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I'm so tired I was pushing. But there are a few idiots to get a tattoo in any case, you can. Honestly, I prefer ink and stick, because I hate this car. That fact is an idiot. In serious, your risk of infection and can be admitted to the hospital. If you have permanently only a work of art on your body to a professional. Do your research about the artist and of course, shop. His job is to help, come up with a design that will be and what you want. If you don't know a tattoo, I want to, then do it. It's really as simple as that.The tattoo artists are generally very understanding about your fears. Without a doubt, she experienced the same sensation when they were first tattooed.Of course only and enters a shop and talk to an artist. They are not based on a method that will take you to the hospital. the ink to use black Super, I have one in my foot, it was a night at their whim, for approximately two years and shows no signs of weakening. Just dark as tattoos, I have it in a room. I tried this in high school and it was incredibly painful. I still have the tattoo, but has not disappeared. I liked your hub, but I do not recommend it to anyone to your tattoo. So cheap nowadays to heal with a sound professional. Boiling water is barely warm to sterilize enough gear. You must at least 134 c - a temperature that can be achieved only with a sterilizer. And still, same expensive disposable tattoo artists and piercers needles safer. Dilute the blood to a point where so much ink bleeding, not while the remainder of alcohol and drugs.People, Pierce or tattoo through TAFE, all about how to protect their clients. And most of them are good people to take care of you, make sure that you are comfortable with an industry, stop when you press Fragen.Bitte things as his post that is already struggling with a bad reputation, even more after the turn. It is irresponsible and dangerous. What happens if a baby is this? The figures of their expenses, if something goes wrong? Occupational health that others could go at a pace faster than the desired can give fear and hate this laptop.My question is: why did, one of them? I have been there and ruined the experience of tattoo. Give people and always intentionally hurt all the time. Depressed teens have been reduced, women suffer from not having enough to eat, or to bone breaking vomiting, dare Devils. It is the type of man. Why do you do for you? Seriously, people go to a professional tattoo artist hygienically to recommend, if you want a tattoo. I don't know of any way to cancel a tattoo. It is possible to see a doctor to denounce it. Remove the in another part of the body and the skin removed the tattoo. This is the only way I know. I'm sorry, that I cannot be more helpful. Common sense would also have the comments that I made in the car tattoo. Not informed and believes that it is worrying. I'm like the obsessive compulsive and maniacal, this method is harmful and have explained. Ignore my comments about the plot, his stupid decision is easy. Congratulations! It is the end of the line. Simply clean the station and everything will be fine. The tattoo will take a week or two to heal the wound. If you think that tattooing a need for protection, there are a few soothing balms that purchase put the tattoo twice a day, calm a little. The tattoo starts to bite, then press. Do not scratch! This will not help in any way.Over time if you had a good time, give her a tattoo, could return and treat you a little more as the skull and the right ship, formed from. When you start to get to a party with tattoos, a friend and another tattoo. Or you can just use a tattoo of a friend, if it is important. Everything you want to know with the new. Have fun with it, out of control. Show off your artistic skills or keep a secret for your pleasure.Good luck and enjoy! Have you thought to get a tattoo, but I was afraid? When someone is going to get a tattoo, there are others that influence his decision. The machine noise can scare you if you hate the dentist. Your friends can leave you as the design that you want, so you can not a small heart with his girlfriend, perhaps because they think it's romantic.If you think that you can not get a tattoo I declare in make me a simple means to hand tattoo for you. However, it is the discipline and time. There are clouds Tattoomaschinen, without other people for his trial. It has just what you want to be. You can make any kind of music you want and as long as you. Nobody is going to think badly of you have not finished ink. In this way, you want to make the most of your tattoo. The choice of the theme, not only choose an immediately. Because the design itself does doodle you must be all possible. Find something that you like. But if you find yourself something to shoot, what you want, go online and print drawings are copied.Not only the fairies, weapons, cross or tribal tattoos are focused. Try everything you can find. Insert the word tattoo into Google and see what happens. If you are interested, then try doodle, and choose for the occasion. Nothing is carved, Pierre, since there is ink on the skin. Now I can just play.Test designs up to ten, and then go to sleep. The next day, throw a few drawings. This, to stick you in a unique design. Whatever you want. It may be that a combination of designs can be relatively simple. Whatever it is, if you wish, keep it. Yes, it is good to get a tattoo. But I prefer to tattoo themselves and not go through the pain with others, to become a tattoo. I am a huge introvert and does not like the pain. Then maybe a center of history of tattoos and methods that would be