Dr Drum

Dr-880 Drum Samples

The boss DR-880 is smaller and lighter, making it a field Very much Portable drum machines. These bubbles machine can not run with the battery, but fits easily into a Pocket, backpack, or a laptop. On board there is a user-defined form all different ways, help you by the head of drum DR - 880, the boss DR-880 on each map sideman easy to navigate. This drum machine provides complete control three hands Jack over your machine with a pedal free to start and end their rhythms, as well as the addition of padding if necessary. You can use an expression with the boss DR-880-pedal to control the volume and the intensity of the tones.If you use the boss DR-880 as a MIDI controller, there are 20 different keys, To give maximum control over your software or tools without touching the mouse or keyboard. This drum machine gives you the possibility to connect a number of different hardware. With a USB 2.0 port and a digital input/output is very easy, a connection to a computer or a mixer. help to practice, you want to use your drum machine, can your guitar and helmet to DR-880 and jam with the hitmaker simply enter your boss your, without making noise. Three Pro pedal inputs and 1 input instrument drum machine is suitable for live performances. Against the Boss Dr - 880 is not many effects apply to the notes. EQ and reverb are the only effects available. You will find easy right sound for rock ballads drum and funky with this drum machine grooves. The DR-880 is exceptionally due to his magnificent library for the genres such as Hip-Hop, country and rock percussion, but it lacks the digital production of Dubstep and electronica sounds. Don't be fooled by the size of this drum machine, the boss DR-880 is filled with the sounds of the drums all needs of drums and percussion. You can connect to any computer or interface and are portable, so you can be sure that this machine to your partner for all your musical needs drum. If something with the DR-880 is the head back with a year warranty. And not many effects provide the sounds of drums, as the other noise machines, the boss DR-880 has it will be necessary. Imagine with 400 different drums available For you in a box of 3 kilos. The boss DR-880 is like your own personal drummer in the backpack. It is. The boss DR-880 is supported by a warranty covers parts for one year and labor for 90 days. You To find the link to the online version of this drum on the production facility to show machine manual and video tutorials you A few of the features of the boss DR-880. If you need to contact the manufacture for some reason, you have the option to call or send an e-Mail. Head has excellent customer service, and they are ready to answer your questions about the product. The boss DR-880 is filled with percussion. This machine has about 440 different pace battery in it programmed. If you are looking for a product with a monster percussion library, that is. Also if you can appreciate this drum machine, add EQ and Hall an of its drum sounds, and except a 500 user presets are available. This beat maker offers 40 different types of sounds, which can be adapted and with jam, etc.