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Honda Cb Unicorn Engine Specification

I am very happy after buying a new Honda TRT Dazzler is a sport bike and very sexy-watch & also very uncomfortable, there are 50-55 km a gradient, of course, all this depends on a horse, but I don't care, you start Elec, nor the dealer say this isn't ’ matter the only maintenance & it is the person of the motorcycle, a motorcycle are not adequately trained not yet because it is still so scared by this bike maintenance & … … ….USEFUL. They have bought me Honda Dazzler 10 Oct. I think that the properties, characteristics and style are not only OK, but it really is a fantastic bike in two segments of Wheeler. I love the sound of the engine and Lisa bike.wat m Confued is Abt mileage. It can Nebody WAT is this wheel spare tank capacity. I m truly memorable. But before Honda customers has been a big problem with the lack of availability of spare parts. Then, I suggest that Honda officials issues carefully in spare parts. If not, has no sense is the ADV-ing with a large. These problems of the coast to keep. Hello, currently my Dazzler has more 1000 kilometres long and uberwaltigendes their experience once the maintenance of 1° is the performance.The only problem is that the last extremely hot dish. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I'm still here, verified by the service engineer post can another owner of Dazzler. Same bike Dazzler is owned by Honda. I think that the properties, characteristics and style are not only OK, but it really is a fantastic bike in two segments of Wheeler. But before Honda customers has been a big problem with the lack of availability of spare parts. Then, I suggest that Honda officials issues carefully in spare parts. Otherwise makes no sense that the ADV-ing with a large … … to keep these problems to one side. Dazzler Honda engine is the same engine of the Unicorn. Prob same Unicorn clutch cold air slip block start and some bad luck even heating of the motor. Dazzler is soft, but with high speed Gs150r is softer. But Dazzler is easier to mount on CB Unicorn gs150r or in pieces. Also engine not kill switch and not a puncher. Dazzler is a small, but very good price. Dazzler is only 4 carburetor battery Ah and lina, it is not a Hi-Fi like R15. Not compared with cars. Cars have more 30 AH battery up to 100 AH and also (FI) fuel injection system, then as only self-ignition for cars. So will do so only auto and small 4 Ah battery problem only a day.Pausing before Dazzler Honda it is very fine. All other 150cc bikes their first axis thicker than Dazzler. SZ-R front suspension is thicker than the suspension before Dazzler. FZ has disk before plu 278 mm compared with 240 mm disc Dazzler Yamaha FZ thickness 41 mm thick front suspension also has SZ-R front disc 245 mm, 5 mm greater than Scheibe.HR before Intentionlly Dazzler Dazzler made as only less effective drum brake. Washer rear without ABS is risky, so Honda deliberately less effective reasons Dazzler were rear-wheel drive; This is only for show. You must pass 2 k extra, because accessories same Dazzler tuition are attributable. SZ-R comes with all accessories and is less expensive than Dazzler 10 k. être becomes dirty and rusty Dazzler blows without tire rear fender.Rocker Dazzler and welding of the image has a rough surface; It is not hard-hitting Honda was black paint. After much money, Honda must be better at the end. In general, has overvalued to Dazzler. I think that Honda did not lose its not is where about this topic to the top competitors from segment of Lookswise bike 150 which makes more sense, if then controlled Pulser & Suzuki GS150R virtually energy efficiency. I've ridden in the 150cc segment all the bikes and the feeling that, as soon as style, makes. If not & handling you'll go for the mileage of Yamaha FZ-s, but if you take a look at all with respect to the quality, performance, engine, then choose Suzuki GS150R practice would be very nice. Missing only the ratio of bits of style and this is the best choice in this segment. Honda offers the best engine, but not the other feature … … a refined my expectations. It is this great motorcycle press much, but in more bike & missing allover loses its charm. Different individual perceptions, but so far, this is my experience. Hello everyone.This bike came back by a week.Prior to this, I'm very confused or switch to Yamaha. Coz this doesnot look hunky Yamaha.Ahora, I am very happy with Dazzler. Aussetzung is great.Very confident for the rest.But I doubt that any engine smoothness. less than 200 km, wandered, thus having the first interview, after it. I'll buy this Dazzler Honda once this idea from my cousin has 2 months., a black Dazzler bought a year ago.I have used and it is soft and great mileage etc very comfortable, elegant, … ich may want to buy a glow of Honda, which hides all way.bye …. ’, ’! 