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Out of sheer curiosity, I asked annual predictions from GaneshaSpeaks. Honestly, I have not had any particular expectation of this report and directed to understand the works of astrology. But to my surprise, the report stated that they were very detailed and related to my life and it's not that it was just a coincidence. The predictions of this relationship were exactly, and most of them still within the time specified by GaneshaSpeaks astrologers. Great job! Rakesh Shah, Mumbai. birth horoscope houses are not the same thing as other diagram of astrology, on the other hand, why? There are several ways to calculate the tip of the House (of the border). No method is ' real ' than the other methods and the results differ slightly from one method to another. There is no debate on the position of the planets, the planets are, where they are. Houses, but synthetics points in the sky created by astrologers and there is a lot of debate among astrologers, as the Council House 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 12 houses are arranged. This free birth chart Astrology uses the method that for calculating astrological Placidus houses is the most popular in the world. Many astrologers Americans prefer the House system and at least 30 other systems. The location of the House of nearly all steps of planets vary from one House to another system, but sometimes if a planet is near the border of a House can accommodate elements of a system for the next move house. In this case, it can help to think that as soon as the House refers to planets as the hand, and it may be that two different interpretations of the House have a meaning for you. Special planet concerned can also help you determine which system home for you personally anymore. On the other hand, if there is doubt, numbered some astrologers planet later promoted two houses in question. House points are listed or not foreseen in this free report. Lines for the House probes are nevertheless on freewheel graphics cards birth included in the report of the impression. Would you like more information about your home, find our payment reports. These free birth Astrology chart service cannot be used for commercial purposes. Contact you want this software for use on the website of pandiscia Hillis Dineen under license. Sorry, but we no longer email letters of birth for free, as it has been abused by this service. With most browsers, you can print the Web page that you receive, or even store on your hard disk, usually by selecting the file, and save the page. '. We can be because of limited time and manpower to respond to every comment and email services free of charge. But read it and do our best for this free online Astrology better. Thank you for your contribution. Thanks). If there are several cities in your country or State of the United States, which have the same name, you should change another town nearby that has a unique name. Otherwise, the web site, select which city before found in the database. This free website is currently limited in this sector, although our Windows software is not limited. ,,.