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-In this video, we will be the biggest secret of two such as you with your ex back. These two tricks really work and are the basis for many products, the report said. Would you like more? Visit our blog for more free videos, get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, product reviews, advice on relationships and support one-on-one. Some people, comforting the mourning is to participate in holiday activities in the usual way. Others can be very painful to do so. Here are some ideas to help you in the holiday season, but you want to watch. They are based on tradition. For Christmas dinner, place lit a candle on the table in honor of the deceased; include their favorite foods. Create an ornament, Memorial or decoration. If the deceased ever set played a special role, formal, another Member of the family, to continue the tradition. If the tradition is too painful, change the way we celebrate. Instead of a Christmas tree indoors to decorate a tree of light and food for birds. Go out to dinner with friends or family, instead of trying to get much for a meal. Rather than at home, where memories can be stronger, take a vacation. Do something for others. Volunteer to help others through your place of worship or charity. Download someone, only on vacation, you and your family for a meal, a service or an activity to become a concert. Donate for a query in memory of the deceased. Adjust. Those who know that they cannot participate in the usual celebrations. For example, you might feel like taking part in a religious service, but not the shot below. Feel free to change your plans at the last minute. If you need to cry. Others know if it is good for them, their memories of the deceased to share. Duel, many of us will be the Christmas activities. If you have more than 40 years, is a chance to 1-of-3 who have a close relative or one of his friends died last year. Or can one spouse under the United States lost 1 million. In an era where the media wisdom of closing within days after each all of the tragedy, but these are simple, abnormal, if you feel with a long painful process face death and difficult adjustment. Healthy grieving can be a slow and difficult process that lasts for months or years. And although little by little to a receiving antenna his life, probably never overcome or stage of the deceased. Firstly can reduce a person against the shock and numbness, feel the reality of death. But meanwhile, he or she likes, things well, can handle and very competent in dealing with the funeral and legal issues. Later, may have feelings of fear, anger, sadness and guilt at the forefront. For others, like a person in mourning, irritable, anxious or disorganized. On the contrary, the person often seems worse and less able to work him in the first two weeks, several months after a death. Is a practical reason of continuous help and emotional support of friends is very important. If a person feels himself took and pass months without improvement, however slowly or painful, could be a sign of complicated bereavement. Complicated grief is a mental illness; This is the concept, such as mental health professionals duel was especially difficult for him and the person concerned could benefit from professional assistance. Signs of complicated mourning: the inability to accept that a death frequent nightmares and memories; Withdrawal from social contact; Constant and the wishes of the deceased person. Complicated mourning is more frequently after the suicide or other traumatic deaths. It is important to feel to distinguish, or real depression requires hospital care. A professional can help in this determination. He or she will consider, if a person is unable to cope in their everyday activities and symptoms that are not explained by the pain. Constant feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, constant thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, uncontrolled crying, delusions and reduced physical reactions and think. In the year after the death of a spouse, widows develop a depression by 50%. Treatment may involve medication or psychotherapy. Drugs not pain, but rather helps a grieving person, emotional energy that was supposed to keep dealing with the feelings. For many people, recognize and express the strong emotions associated with pain treatment an integral part. To do this, write, talk with friends or pastors, a therapist or a self-help group will join your feelings. Under Medicare, palliative care programs tips pain is available up to one year after the death. Other things that can help: individual therapy. You can step comfortable talking in a group. Maybe their relationship with the deceased was concerned and have a difficult time. Or do you want to deal with unresolved issues in the past, which led to death in the foreground. In this case, it may be easier, with a single therapist-work. Worth is emotional also physical. After a death, you lose your appetite or have problems with sleep. Other symptoms include abdominal or thoracic pain, headache, dizziness, fatigue, palpitations, heart and muscle tension. Duel may have subtle effects on health. Recently the widows showing a natural killer cells (cells that attack viruses and tumors) and cortisol stress hormone that women in which men are alive and above. With persistent stress hormones can reduce immunity, blood pressure and cholesterol increase and cause abnormal heart rhythm. In addition, some people disturb them consisting of diet, exercise and medications in the months following his death continue. All this leads to a decline in health and increased risk of cardiovascular death — for — in a year or two after a loss. If you think that physical symptoms pain occurs helps the doctor determine if a medical examination is warranted and may be capable of medical and emotional support helps you find. He or she may prescribe medications for insomnia or anxiety disorders and monitor its usage to prevent tolerance and addiction. December 2003 update. ,,.