Forever Yours

Forever Yours Faithfully

All I can say is. Thank you very much! Thanks for the love you gave and still gives me. SBI - NGA or Mr, everything has a reason and a season in the Sun. Only Nagpapasalamat AKO. Blessed are the days with you. Others may come and go. But then again. Nobody does that you has never change. You will be recorded forever in my heart. Please, as always. You are always in my asked. Keep it safe and blessed! Thank you you me this song. Street midnight hit round SunWheels and ' round, you only TonightSendin MindRestless sleeping in my heart "tell all my love in the WireThey, which is the road there, no room for a family in the beginning of the line and me and love, a man of music were not always what they always look I'm BeOh Kjøpe, FaithfullyCircus life in the world of carp, clowns need us space and time to SmileThrough, there is always a different ShowWondering, where I'm lost without you and leg ' parts is not easy to learn in this unknown love AffairTwo, you fall in love with again get the joy of rediscovering YouOh girl beside me, am always TuyafaithfullyOh., loyal, I'm still Yoooooooooooours.Ich am always yours, always Yoooooooooours.Treu. ,,.