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Though it has received send an applicant a request or a reply by mail, delivery and e-mail between October 1 and October 18, 2013 and the employer, don't forget that the transmission was unknown, the employer should not repeat it. Employers are those memories that, when an application based on falsely denying standing also in this period the deprecated parameter, send the request for a review, the focus of Government error queue. None of the procedure specified in this note temporary remedies that apply to BADON. Employers are invited to contact the R for more details of the periods of application. Immigration dishes of the second group of States: they call this group open to hear the case of a prisoner, arrested and case manager. In these cases that States in these fields are also in delivery or via e-mail and accepts the date stamp, but it is not the Treaty during the period of funding. Also accepts proposals for the extension of the limits of claims under article 3.1 (c) (iv) practical immigration manual date unreported court cases, but decisions on these proposals has not held as long as the State does not receive funding for the year 2014. The effects of disturbance and Government system is too steep. This update shows employers that PERM cases have more than 8 months and their applications are approved, it will take more than thirteen months to see the results of their applications. Foreign workers and their employers should have these delays in the processing of green card scheme. December 2013 Visa Bulletin has enough tension and frustration, and this time labor certification processing adds a different frustration. Due to the sensitive nature of the Bill, responded quickly, head of the President for signing into a law is two rooms for the Bill. So, Iraqis who were employed by the Government of the United States applies to continuously an immigrant under the Special Immigration Act. Congratulations Iraqi result. Republican House must lead this momentum and achieve in the process of passing bills step by step negotiations of the Conference Committee of Senate and House commitment to immigration reform. Closure is not going to happen. Although it is a Government, not long before the leadership can be found in the table, and a Government compromise found. There is still time for immigration reform this year and before too late. When I passed this year, the opportunity will be gone forever, Republicans are victims of their own errors. The fight against immigration began, sending messages in the media, on the basis of the next fiscal year, fighting, can close the head of Government and has provided a military intervention in Syria, and without hope for immigration reform in 2013. However, readers must understand that immigration reform seriously by Republicans is Yes only for his political survival. The subject is the text of the law, not the reform itself. The report shows that more heads of representatives Eric Cantor, the House claiming immigration is considering bills to reform on the floor of the House in October. As soon as the Bills on the floor of the House immigration reform were taken, will begin a process of engagement vigorously between Republicans and Democrats through the conciliation process. Both sides are aware of the fact, that is the last chance and if this year, including immigration reform or adopt another way, will next year because no second chance ongoing primary political violent machine. As a result, the leaders of the two parties are very serious. You're not wrong on what immigration reform as a child for the Democrats. Databases and immigration lawyers should lose their efforts with political machines in and out of the hills on the ground and avoid falling into the Lamb's fight against immigration strategies continues to work. Indicates that the effects of immigration reform in national elections know Republican House leader in 2014 and 2016. On the other hand, they need to adapt to the needs the Republicans vying for the nomination, and must win elections in November 2014 in Republican primaries, some of the conservative right is checked. Map of the Republican leader's strategy in the cavity looks so controversial immigration legalization bills to introduce the dreamers and some legalization of other illegal immigrants without citizenship path just after the Republican primary in March 2014. Include other accounts that seem to fall time and agenda in this line for reforms to asylum policy and guest-worker programs. These three programs will meet the needs of Hispanic and liberal democratic legislative agenda. If the GOP agenda, has four statutory accounts, that the Judicial Committee has already and still a question on the floor of the House. These accounts are reforms in highly skilled foreign workers foreign farm workers, mandatory and control program and the development of local security forces comply with immigration. He finished the first hurdle, but the Senate provided within 30 hours, going to do tomorrow. Until Sunday, an earlier report, there was in one of the Senate do not agree of CR also 29.09.2013 and throw him out of the House, which is just 24 hours on the Bill to prevent such an act would close. There is that the Senate has considered the proposal now, let's see if the Senate can happen this CR report before the Assembly a little more breathing space (as opposed to the risk of suffocation) and sets the continuous version means the Senate resolution (CR), which excludes, reinforces the Obamacare Bill in the House. Close on the floor of the Congress in the interests of the CR and the leader, but does not control the fate of the CIR legislation this year. This means that when it comes to immigration reform, including the leader of the House, the Democratic leader of the Senate and head of the White House are divided. It is disturbing to learn what exactly democratic politicians themselves do not own uniform direction and strategies with regard to immigration reform, even some fights between them show relationships. Even the President himself is unable to demonstrate their commitment to immigration reform are not means Karte-Ups. Under these circumstances, you can expect fixed each unified national immigration reform of political address within the time limit. Somehow, they're all losers in the eyes of the people and nation. It is not surprising because it diminished the classification of Heads of State and Government on Earth. Some speak even shamelessly immigration reform through the year 2014. EH? Do those who try to cheat? It's his last term can do the Presidency and all without fear for their future. It may mean your interest at this time, leave your success of ' heritage ' and the ' signature ' of the story. But it may also be under pressure from his party, the Democrats, in relation to where the lines to take and how much should go, because their actions have an impact on the future of the Democratic Party and members of Congress, political beliefs and other taxes at all levels federal, State authorities and local authorities. There are already some Democrats in the Senate in 2014 elections in November because some of his actions, including Obamacare challenges. When it comes to elections in November 2014, the outcome remains unpredictable, because many members have decided this year, Share the frustration of growing challenges for their candidate in their constituency to retirement are Congressional staff broken. The election is crucial for the Democratic Party in November, because the majority of the Senate is likely to lose the part based on the results of the elections in November 2014. The previous political environment has finally drawn a line, as in the