the advantages and disadvantages of each method useful. If you are afraid that you are out of the window. As you might expect, there are some necessary supplies for this tattoo company. Usually, a tattoo shop would have a laptop, which brings a needle into the skin very quickly. It seemed to go more slowly for me, drilling instead of leather. In any case, instead of a machine, you can use the construction of the House, but it seems to me to be a bit complex. You should have: Please do not. Trust me. In high school, I tried several times, and when the tattoo Finally, only half of which was crapily makes missing a tattoo with pieces of it and not gone. Wear something that is really worth doing in my body. I know that the impatient with old young people is not enough, but seriously, much faster 18 is all risk of infection, when you call think.not and to come with a home made tattoo. Know someone who had cooked a twisted Reaaally infection and also the needle. It is important to know, if you give it can handle up to a tattoo. Take a needle or a lot of needles. Maintain and update for a tattoo in the field itself. Make sure that you, a good situation. They need to hide, put in a place that you can not see the tattoo. If you want it to appear, then put the parts of the body in one of their favorites. Do not Pierce your skin up to what, no amount of blood, than what is bleeding, only drop. If you think repeatively you can do by yourself, you should be okay. But I need something that signature, what constitutes the right on and then try to get a couple of beers, if you really, conspiracy want to tattoo after a week or two. No, no, I speak by experience, that none of this information is for all accounts. I have a rare hand tattoo and tattoo guns. I say unto you, that this poor information. Firstly, it has also many parts in your system. Second, the ink is extremely important. One of my co-workers to fill the buffers used ink and it has mercury poisoning. I have pure ink that is very difficult to find. More colors are toxic chemicals, in particular by ink pens have been described. It would be smarter to buy sterile tattoo ink actually, it is not barato.Comparado with the block, I have a sewing needle that I lustré to remove surface imperfections, germs can be seen in my toaster oven roast on a sheet of aluminum foil, then I cleaned and cooked in alcohol. A Hank of cotton yarn coiled 1/16 of an inch from the tip of the needle. It was where the conical end point.The ball of wool as runs a cover to avoid both the needle too deep and an ink tank. Enough have a needle. I have a normal top to contain the ink. Sterilized with alcohol before filling the bottle. I never to avoid contaminating the bottle of ink. First dive of needle, alcohol and let dry again had washed their hands. I had a small stream of alcohol, even spray at regular intervals as tattooed.Oh, and have a clean sterile gauze.Dipped me the ball of thread in ink and I began to tap the tattoo. I stayed with the needle between the thumb and the needle back to suddenly playing finger middle and index. If they do not appear by ink, spray with alcohol and clean with gauze. In retrospect it should have used sterile or even the Witch Hazel water. The alcohol burns.Against the last tattoo, my skin began to swell and he could not see exactly where the line is then placed by the party of the night. I have sprayed with alcohol was too generous ink soaked, then go beside the ball up, ink, the latter drawing a time to rub, then cleaned the excess and let the subject a dry ink Stunde.Danach clean with alcohol, and neosporin on it and captured a large top spot free. After 2 weeks, it has hit some empty holes using the same method. Tattoo night held gently cleaning the neosporin and Witch Hazel applied until the crust is torn apart. Then I was cured.I have since 1991 and it is still very crunchy. It is a very good on the back of the left hand between the thumb and the artists are Zeigefinger.Wenn, I recommend not handyman. If you need to track, let a professional. Use only the ink with your tie, never a tattoo pen! Chances are good that the pen will be mercury and other toxic substances. Pen is the worst. I am an artist and gives me that your hand, how I did it. A Flash, a simple design, but it was difficult to do so. The skin moves dynamically adjust much and which have been built without the shit. The swelling is too difficult. Of course, it is that the defense of the workshop produces histamine, foreign invaders such as needles of sewing and ink. You can enter a negative reaction and anaphylaxis.Alcohol is the worst thing you can do. A bit of pain, but can honestly absorb if you can take the pain, otherwise get a tattoo. Alcohol can impair judgment and making their chances of getting motor skills a high enough and blood will get to make the ink purge because at and above it, is very bad to go! In addition, it is difficult to tell if you have a negative reaction. Only, I don't drink any alcohol, if you give him a tattoo.In addition, the worst evil anyway the next day.Retired or not, go to a professional. There are places that are more private, if you look around. Always check the shop before work. Professionals don't worry and be happy show your portfolio. Questions to ask. Question have tattoos (good), to recommend someone.If you do, you'll be hygienic. Watch and be sober. Germs of the RID, which would be in contact with the skin. A tattoo is an open wound, a course in your skin, which can cause infection. She wanted everything clean and well organized. Wash your hands before touching anything. Pen, pen wash, the lighter a little, but this alone or even a