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Six and a half months is only SMS and chat some time and not completing does not face to face. It comes from my experience with this kind of situation: 1) built probably not enough emotional before leaving dynamics. Question 2) make several days of plans before hand. She, quite long to return 3) has no intention of going back, but kept around until he met someone else. (4) is of the opinion that if they are personally you will read (i.e. ’ if your sex life has always been great) and test things to speed up the Luft.Wie either, when they ask now if they come back together, she wants ’ probably select the “ switch switch. I propose directly to ask why they do not want to know him. Sometimes more direct surprised people by the catch question and feel a response.If I were you, let not go another week without knowing if you are wasting your time. But before you ask, trying to create enough, before they become problems. He has worked for some of my clients. My ex broke in a month. I thought that any contact no is what to do, when I found your Web site. We kept contact with 2 - 3 times per week. We speak mainly of what is past in ’ ’'s live, but reveals much about our relationship of 4 years. We agree it was the right thing to keep the note. Where we are talking about, things are clearer days. Miss him still very ’, but don ' t know if it ’ which is what I want and ’ I do not know what you want. We decided to stay, because we both know what we want. If all goes well, it was open and honest with each other before the collapse. It was an excellent article. What is with my ex to relax and allow it to evolve organically. We have been together for almost 2 years and ran the report until it was finished. With hindsight, I can see didn't t feel ’ insurance I have and push it I want caused. I feel much more touching and you can go with the flow of things. My ex is recovering in account of the liberation of the pressure and things are better than ever. It has ’ almost 3 weeks, my ex and I we reconciled. I have forgiven him for the wrong I have done, but he has not forgiven. It is said that I deserve someone, ’ ll never evil and fear, that you ’ ’ ll hurt me again. No doubt, it would be logical to insist enough time until what we return. We have talked about the possibility of friends and see what happens, but said that he could forgive only t ’. This is my question, you think that? Perhaps ’ a fool, but I like it. Yangki, we ’ re still in the initial phase, where again, focus on yourself and be unique. She wants to communicate openly to save and see where to go from there. It's a case of him and there also want to eat? The opinions are much appreciated. Yangki, my ex with my ex finally January is not in love with me, but I have the Board on his blog and book said. We have maintained contact, even worked as I me. Over the last 3 months, we send only a few others. I wrote and I wrote. Yes I did not ’ text ’ text like me. 5 weeks ago have started to leave, before there was once a week, once every few days. I told him, I want to get back together and said that he loved me and wanted to go again. But it seems a week another change. It is said that it has problems, you need work, before coming back together. You think he wants to come back together or simply mistaken? Please give me your honest opinion. Yangki, the ’ m learned that patience is the key. If your ex forces your feelings too fast, react negatively to and, even before having a chance to try what whatsoever. Thank you for your honest opinion. The answer is no, this is not a ’. It is ’ a rather simple type. I have ’ as another question. I'm afraid he has ’ I do not know what you want? Advice and how his ex, are certainly not what I write, it is because it does nothing in my advice (articles and book), said “ take contact with you, if you already in contact with the ”. I saw ’ and some sites recommended but ’ is not something that d ’ Council. as says article, slow ’ doesn t want to stay away. Means not more pressure, expectations or demands on this relationship, is that reasonable, where things are easy. This is the only way you can do it (mentioned in the article), regularly check for if ensure that their feelings, expectations, words and actions are always with their old feelings, hope, ’, words and actions. I've never believed, dates back to an ex was a wise decision, but ’ is this time was different. I wanted to go back to read all the articles we wrote ’ and even his book. ’ I am glad that m, who agreed to give me a chance.For all those who are still trying to get back his ex, ’ Yangkis work consulting. You must only ensure that problems which have led to the separation and the show that you have changed. Another thing that you must remember, that read this isn t ’ advice is to put into practice. I read your book all day and it was very good month last, 1. We have every day for hours to speak at the end, but last week, she noticed that it was moving away. I asked him if we could talk and we met Friday evening. He said that things are moving too fast and ’ fear that can drop us in the same ’ old model. We talked and laughed, and then I went home. Did not ’ call or it. Ayerme called and said that pulling back to give him space. We have had enough and ended shortly after the call. Before