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Melt the butter in a frying pan made of copper until it melts. Slowly melt the butter on low heat — if separates the butter into clarified butter and fat there is a good chance we meet again always (this is bad). It is tempting to simmer and let other things; Keep an eye on, melt butter and stir from time to time (or more). Add water, sugar and salt and increasing the medium heat. Add the powder and espresso shots and cooking you, until the temperature reaches 260 ° C (127 ° f). The taste of the coffee might be too subtle with only Kahlua. Just add a tablespoon of ground coffee if you leave out the brown liquid. Layer of finished candy among forgotten sheets in an airtight container at cool temperatures. In the fridge is not required, if you want to keep it for a month or two. Freshness is the key, then consume less than 2 weeks for best taste. I believe that sugar is brown just for its own sake. Some believe that the water helps to ensure that the sugar has dissolved. Coffee aroma in this candy seems to fade a bit after a week. I have more express and dust, but butter is a formidable enemy. You look absolutely delicious. Do you think you could use Kahlua instead express and get the same results? Thank you for the recipe. Great post. Put a cloth on the desk or workspace, and set his bag of chocolate coated workstation and almonds. Layer of almonds evenly in jelly form. Candy is to lie on a bed of chopped almonds to be immersed. Favorite chocolate tempering. Find the corresponding technique. Espresso shots, then the powder and mix. Will continue, through 260 ° C hear, until the mixture registers (127 ° f), Cook stirring constantly. This is 15 minutes or longer. If you actually deliver a television in the kitchen who think a little on this point. 1 cup chopped almonds and stir constantly until 305 (152° c). Candy 2 1/2 cups unsalted butter 2 cups sugar 1/2 cup espresso powder 1 teaspoon salt 3 to 3 tablespoons espresso shots water of 1 cup chopped, toasted almonds, not salt 1 1/2 pound chocolate dry layer 2-3 hash chopped dry roasted nuts, unsalted almonds 6 ounces, pounds milk chocolate coating and removed the flour almond views. Caramel on greased marble, spread quickly, as the numbers. Do not worry to scrape the caramel pot left there can have a strange consistency. At this stage an edge of the plateau of marble and an angle to lift candy to spread the BLOB to promote. Oblique in different angles and directions, until you are satisfied. Ultimately, you want a constant thickness, although it of course will be down slightly thinner towards the edges. Typically, you end up with 1/4 inch thick. Here you can make an oil roller (rolling pin ball, ideally) remove the candy. I did this for a few years, but it seems to do strange things, and ended up with bubbles texture of fat on the surface of reality. With an oiled knife, start, select the sweets as it cools. Push the candy leaves at the edge of the work surface until a bending line with the border is aligned. Apply slight pressure with both hands candy for Excel and get a clean cut. Piece transform to keep at a right angle on the short side of the rectangle in the eaves. Create you the piece of parchment paper and store in an airtight container until you are ready to wet. Save for several days like this and certainly their involvement in the air to minimize since they are not candy. I have just a blog when searching for a recipe for marshmallows. Beautiful your creations! If I try a recipe, I know how it is! I like the site! Candy, that is, what you've done for 20 years can't wait to try the coffee candy. The difference is always used brown sugar (recipe of my grandmother), what are the differences between white and brown sugar in the manufacture of candy? And what is the purpose of the addition of water. Hot caramel not break very well and scoring allow to cool. If you have a surface, to transfer, the sweets the Carrano slides for cool as marble Board and slow to cool stored. Marble candy carefully separated with a knife, the knife of the desserts can be passed through. By candy on the surface, taking care not to bend the candy. Transfer the candy in oiled plastic pastry Board, but also in a cool place in marble shelves move (more difficult is likely to push the knife of all sides with marble top — is here, where it raised good marble Board). If you use the Silpat, you can only move the mat to cool the points on your counter. Candy break cooled after the model of the partition and store in an airtight container with waxed paper. Recipe as a base. I wanted the real coffee, so I three shots of espresso, which chose as the most commonly used in espresso powder. The result is a dark caramel with an immediate explosion of flavor of coffee, which is quickly overwhelmed by the wealth of caramel. I must admin I prefer the coffee taste are retained longer and maybe alcohol or other ingredients base could to extend the coffee taste. If you mean the appearance of inappropriate behavior, broken, as skip this part, but I like the candy into small rectangular shapes. The long, thin knife with safflower oil. A 12-inch knife to use, and it works very well, but the chef's knife should work in one. Candy is cool outside, so multiple passes over the same score in the axis to make. I'm usually on rectangles that are about 1 "x 3". If the blades draw, wipe it with absorbent paper towel. Even if it is too sticky to achieve good results, tends to the edges of the refrigerator. Some passages have lines should retain that. Allow the candy to cool down. This accelerates the transfer to another area. Arrange the candy in rows on the cookie sheet in wax treated. Place a small, size snadwich Holgado, at the mouth of the glass and fill delicate milk chocolate with about 6 grams. Cut the corner of the bag and is a small piping bag. Drizzle you practice on parchment paper. It seems through fast and consistent results, which goes better deliberately slow. Squeeze gently to distribute milk chocolate and a strip way! Let completely harden the rays of the sun before handling or storage. Layer of finished candy among forgotten sheets in an airtight container. Dip the pieces of candy, in your hot chocolate and ground almonds, onto the bed doesn't hope to the almonds above on each caramel get. Repeat until the tray of gelatin is completed. You can transfer the gelatin mold in the refrigerator or in a cool room. If you are at the sea in almonds, much to other jam had to wait line, otherwise with Pan Pan another candy harden sufficiently enable the transfer to another location for — an airtight container ideal. Tempering chocolate sprinkle the top with milk and candy stripes of dark chocolate. Hi Cassandra, don't do it for a company-it would be too much work for me, but you don't let you finish. PS baking you not sweets. ;-). The mixture of warm butter add almonds. Temperature decreases and can worry about the temperature for some time. The consistency of the dough will have several stages and darken. You stir constantly to avoid burns. Wait another 10 minutes of unrest or more. The final temperature is important, if you are close to the desired temperature, see you must close. Temperature can a different dimension continue after removing the pot from the fire, so it goes if one is a white front cumulative average increase. Pour the hot caramel oiled marble plate. ,,.