Get Her Back

Get Her Back Robin Thicke Mp3

Robin wants to not be divorced, and this fact, the singer has been tested in recent months. In the Mai Thicke. His ex-wife, actress Paula Patton Robin Thicke, recover crusade, I have only a little worse at home. The new video by depressing its stealth only get back (from his forthcoming album, Paula), the singer sings his bedraggled Declaration directly to the camera, such as personal problems (between the two) SMS messages on your screen flash lost. It is a magnetic clasp attractive visual qualities, but in the face of real life, the overall effect is a bit disturbing. Thicke is frantic and exhausted, wearing a bloody nose and occasionally show a gun at Zama. It should never raise your voice or felt so small, sings, just romantic Division and us silky guitar Harmonien.In of the meantime text messaging, alluding to rumors of infidelity. As for me? a reading, while another note wanted to warn you that I was too far (in other places: babies too embarrassing, I love both.) In response to a post by Thicke, pointed out, I wrote an entire album of the absent lover with a cold like me does not respond.Thicke and Patton in February after nearly nine years of marriage separated. A source said. Introduction to the song with a cry of Patton. First of all, I would like to thank my wife for their love and support and for me that is maintained in all these years, said before the show offered the singer belt on the Knien.Paula, his new Studio album (and her commitment to Patton), 1 expected July. In addition to returning too late has tracklist also titles such as too little, and forever love. ,,.