Audacity it Executive policy agenda would go to his signature, including the exercise of immigration reform. Registration of work permits allows the public access to blackened certifications temporary and permanent copy of an employer that has been certified since 2008. CSF provides the text of a full copy of certificate with Redations applications (employee name) and other information as opposed to a publication practically little privacy. This Web site has been since 1 October 2013, stop the Government closed and reopened only. The defeat in the previous action on the closure and the Government's debt ceiling must be very painful for your future as you in the polls. Every defeat in the fight against the Deutsche Reichsbahn before the end of the year will be really devastating for their future as independent voters so deeply marked. Is not the time to deliver its ambitions in the ultra conservative congressional victory in the primaries for the party's nomination for the election of some individuals or some individual Republicans. This is the time of the party, the recovery of damages to the party itself. The only way the party can heal damage, is for independent scrutiny of the voters in the forthcoming elections. Don't forget that the bad election strategy for the Republican 2012 presidential candidate leads to damage. This is the time, when the head of courage must be the House Republican party fiercely against the struggles of some members of the House remain on their individual future, better than the future of the party. Agriculture and agritourism and seasonal activities were dependent on short-term foreign temporary workers b-2 visa H-2A and H. In ancient times, there is no limit to the country, including national are not suitable for this type of visa. However, this has changed and the Government has a list of countries in which are suitable for these national visas, were appointed. As a result, foreign workers in agriculture and agricultural industries new requests for visas for temporary workers in the H-2A or H-2B visas cannot, where they are nationals of designated countries. House of representatives and the Senate are business and legislation for the next 40 days pro-forma sessions without legislative action. When Congress returns in September is a 10 days and you have to avoid, that the Federal Government take care of Central account probably still resolution: effective 01.10.2013 closed CIR may be another hot potato ever to change the political environment during the summer break. The reasons and here that calls for immigration reform have launched campaigns, events, including all companies and other incurred should add their campaigns to put pressure on the level of the community during the break. Assuming that the environment has changed, there are two ways: one lives in case all progressive reform management and immigration bills to work out the agreement of the House before the Senate Committee foul CIR Conference. The other possibility is unlikely authorized House art. 744 take the Senate. Although there are conferences, because the company's session in September, which allows to impose CIR in September is thin and the best is the adoption of a law in October 2013, at the earliest. This scenario works succeeded in immigration lawyers to traffic in the next 40 days to come. See, how far from the heat of the campaign until it is triggered. Should be if the Ministry of Defense and the State Department are affected at least during the Government of closing. However, subject to these priorities and emergency management functions or the source of funds for the operation. The Passport service is known which are not affected, because it is financed by the price. Immigration lottery is not funded by the sharing of emergency. Is a serious problem if the DV Lottery-2015 can be maintained. This is a major problem at this stage, there are millions and millions of people are involved in betting. Please stay tuned. The report indicates that, for almost a week, House Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, a chip two different versions of the continuing resolution (CR), should be called to prevent the closure of Government begins. It is the first rule that the request to OMB to the White House in 2014. El year, DHS intends to amend its repeal of regulations announced in 1983, which put an end to the status of non-immigrant and prohibition of the granting of certain benefits or charged Libyan citizens and foreign immigration on Libyan entities that are involved in monitoring, fields associated with study or training aircraft, flight operations, maintenance and accordingly. The Government of the United States and the Government of Libya have normalised their relations and left most of the limits and sanctions imposed by the United States and the United Nations against Libya. As a result, considers that DHS, in consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of defence, the lifting of restrictions, the non-immigrant status and taking advantage of a certain group of Libyan citizens refuse. Will, pending the approval of WBO, but today, ice, we come to the end of the process before April. Please stay tuned to this site for the development of the production process of this rule. Process for H-4 zweistufiger requirements: (1) proposed completion and publication of federal regulation and notice (2) the introduction, approval and Federal Republic register publication of the interim final rule. The first step of the process has been delayed and delayed with no prospects for a number of reasons why we have described in this Web site. development program of 2014 shows that federal regulations can be completed the first phase of the registration process proposed by January 2014. An overview of light through a small hole in the wall for spouses of 4-H. After closing SKU returns a PERM treatment and clean government every month to monitor the activity at a rate of about a month. Taking into consideration the greatest Christmas and new year, the country cannot improve the current rate probably at least until February 2014. As a result, foreign workers with a gradient of PERM and six years, applications approaching 1:0 b-limit should start options to respond to the crisis by pulling his curbing of b-you're year H-1B 1:0 slowly to a State immigrant abroad or not or any other editing options. September 9, 2013 effective, USCIS Monday, a new tool called customer identification verification (CIV) in their offices are used. Evidence of the benefits of immigration to or client now present as biometric fingerprints and photographs of the USCIS offices for interviews. If a client in a branch, security cleared and admitted to the bar, electronic scans two fingerprints of the Bureau and take a picture to verify your identity. Once the Office has verified the identity of the client, you can talk or get Das Dokument takes only a few minutes. Be careful. Although the Government of the United States was to verify the possible expulsion of GST, there was little of delay on the part of the Government of the Philippines in the diplomatic arena and officially request that label. Now is the request of the Government of this map instead of the Philippines, the Filipino community of Anxisous, to see this term before Christmas. They materialize. Well, nobody knows. We have to wait and see what Santa will bring their chimneys. It is theoretically possible for the relief of delayed action for decades and decades in immigration rules, as it has been. Republican House should discuss learn Act, immigration reform until they violate Immigration Act. There are three branches of the Federal Government. Congress is not all Poles in the direction of the nation. Each branch of the