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Elite Traders Club Mafia Wars

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin force is a game from Nintendo, you're super agent secret and have each of the thirteen missions, you can online and even can buy, play miny and on your online penguins account download parts at the end.Even if you enter the code that you get when you purchased the game, unlock 1,500 coins, a certificate and access to the control room, will come out in your home. If phone again, once that has entered the code, bring a light.The manuals for the missions in the game are: the secret mission of 1 Unfolds1. First of all you have to do is go talk to aunt Arctic then go to the cafeteria. 2 then go and take the newspaper on the table and looking at the leaves. Click on the blue Puffle and a piece of paper. 4. then you must talk to the Penguin behind the counter coffee. 5 after that, you need the snow forts. 6. go. Discuss with the snowman snow to another piece of paper. to reach 7. Go to a light blue Penguin and then wants to tell. You asked if it can get its is 8. Click on the blue Puffle and aim the cursor over the White Watch. 9. the Penguin is discussed. Then, his hat, raise and give. 10. then say thank you and give disguise glasses. 11 go to the Plaza and click the mailbox. It will give you a piece of paper (letter). 12 then they arrived at the dock and click on a bunch of tubes for a replacement of a different part of the House. Then pass the pieces together and a map. 14. up to the lighthouse and click on run. Then, you will see a Penguin from the coast. 16. the Penguin will give you the map. You can use it, the Dojo. 17 to go. Talk to point and say yes Guia-enlace 2 mission to its Devices1. With the point, get to the Puffle PIN. To do this, click the wall with eight boards with the Puffle PIN. 2. turn on a canvas. Take the PIN and turn the Puffle at the bottom right. 3. Mount. You walk into a room and wall displays a screen with the Director on this matter. The Director will talk with you and then disappear. Then a Penguin with a red Puffle is 6. It speaks and can say with blast, the Red puffle work. 7. go to the other and touch blast and target box 8. After the failure of the it, talk about PH. It will give you a Puffle whistle. 9. in the ski village to speak to the point. Go to the sports shop and talk to the point. 10. click on the first pop-up menu, which takes you to the CA. Point and speak with his 11 above. Click to enter the Cabinet and the code: 300012. Click on it and we are going to discuss the point. Then the Director was released. Take the two blue things and opens your inventory. Put the 2 pieces together in the gadget spy. 14 to the left and you will see a box. Brecht with explosion. 15. There is a telescope on the side. Pick up and put it in your inventory. Drag it to your SpyGadget for a new function. to unlock the 16. Move around the screen and spyware click in your gadget. If you select the symbol next to the barracks and drag it onto the screen, repeated a window with a Notepad at the bottom and a code in the top 17. The code says: red blue blue red red blue. 18 out of the window, and that open type the above code. Once they have the field, be a satellite dish. unlocked 19. In your inventory, take it and put it in your gadget spy. Then, rang the phone beside the point. Spyware opens your gadget, click on the phone and speaks to the point. point 20 will speak and then close the phone and the Director is for you.  Mission 3 Guide-Rocks1 rookie. Talk to the point. Then go to the Inn's ski and speaks with the sick Penguin. 2. go to the pizzeria and then in the back. Pick up the soup, which, according to the half of the table and go to Lodge 3. Give the sick Penguin soup. It speaks and you can give a table for Red snow. Open your inventory and open the Red suitcase. Snowboard. put 4. Go to the Hill skiing and speaking with the Penguin with the blue of the sea. Talk to him and ask a Snowboardcompetition. You need 400 points to win 5. Win and get a trophy. Go to the ski lodge and give the trophy to the sick Penguin. Leaving a red hut. 6 to keep. Back to ski and snowboard Hill again. 7. follow the steps of the rookie field. Call the objective of Gorilla (blue Puffle) around the fire. Turn on, prints follow me feet in the river. 