that everything was great and don ’ do not want to ruin. I think that the “ moves too fast spear. Mets unfortunately t ’. Like everything in life, there is no guarantee with regard to the relations. Your good thing is that, even if does not work the ’ once more, their wonderful friendship remain intact.I say, later. In fact, I think that things will be much better this time. That is, the hope of this, do not forget why it does not work ’ and have it done, you need to be sure that the new relationship will be better than the old. It is quite possible, and it is also possible that no ’ do not want to now. Is the question most important can wait until you are ready to start to ’ to “ know ()? If you use this time and prove that it is good for them. This is not the case, your losses and move on. Normally, I say ’ ’ s d you … your heart, your life. But if you always feelings for his picture and it ’ ready to work necessary to make the working relationship, I tell him the opportunity. But don ' t “ ’ OK, go to ’. Go slowly and significantly different question of how everything will be different, how it goes and how you ’ s all work to go.If it's empty words ’ gives you ’ is not a plan how it works and not the necessary changes for better things, be sure once again working together again. No vale la Peña! What I mean is that in my experience, if they fear that things do not work, someone not work normally. It is difficult, because what you see is obstacles and follow the actions and reactions. Even if you take the chance to really things in a different direction, you will be able to take, because its concentration, energy and time on why it does not work.The real tragedy is that you the things that stress us more likely to be the things that we have no control. Things that you can control and can change, often ignored or not much attention - at your own risk. Probably on a scale of 10 – 1 6. Is ’ normal for it a bit to remove it, but not too much. Don ’ let the panic, do you something worse. Excuses, time, process, how you feel. To keep pace, but to the touch and with the way which responds to lifting things also. Yangki, I realized reading his blog and the book that I have my ex and he pushed to return ’. Little by little, I started reducing my texts or calls for a few days and have reacted very positively. Thanks for everything you do! Certainly, two forms of synchronization error .diese experience frustration and all processes, care pre. Faster results in the risk of Scheiterns.In this article speaking, ll ’ ° n synchronization error 1 – always transmit their old feelings by ’ Sie.Um to make sure you not far from their old feelings for the movement would be ’, questions which, itself, but my ex ’ “ words and actions show that he or she feels to me the way?I feel for him? If you find that the feelings are before your ex for ’ your Ritmoe slowly take smaller steps.Note, I say t “ ’ da its place. “ Gives room, how many people really use it, “ can ’ t stop me acting needy and arrogant, so I'll ’ to sit in my corner of the world. Hopefully I have cast of ’ and Berichten.Denn the self-control necessary missing, for regular contacts, needy and pushy workers all (too much) or nothing (no contact) connection. Ending up with nothing.If your ex is not only came and said “ I need my space/contact ”, or in the little things that give more of their own time and space that shows what issues are (or want to), makes no sense / power “ room, the / not Chiestoe dont need or want. There is especially no sense, if the effort to communicate and which suddenly turned his former think that ri fact “ ’ give ”. Chances are that your ex is bad bad move are very high.Had he still has strong feelings for you, your “ give your ex space he or she does not need or desire to interpret, as you already have it you are not interested in looking for a relationship. Experience persistent feelings of mistrust, to see their movement as a psychological and even game as you move your ex, react or conclusion and follow later. If the response, I have “ my ex ’ words and actions show that he or she felt feel to me like I am by it? is not the best action plan, it is slow.Where little by little slowly means the rate at which things are coming, so can move much more quickly. The key word here is “ pass ”. If there is no movement because you give / ” place, you take in stride. They are delay, delay said the necessary measures and the lack of opportunity to change things.When means slowly, instead running in the process, a small step, I see ’ has an impact and then move to the next step. Means that constantly wondering “ was what what can I say or do, that my ex does not move the smallest step where the location will be decided must be together again? finally and especially take slowly means not to take a decision (decision), the other person until he or she is willing to do.Slowly ensures that not always well ahead of their old feelings for ’ you. Make sure that you have put a lot of pressure on your ex are.In small steps, not only are you able to see the impact of their words and their actions can also just before the point of no return for results. I heard that … and thank you for my blog with the list of obstacles, occurring not overload with your ex.The obstacles are part of the process. Indeed if it also gently “, means