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On Tuesday, October 30, 2007KUALA LUMPUR: AXA, the second European insurer is on major initiatives of the movement for the promotion of human capital for its operations in Malaysia, given the current lack of talent Einige Versicherungsbranche. of these initiatives, AXA is mobility, intern within the framework of program management and development program (EDP).AXA Insurance said AA general Bhd President and CEO Jahanath Muthusamy, many insurers now looking for talent in various fields on the basis of the consolidation in the industry, together with a focus on the period of the risk-based capital requirements.For these reasons, many insurance companies require the right talent to drive your business forward.Jahanath MuthusamyAt AXA, we have a few programs that the company wishes to strengthen our human capital and trim to attract talent, said in a similar Interview.AXA is a joint venture of the AXA Group, French giant AXA from AA Insurance Group Holdings BHD has represented 50.5%, AA has 40% of the companies and the rest is owned by individual shareholders or companies.Some of the talents that have been made with the aim of winning are accounting and actuarial, maritime insurer and front-end sales, including agents and quality.The excessive deficit procedure should be removed next month would be a two-year pilot program as Director of help maintain us their skills, technical and smooth and the ability to communicate.Candidates for the program identified 20 companies this year, he said.For the executive training program, Jahanath said that AXA would hire the best graduates in various fields and at least three students per year income career.To fill the void for different functions in society and regional level mobility plan AXA move employees in the region, where the Group's operations.He said that it was for the regional group has experience and always sufficient labor.Your agency, click on strength of 40 000 to 1 400 AA AXA officials compared to the industry and the Agency at the time, currently represents approximately 55% of Nach Jahanath Unternehmen. It has taken several initiatives Agency to increase the productivity of agents on the offensive side. These include the Association Paul commercial program, training forums (Forum of the agent with the experts of the industry and regional President) and Web 24-hour engine, marine technology and Winterbudget.Die company top 25 new officers an average contribution last year 487% in 2005 in PETALING JAYA: while some players in the insurance industry are looking for talent and others are trying to keep their existing pool rare.Peter RobertsonAccording, the players in the sector, this scenario is to put new players, coupled with the economy, ongoing mergers and acquisitions insurance Bhd (M) as well as more-Bereich. Manulife President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Robertson told StarBiz: is undoubtedly the lack of professionals in the fields of experience and with the emergence of takaful companies as Die Entwicklung industry and actuarial subscription insurance product grows every year in search of everything from characters publicized human resources manager. BHD Allianz General Insurance Co. (M). Mohd Abdul Hameed Parrish, according to Robertson, also said there was a lack of talent in marketing. Nach Parrish is important for the insurance industry, the human resources as the most valuable collaborators are good because they are connected to customers, agents, brokers, suppliers and the community in general.To resolve the lack of talent, said Robertson, the first industry that must develop the skills of your internal employees to perform several functions in the context of his career within the development of the company.Secondly, the industry should promote prescription or school fees or see insurance as a possible career choice. And thirdly, no insurance experience, such as product development or management of accounts, should you see people in other industries with related, although Abdul HameedManulife Parrish.MD Parrish added capacity is an ongoing process, to find talent. A new graduate can, shows the potential or an experienced person can complete the Organization, he stressed.Parrish said the care of the body and talent motosports internal Exchange and exposure within the group network and resources has been one of the ways of increasing the pool of talent in the world.Recruitment of technical training of young and bright and intense as part of a strategy for the succession of one of the other ways to overcome the lack of planning is talent, as well as how to promote the merger and exercises in Malaysia. asked if Alliance was looking for new employees at different levels according to Parrish said: don't put the car in the tempsmais there are ways to preserve and sustainably good talents to research, because we don't want to lose them to competitors. Ultimately, we want to manage and maintain the good Talente. MuthusamyAXA AA Jahanath general and first leader, which would increase the human capital Jahanath Muthusamy, said that the company had described some programs intended to attract talent. They include AXA mobility, management wants to run is accounting and actuarial, maritime insurer and front-end sales, training and development of talent management program. Einige AXA to win including agents and quality. Last updated on Wednesday, 18 of April 2007 desires of Bank Negara Malaysia in Andinsurers announces the publication of the capital requirements for banks. This revised regulatory capital base begin in need of KonfigurationsdatenbankDas tests, rapid changes of the conditions of the financial industry and financial institutions resulting from complex risk profiles revised April 2007 party framework