8 talk about rookie and then see your gadget spy and call. Please send someone to save a and rookie. You get to the AC. 9 click on the sunglasses and the Medal of the ETH. Guide to mission 4 - looking for Clues1. The Director will be discussed. Then, take the file of table 2. Delete the file from your inventory and show to the dot and Jet Pack type. 3. go in the sports shop and enter the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which then gives a few drinks. Gary 4. Go to the headquarters and the sweep of the eye 3000. Get glasses and eye-scan to begin.(5) see in the room and on the gadget in the table with the clock and radio cassette. Click on the drawer open and spy Gets the Mechano Duster for your gadget. 6. the ski slopes and use the Mechano-above all in the heap of snow. Rub the snow and get a bent key. 7 at the Sports store to speak to the point. Then use the key to open the door.  : Mission 5 guide all the rings, the Weld1. PH is discussed. Then go to the city. 2 your aunt Arctic, words and give you a great friend is a map. Go to the cantina. Clean the Mechano-above all for coffee beans. You're a pinhead. 4 awards. Combine the PIN and the card and hand of the cafeteria workers. 5 returns to town and get aunt Arctic sign a. follow the snow forts. 6. Insert the tab of the penguins and go to the Puffle training room. 7 give the map of flares to illuminate it. Click on flare and then click on the key on the anvil. They will be welded together the. Grab the key. 8 go to the sports shop and put the key in the door of Gary. Go to your room 9. In the balloon and the use of the decoder in plans. You say: super power. 10 go to the Orange couch and choose the tab to raise 11. In the table and click on the map to others wherever you go. Click the door and exit.  6-Guide-do-it-yourself-Carting1 mission. Talk to the Penguin to the hut of mine. 2. click the tray with water near the opening. Then go to the door on the side of the cabin of the mine. 3 click on spin door coil and wire in the bottom of the Lantern. 4. you can take off the wheels and place them in a bucket. Then use the flare in the cube. 5 for welding. Put the truck in your inventory and down into the mine. 6. put the car on the track and get ready, some of my cars. 7. Once finished surfing, go to the other side of the truck and talk to him 8. Then go and take the yellow 3 balls and rope. 9. tie the rope to the basket and take 10 explosions by the rock of the corniche. In one accompanied the balloons in the air and 11 trolley. After all, lift truck of mine and you can talk with him 12. Take the torch and attach your gadget spy. 13 see your gadget spy and click the bulb and direct them to a dark tunnel. Gary. find 14. Using the breath to beat the record. If teletransportas you to perform Trouble1-double 7 HQMission. PH sleeps in a bubble. Talk to him. Asked, does a little to find 2. Go to the garden of bamboo, then click at the bottom of the correction and the bursting of the bubble. 3 by. Go to the ice rink. Talk to the Penguin with the finger foam. He will tell you a door on the goalie. 4. take bouncer and throw 3 snowballs on the goalie. This will be the third work. 5 PH will call and say to the Puffle training with fourth ring. 6. the objectives of the training courses on the jet pack. pop 7 (purple Puffle) to find. It is in the nightclub, but you need fancy clothes to 8. Take to the stage. Talk to the Director and workers of the construction. Loop to stop the drill. 9 on completing the exercise, thank you and give you the administrator is the choice between a dress or a suit. Select and Ponte. 10 go to the disco and prepare for a dance free. 11. play the game and win the AB that I am 12 years old. Make a shock. Go to the boiler room and notice that the boiler is missing. 13. use pop to lift curfew 14 AB Cabinet. Lift the box oil and the head of the mine. Point is displayed. Talk to him and be ready to be introduced the TV HQ.  Mission 8 - guide - fly high Pitched1. Talk to the Jetpack and Jetpack ramp exit. 2 complete the Puffle game Jet Pack Earth south4 Adventure3. You are in the highest mountain. Talk with PH and train with flit by collecting three gold rings. Click on flit, then the object. Give PH 3 rings. Then use train screech. 6. break the ice cube. First, click on chirp and touch the object. A small crack and then do it again to completely break. 7. to do this, click the check box a hat like pH. for 8 people. Click on grab your completed training. From 9. Go to the Puffle training room to raise the weight and pop. 10 shows a snowball. Use chirp to the glass. Break 11. Use the torch, melting of ice chest. 12. use the Gorilla, which cool the chest. 13. with the help of breathing, the pinata down. 14. place. A Jack in the box. Use loop to prevent moving 15. Take the key and open the trunk. Flit to touchdown.  