that some problems are not addressed and they ll ’ later than whole once again, causing problems or even a break. If it is ’, open its reserves to speak openly and honestly. If you do not ’, then try to reach the emotional reason for their ways of hesitation and cooperation/collaboration find around and instead of trying to be the breath through it. Strength creates resistance to the counter. He became a lost Schlacht.Ich as ’ obstacles in a call to pass. You are so close, losing hope. (:. They are in your Frage.Wenn I do not know enough about his relationship with the response that it is one of his ex back, quite ’, her feelings for him/her will be stronger than her feelings for you. The “ pressure comes from you want to feel how it feels for her to do so. More until (attention, time, space, contact, proximity, confidence, love, confidence, commitment, etc.) requests, because they are prepared or prepared, elasticity, ’ will be okay. It is a one time thing, probably felt bad of jokes, that after she was not ready t said ’.They are the level of contact, which had then let it slide. Don ’ don't know if this is the case. T go forward, intimate gift ’ for some time, even if it starts. ’ saw what can happen. Move to the next step only if it is a time of change. Congratulations on your ex, Lee again. You actually took the message of the selective “ in the heart and the payment. You are right. Everything is ’ be disciplined enough to stand up to the end.I have ’ very pleased if you (…: you say m ’ fear of commitment can make feel you good with you, because it means that the problem with it.) But it is also “ ’ give to if someone is afraid of commitment because “ there's nothing you can do.The reality of the relationship is that, if someone tells you that you are drowning because you are ’. He does not like, but it is — and ’ is what counts. You can actually have something on what you can control and modify (en), an opportunity! It would be better to wait until it was occupied, but with hindsight is 20/20. What ’ it is important that you accept the order and must now take this opportunity. ? Please note that the old majority fear the first meets personal. ’ Don ' t know what to expect, and many people believe that you want to ask them, who meet again and ready for a response. Remove the pressure while keeping things on the positive side. That is, not to mention set backs, not to mention the old relationship. Its sole purpose must now make this meeting as relaxed and pleasant as possible, see once again who wants to. If you make the first meeting face to face, well get used quickly. You will see that nothing is to worry and be more committed. Good luck! My ex and I were out I yr as friends and as a couple, in 3 years. In the last year of our relationship it was moving for me. Test point, the relationship work, but non-affected ’ only. It was a ’ and a couple of months since we parted, and she says that he wants another chance. You acknowledge that I did the best he could and told in the difficult relationship work because I want. I have ’ seen 2 day other women going with my ex, but it has always been ’. I thought we want things slowly and see what happens, but all my friends and family say that he should bring back them. I'm danger of my feelings? Please be honest with me, I really need an independent Board of a person of trust and respect. After reading many posts on this blog, I had to say just to put words into action and disciplined prompted successfully with my ex. After a month very easily contact and another month, dance two step of construction adequate to resolve the emotional impetus for us to start working on something that interests us since our last report to create a new attachment.It took two years and nine months of struggle, mainly because the friends for a long time, we were surpassed. My ex left me, but the same features that it was when we were together. Despite this, he calls me control and gives to me, if I have someone to talk about the need. This is the reason why we have separated a t ’ he was happy with his life, I support t n ’ and was indispensable. Chat phone through a text on almost every day and a couple of times. More than 80% of the time, lance contact. I also want to mention that he bought his past, a few questions about a House and therapists are also looking for a better job. Don ' t think ’ ’'s ready, yet once couple in the Moment.Don ’ don't want any contact. I would like to give us the best that we have ’. Ve me read if ’ toggle to get your ex and his approach resonates with me the best. Also bought his book and began to read. My question is, which begin the more contacts and when “ should perhaps try again ”? Read all reviews and I want to just make sure that I ’ m who do things well. I consider do not communicate with you if you contact me everything first. A few weeks later in contact with some information she wanted, I was wondering if we could see us before and in person and did not speak to ’ t responds. The information that you need this, but yet I asked that skillfully. As you say in your article, it was probably too early and spend time together only bring back bad memories. How long will we suggest until you have questions? I thought that I have a month. Things change but doing nothing to change it. I think that his biggest problem