little paranoid when you're a Germophobe. Bring the pot of water and boil to purify over a fire or stove. Then you with water or a pot. I even regularly as a tattoo artist tattoo. We had to read your article because I believed that to be honest, I think it is a little irresponsible, there are reasons, misuse of the tattoo equipment, we are going to do with why done it, less its method, all needles, we have developed above, not to the handful of depth sterilization. I suggest that you could go to tattoo, investing in the team. You can watch a movie. Just watch a movie while themselves of the tattoo. See how to create the design.Alcohol thins the blood, you don't want a tattoo before. If you do not drink before. There are in the United Kingdom that professional artists point poke and labor tattoos are wonderful! But he is a player who has been the tattoo for years. There are other professional artists, their beautiful designs of Handpoke, they know what they are doing. In addition are your steps - talk to your artist and see what they say. Some much, but a softer, can be deliberately used to tattoo if you can take a lot of pain. Others suggest getaway or planning one further meeting, if you need more.Good artists. Shams waste respond to this Centre. tattoos used to cyclists, and against, each child with $100 and the permission of their parents, is good to have a tattoo. in our modern Western culture's unique door social exclusion of tattoos and other cultures, Warrior, shaman, etc is. If you believe, that it was irresponsible to lose the essence of a tattoo, and I feel that you are part of this world. First, hate when they try to lower the aproach more primitive, only called proffesional tattoo makes me lose respect for them. It is no wonder that they call their stores tattoo studios, Yes, but great. Yakuza in bamboo, related to the African tribes, ash and fire sticks, carved maori makes holes in your whole body with wooden sticks and not in life or with a disinfectant, but in huts and Mojo room. I'm in a photo, so use this at the end: If you think that this method is backwards or wrong, then don't have any notion of what a tattoo and probably thinks that it's only an ornament for your body, if it is much more. I am an artist. I prefer my tattoos and I have ink a tattoo artist for me. and Lori Cook not Enuff. You need an autoclave to sterlize; a repatable (forgive errors all overcome Nite) used in the tattoo shop. Before u say negative, has a sister. But I found this site because I thought that, therefore, only a simple black heart me now. I don't want to see you, I spent some time in jail. Ay! Sees it as it would be in violation of the sh * t! In 1984, as I have a Headbanger play guitar in a band, almost brother drummers for channels in fact a prison police officer have abandoned a dragon tattoo, I have a stick on tattoo booth. It was the intention of the manual method described here, but it has something else. In prison, he learned as a template, do it in the following way: would be the tattoo record a piece of thin balsa, i.e., contour, then it would reduce the silhouette of raft with an x-Acto knife. It was then that could place the template on the skin, band around the arm with a car and put on the template cut lines, whereas it would have a guide for a perfect tattoo as it would be your hand around the band. His tattoos were mostly only the outline, but that he would pass through the technique of hand very skillfully. Instead of needles to cut a couple of guitars and strings are grouped, add an artist brush, with thread to then treat as the pencil. So when I was ready to begin hand pushed me once with a group of 12 string without ink and starting shit hurts. Not supported for twenty hours, who said that it should make my dragon. So I called a Chickensh * t and said that was $100 for their efforts, through which the model, or would be my ass. So I paid and went to a store of tattoos in ALB,, nm by three hundred dollars, I became my tattoo in an adhesive real dragon. It is available in nine colors and contours and shadows are perfect. The people, be very careful in the hand are tattooed it is dangerous, shaded and colorful they are difficult to make and the bites are not the same depth. Nothing, you could end up with a shattered BLOB. On the other hand, a career by a professional tattoo machine is more accurate, it hurt a little, is the depth of the needle, color and always perfect shaded idiots and makes the process much faster tattoo. Protect yourself and be careful! To get a tattoo, take the time to know what you want the rest of your life. If you want to have a tattoo with the senses, trying to understand each tattoo means it some tattoo books find the best way to communicate their emotions. I totally agree with home tattoo! And really, sterilization not everything is what the reality of. Here, what is our immune system! Personally, I do not know how to make free information available online for tattoo professional tattoo artist. I.e., take for example this article: is full of tips and tricks and tutorials about the art of the tattoo and is still elegant noble. I think that I will do so at this time, but I like to have a toast in his impressive tattoos! Bella. Draw the drawing pen in the area that you want to permanently mark the with the initiation of the process of tattoo. Each character like tattoo, stay in your picture to draw. If you want to use a plug-in and draw a connector. If you want a line, draw a line. Allow ink to dry a little before putting on the needle. If you want to allow alcohol, the pain subsided and then hosted. It is not obvious, such as an alcohol content of 