Secret mission 9 guide Super Gadgets1. Talk to the Director. Then go room in GS at the sport shop. 2. after G with you, go to the cafeteria. 3. If you enter, you will see rookie talking to a worker. When you are finished talking, talk to the worker 4. Take the cocoa machine and go into the gadget room. 5 talk to g. then put the cocoa in snow machine Walker. It is necessary to pick up the pieces. 6. go to your gadget spy and select the Trekker call button. Play snow Trekker. 7. Once finished of will end up in a cave. Go and get the oil container. 8. go to the exit, where they are captured. Using pop, rock lift and then use wood explosion. 9 a pause. Exit and you will see that the Trekker moved. Return to play and land in the cabin of the mine. 10. use the Mechano-Duster, beside the battery clears 11 Penguin. See G-gadget. Back in the room of the gadgets and see machine g. draw the things on the table. Once it's done, go to the control room. Mission Guide 10 dan Control1. Rookie call and tells him to the square. 2 go. Use of the metal for the torch 3 supports it. Take the pet store and pick up the paper. Then, connect the points. 4. call Jetpack friend. It will tell you to go to the Lake of ice behind the ski chalet. 5 down and talk to him. Then game fishing on the ice. Get the treasure chest to win 6. Click to finish the book and connect the dots. 7 call to and then go to the disco. They give you another clue. Reconnect the points. 8. go to the gadget room and give the clues to Gary. Spyware will give you a machine that will be the last feature of your gadget.  Mission 11 guide robotomia 1011. Go to the gift shop and pop to order boxes. Restart 2. Use Gorilla a snowball in the face of the robot. Discard the 3. Walking on the ceiling and the face. 4 another shot of snowball. Use the torch, wheel. 5 for welding. Use the robotomia tool on his chest and 3 puzzles by moving the pile in hole 6. POP allows you to capture the robot. Put the robot in the gadget room. 7 give the robot to Gary. Robot mission guide 12 stage 1. Using the breath to break the robot and the ski slopes. Use your snowboard table to pursue. 2 use the program to capture the robot if if 3. Use the robotomia tool to disable. (Disable)(4) the final robot will come pick it up. Guy Jetpack will float down. Ask if your Jetpack. 5 can be used. Go through the stack of things, and can get the gas. Now the game is jet pack adventure. 6. is it lands on the highest mountain. Try to put a bubble around the disabled robot around, but be careful as pop robots another test. Take Flint and knock the bag of coffee at the head of the robot. Use chirp to disrupt. 8 closure and put the two populations of robots. Mission 13 guide never has a job agent ’ Done1. Response of Communicator. You are at the headquarters. 2 teleports. Go to the gadget room and see the huge hole in the wall. 3. play snow Trekker. You will end up a mountain with a hole in it. See and you'll see that a giant robot has all the Puffles and Gary elite! 4. go to the gift shop and head to the ceiling. 5. use the Mechano-Duster to tickle your nose. The explosion is from the city. fall 6. Go to the city and see that blast is okay. take the quai. 7. use you blast on the chest of the robot. Released loop. 8. go in the ski village. Newbies have a rubber duck. The loop allows you to attach the robot. That you return to 9 flare. Go to the beach and with solder rounding chest. Released flit. 10 enter flit Beacon and use hit the anvil at the head of the robot. 11 fold the bouncer. Use the Jet Pack to chase it. 12. is it lands on the highest mountain. Bouncer to throw a snowball at the engine. Chirp will be released 13. Use of sizzle on the chest of the robot and appears immediately. 14. use a bubble to rescue Gary, to 15. Disable the robot. Secret missions or changing dates guides: If you change the date on your DS or DS Lite, you can unlock other secret missions.Change the date to 1 April: 1. go to the street to talk to aunt Arctic. You will receive the mission. It is a treasure hunt where you Heve to find 16 flowers. The blue flower gives you 1 room, pink flower gives him two coins and gives the yellow flower 3 parts. 2. in the first place, you must complete the first 13 missions. After completing the thirteen missions, mission 3-rookie on the rocks of repetition and play until you reach the part where rookie on the opposite side of the river and tap on the floor. You will receive a jester - ja. 3 there are also innovations in the catalog. change the date of June 21: 1 in Cafe and speak with the Manager of the cafeteria (the Brown Penguin at the counter). You will receive your mission. You have to find 4 coconut. 