is not that you do not know what to do, which is the biggest obstacle, you are afraid to take action because you are afraid of losing. I said ’ seen so many men and women then that his ex for months only to “ anyone know of … and then the same people who were upset by the ignition / used. My story is controlled similar, except that it is me who, emotionally the relationship. When he saw that I was not there to ’ him, concerned more than good. Finally broken, the rest attached. It is ’ when I realized how much my ex really liked. I have ’ since it has apologized and its utmost demonstrate that I have changed (I ’ m, after his book). It is said that I see that you have changed the part of his desire to give us another chance, but they and I ’ fear of new evil. How to get to the next step? The following characters in article 5 are traits of interest. Interested in the ’ t does not necessarily mean that the person would like to meet you. would the statements in the article are different characters in the bore / “ time in a conversation? ”. Will tell you that his ex, together, or at least ready to think, speak. If it is ’ all the signs show registrations, forward, use it or “ “ soft development depending on what you are familiar with.From my experience, but if you're technically “ friends, chances are good that ’ there is no indication. The ’ d can loose everything that ’ view has worked hard to get to this point, when things, until it is ready, ’.Instead of things more than energy and time of “ friendship area, the instructions contained in the book. It should be ’ that do this step before you can go to the other. His past 2 months since my ex and he did it again. She seems to want to slow things down this type of time, but I feel like if m ’ mixed signals. Last Friday, I tried to give him a kiss and said that he was not willing to but later that same night, it has begun a bit, they can be misleading. Here is where it merges. He sent a text Saturday morning and it was not ’ t responds. You respond usually immediately or within an hour. I sent a night ”, hope everything goes well. ”. I don't get ’ a response to the. I'm not ’ nothing sent Sunday. This morning I received a message from your “ needs time to reflect on what you want. Envoy back, “ the ”. He replied and asked me how my weekend was. We write you again as if nothing had happened. Don ’ know not what you do once. Help, please? Sometimes, this can be (if it is something uncertain), with hindsight, may need to put your life in perspective. Take the time you need, and also to understand what it is exactly that you want. It is so important, if subsequently decides that trying to bring him back or find someone new. What was not addressed, will appear and again can ruin things! Thank you for your story that others are waiting.I really hope things work out for the two. Best wishes. Yangki, probably of Don ' t ’ remember. I sat down with a couple of weeks for some emergency sessions to my ex and she told me that taking things slowly because my chances are very good. I thought that I ’ to give a little update. Tomorrow, I have lunch with her. This is our first meeting after the break, 4 months ago. I have already asked to leave, but she refused to say ’ think it was a good idea. She agreed and committed to the text and conversations in the last 5 Wochen.Ich ’ m a little nervous and I hope that I break. I wonder if you you ’ d like to meet some time and told me, that the morning would be fine. Always follow the promises and fingers crossed. You know how things are going. You are what you need to do, depending on your needs of space and time, but keeping the channels of communication. This trust to build and deepen their connection. Hello, I have a really lot of your message. My ex and I were best friends and love for 4 years. He has had great success in his career and affected our relationship. I think I have become needy and said, couldn't processed and completed its work. I was wrong and they have not contacted it for 3 weeks. During this time, he contacted and responded. I asked him if he could try us again the relationship, but he said that he does not believe that it would work, because his work was still very difficult. But says that does not immediately exclude us together and give a bit of time to complete your project. I think he does not know what feels more like me, and I think that's very selfish acts. I fear that if we want to stay in touch and go back together longer are made. What do you think? I thank very you much for your help. Yangki, I told my ex that I have plenty of time to think about why they are not ’ and I wanted to start a new beginning. He said that friends can begin, but friendship takes time to build. Work-around to become attracted to and she is ’ all five signs the former always interested wrote in his article. In his book, said that, in the sample to see if they come back together until claims he, but there are ’ friends ri technically still apply the tips in my situation? Hello Yangki, use your book of his ex and I must say that this is the best on the market. Read other books, but have not yet received my ex could speak for me. I have the Board in his book applied and used the script if an ex wants no contact with and received after 3 weeks, I said a response she appreciated that it respects your