effectively to efforts by the current legal framework is being implemented by a range of sophisticated products and services. There was a process of Extensiveconsultative with the banking and financial sectors to ensure that the internal market is the evolution of the capital requirements and conditions Intoconsideration Areexpected practices are in accordance with the highest world standards and Unter Prinzipien. the new conditions for the respective industry, Board of Directors of the banks and insurance companies play an important role in improving the robustness of the infrastructure and Conductgovernance risk management. Better protection of the interests of the parties on the banks and insurers, including applicants and policyholders to promote each image.Review of the strengths of the executives of two banks and insurance companies could be supplemented by a process of monitoring by Bank Negara Malaysia and Anenhanced subject to disclosure in the capital market.Review of capital requirements for banks under Basel II standardized approach to banking and InstitutionsThe Beeffective for 1-based. January 2008 - standardized framework sets capital requirements by assigning different types of claims Riskweights data. Banks, renunciation of the remarkable progress in the development of Robustinternal you want to check the standard flexibility internal ratings approach (IRB) in 2010 adhere to the given standard framework.The review of the revised capital framework of capital requirements for insurers that insurersthe is in force since 01 January 2009. Insurer, possessing the capacity to adopt the framework that uses to receive migrates to the flexibility of the framework in 2008. Capital Furtherenhance and Valuationrequirements chassis, which reflects all the financial risks of the insurer shall be the current framework of solvency through the establishment of risk adjusted and transparent. It is for sure that the capital of the Individualinsurers, which according to your risk profile. Reinforced would provide Greaterflexibility and also of the SAG for insurers in the management of their assets.Bank Negara Malaysia18 April 2007MII e-library. November 16, 2007 PMKUALA LUMPUR, November 16, 2009 21.33 (Bernama) - Malaysia wants to keep a larger share in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), its competitiveness as a region on the rise, all players in the insurance industry.One higher proportion of the business of insurance, especially in reinsurance and large acquisition, traditionally specialised in the region to maintain the flow of the risk, Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Datuk Abdul Kadir Mohd spaces there had great potential for players in the ASEAN, he said.Around the region, capacity and skills to increase these risks, it is important that collaboration in the form of technical assistance and exchange of information, said.Mohd Razif said in his speech at the opening of the 10th meeting of the ASEAN regulators for insurances and the 33rd meeting of the Council of the ASEAN Insurance on Thursday which said through this collaboration, the possibility of insurance to attract industry in the ASEAN and the risk that the needs of reinsurance companies can be considerably improved ASEAN and individuals.The industry should work with regulators to explore ideas to create skills and capabilities, while the initiatives of harmonisation of rules in different countries should continue, he said.A mechanism for systematic information exchange and structured through the regional centre also acts as a catalyst for the development of the industries of the ASEAN. population of 568 million and the younger generation is changing the priorities and lifestyles growing wealth and increase the percentage of the population median - they are also continued support and growth of the demand for products of management and investment of wealth, said er.Infolgedessen said that the insurance sector has and continues its paper supply only plant protection products on the market to grow, Mohd Razif.Im bonds last year averaged 2.95 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in Southeast Asia, against 8.8 per cent in the United States (United States) or 16.5 per cent in the United Kingdom (UK).A major development, the development of alternative delivery mechanisms of insurance and services in the region, especially through the bancassurance, were, said Mohd Razif. VIELLEICHT in these markets, where sales channels have the force of an insurance agency, however to settle, can form quickly bancassurance allow a step forward for insurers, expand its scope, drawing on a network of established banks and insurers around the world Kundenbasis. He said successful bancassurance gain take foot in markets with low insurance penetration and a limited number of distribution channels has been using it. 9 September - 2007The: a Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII), a small non-profit organization is the provider of the service professional of the year, won the first winner from Asia since the birth of the first 14 Jahren. Director general Khadijah Abdullah said that it was a great success for the Malaysia, since it was the most controversial in 10 categories.For iKan than bile (FRY) Organization of Malaysia beat a player of range high is even more important, said after receiving the award from advises it insurance Managing Director Andrea Ward. about 400 executives of insurance and reinsurance attended World review of reinsurance Khadijah award Wednesday. Abdullah (right) that was awarded by Informs insurance Managing Director Andrea in London. recipients are chosen from entries in the world in a Board of Directors, composed of entrepreneurs and managers until they are selected by a jury of independent leader in