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Hi This is the creator of Dugi Dugi Guide and allow me to welcome you on our product page. Note: enabled comments to this page section, a positive feedback, so feel free, here to Posten.Wenn you have any questions, or every gift need help with something please do not hesitate to contact us. There are several options available, including chat en vivo. Hi, I m new in the world of WoW. Was only this type called Deadlyslob ve ” “ in YouTube and many suggested in this manual. I ve became the sense of WoW game, for a long time, but I have not been t really pay in advance. I have a job for his part, has changed considerably. Listen for a long time, I really want your guide to buy. View lost playing a very thorough and RPG with that output recently, really caught my attention. Wow is 8 years or so an incredible Spiel.Wollte know what comes with your guide? Do I have to buy them separately or what? What comes with it? Is as a package? What s ’ s a package? What this thing to make money, which is separate.? I very confused and I think that to answer these questions, then without a doubt helps you buy the will.I m only free WoW game is at the moment, but when I get paid will buy are able, your guide and the full range of WOW.Thanks for your time, Justin. Dugi, love your guides, but have a game in question.You have a master of traditions to the Horde and ally or I buy well. Hi, I have bought everything that we offer you, but I found some Neues.Dugi in game guides. is ($6.99 per month) a paid subscription for which you have already paid?I wonder if I need something. Hello Dugi, I took a long break from 1 year WoW and everything and now they are back. I tried to establish a connection, but it says that my user name and password is not correct, and the same appears when I tried to click on I forgot my password “ ”. Help, please? Do Dugi guide Hello when you purchase your instructions for how long can I use it? What never expires? What is with faults and guide not working? or freezes? Thanks in advance! I bought the wow leveling guide 2010, your tutorials are great. I have a few questions if something for my current payment changes to guide? My other question is that I want to buy a manual leveling Alliance, as well as an update to my Horde leveling guide leveling RP; What should I buy? Thanks a lot!Drew. Golden videos guide are based.We recommend you click on the link above for more information on all the leaders, please click to see what you're always know for ’. I think that the monthly subscription is a bad idea. Do you have the option of paying the full price? I remember paying $20, $30, $40 for various guides. This is a license with 12 months of free updates for life. Error in leaders subject to updates. Hi confused Dugi, still a bit in the upgrade guide. Now I have your new guide for $6.99 a month to buy, get the new WOD extension or can for the loyalty program and receive my original subscription as before automatic updates under slope? He bought his new NPC protocol engine. Thanks in advance for your leadership. Some difficulties to find a measure in extra ‘ module detection and not t appears on the product page. I love the guides was up to then was interested in this module. Hello Dugi, I wonder how this guide to what is in the game. There is an arrow indicating the direction of where the next search better kept? And how the person, simply download the add-on and not have to pay for their services? Thank you in advance Dugi. Greetings, Xqzme. There is a video presentation addon, simply click on one of the mentioned information products. Users do not download the trial version of the Guide without buying the full version. ,,.