Federal Government has the power and limitation of power under the Constitution of the United States of America. The Congress more divided as to the truth and the reality is, as it is now. This journalist has followed the legislatiive activity in Congress and has made almost daily, that some were in this Parliament, when read, invoices submitted to the change of the Constitution of the United States Congress, almost every day or every week the Legislative Assembly. Come within the power of Congress, no mention of the power of individual legislators should understand how much he changed the Constitution in United States legislators. This journalist is alive and well. This reporter took only a couple of days. In addition, by clearing the remains of the quiet capital, because the authorities and lawmakers step in business actively against the nation's biggest holidays are different political spin and rhetoric here and there over time. This continues until January 2014. The report indicates that the budget of the House to another government decision agreed between the parties Group. Took on the shoulders of perceived political priority on the budget agreement, including the resolution of other Continuisng. As immigration reform considered the agenda primarily for legislation this year. In addition, as we have seen in recent days, some Republican members of the House began the ultra right controlled party/Republican Congress jump participating democratic laws CIR, r. h., 15 co-sponsors. Thirdly, the Republican leadership of the House to act reformed the Immigration Act began the Republican leader out of the Hill added. The reasons, it may be a matter of time that the Republican leadership of the House immigration to consider. Parallel to the development of the anti-immigration group campaigning against these reform measures in the House with a topic representing ultimately progressive immigration reform led to the immigration of the Senate and House fair compromise Bill Conference products, mounted two bedrooms. As we reported last, seem more than enough Republican immigration bills that Act passed, as soon as they are placed on the ground. Opponents of immigration reform for fear that its eventual defeat appear unless they block the ground floor of the immigration reform bill home. We will see the next news. Effective tomorrow, the u.s. State Department will change the definition of immediate family as INA-101 (a) (15) (A), 101 (a) (15) (G) and 212 (d) (8) in classification under sides NATO visa, your spouse and unmarried children by blood or adoption, which is not any other part of the House will be regularly away foreign Director. Immediate family includes people, the: (i) are not members of any other House. (Ii) which are regularly in the home of the foreign Director. (Iii) be recognized as a member of the immediate family of the Director sent abroad by the Government, as with the authorization of rights and benefits, such as the output of a diplomatic or official passport, travel or other benefits; and (iv) individually are approved by the Ministry. If an H-1B, H-2A or 2b: applicant sends file evidence that the main reason why results in due time an extension of stay or change of status request when the Government, USCIS considered the Government as exceptional circumstance and we apologize for the late submission, the applicant must meet all other requirements. Apparently, stated that the President of the Spanish media Univision would a vote on immigration reform in the House the day after the Congress, re-open an agreement, the Government and the debt ceiling increase yesterday. However, the two things are in this Declaration is missing. First of all, it is a non-democratic House but the House Republican. The promise is that, starting from the point that raises the debt ceiling. It is also an open question. We can add a third question. If it's the title I and II of the Senate's art tiles and house democratic legislation H.R. accounts, 15 complete immigration, which is the home right in front and divide the Bills. The crucial issue is that we have enough time to resolve and commitment to approve the law before the end of the year? We were in the middle of October and are approaching the holidays more occupied of land transfer. Beyond these politicians, including holders more obsessed Republicans Senate House made more members from the chance to win over party appointments to the Office in November 2014 as main approaches early next year and ultra tend more and more to the Republican agenda right with room for compromise there. The reasons earlier this year there was consensus with this journalist, insofar as these CIR before the summer break of Congress was passed in the year 2013, the Dominican Republic would be slim. Results of the local and state elections yesterday show that scars and wounds are deeper than everyone, even in Alabama, probably one of the most conservative States suspected of. These elections should be a serious wake up call for the Republican leadership of the House finally at least pressure increased during the return from holiday next week. Some were of the opinion that the outcome of these elections for the State and local communities as a mirror on the face the Republican party must be taken for salaries in national elections in November 2014. Indicates that the House cancel its pause and continue-work in Czech Republic in the rest of the week and again at the 25.09.2013 come Wednesday of CR attaching a defunding Obamacare and throw it in the Senate. Why is started obviously that the Senate will be changed by deleting the decapitalization Obamacare in the House Bill, the House at the last minute political seesaw game. If I agree in this game of seesaw, a Government freezes with enormous political repercussions of supporters and more important consequences, killing the possibility of legislation in October Cir. Who said you didn't hurt politicians! It seems that the hand of foreign labor certification staff that these sacrifices would be temporary or permanent labor certification or determination that prevails, as well as the time of such procedures have filed that could be addressed, (b), the request by the Government suffer, including ACLs/H-1 H-2:0-2A, b, ecc.ecc., who is the author and delays, the Government may or may not immediately stop cool as Offnenwer manages the offices of Government and faces a similar problem fixing something are included with this guide. Therefore, employers are willing to so submit applications (especially for the H-1 b-LCA) to send applications by 30.09.2013 morning against better have a rest. As an indication of the future for the CIR House grew dark bands above 7. The report shows that any prospect for home has two Republicans more members who kill group abandoned a comprehensive bipartisan Immigration Bill. This, however, means that the participation in the overall immigration process of legislation House is completely dead. Leader of the House Republicans can still a port for the bicameral and bipartisan introduction, commitment, progressive immigration reform opening of tickets on the floor, always, that the Federal Government process is not closed, in October. Please be patient and wait. Indicates that it will take a couple of weeks, because this technology entrepreneur will continue its normal activities as a whole for a number of reasons. DOL iCERT and permanent online account systems presentation currently encountered technical difficulties: turn and often off-shore. We wonder if it is caused by such an effect of closing the Government. No doubt it will take some time for a completely normal function technology entrepreneurs and employers keep patience with an arduous journey that the ESRB currently