1 stunning bike … ” use this bike up to 1000 miles on this engine last month was very soft bike., looks attractive, good MileageReally good Pickupand finished bicycle. Good iv ’ and heard many of my friends complain, but after that things should improve the service.It also depends on horseback riding, but also the faster clutch Gewohnheiten. Wieviel is used to allow you complete on your bike, which is sounding Rennen. Wenn slowly and gradually, for help in the course.For the 320 km engine oil, but my first service plan.Make up games thinking what in the engine oil mixed powders may scratch within horror. types of oil recommendations here?Now my only option is Honda 20W40 oil ’ by 4 runs. Friends, I am among the first buyers of Dazzler. Einige: 1 top speed 116 KM/h without agitation greater Noida Highwayalthough takes a while to reach 116 of 114.2. Pause is excellent, double disk used correctly provides the final braking. 3 Millege is not sure that have less than 50 only 4 look Owsome. Dinge I get bored on this wheel: 1. motor protection: water/dust front engine wheel2 arrives. Tyres rear: same water no problem of dust. Hi guys, I am the happy owner of Honda Dazzler, last week, I bought this bike and I am extremely satisfied with the performance. It correctly, you can probably no other indiana bike closer to its softness and comfort of Dazzler, the only thing I n t ’ this bike to pedal back rest and lack of led lights. Not travelled as a passenger on the bike, so n ’ t much comfort in the rear. I'm going to leave this week for a long trip after the first service. Honda service sucks in Hyderabad. Technicians are afraid to come, if we opt for the service about this bike Center. Perhaps due to lack of training. Honda Dazzler is good but it is not assumed that you sport, Honda company must change the handle and the brake shoes, brake linings should be slightly back and manipulate as press. The Dazzler Honda in former price Delhi RS showroom. 62900, reach RS. 66000 go. Rates vary from State to State. With the characteristics and style of the bike they seem to value the award, but loves to expansive, compared with him. It brings Hi per month, I'm very confused to choose the new bike. But now, I am very excited to choose Dazzler Honda. It's a beautiful bike, ride with very, very smooth and quiet engine …. content simple and good, to buy a good … bike. I bought this bike in October 2010, I respect fully and completely, this bike has good gradient, equilibrium. rather, I was confused, because its auto switch-on, but there is no problem of compilation ….So I suggest that all of you have 150cc motorcycles, so you want to buy best fist Dazzler Honda …. I'll buy a glow, but after my last experience of Dazzler Doet have large appearance and huge tank as a model of Bajaj press previous to totally impress with huge tank and unicorn is performance, Dazzler, who remembers how to increase the size of Honda CB Twister tank and replace the tornado engine between ¼ your Unicorn, Dazzler, the space to sit in the back for anyone even to very low-noise engine such as circulation coin feel more fresh, is not good for 80 km/h for Highwayif pay over 70000 RS, by what it is not worth it, believes that it is not easy to spare parts, is preferable, press 135150 ls if you want more maintenance of middle and low, purchases of new heroes glamour fi Honda or Yamaha SZ X Honda Dazzler production success. No one knows why. As of August 2011, Dazzler is not available in the exhibition hall. Next match is scheduled only Dazzler for 2012. And again, no kickstart, Dazzler does not sell. Perhaps new Dazzler get models that