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Anonymous said: I have not studied, the file and I apologize if this question already responded. I am a girl of medium-sized and has an affinity for less than I men. I wanted to leave from two in the past and will by their preferences out shorter than their people expressed. It is a common need for shorter men, and you think this is a disadvantage for yourself and for anyone not interested. This is his party before serious?Honestly, what ’ reply messages from people finding Vista, is that girls have the largest reserves of the stature, are the men. It seems that men are simply just happy to have an Amazon smokin ' hot, be indoctrinated at his side while women more with the idea that it should be smaller and more delicate than the male. The ’ of the BS everybody really. Some outdated beliefs that are really useless in today's world. Self-confident and proud of my love, if I promise you a little man, it is. With himself and his long < 3 be sure. Said: Hi I am a man of 5 ' 5 with a load of confidence problems. I like a girl 6 ' 2, which is in the same boat. I've known for years, but our friendship has always been difficult because they are very, very nervous around them around. But sometimes, they beat the luck and have a great conversation. Then Yes. What is to do?My opinion is, begin to move. It can have both problems with the idea of a support for the other system. Be honest with your feelings and to be honest. If you have someone to support, it is easier to defend. Make it a goal to shoot each other could grow from the depths of their problems and incredible value! Anonymous said: the other day in a restaurant and this old set my size, I was impressed. I am 16 years old and 5 ' 11. After talking a bit with him, said that if you find very large men! When informed that my friend said he actually is less than I, confused, because it is not aware of? as it would be the worst thing in the world and not, that no woman in the head. It was atrocious. No problem-inch and was never happier.I hate people on the hair show previous generations, because the ’ s are not really to blame, but still work with these old beliefs about love and look. You ever have someone ’ a s grandfather and a racist comment made or said anything homophobic? And it makes everyone uncomfortable? Sorry ’ the same principles in his work. Times change, people change. I have pink hair and covered with tattoos, as well as ’ m married with a man of down, things, the never half a century presentable since. But who cares? I m ’ I'm glad and ’ are also glad to hear that you! < 3 ,,.