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Also called Muscae Volitantes (Latin: fly fly) or float (from French). Floats are visible through the shadows were launched, at the. Patients with new-onset or floaters, flashes especially when dealing with vision loss or restriction of the field of view, always look urgent ophthalmologic evaluation. of the eye. Technically, they are not variables, but seen from the patient's point of view. People with. Who are finally floats, which the patient to haunt. Floaters caused in this way tend to be a few numbers and linearly. There are several causes of the emergence of the float, including the municipality here described. In short, cause eye damage, causing the glassy material type floats.Floaters can be a sign. Are not uncommon and serious problems for most people. Make one of the most common eye hospital services presentations. A survey of optometrists proposed in 2002 that an average of 14 patients per month and per optometrist presented with symptoms of floaters in the United Kingdom. A common experience. There was humor all his life for a person who takes that suddenly his vision flies flies deliberately called altered eye in his field of vision, but the causes of this phenomenon in the vitreous humor. He also firmly to convince these red blood cells so they have developed the eye disease, but the truth is that because of its Visual phenomena most support the health status of the patient. Operations or after Trauma. Schwimmer are able to catch and break the light so that something blur vision temporarily until the float is moved to another area. Fool who provide us with swimmers in thought often seen something from the corner of the eyes, which really does not exist. Most people, it can reach a deal with the problem after some time and learn to ignore their floaters. People with severe floaters it is almost impossible to ignore the masses who remain permanently in sight nearly nonstop. While small eye slowly drifted into the liquid. When he noticed first of all, is the natural reaction to try to look at them directly. But try changing, Senta, it can be difficult since Floaters follow the movement of the eye, is the conductor of the gaze. The swimmers are in fact visible, just because it isn't perfect inside the eye. Although the blood vessels of the eye to block the light, they are invisible under normal circumstances because in terms that were established. Floats are more than a nuisance and a distraction for severe cases, however, especially if the dots seem to drift through the field of vision. The shapes are projected in the shade. . If the float near the retina may not be visible to the viewer but it looks great victim. increased lighting, background or a hole, diameter effective pupil use reduce a person can get a better view of their swimmers. The head can be tilted to swim towards the central axis of the eye. Image sharpness fibrous elements are more visible. Floaters are generally more difficult to treat young patients and young adults. For people in this age group, seems to float, which is usually a type of translucent worm/Web/Mobile. This special floats are not actually floats in the technical sense found in the vitreous, but are directly on the retina in. Space, as the sky. Despite its name, the swimmers have many of these particles tend to sink to the bottom of the eyeball, so, or so, the eyeball is oriented; the supine position (rising or withdrawn) tends to concentrate, which is a centre of gaze, while the evenly lit sky forms displaying an ideal background against which of them near the fovea and plu. . Therefore, the appearance of flashes and the coup, many smaller carts rapidly from an eye care provider must be studied. If all eyes were treated, an improvement in Visual acuity observed YAG and vitrectomy or groups 85% and 90%. In addition, the complications were observed over a period of eight years of follow-up than patients treated with YAG LASER. These results echo two small studies of Tsai, ed. Toczolowski, et al., in 1990. In both studies reached a rate of 100% on the dismantling of the float with ND: YAG laser Vitreolysis intra or postoperative and do not exist in all patients.Floating number handles while the float (s) a treatment session depends on the type and energy of the laser needed to treat the float (s) (e.g. convert floating material in a gas). During processing, the ophthalmologist is derived from the amount of laser energy to every shot, as well as the total amount of energy at the sight. Number (s) in a session must be treated to ensure a course of treatment and efficiently, with minimum discomfort for the patient, if these energy levels outside of the default range, then covered by all swimmers.On average, most patients can expect an improvement of 60-90% of the mass, or the number of bathers, after treatment with Vitreolysis. Each eye is different and there are a number of variables that can influence the outcome of treatment. Some swimmers, for example, are very close to the retina and don't know, can be treated. It is also important to note that most patients must undergo two or three treatment sessions to achieve a satisfactory result.When used with a YAG laser, made especially for Vitreolysis, what the side effects and complications associated with Vitreolysis are rare. However, laser YAG are traditionally iridotomy is designed for use in front of the eye, the posterior capsulotomy and treatments. What often offer a limited view of the glass body, making it difficult to distinguish between the membrane and the float. You also have a high risk of damage to the surrounding tissues of the eye. Thus, it is not widely used Vitreolysis and is ensured by a few specialists. One of them, John Karickhoff, conducted over 1400 times and claims a success rate of 90%. other cellular debris discarded over the years or Atrapadosen in the vitreous humor. Float can be seen, although your eyes are closed days particularly vivid, where sufficient light penetrates the eyelids in the shade. It is not, the elderly are difficult but flat; Can also be a problem for young people, especially if they are. Pulses of low energy laser light to evaporate a vitreous opacities and cut glass strands. During this process, the laser energy evaporates molecules of collagen and Hyaluronin to form a gas. (It is worth noting, that the energy of the laser, which not only float into small pieces when treating Vitreolysis case.) Convert all of the energy of the laser material supernatant into a gas that is then absorbed into the eye). The end result is that the swimmer is eliminated or reduced to a dimension, the vision is not obstructed.Vitreolysis is an outpatient procedure that is far less invasive than a vitrectomy eye. Side effects include cataracts and an increase in intraocular pressure (IOP). Highly efficient, it offers a high level of patient satisfaction. You can delay or prevent the need for surgery.The technique of YAG laser for the treatment of vitreous strands and deterioration in the 1980s, when Professor Aron-Rosa (Paris, France) and Professor Franz Fankhauser (Bern, Switzerland), the use of YAG laser, pioneer posted his success with Dutch study Vitreolysis.In Cees van der Windt, MD and his colleagues were 100 tanks PVD treatment eye persists for more than nine months with YAG laser Vitreolysis (n = 65) or vitrectomy for PARS plana (n = (35) including: detached retina, vitreous detachment and macular oedema, threatening or existing floats vision (retinal detachment) may deteriorate. requiring the patient to see random flashes across the Visual field, sometimes referred to as light, officially known as symptom. The presence of retinal tears with the appearance of tanks was published a meta-analysis performed as part of the rational clinical examination series in the journal of the American Medical Association, causing some Floaters less blurry and slightly marked understand surprisingly high (14%; 95% confidence interval, 12-16).Swimmers are substantially unchanged and see the most important in the field of vision for a lifetime. The most common cause of floaters is shrinkage of the glass body: gelatinous substance consists of fixed elements water 1% and 99%. The solid portion consists of a network of. To distinguish the material into the vitreous humor of the eye and debris in the tear film, can the impact of Flash: debris in the tear film are rapidly with flare, move, while the swimmers respond much. Tear film debris is diagnosed, eliminates the possibility of true floaters. Although there are operations to correct severe cases of reservoirs, there are medications (including eye drops), you can correct this deterioration of the glass body. Swimmers are often caused by the normal aging process and generally disappears that the brain learns to ignore them. Watch make up/down and left/right floats in the direct field of vision as the glassy vertebrates can be due to sudden movements. Laser Vitreolysis is a possible treatment for the removal of glass strands and opacity (float). This procedure is an ophthalmic laser (usually one,,).