resumed its operation and normal use. That sounds like the consequences of the judgment of the Government can keep up to 30 days. Electronic use processes for efficiency/efficacy and safety, client's witnesses as government authority known nightmares in the transition period as a witness when the Obamacare health insurance reform the country. Life is more complex and in some cases completely to mention the loss of time for private life. But we must live with the changing world and culture in CyberAge. This special immigration program expired on September 30, 2013, and Iraqis who were already employed by the Government of the United States are not suitable for the immigration program. This law was introduced and unanimously yesterday to extend the special program of immigration and give no special immigration visa for his work only program. Apparently, it changes from tax rate changes for government services for a number of reasons that this year 2014, related, inter alia the increase in the price index is the improvement of the economy. One will be shocked if USCIS may follow in 2014. Admitted, momentarily, that this Conference, the Government will be open in January 2014 and temporarily increase the debt limit until that time there. Would you be déjà vu does not go anywhere in the next two months, when they have a very limited time due to holidays? Where to get the time to the attention of the nation for the CIR of another upcoming political confrontation between the Democratic Republican parties to run Obamacare denial/elevator to the debt ceiling and the power of the nation. Careful time that complete separation between the Obamacare adds exit means problem and prolonged increase in the debt ceiling that goes beyond January 2014 if the decision came in today and tomorrow as the Federal Government. After the commitment made by three parties (the President of the Senate and of the House) seem to stop disease provides a temporary end of the reissue of the year the Government might actually look like Dr.! We started to hear a sad Requiem of radio concert. The President is on vacation, playing golf and the ladies and gentlemen of the Congress are nothing for their districts and States. The Government there has some warm calm surfaces such as topics and possible leaked Government lawyer. Immigration reform must be one of the themes of the kitchen, but the media are very quiet. Nothing exciting happening on the Hill, as well as in local areas. Zzzzz. The Ambassador of the Philippines in the United States has officially confirmed the 12.11.2013, who have the Government of the United States of America and the Philippine Government's involvement in the consultations for the Philiipines name as the recipient nation of GST. Defenders of the GST has recently expanded its footprint of his Government. This version looks like a response to this request. against the closure of the Government. He said that most of the functions is the Fund of funds equal to two years, but there are only a few functions within a year that can be stated. It remains to be seen if the immigration lottery is the function of a single year. Now, there is a decision of the Government. Therefore, apply to all tasks that became the worst moment during closing Government, we must recognize that it is in the heart of the country. In a sense this is good news which will be reforming the immigration laws of the shop, but we have to wait and see if it last without ulterior motives or political calculation behind these movements per minute and in the worst of the legislative process. At the moment it seems a massive immigration reform planned to coincide with rallies across the country on October 5, 2013. Question is whether the Republican party, in an atmosphere of attend the Democrats ' initiative, even if the Republican party does not have a policy of greater participation in the issue of immigration reform for its future. We'll see what happens rumble seat is in front of him. The State Department has requested OMB on 12.07.2013 adjust the schedule of fees for consular services (programming) for some non-immigrant visa-taxes (also known as the machine-readable visa or MRVs), services and some taxes special visa, visa applications, immigration and some honorary citizenship applications processed. The amendment includes fees for immigrant visa fees for certain categories of visa registration processing the petition and the application into layers of change-oriented. Also offers a safety adapted to immigrant visa fees also changed certain immigrant visa service. Finally, the rule provides that an application process changed the face of costs through citizenship and official consular hourly charge. Sides before the conclusion of a recent study on the cost of adaptation of the service, is the United States Department of State Government does not sufficiently cover the costs for the treatment of certain visas and services for u.s. citizens abroad under the current scale. Since this rule if is deleted by OMB and published in the Federal Register interim rule enters into force. The Department is expected to complete in January 2014. A request for the PERM had stopped closing, but it was moved in early March 2013 priority date of cases by the Government after the advance now to judgments of the case with a priority date of the first week of April 2013 priority date of cut. Actually, this is good news. Given the delays, which were stacked, can climb slowly and gradually towards the front. Apparently, these two critical sites weren't down until the early hours of the morning and there are some reports that led to the presentation of LCA for H-1B. However, these pages are now at 11.30, down and is no longer accessible. You remember his announcement, which turns into new applications or waiting for applications processed during the Government of closing. USCIS customer fees and without tax money funded and less affected are closed by the Government. However, programs of money from tax and State Department without some critical functions of the foreign Service, you must also close. Immigration Lottery starting 1 October 2013. Question, what is happening with the immigration lottery? Millions of people around the world are online at the beginning of October to register for 1. We hope that the u.s. State Department responded quickly to this problem. As a result, federal departments legally tomorrow will be financed, it is likely that tomorrow 17.10.2013 open and most offices. We'll see if the Labour Office of foreign labor certification tomorrow morning opens its doors in. There were many employers and professional foreign workers on a permanent program, which is facing deadlines and H-1B and nervous because for those who do not miss deadlines or off State, no improvement was announced during the Government of closing. The hand of the Office of foreign labor certification is likely to support the transfer of their policies and the issue, because they are in the Office. The USCIS can also certain types of aid for consultation and cooperation with the ESRB. Please stay tuned to this Web site. The Democrats had in 2013-CIR, the impulse of the Government. Since then, the wind turned, if Republicans have a strategy not Obamacare use from domination continued attacks on the program so far as a tool for Hammer on Democrats. The strategy worked, and the Democrats are now encircled by the hammers of the Republicans. The evolving environment policy, which, according to reports, speaker Boehner said triumphantly? No Immigration Act, regardless of party or everything will be on the floor of the House in 2013. One last nail in the coffin of immigration law reform was drunk. What is a waste of time for the last year. Shame, shame