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Get back your letter has Thicke sing, should never be raised voice or feel if small should never his desire to do something if, who kissed up to this most//bears should be, how much/and you always like to wait for me again.After more than a decade, the high school friends were married Thicke secondary and Patton, now 38, in June 2005. Together, the couple has a son, Julian, 4. According to trouble them. a new music video for their single return Monday, June 23, published and is very painful to see. The melodic singer, 37, shot last pictures of her next album of Paula, a tribute to his ex-wife, Paula Patton Cup. Like most of his new recordings and videos as well as letters in your reference statement on relationship problems by Thicke with the actress down. . The Clip opens with a shot of a desired text message read to warn that I was too far away. front swing, shot a shirtless Thicke with inexplicably streaming blood from his nose and his face. Video progression appears several SMS messages, reading, Furthermore, have annoying children, I can't love you already and I do not know, you are the person. . (Dedicated to ex-wife Paula Patton), ' get ' suffering in both internal and external-and the public really want to know the depth of your pain. on June 24, 2014 04.53 PMit really his wife win back people who blows me as with Robin due to its extreme position. Although his approach is extreme and opportunistic loves for some people. I see it too.Kill women, become ill are literally from a public, comprehensive, insightful, honest and apologies driven by talent, who will perform Paula, this idiot? Paula can only react. on June 24, 2014 03.13 PMGood Lord go, how deep is it? Which dents and scratches are lawyers for his wife and his real reason is because it allows to clean his clock without a pre-nup imagine. It depends on whether he wants his would be (it is clear that the wife of leave-want the loud and clear message) or the $ $ $ from Lines. "Every woman's fantasy blurred-a man on his knees begging. June 24, 2014, 02.29 PMMoral history, if not the Twerks over-Mylie-Dobend ' and must save before you with his tongue out.!!?. Shows only a few days after leaving a song Patton at a concert in Fairfax, Virginia.dedicated to say: the audience for all of you who don't know, my wife and I separated, but I'm trying to recover my daughter. . Palace Video shows the singer before the camera, hit and injured, wiping his eyes. In the texts of personal, painful conversations with Patton seem things on the screen. It is also his wedding ring, though it's hard to say when you try to delete or desperate to follow. He sings Thicke, a beautiful woman, who twice as Patton. Desde might be the separation from his wife of nine years in February, Thicke was efforts to retrieve public. But really puts Thicke under pressure (sorry, had to) with this latest Versuch. Thicke Patton and friends at school were hit when Thicke was only 14 years old. On February 24 issued Julian fire, three fathers, this. launched the first video for the single from the album on 23 June. The public for the first time get it back, as it is celebrated in the first. ,,.