desire. It was one of those very easily. We had conversation and now I'm in the people with him. I know that in his book mentioned, that sometimes things happen, hopefully it should listen to transmit what we expect to happen happens and have opportunities instead of obstacles. But I'm with obstacle after obstacle with my ex. I need help, any type of support or advice? No, they are not stupid ’ … ’ are in love. Sometimes, it even seems (…: I have to forgive much respect, so that you can.) Unfortunately ’ does not lose t come easy for us all. Forgive yourself when you hear that you don't, or it may be more difficult to forgive someone.Say Don ' t ’ “ damage ”, but if two people are willing to put the past behind them, everyone may fade with the party aggrieved in the background. This is the problem with your ex not only ’, which is ’ is not able to forgive, s and s ’, which he believes that he is injured again. ’ Don ' t know if the ’ a genuine concern or a pretext for … report. one of them is not ’, has ’ me. If you ’ this is a real concern, then take things very slowly can help the two of you work beyond what happened. If m, say “ ’ if ’ do ' know what he was doing, if I damage ’ the … dealing with fraud and he thinks he can still cheat ’ ll help your relationship, if you ask why she thinks that ’ will return to deceive.Some people are too polite to say, this is something that is not always the relationship and the need for someone else to do. It is especially if he loves and wants to be with you but feels satisfied to a certain Gebiet.Offen to help you find ways to satisfy their relationship more — for both. He thought that the situation is a little different, so my ex and I have met recently, after a member for two years, I thank you for your ideas on things slowly and looks pretty. One of the problems we had in the past had things too quickly because of the “ head for each other and none of us want to repeat this time. I think you could say that the two are ’ for review, which will not be repeated the unhappy past. Thanks for the reminder and practical insight here slowly approach the significance and the reason of things. Yangki, who say that if your ex says you want, but not ’ I know if he wants you back. How do you know if he wants to move in if slowly or plays psychological games? I tried my ex for 2 months. I tried all the tips included “ not contact and nothing seem to work. I came across your blog and read easily can choose, where you left it. ’ now tried m to facilitate the return to things and ’ m to see a big difference. We always keep and it seems to me that it is ready for ’ time and talk to me first. Still, you go through the occasional frustration, if I want things to move faster. Is this normal? I purchased your book last week and that has helped. We had our first meeting last night and had a good time. You haven't seen ’ each other for some time and was willing to be a little uncomfortable things. After our meeting, I have a text, which has had a wonderful time, and I would like to say good night. She responded immediately, he said, has been a pleasure for me to see again and wished him good night. This morning I wake up with a text on your part. This is the second time, she took contact ’ since two months again linked there. Don ’ don't mean anything precipitate, but don ' t want large ’ errors. Is my question after the beginning of the maximum contact?. Yangki, published here recently with my ex and gave me good advice. I bought your book and started to rebuild the communication. It took a while, but it seems that we have made some progress. We go on dates and have more time together that shortly before the collapse. Yesterday afternoon, but we can lose. Asked to point blank if I come back together. I would revise and says something like: “ ’ course, which are not? ”. He said “ think that and asked him if it is ’ and says that he does not know ’. I think you Serena the most. After the dream, he wrote an apology extensive e-mail and answered a text “ no worries. and then send a message and if it happens, but I do not think that the distance themselves a bit. How much ruin? I want Yangki, I thank you for the resources provided. Did not ’ refer to the advice of friends and other sites to play and edit my ex again, especially because our dismissal was adorable. During the last 6 months, I followed your advice and my ex and I are still a couple! Our relationship feels like a new adventure and we are very positive both for personal work, we did it for us. Now, it seems more than ever to understand. I am so grateful for the advice given on this blog and in your e-book. Thank you very much. Read Lee and Katie ’ remarks smile me for them. Hope gave me their stories.I am 35 years old and ’ is ’ 28. Too sticky and muffled in called six months ago, as it has been supported. Then he prayed and pleaded that even further. Since follow-up Yangki ’ ’ advice and I think that I became very together. I've updated the changes which should be and other aspects of my life. It is said that I still want to, but you want to go one step at a time. We went to dinner last night and we'll see ’ ri in 3 days. Keep the rest of us in your prayers and good luck with your relationships. ’'m a silent reader of your blog for a few months, and lots of your posts several times re-read. My