and pity. Home returns but temporary 02.12.2013 session after the week of Thanksgiving. The Senate will return the proforma first 12.09.2013 in addition to several meetings. In the legislative framework in December days, continues in Congress again, obsessing over another will be to avoid a resolution to finance the Federal Government and another case of the interim Government after 15.01.2014. Departments are that the Federal Government is committed, semi annual told of agenda-its components of the rule. Tomorrow, the last rule to be involved in the Federal Register for the following government agencies of the immigration agenda. The report contains a copy of the message. Readers, it is recommended that the press is limited to those entries on the fields that Act update information you need include the flexibility legislation and uniform application add-in program on the Internet and published by the provisions of the Ordinance. For example, H-4 spouse of the USCIS for employment authorization program has not been published in the Federal Register limited agenda and is available on their unified Internet agenda. These two agencies involved in immigration before closing the Government's Government in October 2013 has experienced delays in treatment. More than a year for audit delays in certification of permanent job is nearly nine months to their cases and much more. Once twice a month, the treatment is a distant dream. If a case is BADON, where are they today, in processing times. With regard to the USCIS tends to be for unknown reasons, contrary to official reports, processing times for applications and petitions, current processing times more than what was reported. In the case of an extension of H-1B visa USCIS recently a step to transfer the case of VSC at CSC of workload balancing. However, the CSC has experienced some delays. When it comes to immigration petition for spouses and children of u.s. citizens, waiting times are incredibly long. take 8-10 months or more. During this time, parents of u.s. citizens should remain separate. Speculation has been the impact of the workload for the liberation of DACA for immigrants without papers youth Poential. But for the time being, although many and many months delaying the case. We do not know the exact cause of these delays, not already updated statistics, tracks for processing delays. With the Decree of a continuing resolution, the operations of the Federal Government are open. Employees await the return of their ordinary work the next day (Thursday, 17 October for most workers), other statements by their agencies. The agencies are all works of flexibility for a harmonious transition between the return to the workplace for employees (e.g., telecommuting, flexible hours and work absences for reasons of difficulty) highly recommended. This note appears in the Federal Register tomorrow with a 60-day consultation. After the announcement, se-workers in United States to enter data into the system, check, check, to ensure that the information is correct and precise on your suitability for a job. Additional features of MyEVerify can if actively engage with and control employee via a series of Web-based services. No more details are about to this time, where available. Anticipation, please. These certificates of temporary and permanent job and labor condition application, shortly after the open pages, but technical difficulties that seem to be the Exteriencing and the systems are new. This H-1 b, 2 b H and H-2A and the PERM would have employers, stopping with print show the date printed on the screens at the bottom or at the top as a test to face relief for Nunc Tan late and USCIS applications for change of status or extension of the State. USCIS has accepted officially delayed the Agency, amendment or extension of these non-immigrant countries, the closure of the Government that caused that cut continues the fraud sites except for a few hours the reopening of Government can solve, in such applications and try this Now to late presentation of relief Tan. Our company was lucky, apply for perm successfully after a few hours they have re-opened the permanent location, but the employer failed to sponsorship received email questionnaires would have been the SKU, apparently because of your technical problem. The idea of this reform was designed as part of management solutions and other measures of relief for immigrants, more than two years ago. Therefore, the Agency proposed a rule and submitted to OMB for the separation of December 10, 2012. Since then, the report on this proposed rule was extended and expanded to more than a year without explanation. Semester program of regulation Government was still investigating date calculation stops, this proposed will have been completed. Dates are passed more than twice. The date of completion of evaluation in the last regulatory agenda is reflected by January 2014. We are a foot in mid-January 2014. Basically, a project he had attached the amendment to the resolution of ongoing credit called failure to finance Obamacare, financing, closing temporarily killed by resolution of the Government of the Federal Government of 12.01 this morning. The concept and practice of placing some bills of some important bills into law omnibus appropriation or misappropriation of the defence budget were frequently in the legislative procedure in the past experienced, but Bill of such a plant to federal credit main Act rarely resulted in the transfer of federal law and the killing of Government in American history. Please note that the supporters of comprehensive immigration reform, tried this strategy to ensure their bills for a very important Bill in the past, but the result was far from what people saw yesterday midnight. Apparently, there are some Republican representatives have voted in favour of this measure, which should be the Act on the ground and more than half the members of the whole House to vote for the Bill. The problem is the Republican Assembly President and Republican majority leader of the Assembly, to be held that this Bill on the floor of the House is to vote, regulates appellant Hale of the Republican party, which require more than 50% of Republicans should be yes vote of the House of representatives. This rule of the Republican House was also used by these Republican leaders, continuous House Resolustion account provisional Government wants to block, such as raising the debt ceiling Bill. Of course, there are for these votes of invoices for these two cards, enough Republican representatives, placing the accounts on the floor of the House. The speaker of the House has placed these tickets on the floor of the House. With regard to the provisional Government, use the same tactics of fragmentary laws instead of laws on the property of the Government, who refused to have the Senate Democrats. Although this participation can no longer be co-sponsoring H.R., 15, the House of representatives, which consequently, until a compromise between Republicans and Democrats, especially among Republican House members also break rule Saina. As a result, there are two layers of obstacle that Democrats need to address, in a comprehensive reform bill enacted Immigration: first layer should be the Republican leadership of the House, which has the power, the Bill ignores the Saina rule because no law, but an informal rule of the Republican side of the House on the ground floor in the position. The second layer is gone about 34 tea, which now control Republicans relentlessly Republicans members of the House. To break the second layer of the Republicans is an impossible dream at the moment. Now, everything depends on how the Republican leaders of the House and speaker in the House of the LN is pressed. Leadership (the fence) is at stake, he refused to remain beyond the control of the small number of Republican members of the tea party. We posted before considering the previous scenario, the country doesn't have enough time to carry out a comprehensive reform of immigration laws this year. There are two obstacles, which are not now: the worst meet Republican and codes are their priority components counts the number of days of the current Congressional session at the end of this year and the second one is not independent but hardcore Republican to win nominations for elections in November 2014. The primaries will begin early next year. give an option for State employees in the Washington area, unplanned or unscheduled teleworking to stop. It seems that people who have an appointment or other business immigrants with federal departments that are now programmed in the areas are the offices of their situation. This could be also the offices of the Department of State, Ministry of labour, Ministry of Justice (courts of BIA expecially and immigration). Towards the end of the year 2013, USCIS has shown during deceleration for about four or five months in communication with the public online for a number of obvious reasons. Teleconference to open the door, the Government advises agencies on players to the parties on the status of their policies and practices and receive feedback and problems of its clients. Obviously, teleconference to present their questions and requests to improve the agencies ' services to the public. As already reported homeland security approved by the Senate Committee and reported the case to the Senate, but it was Senator Grassley Iowa ashore at 20.11.2013. This was not a filibuster of new rule, which requires a simple majority for approval for the appointment of the head of the Federal service, this appointment might have need for 60 votes. But Mr Johnson has supporters Republicans under his leadership and confirmed that his appointment without obstacle should sooner or later. It is not true, guidelines that will be affected by immigration. Bearing in mind that security experts, lies in the control of immigration is also reflected. During the four months as readers may have noticed from the USCIS website USCIS showed a change in its previous policy of transparency of the Government and with the launch of the new site, which the Agency has greatly limited the dissemination of information, statistics and data management. 2014, the actors of immigration may notice changes in the way under the new leadership. : Presentation to immigration Court that wasn't 1-16 based October 2013 applies in the context of a case of prisoners presented time if it happens in a timely manner by the competent court within 15 days from the date of this notice (i.e. November 8, 2013). Don't ask, or an extension of the accompanying documentation is required if the Court receives the presentation originally expired before the close of business on November 8, 2013. EOIR are new to hear affected by omission of Government funds to spend. Cases are scheduled for availability on the plate, but no blanket way than previously expected can interference in business. Indicates the minority leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and several other Democrats in fact today at a press conference in the capital was announced as almost all focused on narrow and battle the State budget in a day. This message is followed by success given the turmoil that the nation that is happening now. A false move. In fact, this action taking home the current network of Federal Government almost 1 block is fixed until October. Such a Government closure is without a doubt the possibility that this year concern the reform of immigration laws. Two words meet current development on the Hill: sick and sad. Recently, the Senate has its obstruction rule requires only a simple majority instead of 60 votes, issue candidates proposed by Obama's approval, changed by the heads of Government and federal judge who judges of the Supreme Court of Justice. The report shows that this change will help the Obama administration rule rather than impose his policy agenda, decision-making if it is within the limits of the Executive in accordance with the law of the Constitution of the United States. When it comes to the border by the Executive power, there are many areas that are based on questions of interpretation of the American Constitution and the Statute of federal judges. DOL report on stakeholder meetings in 12.12.2013, which, despite the fact that the closure of the Government, the volume of new applications has continued to grow. As a result, current processing delays may continue or even due to the impact of the Government shutdown, grows a constant amount of new applications and limited resources. Employers and foreign workers, who are waiting for a decision or that introduce new demand, maintain constant delays in the review of the administration of their legal status, strategies for dealing with matters relating to the limits of six years in H 1 b and continue his journey of permanent resident. It's a crazy, crazy. ! There is little hope that would be the transaction today, while the Government could open tomorrow morning. Seems to be a lost hope. Thursday, 17, is the most recent date when the debt ceiling in one way or another to be corrected, but the report shows that it has canceled the meeting with White House of peoples Congress, means that there is no chance that tomorrow that the Government can open is absolutely! As they spend their days, to see the possibilities for CIR in 2013. Peace National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2008, providing eligible (Iraqis who work for or on behalf of the Government of the United States in Iraq) is the total number of foreigners for special immigrant status in the first three months of FY2014 the sum can be: (1) the number of those foreigners, including d'examen was waiting 30 and septiembre2013 2000 (2). It sets a limit of date of December 15, 2013, for special immigrant status. According to the report, PERM time reflects the latest treatment applications per month every month for cases directly on the front and cleaned. The official report, the processing time it appeared the 06.12.2013 was a priority date case April 2013. By January 2014 will be treated and clean cut, may case emerged in 2013 to evaluate. The accumulation is eight 8 months. OFLC may issue report PERM process tab in Q1 (1/10/2013-12/31/2013) in the future, which explains the causes of the accumulation in one way or another. If all goes well, that causes the accumulation will sooner, ending in the near future two months ago. They were struck during the Government of shutting down due to technical problems after reopening the Government. If Congress gives us the holidays both houses at the same time as four days (10/12/2013-12/13/2013) in session after the Thanksgiving holiday, Congress again. What is hot, during the four-day legislative session. A continuing resolution to keep the Government shut 15.01.2014! We are pleased to note that federal legislation to fix the immigration system administratively defective will be in 2014, in advance. When should the working holidaymaker return Congress, the Congress better on some parts of immigration reform according to the seasons, until they are affected by administrative provisions the administration more on their faces. It is not only undocumented immigration. In addition, we discuss issues of legal immigrants of the reform, which has weakened for decades. As we predicted before the Government closed two block and the comparison of the debt ceiling will be fixed quickly. These obstacles, most politicians of the next rank and