the market.Scholarship MII provided a constructive contribution to the efficiency and financial effectiveness of Risiken. Securable Khadijah, said that the Institute is proud to be the first Asian winner in its category to companies that Europeans and Americans won. This is the most controversial category of a series of professional Dienstleistern.Wir were covered against international competitors such as computer consultants, financial advisers, accountants, Actuaries, lawyers and risk management, said-conquest. Khadijah, MII in Malaysia as a centre of excellence in the training of insurance and insurance in the positioning of the international scene have been very successful.Credibility of the Institute and capacity, point reference prices in the ASEAN and the emerging markets are recorded, he said.We intend to strengthen our performance, so that we can contribute more effectively to improve the professional standards of the industry, he said.The editor that Greg Dobie, said the attention of the jury certainly MIIs list of achievements in education and development in emerging markets captured. 26-10-2007KUALA LUMPUR: national safe execution of health, who play in the current Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) should be done with precision.Health Minister Datuk Dr. Chua Soi Lek, allowing it to be implemented in an integrated, harmonious and effective for the benefit of Malaysians from all walks of life, said.In a written response to Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman (BN-Labuan) to Parliament, yesterday, said that the financial details of the procedure, including the period for transposition still have to decide.Chua said that the main reason for the introduction of health insurance that is to reduce the burden of medical expenses on the people and the Government.The Government has studied different models including expertise from abroad and the design of the system is also account name of the Government, as well as the comments of the public and the private sector and non-governmental organizations such as.Chua said that among the positive effects of the plan is that it would reduce access to raise awareness and to provide equal treatment for all, as well as medical expenses.The scheme would be to promote the flexibility and freedom to receive medical treatment in private, but also of the Government medical facilities.Chua said, suggested that the national health system all Malaysians, including permanent residents be made compulsory.He added that Malaysians can subscribe to another private health insurance or through the new insurance system. KUALA LUMPUR: insurance companies can begin to implement risk-based (RBC) capital requirements, the head of the insurer said greater flexibility in the management of the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), its risks and dangers, it will early next year.Central safe, including the King previously had insurance, a deadline until the 01 of January 2009 the frame to hold it.All insurances are both the new framework for the test of time.Parallel but now running for insurance companies who decide to leave before January 1, 2008, you can go, authorities said, he refused to be named told reporters after the launch of the 23rd Congress sure Pacific here yesterday.Zabala hitting the Gong at the Conference, observed by (from left) President general conference open Ng Lian Lu, LIAM VP Md Adnan MD Zain, organising Chairman Datuk Haji L and President Mel GottliebOthers in Conference until the end of 2008 for the implementation of the framework would be, he said. However the official comment fell asked what are the insurance companies at the time.While previously a speech revealed BNM Governor Datuk Abdul Ghani Zunino some of the measures taken by Malaysia in response to the challenges in the insurance sector.He was transferred by the regulatory authority that allows a more flexible work environment, he said.Insurance companies now in an environment where more is based on the principle, exploited the broader perspective of executives of insurance companies of the fundamental changes within the Organization needed to carry out, Insbesondere Zamani. He said that the rules of insurance Manager must set raised the bar for the Organization to adopt the best practices in the classroom, with the strategic orientations of the aligned organization, only a minimum set of rules for the Einhaltenfugteil, said.Zunino has said that a condition for this transformation was that management requires a thorough understanding of the relationship between the various components of the company of insurance and to manage this dynamic, which optimizes performance.Toggle the phase of regulations also focus on the creation of a strong risk management culture is essential to secure solid.In Malaysia, the transition to a capital requirements focused on risk and apply the risk-based supervisory regime is important elements of this change in capacity, he added.Despite the passage of a regime based on the principle, Zambelli said that it is important to have received sufficient regulatory oversight, financial stability and the confidence of the public. It is also important for the regulation on aid for development based on the market adjustments, to develop the industry in response to changes in the market. More effective mechanisms and closer financial system, discussing the benefits of putting the forces of the market and the discipline, to strengthen control, said.Zafar said that a periodic review and reassessment of regulatory as the Malaysia would have its provisions against commercial gebenchmarkt practices and international standards. KUALA LUMPUR: ING Insurance Bhd looking to make the hub of global Islamic insurance in Malaysia and met with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), to