equipped. It has stopped producing Honda Dazzler. As of August 2011, Dazzler is not available in the exhibition hall. Next party of Dazzler, expected in 2012, perhaps with only kicker. Hi, I hav purchased Honda Dazzler in March ’ 11. In the establishment of its very nice, but after a few days frequently problems. Singal map red light, while the transmission u moving your neutral neutral from the dashboard, but when is released the clutch, the bike takes a leap, BCZ it's on March 1. It is a big problem because each vehicle before the vehicle was certainly wounded. I have the service under the branch road, about two men facing the same problems. II. replacement parts are not available at service centers (side street of niche Raz branch, Rohini, Pahadganj button) in the exhibition hall. III, used individually, while alloy u-brake does not function properly, please a Skit. also Don ' t ’ completed.Thank you & this baby. This looks close to power, but very from behind when it comes to features such as the suspension, braking and overall appearance.Honda Dazzler expected stiff competition to give you the CBZ extreme. Hello, friends of CB Unicorn Dazzler is gud, seeking better performance gud without vibrations on the long journey with the speed of 126 km/h very uncomfortable, but the autonomy is only 15 months. Get mileage 62 km/litre in the economic speed. If you arrive in 45 to46 per litre in the indicator to 80 km/h you are planning to buy Honda dazzlar. I hope that it's worth buying. Would Pls someone tell me, how to improve mileage on this vehicle? If … my Honda Dazzler bike segment has 150 cc. In a smooth way, it reaches a speed of 145 km/h 15 miles. But ended up second behind Carlinhos 160cc bike. Honda Dazzler is a great bike, if fuel efficiency and the large collection of 0-60 for this reason. Usually only 150 and 160cc bike can make 30 - 35 km/h in second gear in a normal car (it is not difficult), but Dazzler touched 40 mph in 2nd gear, each problem. This test leads this bike could feel comfortable. Apache RTR 160cc drove over the past 3 years (was a third book in this bike to Chennai), hit the 33 km/h when it pushed in 2nd gear. But the motorcycle engine is not reliable as Honda ’. of course, it moderates the resale value. Apache RTR rules again. I like Apache ’ s performance that can be ’ in comparison with all other bikes in this category. I miss my Apache RTR 160cc 15.2 PS, speed of 130 km/h. Yes u well.There is always a power bike 200 CC motorcycle segment, which still has not been processed by Honda. We have the perfect 200 or 250 cc Honda. Honda is the best. Now, I want to the Yamaha FZ, but sees the announcement of the ” motorcycle wing Dazzler ”'ve changed my mind, fuel consumption by DAZ ’ r is smaller than it is to compete with FZ, the difference in 20kmpl I love it!If you want to buy a new bike you must select new Honda Dazzler. Alors n ’ do not think twice, fast! Take advantage of this opportunity for Someboby book wil!. I just have my nero Tagen. Sieht 3 is a personal opinion, I liked the black is beacon could have been better.But the quality is incredible.This splendour of press riding, Apache, another bike, which I have to say that the sweetest.Do not dry or stop sampling.No interest in speed, but when it is only installed on the roads are not good problem. 120 take-up speed is not the best but its gradual and smooth and more healthy for the known engine. Jeder with the softness of the tools here.Disc brakes are great.Some idiots fixed js gud Halt. Insgesamt in very satisfied.Run only takes 10,000 miles in Dazzler very smooth cruising just below 50 mph. Ive done, Handbrake is incredible with the front and rear discs, the management is also incredible. I would say only irregularly Pillon seat is very uncomfortable on long journeys and lacks models that equipped it. But Honda said that the battery lasts about 4 years no problem so far. Keep up the good work of HONDA. I want to buy a Honda Unicorn Dazzler, but I'd like to buy finance. So please give me suggestions. as a minimum monthly payment of minimum … … interest. If above specifications of the bike is true, then ’ will pay … why not blindly believe that finding other bike so unique as well with good performance and mileage! Damn it! ,,.