refers to the legislative programme of comprehensive reform legislation on immigration that both sides are interested in his political future. Please, sit back and watch the political drama, which takes place in the coming days! I know, once the potential military action in Syria, the threat was inevitably devastating on the legislative programme of immigration reform. The time has come. Two things should be kept. (1) once the border security, monitoring and application output and improved the E-Verify system and implementation appears to be triggers for the relief of legalization. (2) the order of the law piece by piece the reform seems to be the order of the list. It would be interesting if this agenda of the Democrats would accept a gradual reform of immigration laws. With regard to the reform of legal immigration system, to focus on Republican principles, immigration, based on employment in some victims with family-based immigration, as well as the Elimination of diversity visa immigration, if Republicans are sure to increase considerably the number of legal immigrant workers without new immigrants increase conditional for the entire immigration system. For new worker visa numbers based on effect of immigration reform and the increase of the discount on family immigration system and the Elimination of diversity visas can be compensated as well as with regard to the number of steps in the past want to use any quota immigration visa. In this regard, a fundamental philosophical difference between Republicans and Democrats want to end the Republicans along the line of the early issues of the current page, while the Democrats want the total number of immigrants to expand in the future, even if only within certain limits. Two previous strategies are not fire country on the CIR. Why? The country is not cold in atmosphere on the immigration problem to open fire when the Government summaries, which undermine seriously the most government activity and its effects on the population in almost all areas of everyday life. People hope that two priority legislation through loose when the ceiling country's debt must be resolved on 17 October. As a result, there is a sermon, that last Government shutdown early next week, if the current political confrontation must be resolved and finished the one or the other way, because these leaders of the party not to eliminate these problems will face two crises at the time, not only damage important countries in almost all regions of the country, but the current party leadership is also probably even a juicy and judgement of their mastersthe people of the United States will have to pay. There is a limit to the patience and tolerance, which comes in nation and the people. Immigration dishes in the third group of States: closed group. Case said that the closed court applications that currently are not accepted in the window and he does not give the Court any personal email is treated. Decisions on cases of prisoners scheduled to be considered as applications with respect to these cases the Government credited just opens its doors. You have proposals for the extension of deadlines for applications pursuant to article 3.1 (c) (iv) the manual email of course immigration practice, decisions on these proposals will not occur until the State receives funding for the year 2014. Close another product fallout-much Government froze Government websites, so that people in the dark, is lack of information about what the offices of ministries and authorities. Horrible!. Closing immigration laws lead to uncertainty of overall government reform this year. Republican leaders began an obvious attempt to compensate for the damage, the closure of the Government to transform the information you want to actively work the progressive reform legislation House GOP on immigration in October. However, to make the GOP broke, but also a fierce clash between Republicans and Democrats, that caused this drastic Government's commitment to a comprehensive reform of immigration to a level almost impossible any negotiation in the vicinity. In fact, it is a sad day. In the American democratic system is that the only remedy to this Federal Government breaks up with voters in national elections. In one way or another, the political parties in the process to people in the forthcoming elections in the parliamentary presidential election See November 2016 and medium term to November 2014. Unlike other countries in the world, the American electoral system functioned as a powerful mechanism to maintain the basic principle of the rule of the people by the people and for the people. The color and the definition of the population has changed. Bad news does not end. Information indicates that the Federal Republic of elimination in 2014 FY can be processed. Following Sequestion depth is known in the next fiscal year. But judging by the appropriation of Fitghts price between the House and the White House itself close with a potential threat to the Federal Government until October, it is clear that the Obama administration is having to tighten their belts next year tax and removal in FY 2014 cannot be undone. We hope that the political struggle going on between the House and the White House only with the consolidation of public finances will continue next year suffered the belt and no opportunity to Mr Law in 2013 quite difficult to predict the chances of success. Depending on the level of appropriation Congress are in the second week of September, RMS-CIR-legislation pushed aside and fuzzy within a two-week session of Congress in September. The chiefs are already turning in the media, that the only way for any serious Bill CIR did not place until October. Yes, Yes, Yes. Report indicates that the Ministry of federal departments work problems, express detailed plan yet while releasing the Government's closure. But according to the report, according to a detailed plan in 2011 would work about 3,000 employees 16,116 Agency during a power failure. Managing occupational safety and health of workers and the mine largely to public security and safety and health. According to surveys indicating that a nightmare for the Republican party has caused the closure of the Government. What was the culprit? The image that worked the party for the interests of the party and the interests of the people and the country. Extremism tends to generate this image, because it contains the essence of the political process of negotiation and commitment toward the Center. This applies particularly in the present context, where the country is subject to demographic change. Under these circumstances, a winner can never be extremism. Finally, the speaker of the House of representatives of the party harm very rule Hastert registered and put on the floor for the action account. Hastert rule is a formula that is not in the nation's political process, because it encourages the political parties on the legislative procedure for the people. The Republican party is currently at the intersection of a street, more damage and damages. The leader of the Republican party in the law Mr House presents a test for the direction at this crossroads: exacerbated extremism or lodging in the Center. Wisdom says that should participate in the legislative process of bargaining and compromise rather than a block as an obstacle for the legislation on behalf of Hastert. Heads of State and Government are expected to begin negotiations and compromises and that leaves members of the House to the explanations of vote and decide with a handful of leaders. Is more comfortable with the basic principle of the democratic process. This initiative will definitely Republican, claims for projecting an image of the participants to help obstructionists in the