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German offers coffee grain ’ ‘ student ’ solutions the most common problems with language learning. The ’ s, clear and practical ’ has a sense of humor! I am Professor ‘ at home ’ (Shayna answered all your questions and your messages instantly, as if it were on your side as you study!).~ Ines, Argentina. I would like to congratulate you on the Jubilee. Thank you for the opportunity to learn English in this very fun way. In the day's work, I find few minutes as regularly learn and relax with their English. Really appreciate it. ~ Jana, Czech Republic. A pleasant surprise for me has been specially English when I discovered a few months ago. I think he has a natural talent for teaching, a pleasant voice and lessons ’ content is very interesting, especially the video helped me with my studies in English. ~ Camila cassia, Brazil. I'm looking for a site that is less prepared to teach the vocabulary most appropriate expressions collection sets with combinations and was Italian with a specific focus here on what I needed to improve more quickly and automatically. Shayna thank you for this great idea and thanks for this great site … you shoot! ~ Elias, Brazil. N ’ t remember exactly what should know English Express, but I remember as it was very hot and my first experience with you. Looking for web sites has been real improvement for my English. I found the express and contacted Mrs. Shayna email, not hoping no doubt no reply! It was amazing, inspires me the tips that helped me in learning and skills in English. Thank You Wanda. ~ Ali, Egypt. French coffee ’ s teaching, courses and books are much more complete tools that I knew in my learning English, and I recommend it to all who seriously, how often the Sprache. Neben bought the registration of their messages and videos from you tube, I have some. Coffee has touched my English in different ways – me English daily through the particle verbs and idioms from associate, uses information about a particular or a theme in my English at school, I also downloaded once your grammar e-books free, by the way, love your writing style. I can ’ get enough emails from espresso, thanks. ~ Garcia, Egypt. I ’ view of learning and teaching English in a fun and useful for research. Yes I ’ vista discovered English Express, my job just got easier. Not only has the opportunity to improve your language skills that will give you an overview of the British Royals. ~ Theodora, Romania. and both of them helped me alot, I to improve their English. Keep Shayna, this amazing job! ~ Sergio, Brazil. I m ’ English teacher and taught for more than 30 years. English Express helped me with clear and concise information of grammar and the use of English words and constructions. I recommended the site to my students, so you can see the different options, some of the topics in our classes to explore. Of course, high School students had another improvement with your site. ~ Lucy, Jyothi ’ view was juice with difficult things like idioms, on various themes for my course. Sometimes my students and give a return to scan some documents. Thanks for your creativity, thank you. ~ RussiaI ’ m Tatiana, a teacher of English (TEFL). ’ for me to express myself, I feel to its program. He helped me a lot to improve my knowledge of power and the grammar of the word – to ’ m of its debt. ~ Teddy, ’ Melandri m EthiopiaI of Sri Lanka. I ’ m an English teacher here. Adjust emails really helped me in total. I downloaded your books more. Thank you for everything. ~ Mejia, Sri Lanka ’ Nazanin m in Iran. Video of my students to MFT (Language Institute) in Karaj in Iran. Everyone loves them. ’ tea once a grandmaster. Recently “ 'd said Shayna was my real master. ” I also want to tell you! Hopefully you saw in a real class! ~ Nazanin, Iran. The book has improved my English. Intermediate learning, ’ m now passes to the next stage. Which one. Use the lessons, courses and books nearly every day for more than a year and that helps me a lot about my Spanish destination to learn English. Now I feel more confident, speak English and understand and thank you. Thanks so much Shayna. ~ Anita, Albania. English Express has helped me so much, that even some of my friends, would have a new teacher for me because we take a tutorial test English class.During, I found for me in English to help the Italian espresso has made available. Notify me of how, as I speak, use in everyday use and so many things. French Expresso the best always in contact to get this time! ~ believe, Nigeria. Audio English course were valuable to use, e.g. ’ m learn a lot with them. I like many French students thank you for the help. I can listen and learn how to correctly pronounce many different words and phrases in French. ~ Adriano, Brazil. I learned with EspressoEnglish for 2 years and are literally in the fun. During this time I have my vocabulary is largely and better explanations of what is taught. ~ Mahabbat, Kazakhstan. The best place to study English, I found. Shayna is amazing, it's the method used, and for those who want to learn English, no course gives better! Is damage if BB's that I found your website and all those who wish to study in an effective way. ~ Eva, in Brazil. He is happy to see me and read your messages. Are clear, brief and easy to understand.  English Express please help me improve my English learning primarily different expressions and the use of words in everyday American conversation. ~ Marina, Moldova. I ’ English view from a French espresso since November of last year they learned and used to do every morning. Help in the field of knowledge, especially in spoken English to expand, it helps me be more secure. ~ Yan, China. Lessons by e-mail received by English Express – and ’ for a phrase-free book that you can download today. Enter your email address! >>. Italian espresso coffee in my opinion is one of the best sites for learning English. The ’ funny, all topics are explained well … and also ’ 's pleasure. I m ’ studied English at University and full well my website ~ Alvaro, Spain. I ’ d of all thanks for this great idea of education. He liked books and videos. The most important thing for me is that the main details of English grammar. Thanks and keep up the good work! ~ Hasan, Syria. Is glorious. I love ’ m as a lesson has been designed. Thank you very much for your lessons via email, send often the extent of my understanding of advanced English. ~ Joseph, India. ,,.