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It has a higher lung cancer mortality among men, while northern Europe and in the United States, the mortality rate among women. In the United States, women and black men have a higher incidence. Screening should not be performed in patients with other health problems, treatment of lung cancer with no option would do. Radical radiotherapy, used originally in the 1950s was an attempt, high doses of radiation in patients with lung cancer relatively early, but use the products otherwise unfit for surgery. Mortality. In 2012, there were 1.82 million new cases worldwide and 1.56 million deaths from lung cancer, the 19.4% of total deaths. Cross-section of a human lung: the white area in the upper lobe is cancer. the black areas are spots. Recent improvements in targeting and imaging have led to the development of Stereotactic radiotherapy in lung cancer treatment at the beginning. This form of radiation therapy, high doses are sent through a selection of technical sessions Stereotactic. Its use is primarily in patients, non-surgical candidates due to medicine. (USPSTF) have a total of 30 years history of smoking-Pack and are between 55 and 80, that a person has smoked for more than 15 years of annual screening to patients of recommended low dose CT. About 10% of people with lung cancer do not have symptoms at diagnosis; these tumors are also on the radiographic examination of the chest routine. Lung cancer support for extension of 1.5 to 3 months of palliative chemotherapy of cancer survival, symptomatic treatment and improves the quality of life, with better results, features with the modern agents watched. The segment of the population is more likely to develop lung cancer, people of 50 years or more, you have a history of smoking. The difference in mortality among men, began more than 20 years of decay, the female lung cancer mortality has increased in recent decades and begin to stabilize until recently. While in most countries banned industry identified-and carcinogens, smoking is still widespread. Eliminate tobacco is a priority in the prevention of lung cancer and smoking prevention tool in this process. Malignant tumors of the lung had just increased by 1% of all cancers to the analysis in 1878 but seen in 10-15% from the beginning of 1900. Prices rose compared with other forms of lung adenocarcinoma of the lung cancer has started since 1960. This is due in part to the introduction of cigarettes with filter. The use of filters removes larger particles of tobacco smoke that settles on major airlines. However, the smoker to inhale more deeply to get the same amount of nicotine increases the deposition of particles in small Airways where adenocarcinoma tends to be. This is one of the first stages of research, if a person has reported symptoms that suggest that lung cancer. This may indicate an obvious massive expansion. -inhalation of smoke from other smokers a-is a cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Passive smokers can as someone who lives or works with a smoker can be defined. Studies in the United States. There were approximately 43,500 people in the year 2011 with the disease. It is also the most common cause of cancer deaths in the United Kingdom. About 35400 people died of the disease in the United Kingdom in 2012. Although most cases of adenocarcinoma is linked to smoking, adenocarcinoma is the most common form of lung cancer in people who have smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime (non-smoking). Graphics, for example, a general increase in tobacco sales in the United States in the first four decades of the twentieth century (cigarettes per person per year) a rapid increase in the rate of lung cancer in 30, 40 and 50 (deaths per 100,000 men per year for lung cancer). The lung is a common place for the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. The secondary malignancies are classified according to their place of origin; cancer that has spread to the lung cancer. Metastasis often have a characteristic appearance in radiographic examination of the chest round. Does not reduce the risk of lung cancer. Some studies suggest that people who eat a diet with a high proportion of fruit and vegetables tend to have a lower risk. In many patients, that the cancer has spread beyond the original site at the point where you're looking for the symptoms and the doctor. -Thanks to the combination of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables less than smoking actually reduce risks. More rigorous studies have not shown a clear correlation between diet and the risk of lung cancer. While on average the results are worse in developing countries. The world is a lung cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in men and women died and survival in lung cancer stage at diagnosis is responsible for 1.56 million deaths per year by 2012. more advanced: the Italian data indicate that approximately 70% of patients survive at least one year in the diagnosis as soon as possible, but this is reduced to only 14% for those more advanced disease diagnosed. Is an assessment of the degree of spread of cancer from the original source. Is one of the factors. ,,.