legislative and political process. According to the ACA-s, the SSA-s and the application of the rules relating to restrictions on the use of information of a people for the purposes of notification in accordance with the operational orientation of ice, ice on this information to persons or members of his family, which, for the purposes of eligibility of coverage as a basis for the implementation of an action of civil immigration enforcement against persons or their family membersgetting data from a federal agency to the Department of Homeland Security to review the information on the State of immigration nichtWenn are provided or specified by the ice from another source information. That reading. It's a long weekend because Monday is day of Christophe Colomb, a day off. However, the nation's political leaders are busy in order to cope with the crisis and the current impasse before it's too late. The Senate has adopted a keep now opens the Government resolution continues until the end of the year. Of course, this resolution will be everywhere in the House except in a successful negotiation and engagement this weekend. The current Government is the worst possible time, taking into account the fact that the people and the people moved to Christmas season purchases the country's busiest. A devastating effect on this country and the people have the current Government, economically and emotionally, let alone the tarnished image of the nation before the world as a playground for the carefree youth. We hope and trust that the Government would reopen Tuesday, October 15, 2013, if the nation with other important business laws can go ahead so that we can celebrate the happy holidays! This is ridiculous! Employers and immigration attorneys should be prepared, can open the back of the Ministry of labour, even tomorrow or the day after. At the same time, defenders of the CIR-2013 should seize the opportunity and there was no other legislative matter mass campaigns and discount at national level are already after a crisis in the Government, mostly complete immigration reform is not. Readers have noted that agencies involved in immigration from its policy of transparency of Government is greatly diminished. Some of these changes affected by the effects of the late closure of the Government, but some seem to be tied to the closure of the Government. These changes can increasingly without immigration and consumers interested in the darkness of knowledge and information management and operation to date and affected immigration policy unit. Probably gone good time. During shutdown of the Government, the Office of the Chief Administrator assistance maintains its ability to issue subpoenas and take you have submitted complaints, in order to comply with the statutory deadlines. There's no surprise this outage. There was an announcement that the DHS would be for the judgement of the Eastern Government, but does not affect the tax judgment of the USCIS Government funded. It seems that this might not be true. Cutting the first case, customers left in the dark, to the status of their files and time to whenever cases of treatment in General. One wonders, such as fresh funds at this time. It gives you a picture of what's going to happen, it was in fact the Federal Government on 1 October 2013 and then has to stop. Government, has once again prevented from closing are important for Deutsche Reichsbahn, to enter the House, but the data indicate that the House actually on immigration reform bills arrived the first week of October is 2013. You pass immigration reform to complete any project. I rather gradually reform of immigration laws. However, this movement will give significant impetus to the comprehensive reform of immigration laws on the agenda of the Congress through the process of negotiation and compromise in the House Conference Committee of the Senate. There is zero chance of this Bill the Senate passes s. 744, to Congress, but offers a chance for passage of a Congress of a comprehensive immigration reform laws recently committed before this first meeting of the 113 sunsets at the end of this year. Once again we remind readers, to abandon hope of CIR in 2013! People should make decisions too quickly. The policy does not make sense or a scientific computing. . As noted by USCIS consumer finance, cool but some impacts of Government remain feeling because his brother and sister of unavailable services agencies will be available. Different levels of pain begins here and there appear, while the Government has also closed in immigration management. As we reported previously, the company has totally stifled by USCIS immigration permission of sister in any procedure for immigrants and non-immigrants, his agency, Ministry of labour, in the form of LCA, applicable wage determination, PERM, applications, etc.because the Ministry of labour of the United States for this function to close. Immigration courts is now open during the usual business hours. Continue to hear cases as expected. Please note, however, that this has not stopped matters provided for today, 17. October 2013 for a later date will be moved. In case of order force all notes will be not with any event scheduled tomorrow, October 18, 2013. Changes in flight phase required additional inform immigration with administrative control of the Court in the case of RS. Dishes deliver new immigration hearing notes do not basically held that while the decline in subsidies from the Government to the Commission on immigration belongs steps returned calls standard operations. Guidelines for presentations, which correctly will be available in the near future during the decline of public funds. The Office of the Chief hearing returned to normal operation. The company, which is tonight, Congress seems to occur plug-in in the short term, until the provisional government financing and extension of the debt ceiling 15.01.2014 02.07.2014. This defeat of the conservative party and tea house and its heavy Heritage Foundation, promoter of thought can produce in January 2014, in accordance with the consensus of the media not a deja vu of another with the result of another Government shutdown. This is good news for the 2013 Dr a small gap or hole to breathe through Congress at work giving Bill you. There was a report that the fight against Obamacare should minimize a long-term political strategy, the impact of the next candidacy of Hillary Clienton. Note that the project during the Presidency, Hillary Clinton was followed by President Clinton, was the health care reform as first lady she was defended vigorously to elect a Senator of the United States with the support of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, who finally did not. Somehow it is the hallmark of Hillary Clinton, with health care reform. To find out, if there was actually a long-term strategy and system behind the Obamacare by the conservative forces of the legal fight yet, but looks interesting. Not for the moment, there is no answer to this question, namely, whether the attempt to present or serve as the material in a timely manner the role notes that employers who was champion with the defense of the so-called, blame the Government meets, including the OFLC has refused the test formed and preserved or application and the employer to comply with the rules. It is expected that the ESRB clarifies this issue as quickly as possible. The majority of government contracts to private firms for technical assistance for the management of programs and functions. Most of the functions of Government were forced to close their offices and keep this technology entrepreneur ends, except in the Government paying agencies to operate their systems online during the 16-day Government shutdown. ,,.