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Siebzehn invented later in 1901. Some of them, including the first he patented was asked on December 19, 1901. It was titled innovations in machines for the preparation and drinking coffee (patent n ° 153/94, 61707, accepted: 5 June 1902) serve immediately. 1905 purchased the Desiderio Pavoni patent, founded the company peacocks and a small workshop in via Parini, industrial machine has started to produce (one per day). The size can be a single, double or triple room in roughly a 0.8, 1.7 standard fluid ounce - 2.5 (25, 50 or 75 mL) of the (normal) the United States shooting and an amount proportional coffee, grams of 7, 14 and 21; Thus, the size be used filter baskets. The Italian double term that is widely used for a double room, single and triple is less common for single and double rooms. The unit is the size of the traditional shooting widely, that could easily be considered a lever machine, while turned marriage today is the standard.Custom baskets are strongly riveted or fell in diameter, comparable to baskets d depth and therefore comparable to the pressure of the water resistance. Most double baskets are slightly tapered (model Faema), while others, like the La Marzocco, have straight sides. Three baskets are generally Gleichflankige.Portafilters often come with two spouts, generally closely together and a double basket can optionally ignore each tube in a single separate container format, producing two times (Double but ground) or in a single drink (therefore limited space). Unique real-time shots are rare, with a shot at a bar in general half of the Double Shot.In, drinks coffee one cup with three or four shots of espresso, especially large, three or four bedrooms, milk or called. by unit volume, you drink more coffee, but because it is usually much smaller, which as a whole is lower caffeine content. Although Caffeine drink real coffee according to the size, various beans roasting method and other factors, the caffeine content in typical servings espresso vs drop of beer are 53 mg. local authorities, provided that coffee has been consumed, promote support in a bar in Kultur.In in the English-speaking world, popular Express, in particular in the form of. Express, express and express words have several meanings in Spanish, French and Italian. The first meaning refers to the idea of express or squeeze the aroma of coffee with the vapour pressure. The second meaning refers to the speed, as in a train. Finally, there is the idea of something specific to a single person. The first espresso machines Bezzera and peacocks 1906 took 45 seconds, a cup of coffee, one by one, more precisely to see. It can be used. This rejection in an existing building is a feature of latte macchiato and supplies of the classic red eye. Alternatively, a glass of water in a long black coffee in there - keep fermented cream. There is usually no brewery in the milk. Ristretto is the most commonly used terms and triple or double position are associated with a small associated Café.Normal and narrow, along the same is not filmed at different times - make underextracted workout (if brief) have been arrested or slightly higher (if current long-running). Unlike ordinary end fits, therefore the volume reached time to extract more thick (fine) for short to long. It has been identified as the driver behind this trend. The popularity spread to stores in other regions and in households as kitchen eco at a moderate cost appliances were available. In other parts of the world, the Express was the usual method of Café brasserie, restaurants, bars and cafes. Drinks and bartenders from different cooking methods. For macchiato, cappuccino, white and American and Lattes brewed coffee shed in the Cup, and then the milk or water. For larger drinks, where it does not fit the glass beneath the BREW unit, it is ready, in a small cup, it to mold into a large bowl; has this effect. As years of specialty coffees (following previous developments in 1970 and until 1960) developed at the point in 1980, has developed a native culture of coffee is expressed as a Getränk. Die, the culture of Deluxe coffee today distinguished great bourgeois commentators as a coffee chain Caffè second wave of trade coffee and, as a luxury. Express, as the English word expresses, transmits unique ways for you and fast, which may be associated with the method of preparation of espresso. Espresso is made by hot water at high pressure through the coffee finely ground and compressed to force. Coffee promotes the penetration of the land of water. Italy used for espresso to term, replace most of the letters in the words of the Latin root s X; X is not part of the relevant standard Italian alphabet. Italian village is often called simply. Production of espresso coffee. The operation who manage a SIP coffee, often referred to as traction lever espresso, requiring a shot by engines, giving a spring piston, forcing the heat to reduce the water through the coffee under high pressure. Today, however, it is more common than the pressure produced by an electric pump.Here are the technical parameters, marked by the National Institute Italian certified espresso Italian Espresso: a characteristic of espresso instead of coffee, makes Association cafee, weather and specialized equipment and skills, espresso, it is easy to enjoy a social coffee Erfahrung. Cicli Rigenerazione House has increased in popularity with the general increase in interest in espresso. Today a peripheral variety available in shops and kitchen appliances, in stores and coffee sellers online home. The first household espresso machine has been the Guild Gaggia. which is more than a long, sizes vary from 4 to 8 US fl oz (120 and 240 ml) and prepared in the same way with a coarser grind.Addition of water hot method produces a softer version of the original flavour, the water passes through the load of coffee are added other flavors that explicit, that may be uncomfortable for some people. These machines are always the dedicated but small fan. Until the introduction of first electric pump espresso machines have small like machines espresso baby Gaggia, Quickmill 810 and House not far away. In recent years, the increasing availability of home quite comfortably espresso machine and countertop espresso based sleeve part consumed at home more.The popularity of espresso House parallel to the growth of the brand. Espresso (Brown), will jointly cafee. in Spain, while the espresso is considered to be the more formal name only coffee (without milk) is the usual way for the more expensive that other issues of methods has a greater concentration of dissolved and suspended have cream on top (a smooth foam). The flavors and chemicals in a typical coffee are very concentrated, because the brewing pressure. The espresso is the base for other beverages, such as such as a.-switch between a double and a triple, need to change filters requiring, when you switch between normal, narrow and Long, this routine of size of basket to change, that are not easily accommodated in a lively bar, tweaking routines are a fundamental aspect for the constant quality of espresso coffee machine. . Browning, can all be used, or beans to produce authentic espresso. Is, for example, in Italy, in the State of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia preferred a darker. The trend moves to fry something clearer, further north is popular, but outside the Italy. ,,.