes in the appearance of face mask face cannot close the reduced capacity of mouth, mimic seek to difficulty chewing or swallowing disorders sleep (especially during sleep, REM sleep (REM) at night) dizziness or fainting, show (occasionally) if up or frequent yet loss of bowel or bladder controlimpotence is available pourPerte motor skills, difficulties which reject the difficulties with an activity that is easy to read writing, small movements requiring a small and heavy loss of sweat in every part of the food of the body of the loss of mental function (possible) scale random series model works (March), the difficulties in movement changes, muscle aches and pains (myalgia) and difficulty bending arms or legs of muscle stiffness rigid nausea and problems with the attitude of digestion difficulties: it can be unstable, stooped, or autumn slow movements to solve before foot or despise me any movement of volunteers, when the movement stopped, you can does not start, small notfollowed by the need to alter the balance, tremor develop into severe enough to interfere with the worst of so tired activity can be nervous or stressed, occur at rest or at any time a food or a drink can occur with any Acciontales as a holding company flat thumb rub changes in vision (pill rolling tremor)decreased or difficulty of speech appearance and voice of verschwommenes talk in a slow monotone voice is to speak to a group of other symptoms that can occur with this sleep-related respiratory depression dementia: confusion, especially sleep apnea and a blockage in the air step lead to a hard sound vibration seborrheic dermatitis. Cialis or levitra, oral as the disease progresses, people need a tube, a tube (usually surgically inserted), or both. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists can teaching people for doing daily activities, hiking, compensation and talk is difficult. Social workers can help people find groups of mutual assistance and when the debilitating symptoms, palliative home care services. taken orally, can also help. Decrease in the production of body fluids: If sweat is reduced or absent, should people avoid hot environments, prevent overheating of the body. Good dental care, regular checkups are persons with a dry mouth. Artificial tears (eye drops containing substances similar to real tears) applied all the few hours can relieve dry eyes. Is urinary retention: if necessary, people require a you to learn the catheter into the bladder. He enlisted several times per day. It is through the urethra, which allows, to that of urine in the bladder to drain inserted. People the catheter to remove once the bladder is empty. This measure aims to prevent that stretching of the bladder and urinary tract infections in developing countries. Wash your hands, clean the area around the urethra and the use of a catheter sterile and clean also helps prevent infections. Insert a catheter will be more difficult coordination deteriorates. Doctors may prescribe. What is fear? Constant commitment prior one where nature, with thoughts in the circles rotate constantly again this which triggered this fear. Sounds at all? Himself, as a mentally ill person is disturbed, that sometimes I sleep I get irritable and unable to concentrate on other tasks. I've always known him as a real person, but the MSA tell with my family, if I'm by my drug Cymbalta. (I use Cymbalta for depression, anxiety and nerves pain.)Perhaps one of the few people to my drug known which works. Then I lived two types of anxiety over the 3 years or the mild anxiety (1): a few years led to my diagnosis sometimes had to meet others, must support and be the grounds for the apprehension and tries to think positively to deal with, to talk about the cause. For now, I have had the stress of daily life. Another symptom, I made just before my diagnosis was an early intervention and swallowing problems. Changes in the ability to speak and communicate often occur in people who suffer from the disease of atrophy (MSA). And this changes often result in social isolation and social withdrawal. Symptom of the MSA is very debilitating for me and many others. as in usually an early symptom of the disease is of Parkinson disease (PD). Dysarthria is the medical term used to describe the hit production speech and swallowing. How to understand MSA with lots of features goes on breathing, voice production, richness and clarity of the Ausdrucks.Unterbrechungen of the breathing, voice, language, and swallowing caused by the movement of muscles, which are slow and weak. You are generally interested in the muscles of your lips, tongue, pharynx, larynx, and lung. The results are often reduced, monotonous sound, rushes little speech and hoarseness, in my case. What sounds familiar? Because many used to produce speeches are the same muscles used to eat and swallow. the excessive production of saliva, drooling and hearing impairment are there concerns that strongly influence in communication. I hear compromise. Poor public has seriously hampered the interplay of communications. Why public? Well, first of all once unaware how violent a source, my voice comes out. Therefore, this kind of prejudice affects important communication. And the fact that I give you, my all, suddenly reaching every word a great frustration, if I have to repeat things. What can we do? First of all, that physicians understand the job for you. I do not know how many times my doctor was standing and in the direction of the wondering if door, we had questions. Ask my wife and she'll tell you, I put them immediately. It is annoying that it always wait to get a diagnosis and then run the patient next to the door. Now that you've got your attention, and I ask that you would recommend for a therapist (SLP). SLP is certified through the American language and the Association (ASHA). Improve communication skills and the muscles in the throat and the speech functions are the main features of SLP health professions. In general, the treatment will appeal to local hospital also SLP-centers to provide services to inpatients and outpatients, disorder behavior, parasomnia, where the patient presented to the vigorous movements, the dream Polysomnographically in almost all patients with intense during REM sleep associated degrees, recognized. Nocturnal stridor due to the blockage at the level of the glottis. The cause of the stridor is unknown, but two other explanations: paralysis of the muscles of the vocal cords and an excessive contraction of the muscles, to close. However, a combination of the two, is the most plausible explanation. Nocturnal stridor is associated with reduced survival rates and its treatment based on continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is also day only during sleep or tracheotomy if it degrades and becomes. Recently I learned, did not suffer a high percentage of pure autonomous failure (PAF), patients with REM sleep that patients (MSA) behave. So if the diagnosis of REM sleep behavior is multiple system atrophy senior is a real over his diagnosis. 10 September 2012 linked to a sleep study scheduled I had finally polysomnography run for me. for some reason, he was very anxious to explain, the woman who tested includes my Medicare the more, when they more or less put the mask on the last 4 hours. He explained that the PPC only connects if sleep apnea, and if something is observed and recorded, you can set the machine up to the end 2 hours more or less. Well, if my chance would have, only 3 hours on my machine study CPAP was to sit and informed. After 2 hours, REM has been as well as on the status of detected restless legs syndrome. is not obstructive snoring no Geheimnis.Ich knew what it many things. Therefore a respiratory sleep (snoring), parasomnia was recorded by REM sleep and a related disorder of movement within 3 hours. Now, to understand what each means. We have already over a bit of REM (rapid eye movement) declared. REM sleep. ,,.