2. to obtain this free product, you have to go when frozen pond ice fishing room, look to your around an area and tap it. You will receive a party-ha. 3. There are new items in the catalog. change the date to 31 October: 1. This search is to identify its agents of colleagues and friends in costumes for disco. The first penguin is aunt Arctic, 2nd Penguin is Jet Pack, the third Penguin is dot, 4th Penguin is rookie and the last Penguin is Gary. 2. fish costume is made from the attic. change the date of December 25: 1. You can talk to Papa Noel to the city. Then it will give a mission in gifts to penguins around the island. Give the Green Penguin in the gift of the guitar in the form of Blue Penguin in the ski lodge & format of snowboarding, gift box, the dark green of the Penguin on the strengths of the snow and stick-shaped Pongo in the form of a red on the disposition of the Penguin dock. After completing the donations to go, just give Santa away and give you some coins. 2. If you want a pair of shoes, go to the ice Berg and touch in the field.Downloadable mission guides WiFi: Puffle Pranksters1. Talk to rookie. 2. then go to the Puffle training room and talk to PH ’ or berry3. Go to the pet store and talk to the seller in the pet shop. 4. go to the underground pool and click on the puffle. 5. go to pet and talk shop with seller in the pet shop. 6. go to the pizzeria and speaks with the pizza maker for pepper. 7. go to the underground pool and read the code 8 floor. Click on the Puffle. 9. here are the answers to the questions: 1 ” mine “, 2 “ ’ the fresh, dark ” and 3 “ you ’ flare. ” 10. Use pepper FLARE and exit 11 of flour. On the beach and click on the puffle. 12 read the code in the sand. 13. the new Puffle and click then “ ’ explosion! ” in response to the question. 14 use the pepper on the explosion and flour next 15. Use the torch's swing to the lighthouse of ’ art portal. The lighthouse and click on the puffle. 17. here are the answers to the questions: 1 “ music ”, 2 “ prefers the flute ” and 3 “ you ’ to Tweet! 18 ” the help of flour and pepper for tweeting off the coasts of 19. Go to the beacon and use the breath to the box. a pause of 20. Click on the puffle. 21. here are the answers to the questions: 1 “ 2 ” and steal autour “ flutter ”. 22 with the peppers flutter and take exit 23 of the flour. Clubbing and uses the breath to the box. breaking the 24. Click on the Puffle, then “ and ’ pop! ” in response to the question. 25. use the pepper on pop and flour next 26. Enter the forest and pop to raise Boulder. 27. click on the puffle. 28. here are the answers to the questions: 1 “ to throw snowballs ”, 2 “ a ” CAP and “ 3 ” gorillas. 29. use the pepper into flour and 30 gorillas. Go to the mine and usarti for pop to lift the rock. 31. click on the Puffle and click “ ” cycle in response to the question. 32 use of pepper in the loop and the flour shows 33. Go to the Puffle training room and talk to PH and rookie. 34. use the pepper on the white puffle 35. Feed the white Puffle and top pepper yet. 36 see the strong and thr snow then red Penguin, water tank. Download 37. Now, in return to the Puffle training room and use the water pump on the white puffle. 38. White Puffle will freeze and clear at all, is a real white puffle. 39. Noting that the white Puffle wants to be an elite Puffle and other elite Puffles, flour for bread, welcome to the white puffle. 40 will receive 100 coins. As you know, the white Puffle gave no name, and you will not be able to use it.Here is the Mission of driving! In relation to 100% of the game: 1. mission to fill the 13 first. 2 get all gold and silver for all medals mini-games. Arrays are eligible for medals: Snowboard: get 50 coins for the King of the silver medal mountain get 100 coins for the King of shipping gold medal. Shopping cart: get 100 coins for coins rail Kahuna silver medal. Get 150 for rail ice Kahuna Gold Medal: get Squid in the chest to chest of gold medal. Get suck a fish for use as bait for the muletIl received the Médaille d'Or ROE. (Lisa seems to capture squid do not).Jet Pack adventure: get 130 coins for the rocket ACE silver medal get each piece (150 coins) for the challenge dance rocket Medal Gold ACE: get 80 coins coins of fever disco silver medal at 120 to the disco fever gold medal. Snow Trekker: get 200 for the snow Trekker rocket medal. Get each piece (260 coins) for the snow Trekker medal coins. Congratulations to razzoOra lightning you have 100% of the game. ,,.