produce and manage the launch products takaful for distribution in other countries. We are very, very interested takaful. Monitoring of certain opportunities that are available in the domestic market. We talk about how we can take advantage of the WDL our global presence for its part that the shaft of the takaful insurance, ING Chairman and Chief Ejecutivo officer Dr. Nirmala Menon told financial daily dashboard. Says that ing insurance meditated during the sale of their products were of takaful, Middle East, China and India, which have large Muslim populations.We believe that a market, and if we can have the expertise for the production of these products, we have expelled, he said.He said he spoke with the BNM, ING Insurance was now considering and digesting guidelines and requirements for this initiative, add, the company still was in the early stages of their intent, give the takaful market.Although Nirmala could not confirm whether financial Islamic institutions to redouble their efforts in the market takaful who want to buy the company, he said, could be an approximation.During this time, he said that in 2008, the company has shifted focus from traditional asset management, life insurance is powered.We see that the Malaysia has still a large part of the people in the middle ages try now salva group and the type of backup of investment plans. We will focus investment and related products unit where we combine protection with return on investment.With our exchange we believe that very well, it is a good time to take advantage of trends in the market and movement, he said.ING Insurance car should also enterprises as an engine of growth for workers, substantive Agency and bancassurance Nirmala.Auf said that its loop of bancassurance - ups with banks such as Citibank and RHB Bank Bhd of Malaysia, the company would strengthen and increase its points of contact very soon the services.There are some very interesting things in the pipeline, and we will make an announcement in the near future, he said.He added that the company expected that its insurance industry would be an important factor in the outcome, while their agents remain connected most of its marketing strategy.Moreover, he said, the main objectives for the coming year was to recruit more agents to its current force of 9,000 agency strong establish a training with a professional agency in order to understand the needs of customersThe prospects for the local insurance industry in 2008 by Nirmala said interest has experienced a growth of savings and wealth accumulation schemes and insurance agents had a role in informing the public about the importance of buying insurance. 01-11-2007KUALA LUMPUR: presentation of insurance policies of risk without an understanding of the psychology of applicants, this irrational behavior can, if he said that all the relevant information, exhibition of the society of insurance of deposits of Malaysia (DOTP) first leader Jean Pierre Sabourin.R├Ęglement prudent economic policies and an efficient market is not enough to take advantage of the confidence of the Publicodijo.mostrar to the public how rationalcollected by emotion and irrationality, the regulatory and supervisory authorities. But in reality, the emotions and also influence group matter, sarti said yesterday in his keynote speech at the International Association of the Insurance Conference 6th annual deposit (the HYADES) here.DOTP is an independent company, a financial institution capable of protecting depositors, to keep their customers to pay deposits is guaranteed.Simone tailors highlighted research in economics tests behaviour that people assume the rationality standard economic theories always changed. This is especially true for distance education and disadvantaged, said Sabourin.Es were also evidence that consumers are not in the situation have complex information needs, to absorb the rational decisions and general rules are applied and have shown a tendency to avoid losses, he added.I am no psychologist, but has known a deposit by the insurer, several years trying to understand the psychology of the market and consumers spent, and believe that we have to focus on the behaviour in each case bessereSabourin, he said. the behaviorist economy, says, insurers include bail was the ability of different consumers to handle information, to influence their behavior and use of framing, to influence them.Current approaches to legislators to focus too much on the provision of transparency and availability of information and very little on the quality and the relevance of the information and the ability to market and individuals inside the market, manage this information sarti said.He added that insurers could descend to encourage economists behavior on this issue and develop strategies, consumers decide what information is relevant.Sau Borin said about the behavior of the consumer than the traditional, more possibilities of choice has been provided by the studies concerned better suggesting that consumers discourage too many selection decisions, as it can not be compared.In this situation, suggested consumers, the behavior of economists for a policy to make the best possible choice, which could lead to gently, to improve their well-being, he added.Research development, using the framework to influence consumers, Sau Borin said Sendhil Mullainathan Harvard University showed that a bank in South Africa is a boost to their demand for credit among men as much it seemed as if the rate of interest in five notes when a woman used to make the image advertising.Although I'm not saying that a woman publish photos that we have in our brochure, I wonder if we shoot consumers to use influence on their decisions in order to help communicate, make fewer mistakes, he added. ,,.