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But before leaving, my experience in this trading system read and see what you think.Overview SystemAfter flag trade was its remarkable success with its system of enlightened trade, asked Guy Cohen, some are happy, although it may be faster and easier to learn the system to students, then as the huge profits, which had made the system.After an intense and exhausting production and testing, the new system has been indicated as ready and an experienced professional for many years, I asked if you want to test the system. Decided to do but only if he had do not prove the allegation of my observations. This was accepted and here I made em. C ' is what came to me? I have to say that I was a little surprised to read this type of product at the beginning of the letter on its Internet site each month thousands of possibilities, I was checking the computer infected thousands of Tags keys. 20 minutes Gut?; Dollar, pound, YEN? If that were the case, perhaps thousands for the price of a loaf of bread. I must say that here was a little fussy.I must admit that the trade of all kinds of markets of the years of study, I was skeptical if a course maybe you could teach a complete beginner this class, less than a month, to act, it is said by Mr. Cohen. If the course came I unpacked the 10 disks and software and I shot the operating instructions - Phew! Sales of single letter type, said.I had to admit it was not so much type for documents - most of the information in the CD/DVD did it than its things to do instead of reading about it is definitely Guy Cohen?A now the money to its customers for 20 years and some of these clients are recognized by financial companies names, form an impressive Liste.Er taught to students from throughout the world and for the past twelve years has made income full time all fields, including commodities, options, future, currencies and equities KerlsHandel trade. and is so well respected educational methods, that their clients New York Euronext, (including more Exchange of the world) of stock and has trained exclusively in the trade with the whole world are in the United States, Europe and the far East, including. Albums such as holes in its references, couldn't.He is a man with a track record and although generally waive the Guru's Word, I had this term can be used in the case of boys. I already knew the potential of type in Britain and United States markets and currencies and is indeed legendary, but after reading who wrote a few years with a book or two that he wrote, I had a couple of notes, worked with him until now.Type wrote several business books bestseller and an important investment work is essential reading Wall Street and taken into account in MBA programs in the world. You as translated into several languages, including Mandarin Chinese, and Indonesian were!So I came to the conclusion in the white guy, or two things about Handel. Einige best aspects of trade SystemBefore flag my qualification in most important meat leave just get a hedge, which I think is a very powerful new appearance of the product. Over the years, I have a great success. I have to say that I had much more money than I did, and the main reason why I do not know, is that it's just long enough to do no serious trade. Not to invest or trade with full of life and I can't keep your eye on the ball. With this system, however, I found that most of the functions is automated and intelligent software tells you; When you invest, in what direction to invest (long - or short-Go), secret indicator which predicts that the market and how to see. I am, I wonder, what would have earned over the years if he had been very useful.To achieve this Automation, Guy has designed an incredible commercial flag I had ever known in this format, and it's a whole new way to display data in a simple system of indicators. The main difference is very successful and well read a long term of the company, the type of signal is this secret. The secret signal takes using an automated software that comes with the package. This is a major step forward, which has been in the past. It's just a dream come true for me and someone has record numbers pass no hours per day; Don't worry, if the type of person you can, you can make this means trouble of type manually and how to disable this software, but this Automation has been an important point for me.What is the effectiveness of the promises?I have to say that not even my doubts, if this type of material quickly and students - easily the bottom line could be taught, I believe that 90% of people in this course follow-up-ampersand in the month. But this is not achieved without some kind of commitment on behalf of the students, I believe that a course ends ever student at least an effort on your part, you will learn.In his discussions of sales by type of text on one of your students and your trading account from $10,000 up to $ 140,000 through its system. I started with a commercial fee of $1,500 and after 30 days, the small business my Bank was at $ 3,950 (but it was very comprehensive and I took all the proposed offices).I must however say that the Bank is at its low $850 most fell and took something of value to maintain my serenity. I found once moves a business stop-loss and enjoy in 'blocks' benefits move your liquidation of things very powerful position, are without the "beginner".This is an important point. I could ignore my worried integrated man for my knowledge of the functioning of the markets, but I have that any novice test with some sort of financial transactions say, if it is not in the handle to come up with the fact that from time to time, your investment is less than what you started with, and then evaluate very carefully before including them. You gotta be strong, and this aspect of the newcomers is causing the most problems. If you have the course and be resolved, then definitely make money, but if not, then take a break and consider the possibility of creating another form of income for-combat team faces based on the money making machine.I'm a little confused at a time.At some point in the course, I was puzzled for a specific technical aspect. I contacted the staff and Forum also asked boys elite circle. Soon, I was on the right track, and I still have a question after that. Chatting with people in your inner circle — are all complementary and guides all make considerable sums of money-even if I have only his word for it. However, I think that it is not all lol, could be!As I understand it, is of course the good shopping type is a new customer a break are elitist circle and this provide invaluable, which is what happens if flying with all aspects of the course.Flag of mail sales distributor made me a little angry.I must say that I am a little angry to read the sales letter type. I'm not a fan of long sales letters, maybe because I think that the people filling the space with equipment and unnecessary filler, but I believe that 90% of requests are essentially true and well argued. His attention to detail is remarkable, and this could mean that the software is something really special. I think what a flight for confidential information and the only software was paid for the course. With a small investment bank, I have enough to cover the course in 30 days, which seems reasonable to me. It's just that the advertising letters for a long time tend to annoy me and me frustrated a little bit, so it was a negative experience for me, how could it improved product be?The only thing you might think that this system improvement, if man equipped with a position with a facility indicator fixed.A Beeper alarm scheduled investor once for new occupations that could and would be nearly 24 hours of exchanges if necessary. It gives also a position ends when a company differently - but there still mobile, it is what kind of losses. questions have never negotiated with AnsweringHaving need to think that my more could this issue broached in the fixed-odds betting, but justice with type - this explains why in its trading to cover system. ? I believe that this system must be even better to make it adapted to a kind of automated fixed-bid.My RecommendationI recommend this system which is determined to make money from home with nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection. The mentality is provided, make a fortune without any problems and I think I can make any system and have money in the month. But again, this assumes that the student has an initial investment of use.In general I would describe seemed 4.5 stars, the highest for a trading system that I have and I have a lot of them during the year. cost or value?As a young man, someone once told me Alan, are you the kind of person who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. I have already worked and what it meant, this deep desire to thought. At that time, I changed my way of thinking Kosten. Gestimmt never I said, which is expensive, I just give the price. I see something fresh and to analyse, what value can be obtained, so I can get a balanced perspective. Some things cost a few pennies or coins and are very, very expensive, because they do not have any value. While some things cost millions, but if you want to add to the value and which can be very cheap.Dealer for the flag Guy Cohen is incredibly cheap my informed opinion. However, do not buy if you're willing to work, the system would be incredibly expensive.Proposal for future products. I think that the type should now look at other areas of Commerce and automation and see if you can design and build a system of automated trading, or even for a person with needs. Despite this, it is a pie of ILO in the sky-it seems never could be.More information on this package of trade by Guy Cohen at:. ,,.