story is long, but ’ try to make a long story short. I broke up with my ex-6 months. I did not the thing, only 3 days please feel free. The meaning, because the separation has been primarily is not my fault, because I very needy and sticky. He said that he had heard nothing more for me and to share with him. We were in contact most of the time to start. Today, I have the courage to order coffee and agreed to meet as in the City Friday. Me ’ m has only, which could this is progressing rapidly and that he should wait until he initiated contact with him on the issues. What do you think?. They will slowly, have linked — response, initiated by contact, led at the time to spend with you, not only are willing to engage in something.The spirit of someone to play, none of this could, and if they do, it is so arbitrary and ’ without any effort in good faith. You get the feeling in the stomach a bit used … for everything.This may help:. You are ’ only “ hang for 5 weeks, just to know you ’ again. It is the fact that you said ’ that he wants to get back together is also a positive signal strong. The new relationship, the opportunity to grow and prosper. As you can see in the stories of people who have transformed their old, is … time to take the right steps. You know what and when. Yangki, can ’ t begins to describe how your post helped me. The report comes to the conclusion that they were not compatible with the others, but says he wants us to be friends. First of all, was it will be heavy to friends, but it seems that they had discovered it now. In my heart, I know that we are not friends, because she flirts with me and shows that she is dressed ’ me. I can only pray that things are governed by its Board of Directors ultimately. A long way, but I ’ proud of me. I can tell you t if ’ to follow or not in contact with him. It is ’ a possible decision. But don't think that ’ is ’ to be selfish. You know, what are your priorities and something bad is not ambitious. It changed many to accept that things have and you are no longer its priority, and it is understandable ’. But at least it is not the way, two new and have how much time it takes information. That, in my opinion, it is encouraging. You say that you have a good opportunity, but only if don ’ t try, things happen more quickly than it already it is ready, or decisions, more emotionally to force two create a distance between you.The ball is in your camp. While you play, you make a difference. A good question. If you take them things easy, things move at a slow pace that wanted to double ’.If it has not changed for a period of time, actively to try to change things (in my experience – 1 3 months) and you will find more and more difficult to feel and less positive resonance, you are probably is ’ waste time. The (or reasons) for less positive reaction vary from report. In my experience most people when they are wasting your time, but some more difficult to accept this fact as well as s. ’ most people returning, has tried to respond to his ex, or far from your previous experience, is a lot of resistance in evil Timing.Die most common error of time used: 1 pressing too, fast and well before your old feelings for ’ you. Second first Yangki, I would like to thank you for your good ideas and advice. ’ Read your blog every day and I bought his book. My ex and agreed to take things easy, time to get acquainted. However, it was too fast to a point where he spent nights at home almost every night. So tell me note that she has started to move away. N t ’ reply to my messages and was transported to the fall. Much is said about what happened and told me that he wants to take things calmly. It is ’ when I bought the book. I have ’ view contacts in text 1-2 held one day and it texts one or two times on the day. Our content and emotion of the talks. ’ Is clearly to treat new relations and treatment ’ m just what it takes to show you I m ’ take your time with it. I hope to give him too much space “ da “ sometimes too much space things can lead only friends “. According to article even once, you must constantly say and do, which moves to your ex to take a decision to unite. Tell someone who support or give space does not always mean even with the best intentions of the world is a good idea, except if someone directly to order Hall of “. Da ’ views registered for a phone session, we talked to correct more in detail how courses and things. You should be proud of you (…: it takes much more maturity to sit and things in relation to escape and hide in the hope that time will clarify things.) There are a lot of positive things for you and I think that your former care leave Sie.Weiterhin most of the contact but trying to start fighting by 60/40. Don ’ do not want to begin to feel ’ make the abandonment of works and frustrated. ’ Don ' t leave things “ well feels the old relationship. Find tips, feel certain things as new and fresh in the book of “ should perhaps try again conversation, listed in the book a few indicators that tell you it is time ’ “ ”. Based on what you have written here ’, is not present. Keep in time more closely to work and show that it is possible to have a better relationship.I suggest before you read the book, then in the fields that apply to your situation end ’ is easier to implement the steps, if you know how each other to build. ,,.