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English Express, one of the best places is in my opinion, to learn English. The ’ the fun, because all topics … and also ’ fun. I m ’ study English at the University and your site very good studying ~ Alvaro, Spain. I was looking for a site for the English language teaching with the focus, less vocabulary lists and the most appropriate set of phrases all internships, and here I found everything I needed to improve quickly and automatically. Shayna thank you for this great idea and thanks for this great site … rock! ~ Elias, Brazil. I ’ I thank you for this great idea of education. I liked the books and the video so much. It is very important for me that it contains the most important data of the English grammar. So, thank you, and keep up the good work! ~ Hasan, Syria. English Express offers ‘ straight to the point solutions ’ students ’ the most common problems with language learning. The ’ s, clear and practical ’ has a sense of humor! You have the master ‘ at home ’ (Shayna answer all of your questions and your messages instantly, as if you were at your side if you study!).~ Ines, Argentina. French lessons, e-Mail – and ’ get a free phrasebook, you can download today. Enter your email address! >>. Espresso has touched my English in different ways – me all day by the particle verbs and phrases related to English, based on the information on a particular topic get or spread a topic in English in school, even after you, your free e-book on grammar downloaded, I like your writing style. I ’ t get enough thanks E-mail expressed. ~ Garcia, Egypt. I ’ m English teacher and have been more than 30 years of teaching. English Express helped me with clear and precise grammar and the use of English words and constructions. I have also recommended the site my students, so that they can see the various options, some of the subjects in our classes to explore. Of course, further improvement had advanced students with your site. ~ Lucy, Sancarranca ’ view used things difficult as idiomatic expressions on different topics for my classes, the juice. Sometimes, you give my students to explore some documents and feedback. Also, thank you thanks to your creativity ~ RussiaI ’ m Tatiana, a teacher of English (TEFL). Happy ’ me opportunity to express what I feel, that your program. Helped me a lot to improve my knowledge of grammar and can the word –, ’ m of debt with you! ~ Teddy, EthiopiaI ’ Melandri m from Sri Lanka. I ’ m an English teacher. Regular e-Mails helped me really quite well. I downloaded your books. Thank you very much for everything. ~ Mejia, Constance of Sri ’ Nazanin Iran Mr. show your videos to my students in MFT (Language Institute) in Karaj, Iran. Everyone loves her. You ’ you're a great teacher. They said the other day “ Shayna wish were my true master. ” I tell you! I wish I saw you in a real class! ~ Nazanin, Iran. It is glorious. I m ’ is designed just like the way a lesson. Thank you very much for your lessons by E-mail which you frequently send extends the reach of my understanding of the English language. ~ Joseph, India. I ’ t forget, just like I got to know to express English, but I remember how warm and charming, was my first experience with you. I was looking for real sites, in order to improve my English. I found expressed and Mrs. Shayna has contacted via email, not really expected response! Surprisingly, are stimulating suggestions that have helped to learn and improve English language skills. Thank you Wanda. ~ Ali, Egypt. I ’ custom view English learned from Italian coffee since November last year and the success of every morning to do. Helps knowledge, especially in spoken English, extension that helps me, I have more confidence. ~ Yan, China. It is happy to see me and read your messages. Are clear, short and sweet.  English Express helps me to improve my English, learn, especially various expressions and the use of the words American daily conversations. ~ Marina, Moldova. I met with EspressoEnglish for 2 years and are literally in the conversation. During this time they have greatly expanded my vocabulary and have the best explanations of what is being taught. ~ Mahabbat, Kazakhstan. English Express so much helped me, even some of my friends have asked if there is a new teacher for me, because we take a tutorial in English class.In my tests that seemed easy service for me in the English Italian espresso. Also the way you talk to communicate every day to use time and many things. Spanish coffee ever in contact with the best! ~ believe, Nigeria. and what has helped me to improve my English. Shayna, keep up this amazing work! ~ Sergio, Brazil. I use lessons, books and classes almost every day for more than a year and it helps me a lot, to get to my destination for English-speaking French. Now I feel safer in the speak and understand English, and thank you. Thank you so much Shayna. ~ Anita, Albania. Your audio English course were valuable to me because I use ’ m learn a lot with them. Thanks to the help of many students of the English language, such as I. I can listen and learn how to properly pronounce many different words and phrases in French. ~ Adriano, Brazil. I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the anniversary. I have the opportunity to learn English in this very fun to thank. Every day I find a few minutes as I learn and relax with their level of English. Thank you ~ Jana, Czech Republic. The best place I found to study English. Shayna is incredible and the method used is perfect for those, who want to learn, that English not better! If damage before your site found and I for those parts, who wish to study in an effective course. ~ Eva, in Brazil. The book has improved my English. Learn through ’ now I'm going to the next step. I. English Express ’ the classes, courses, and books the most comprehensive tools that I experienced in my learning English and I recommend both, for all those who strive to have become by far in the jargon.Also I bought me to your posts and your videos of you tube some of them subscribe. English Express has been a pleasant surprise for me when I found out a few months ago. What do you think you have a natural gift for teaching, a pleasant voice and lessons ’ content is very interesting, especially the videos, with my studies in English helped me. ~ Camila cassia, Brazil. I ’ tried Vista opportunities, useful and of learning and teaching English. After a ’ Italian espresso, my job just got easier discovered Vista. You will receive not only the opportunity to improve your language skills, but you will get a taste of real life, English. ~ Theodora, Romania. ,,.