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[.] We at ’ had some lessons on the guitar, the neck and the theory of learning scales. If we are really honest ’, thats not that ’ t [-]. [.] Introduction to the guitar scales – he did y ’ nothing in the situation, a solo on a chord progression in [,] to improvise. in high ‘ and ’ string and-- 0-2-4-5-7-9-11-12-b-g-d-to - and -a después de ’ played, play from this point of view: first d'and -0-2-3-5-7-8-10-12-b-g-d-a-e-el example is a “ and of the major scale.  The second example is a “ and range of minors.  Technically, both are “ and ”, shed, but the scale is a disposal of the midtones and pass “ more “ ” or smaller property.  See, how organized medium and all sounds, to throw in two scales?  If not, Zambulliremos us to this topic in our next Beitrag.Der next step. [.] Just a warning, this debate has understanding of the functioning of the guitar scales. This can be more sense for more advanced players. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you check your guitar scales explained. [.]. [.] very useful to understand how she the staircase, if a guitar nut is used. This is the case, for example, if you play a D position, but I want the sound [,]. [.] Maybe you're ’ master and learn the fretboard, or you are very rusty and I wish to know more what to do is want. Here are three exercises that can incorporate into your practice. Include some of these exercises the theory behind the guitar scales. [.]. [.] The keyboard should kindly take a look ’ introduction of the guitar in the Declaration of the scales of the guitar. Learning the fretboard is not ’ some names get known, but on the other hand, ’ s [-]. I remember when I first started, learn songs and arrangements first guitar folk lead lines was hungry. While I much it learned after a while is that I am disappointed because I ’ really know how create and train my cool lead lines alone, lame, or as you call it.I remember that he beat me to learn guitar scales guitar neck up and down, so that she could. Are you a guitarist with a lesson to share? Do you have a review of a guitar or a piece of equipment? You are interested in helping thousands of people guitar would be happy friendly, as a guest to have writers. [.] This kind of talk is very intimidating. You can very well without knowing the definition of a guitar or a triad. But we can go even easier. Easy to recognize as a “ d major [,]. . I said, if you know that the guitar neck can master the guitar scales. May have been suggested or heard of such a proposal. I hunger began as a rookie scale models of various Praktiken.Das problem I have many skilled, but for the life of me, could not ’ t find out, did you apply these steps to learn a song. I learned many, but ’ 't know what to do with them. In hindsight, I realize that in my attempt. [.] We see the past ’ explains the theory behind the guitar scales and we also saw ’ took to create the deepest look on a larger scale. This information is [,]. Guitar simply scale patterns of learning and was not ’ t, learn takes on these models work as closed Ganzes.Vielleicht they have even tried, you learn guitar keyboard models approach learning, but quickly found that ’ t I don't know how all of these different models to put.  Scale guitars are good, but not if you understand how n t ’ work and be applied.Then, before learning any kind of talk or scale (large, small, pentatonic, Doric) model, the ’ s an understanding like the tones from which a guitar scale function within a scale, by you is the theory behind the guitar scales.  Now, I know consideration of music theory can be exciting, but extremely beneficial, if be ’ the ’ you're a want to have more complete understanding of the buttons on the guitar. What is a scale?Simply put, a scale is a group of notes (pitches) sorted in ascending or descending order. Scales as a way to express tickets-types used to be used as a way to the key of the song in a song or ladders used “ ’ you my complete songs are on a certain scale written.  If you, the scope or the key to understand “ which used the song, then the exact notes can know you or they can not operate, in solo in the chanson.Comme you probably know, the notes are expressed through letters. The seven letters of the alphabet are used to represent the name of the note (A, B, C, D, E, F, G). How does a scale?A street consists of steps and half steps between the notes.  The guitar, if you have a finger on the first cell of the low e-string ’ ‘ and remove the finger on the second fret, you ’ view of sound tone semi downloaded. You say finger Federal 1 ° low need to move ‘ and ’ two frets on the waist hang 3 °.  If it did you, in two steps of one semitone or whole step would rise again.If you know where are the half steps or stages in a specific scale, will be easier able, games in this area and get off at the neck of the guitar, because you, move as many articles to the top or bottom of the chain know to hit the right note.The scales, familiar-sounding in our ears will be a mixture of semitones and whole steps.  For example, the following ’ playing the notes in this context. [.] First spoke about music theory behind some guitar scales, but this way I have guitar, [that] would support only. [.] a previous lesson learned the underlying theory to a much larger scale. We have learned exactly does large scale in large scale and a larger scale which build no matter [,]. If you feel a little confused and ’ re do not know how to apply it, don ’ worry.  This is only an introduction to the basic concepts and the theory behind the guitar scales.  The ’ it is important to understand the principles and theory until we try to apply them.Indeed, understanding how it is the notes on the guitar neck and the Interactuarcon concern, another one of the main keys for keyboard to learn guitar. If you want keyboard learn guitar and learn how to improvise the stairs and his art to use, I recommend you check Craig Basset, ’, etc,.