12%. Usually it makes you a little evil at ease. A good idea, while Pierce is not themselves with a needle or you are so drunk you don't remember, what you should do is bad. It can be so low in alcohol, just enough to relieve the pain.Remove the brush and soak up the color a bit. Paint the cord with the connector. That does not get wet, cable or have the amount of paint on the wound, to block the view. If you're ready to think, to press to get it to boot with a needle. Not too deep, but not so much as two drops of deep enough, to every soul. It will take a long time. Stitch repeatively takes his time, so I want to maybe watch a movie or listen to music. Try to make sure that you have the appropriate sectors. But when they encounter a small arrow, you must ensure that all the conditions are met. With blood and ink might not all empty points can be found below, can have you to wait until the wound in order to fill the holes. Do not use the pen ink. It is not without danger. If you think to confuse you, and then practice. Create the needle guns (see above) and is a small graph paper without ink. Or, better still, the tattoo area. I believe that the steps. I know! And a blatant disregard of this knowledge only perpetuates the problem. Popular tattoo because it is these days only it came out of the cellar, so to speak, and they should be sent to the bottom of the stairs. People worked hard, show square, safe practices, and healthy failing, so practical very hygienic, you know with the autoclave sterilization and protection against pathogens in the Bourne Blut.Sie do not think either, but come girl, please, use your head. Staff of agents affecting blood, hepatitis B infection, should be a good reason not to be. Some people do / use inks cause blisters due to allergic reactions to the height of the Glisterine of the ink, which contains lead. Go to a professional for a tattoo. You need a dentist, a filling. It is a profession for a reason. Blogs by six collections that in 100 years, the tattoo art of tattoo people even more uncertain and dangerous, which can cause diseases and infections that could lead to the loss of limbs or death. I have to report him is ridiculous.Serious and very good friend the tattoo artists very seriously and this blatant stupidity, just because of the pain. Attention is not for me, it means, please I ignore. This is not a good idea. 1 boiling water do not sterilize everything. Never mind. A minimum temperature of germs to kill 120F. 2 should be. Tattoos are so terrible. Photos of tattoos. It is terrible. Why would you want to do. They are for the rest of his life. 3 life. Good tattoos not Piou Piou and tattoos are not good. Get extra money, but something that is satisfied with and love for the rest of his life to pass.VOICE!. I'm past and seen the pictures. There is nothing wrong in that. They are tattoos, want to make the individual. In his Facebook messages love their tattoos of some of them. Make a tattoo aims to remind that you like it.I hate my tattoo and was done in a tent. I have changed at home and it is expensive. The ink is something that I have worked on me and I am proud of it. A tattoo must be for you. You are interested in what others in your tattoo say, you are a not so worthy. I like the idea or concept of hubs, but it seems unprofessional to me. I have my own in high school and I can't wait to meet. Now I have several professional tattoos on me. In addition, diluted to drink blood and bleeding may cause problems, then you want to be careful. I like tattoos, so just above me, you can see how.My mother did that, when she was 16 years old and now has 36 and has virtually disappeared (=. I am not responsible for anything anyone with this information. There are children who have tattooed without the help of this article. I am not in favor of any way. Only, offering more secure orientation which create your own tattoo gun. With one in itself, you have to go to bottom, inadvertently of how deeply committed and responsible for damaging the skin. The tattoo artists are good practices and focus on the creation of fine art and its customers to protect. A tattoo artist must be worldwide if a tattoo about questions, design options and prices into consideration. But not all. Listen to me! If Tardbots is 3/4 full body suit come nearly full it has delivered speeches on the tattoo itself and the friends of hepatitis c. and Yes, old Asian teachers and first hand-poke method has been a long process of life of learning and training, which also wears Yakuza tattoo? HO, HO, in the form of 13 books on this subject and none of them resemble this caused basura-e AIDS. A favor and an index to arrive. The word tattoo comes made his when the hand-poke to write, not guitar method strings ink pine and branch disease urine and carbon. Six people have a severe disability. Not sterile is not a tattoo done at home, as a House is not a sterile and pencils, pens, etc. items are sterile.I'm a tattoo artist and not close our eyes, House for the tattoo. In addition to infection is risk if you know very well the skin simply not deep in the anatomy to go. Home tattoos were usually two subcutaneous bangs go too deep (i.e., the skin around the tattoo is attenuated, because it actually meets the ink under the skin and fat since) or washed look and not is enough deep shit. These generally low tattoos fresh 50-60 dollars. It is interesting. It needs much more to cover tattoos House then people repent. I don't say this, because I feel that somehow, these tattoos are a danger for my career as a professional artist to tattoo. I say this, because I have every day with people who do not like to go, myself. ,,.